Womens Car Insurance

Womens Car Insurance

Womens Car Insurance, cheap quotes for women with black box insurance discounts, money back if your handbag is stolen from your car, women learner driver discounts, older women discounts and young women drivers insurance.

Women drivers traditionally get cheaper car insurance than men this is because statistically women are safer drivers then men, they have fewer accidents and make less claims on their car insurance than men, the European Union wants to impose rules that mean womens car insurance would be no cheaper than mens but at this moment in time womens car insurance is still cheaper.

If your a young women driver then you might be thinking that you cannot get cheaper car insurance because traditionally young drivers can expect to pay more for their car insurance but with the advent of black box insurance, premiums for young drivers are lower.

Black Box Or Telematic Insurance

Black box or telematic insurance is a device that you have fitted to your car or that comes fitted already with some makes of car which records where you go and how fast you are going and where you park your car, so the black box device can calculate how good a driver you are if you speed and what areas of town you park your car in (rougher neighbourhoods push up the cost of car insurance as your more likely to have your car vandalised or stolen).

Because the insurance companies have access to the black box data in your car they can see if your a good driver and therefore a low risk of making a claim and costing the insurance company money in the form of an insurance payout, so if your deemed a low risk your get cheaper car insurance regardless of how young you are or if you have recently passed your driving test.

Now whilst women drivers are statistically less likely to have an accident and make a claim on their car insurance after about the age of forty five there is less discount available as the discrepancy in claims between older men and women narrows with older drivers making a similar number of insurance claims regardless of gender.

Against The Law To Discriminate On The Basis Of Gender

It is of course against the law to discriminate on the basis of gender and that is what the EU is suggesting, but as the rules stand at the moment women do get cheaper car insurance as they are known to be more careful drivers than men.

Ladies can also get money back on their car insurance if they have their handbag stolen from their car which is handy to know, as your be able to claim for the loss of money in your handbag or your mobile phone, glasses or anything else you might be carrying in your handbag.

Women learner drivers can get cheaper car insurance by insuring their car either on their own or as a named driver on someone elseís car insurance policy, for example a young women could insure themselves as a named driver on their parents car insurance policy and still be able to drive their own car, the advantage of this is that the car insurance will be cheaper because the parent will have many years of no claims discount and be older so the insurance will be cheaper, the disadvantage of young women insuring themselves as a named driver on a parents car insurance is that the young women would not be accruing their own no claims bonus, after a few years on their parents insurance a young women should change to their own policy in order to get their own no claims bonus and being a few years older will find the higher cost of car insurance has reduced.

Women Over Fifty

Women over fifty can get cheaper car insurance as older people are also statistically less likely to make a claim on their car insurance, so as an older women your get a double discount of being female and older.

Women can choose between Fully Comp Car Insurance and third party fire and theft insurance, whilst third party insurance is cheaper it is most certainly not better, you see with fully comprehensive insurance women are insured against damage they do to other peoples cars and injury a women driver may cause to other road users but with third party womens car insurance the women driver would not be insured for damage to their own car or injury to themselves, only third party (someone else) can claim on your insurance with third party insurance, as in most cases your want to claim for damage to your own car and injury to yourself, women drivers will want to choose fully comprehensive car insurance over third party car insurance.

The other way for a women driver to get cheaper car insurance is with a multi car insurance policy, with these types of polices your get cheaper car insurance if you insure more than one car on the same policy, all the cars donít have to be driven by women, the more cars you add to the policy the cheaper the policy will get, itís a great way for a family to get cheaper car insurance for the whole family, the business equivalent of this type of multi car insurance is called Motor Fleet Insurance.

Insurance Polices Specifically Designed For Women

Insurance polices specifically designed for women will offer handbag insurance as part of the policy so women can claim for handbags stolen out of the car, women friendly polices will also not ask lots of needless questions on your insurance, typical questions on the online quote form will be if the car has been modified in any way (Modified Car Insurance), if the car is just how you bought it a simple no will get you cheaper car insurance for not having modified the car without having to answer lots of technical questions about horse power, power assisted steering, brake power and many other car related questions that most women have no interest in and would not know the answer, this makes women friendly polices a breeze to complete online as there are only a few simple questions, your be asked for your car registration (number plate) as when you enter that into the online form the form can work out the make and model of your car without you having to remember the exact model of car you have.

If your a women driver with a poor claims history because you have made too many claims on your car insurance you can still get cheap car insurance, agreeing to have a black box recorder installed in your car will go some way to giving women with a poor claims history cheaper car insurance as your be able to prove to the insurance company that you are now a better driver, of course if the black box recorder records bad driving then you wonít get cheaper car insurance and your insurance premium may even rise.

Girls can also get vandalism cover included on their car insurance, if you have a nice car or have to park your car regularly in car parks then you might be at a higher risk of vandalism or scratches or dents from other car drivers smashing their car door into your bodywork whilst your parked at the supermarket for example.

Women's Safety

Women should also consider dash cams (Dash Cam Insurance Discount) which can record what is going on around the car not only whist the car is parked but also whilst the car is being driven this will provide extra safety for women as the journey and general use of the car is being recorded and any evidence of accidents or trouble can be reported to the police and the insurance company and the video footage given to both the police and insurance company for claims or prosecution

Of course not all other road users will have bothered to get car insurance, illegal drivers with no car insurance will cost women drivers more as they will, have to pay out of their own purse for any damage caused by an uninsured driver unless women take out uninsured driver protection, with this option on the online quote form ticked women drivers will not have to pay personally for any damage caused to their car by an uninsured drover and their own insurance company will pay out on such claims.

If your a women with a 4x4 vehicle (4x4 Insurance) you can also get cheap car insurance, in fact the type of car you have will not change the cost of the car insurance as much as you think unless you are driving a modified car or performance car (Performance Car Insurance) like a BMW (BMW Insurance) or Audi (Audi Insurance), the insurance cost would still be reasonable and you would still get a discount on your insurance for being a women, but the insurance would cost more than if you where driving a cheap city run-around like a Mini car, that is because the cost of any claim you would make would be higher as the car is more expensive.

Faster Response Times For Female Drivers

You might want to include breakdown cover (Car Breakdown Insurance) as part of your car insurance, breakdown companies offer faster response times for female and lone female breakdown and also a faster response if you have children in the car, so its good to know that your call to the breakdown company will be prioritised ahead of other breakdowns where it is a man who has broken down, this is done for safety reasons so a lone female is not waiting by the side of the road for a long period of time where an attacker might see them and want to cause them harm.

Women will also be asked on the online quote form how they plan to use the car, you might use the car to take the children to school and pick them up again after school or for leisure activity like shopping or going to the gym or for business or commuting to work, insuring your car for pleasure activities will be cheaper than insuring your car for commuting as more accidents happen in the rush-hour of a commute so if your less likely to be using your car at this time (because you donít use your car to commute) then your insurance will be cheaper.

Cheap womens car insurance over 25 is best got by having a black box recorder, multi car policy and using your car for leisure only, if your over fifty your also be able to get the over fifties discount where as cheap womens car insurance for under 25 year oldís is best got by being the named driver on your parents policy.

Low Mileage Womens Car Insurance

Low mileage womens car insurance is available from a great many insurers, the less miles you do each year the less your car is on the road and therefore the less likely you are to have an accident, so your insurance will be cheaper as if your using your car less your be claiming less, if your using your car less because your worried about the cost of breakdown then look at an Used Car Warranty, these warranties insure your car against any breakdowns and services where the cost of any parts and labour will be paid for by the insurance company and not by you, the garage bills will be paid directly to the garage that repaired your car by your insurance company so there is no need to pay the bill first and claim later.

Women wanting cheap car insurance should consider the type of cover they are being offered on the online quite form, if the option for European breakdown and recovery insurance is ticked and you never plan to drive your car in Europe then you should untick this option as it will increase the cost of your monthly premiums, you can always add European cover to the policy at a later date, just because you donít want European car insurance or European breakdown cover does not mean that you donít want UK only cover which you can of course select on the online quote form.

Women van drivers can still get cheaper insurance for being a women because they are still statistically less likely to have a road accident in their van than their male colleagues and this will be reflected in the lower cost of insurance just like car insurance premiums.