Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance

Wedding Insurance pays you back if you have to cancel your wedding due to bad weather or suppliers letting you down as well as reimbursing you for disasters with wedding cakes, wedding flowers, wedding dresses and other suppliers.

You might have to cancel your wedding due to bad weather or illness, maybe the bride or groom is ill or the priest has double booked, with cancellation cover any reason that causes you to cancel your wedding can be reimbursed for, if the bride or groom get cold feet and decide not to go ahead with the wedding then you canít claim on the insurance for that, but cancellation due to suppliers or illness is covered, no wedding insurance will cover you for your spouse deciding not to get married.

Wedding insurance coverage will include your wedding attire like the brides wedding dress, your bridesmaid dresses, the pageboys dress and the grooms suit, should these clothes get lost or damaged your be able to claim on your wedding insurance and claim the costs of these clothes back, you might have hired these clothes and lost your deposit and had to pay replacement fees, these will all be reimbursed to you by your insurance company.

Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake is also insured from damage, maybe your dog has eaten your wedding cake whilst it was at your home, you might laugh but this was an actual claim on the insurance that was paid out, you might have hired a cake company to make your wedding cake and they may have delivered the wedding cake late or got the wrong day for your wedding or delivered you the wrong cake, all these accidents with your cake your be able to claim on the insurance for as well as the more accidental like guests tripping up and knocking your wedding cake over.

Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers for the bouquet and for the table are also insured with wedding insurance, should your florist not supply the right flowers or not supply any flowers at all your be able to claim the cost of the flowers from your wedding insurance.

Wedding Transport

Wedding transport including your wedding car and the guests cars are also insured, you might suffer a breakdown with your wedding car especially if the car is an old vehicle like a classic Rolls Royce or other marque, your chauffeur company might get the wrong day for your wedding or arrive late in traffic or not have enough cars and buses to transport your guests or just have a very noisy or smoky vehicle that should not be used for a wedding, all these failures to supply what you ordered can all be claimed from your insurance.

Overseas Wedding

If you have booked an overseas wedding then your have added concerns about local suppliers, will the priest arrive on time, will your catering be ready, will your locally hired wedding outfits be ready and will they even fit although you have supplied the sizes of everyone in the wedding party, will the food be as you have requested, with less visibility on a wedding abroad (Travel Insurance) there is greater risk that a supplier wonít perform and if they donít with wedding insurance your be able to claim back the amount you have spent with that supplier.

If you have to make any last minute arrangements to cover the cost of a suppliers failure like getting last minute catering from another catering company because the wedding caterers have let you down then your be able to claim those additional expenses on your insurance.

Civil Partnership

Itís not only wedding cover that you can be insured for but civil partnership cover as well, all the same risks with suppliers exists for a civil partnership and whether you are having a gay partnership or heterosexual partnership you be able to claim on civil partnership insurance should your cake not arrive, the flowers be wrong or your outfits get lost, stolen or damaged in use.

With a one off payment you can have wedding insurance or civil partnership insurance, with the insurance starting as soon as you have accepted the wedding insurance quote and paid the money, you can get wedding insurance very early from before you have made any arrangements at all with many months or even a year to go until the big day or you could get your wedding insurance last minute with just a few days to go until your wedding, the more time you have to confirm arrangements with your suppliers the better, your find the wedding insurance or civil partnership insurance will be more expensive if your trying to insure your wedding with just days to spare and cheaper if there are several months until your wedding.

Flowers, Cars, Dresses, Suit Hire, Catering, Failure Of Suppliers And Bad Weather

The wedding policy will cover flowers, cars, dresses, suit hire, catering, failure of suppliers, bad weather forcing you to abandon your wedding, for example if you have a beach wedding planned and storms force you to call off your beach wedding or relocate the wedding indoors then you can claim for the additional expenses you have incurred.

Bride And Groom

Get insured for your big day with expert wedding insurance for the bride and groom, and the brides family and the grooms family, typically wedding insurance provides two and half million pounds of public liability insurance, what that means is that if your wedding causes damage or injury to anyone else and they sue you or seek other damages from you then you will be insured for up to two and half million pounds, so say for example your beach wedding requires that guests park their cares on the beach and the tide comes in and damages or washes away your wedding cars, the wedding hire company might sue you, with wedding insurance any claim against you will be paid by your insurance up to a total claim of two and half million pounds.

Wedding Cancellation

Five thousand pounds of cancellation cover is typically included with wedding insurance, you can change the amount of cover available, either increasing or reducing the amount of cover, the cancellation cover means that should you not go ahead with your wedding because of bad weather blowing the marquee down or the caterers not arriving or the church being closed or some other event beyond your control then your be able to claim up to five thousand pounds, many suppliers will charge you a deposit so if you canít go ahead with the wedding your forfeit your deposit and incur other costs like a wedding cake that you no longer need, with wedding insurance in the event of a cancellation up to five thousand pounds will be available to pay deposits and other incidental charges that the wedding has cost you even though you have cancelled.

Supplier Failure

Supplier failure is the most common complaint at a wedding, the vegetarian option was not delivered, the cake had the wring name on it, the outfits hired where in the wrong size, the hairdressers made a mess of the brides hair, all these reasons and many more which you just canít predict are all covered by wedding insurance, should a supplier not supply what they have contracted to then your be able to claim the cost of that supplier from your insurance company.

Wedding Outfits

Damage or loss of wedding attire is another common insurance claim, with dancing after the wedding maybe the outfits got ripped or dirty or maybe an outdoor wedding caused a member of the wedding party to fall over in mud and the wedding outfitters are charging you cleaning costs or the cost of replacement for lost items, your be able to claim these expenses back from your wedding insurance as well as your rental outfits not arriving or arriving in the wrong size.

The wedding cake is one of the most obvious items at a wedding and when a supplier fails to make your wedding cake or delivers the cake late or doesnít deliver your cake at all or spells your name wrong on the cake or delivers the wrong cake instead, itís been known for birthday cakes to arrive at weddings by accident, whatever the reason any failure of the cake suppliers can be claimed from your wedding insurance.

Wedding Planner

If your using a wedding planner then your entrusting your wedding almost entirely to one person, your wedding planner, with wedding insurance you can insure that your wedding planner performs as you have arranged, wedding planners are expensive as not only do you have the cost of your wedding but you have the cost of the wedding planner to budget for, with wedding insurance any failure of the wedding planner to deliver the wedding you have specified can be claimed from your insurance.

Wedding flowers are integral to any wedding, when the wedding bouquet does not arrive or is the wrong colour or the bridesmaids flowers or a corsage is the wrong flower, your wedding will be ruined, whilst wedding insurance canít fix everything it can make sure that any failures that are the fault of your florist wonít cost you any money, if your supplier is at fault the wedding insurance will cover the cost.

With typically fifteen thousand pounds insurance for wedding cake, wedding flowers and wedding outfits any problems can be claimed on the insurance not only for the bride and groom but your bridesmaids outfits, pageboy outfits, wedding cars and catering.

Protect your wedding and say I do with a day to remember safe in the knowledge that should anything go wrong then you are not having to foot the bill, fathers of the bride paying for the wedding should get wedding insurance to minimise any additional costs and couples financing their own wedding should use wedding insurance to make sure that failures of suppliers donít ruin their day.

Getting Married Abroad

If your getting married abroad the risks of something going wrong are much increased as your not able to meet all suppliers prior to the wedding, you might have exchanged letters, emails and video chats, but thatís not always enough to protect you from unscrupulous suppliers intent on stealing from you, with wedding insurance you wonít be out of pocket no matter what happens.

As well as protecting weddings you can protect your civil partnership, wedding insurance and civil partnership insurance is the same thing, on the quote form just make sure to say you are insuring a civil partnership, the risks are the same, a wedding venue booked not ready, a wedding celebrant not arriving or arriving late or in some other way ruining your wedding or civil partnership, wedding suits or dresses can also be insured as part of the wedding or civil partnership insurance package.

Cancellation And Rearrangement

Cancellation and rearrangements of your wedding are covered by the insurance, you might have lost your wedding ring or found that the wedding ring doesnít fit even after supplying the correct ring size to the jewellers, in these type of cases your insurance will pay to have things put right so your not left paying additional costs for your already expensive wedding.

With financial protection for supplier failure, the wedding suppliers you use like catering, wedding cakes, outfits, cars, venues, wedding planners, wedding celebrants, venue, priests and more are all insured if they havenít performed their duties as they have agreed to then your be able to claim the cost of that supplier and the cost of putting your wedding right at the last minute from the insurance company.

Suppliers often ask for non returnable deposits, with insurance your be reimbursed for any irrecoverable deposits you have made, for example if you had to cancel or postpone the wedding due to bad weather or the wedding cake not arriving, not only will you be wanting reimbursement from the wedding cake suppliers but all your other suppliers will be demanding payment as they supplied what they where contracted to even if your couldnít continue with the wedding, and all the non-returnable deposits will have been forfeited meaning that without wedding insurance you will not be able to afford to hold your wedding again, donít be left in this nightmare position, use insurance to make sure that your wedding is truly the happiest day of your lives.