Used Car Warranty

Used Car Warranty

Used Car Warranty for cars, vans and motorcycles, replacement and extended warranties insure you against the cost of car repairs with the repair bills paid direct to the garage.

When your car was new it came with a manufacturers warranty, this was typically for the first three years of the life of the car or 30,000 miles whichever came first, some manufacturers car warranties are less generous than this, with the warranty any mechanical breakdowns suffered by your car, van or motorbike would be paid for by the manufacturer as long as you took your car back to a manufacturer authorised service and repair centre.

The manufacturers warranty wouldnít cover things like spark plugs or oil filters, what car manufacturers call consumables, the parts of the car that need frequent replacement to keep the car working, but all unexpected mechanical problems are paid for you by the car dealership until the warranty expires.

The warranty expires either when you have driven a set number of miles which is typically 30,000 assuming an average car driver drives 10,000 miles a year or 3 years, whichever is sooner, so if you are a high mileage user you might have driven 30,000 miles in two years and your warranty would have expired but yet you still have a new car that is still one year away from itís first MOT and the manufacturer tells you that you have no warranty.

Car Mechanical Breakdown Warranty

When you have no warranty your start to worry about the cost of any mechanical breakdowns after all it is like the car company knows that as a car, van or motorbike gets older it is of course more likely to breakdown and just as the car is approaching the age when itís more likely to breakdown the car manufacturer tells you that you are out of warranty, just the time when you would want to use the warranty with the early years of the cars life not requiring any under warranty repairs at all.

Thatís where extended warranties come in, just as you are worrying that your warranty has expired and you are now liable to pay any repair bills you can get yourself an extended warranty, either the manufacturer will offer an extended warranty although this is less likely, if when you bought the car new you remember the option of an extended warranty being offered to you then you can probably go back and ask although most manufacturers extended warranties where you buy extra years of warranty on top of the standard warranty are only available at the time you purchase the new car, if you go back years later and ask for the extended warranty you will be refused even though the extended warranty was not due to start for a while.

Extended Car Warranties

You can buy extended warranties from insurance companies, itís the same thing that the car manufacturers sell you when the car is new, you buy a warranty for 12 months, 24 months or 36 months and when your car has a breakdown (Car Breakdown Insurance) you inform the warranty company and they organise repair at a garage that has been authorised by them, then when it is time to pay the bill, you donít pay the bill yourself the warranty company pays the garage directly, so you never have to pay any money and you never have to claim back any money as the warranty company handle all the repair bills on your behalf.

Car Breakdown Cover

You can get breakdown cover with your car warranty, that makes things even easier, if you breakdown you call the recovery service to come and get you going at the roadside, if they canít they tow your car to a garage authorised by the warranty company and the repair is carried out and the warranty company pay all the bills, you can get a loan car as part of the warranty from the garage as well.

Itís not just new cars that might want an extended warranty when the new car warranty runs out, but older cars and seconds hand cars, if you buy a second hand car that still has the new car warranty or extended warranty, you as the new owner might not be able to use the cars warranty as many manufacturer warranties are not transferable to the second owner of the vehicle, whilst this seems very strange as what difference does it make who is owning the car, a warranty should still be in place, but many manufacturers will refuse to honour a new car warranty when you are the second owner of the car.

New Car Warranty

As a second, third or more owner of a car that still has its new car warranty which the manufacture wonít let you use as your not the original owner your only choice is to take out a used car warranty, this will provide you the same level of cover as the original warranty and you can choose to take the warranty out for one, two or three years at a time, you can then extend the warranty further as the original used car warranty expires.

Whatís good about a used car warranty is that these warranties can be sold with the car and the new owner can use the warranty taken out by the previous owner, in fact if your trying to sell your second hand car and are worried that potential buyers might be put off by any future repairs you can take out a used car warranty yourself so potential owners will know that any mechanical breakdowns will be fixed by the warranty company without them having to pay any money and you as the original owner wonít have to worry about an angry buyer coming back to you saying that the car has broken down as the new owner can simply have the car repaired for free under the second hand car warranty.

Second Hand Car Warranty

Buying a warranty for a second hand car makes a great gift because we all know someone that has a car that would be worried about any repair bills and being able to make someone a gift of never having to pay repair bills again for their car is a very nice thing to do, you can buy the warranty for one, two or three years.

Second hand cars need both breakdown insurance and a warranty, add these two things together and you donít have to worry about breaking down or the cost of getting the car repaired, when you breakdown you phone the roadside assistance number and the breakdown service comes out to your car, they will repair your car on the spot or tow the car to a garage where your get a free repair for the life of the warranty you have bought, thatís trouble free motoring not only for you but also for family members, buying your son, daughter, husband or wife a warranty that includes breakdown cover means that they donít have to worry about the car breaking down again no matter how troublesome the car has been in the past.

A Used Car Warranty Can Be Bought For Any Car From Any Manufacturer

A used car warranty can be bought for any car from any manufacturer, the car can be foreign or manufactured in the UK, anything from a sports car to an SUV, a moped to a super bike or a builders van, as long as the car, bike or van is under 12 years old you can get a used car, bike or van warranty for the vehicle, over 12 years old and you wonít be able to get a warranty as at that point parts for the car become hard to get and therefore expensive to get and itís not financially viable for the insurance company to offer the warranty on the vehicle anymore.

As with new car warranties, used car warranties can be purchased either by the age of the vehicle or by the mileage the car has done with 150,000 miles being the maximum mileage that you can get a used car warranty for, so the car must be under 12 years old and under 150,000 miles if you want to buy a used car warranty.

Thatís a lot of miles you can drive under warranty, by the time the car has done that mileage or is 12 years old you can look at purchasing a newer car which your be able to get a warranty for, or just continue to use the car until your faced with a repair bill and then donít get the car repaired but replace it instead.

Fleet Car Extended Warranty

Businesses can make good use of used car warranties by insuring their fleet of cars against breakdown, if the original new car warranty has expired or it was just not financially possibly to buy the new car or van with a warranty or you just never bothered with the warranty or the warranty has since expired you can buy a used car or van warranty for your entire fleet, warranties that come with roadside recovery mean that your never have to worry about repair costs again for your car or van fleet, when you car or van breakdowns by the side of the road, phone for roadside recovery and if the van canít be repaired itís towed to the insurance companies authorised repair centre where your given a loan van whilst your own van is repaired, your be back on the road in a couple of hours in the loan van.

Parts And Labour Costs Included

All parts and labour costs for mechanical repairs will be paid for by the warranty so if your clutch fails or your gearbox fails or your engine just wonít start, itís the authorised garage who will carry out the repair work and the insurance company who will pay the garage for the repair work directly, your still have to pay for things like petrol, oil and tyres, but any parts needed for mechanical breakdowns will be paid for by the warranty issued by the insurance company.

If your always worried about the annual MOT test and whether your car will pass and how expensive any new parts and repair work will be you can get rid of that worry with a used car warranty, the warranty means that should your car not pass the MOT because you need mechanical repairs to your car then the warranty will pay for the parts and labour so that your car will pass the MOT, once a car is three years old and needs an MOT, the MOT test and failure because the car needs repair work is the most expensive time of year for a motorist, knowing that any repairs the MOT test highlights will be paid for by the insurance company, directly to the garage saves you money and lots of worry.

Of course the warranty doesnít cover everything, consumable parts must be paid for by the vehicle owner and will not be replaced under warranty, but as an example say your car failed itís MOT because a headlight needed replacing and the clutch pedal was not working properly, in this scenario, you would have to pay for the headlight bulb as it is classed as a consumable and the insurance company would have to pay for a new clutch as that is a mechanical breakdown, so whilst not all things would be paid for by the warranty, most of the expensive mechanical problems are paid, leaving you with the bill for the often cheaper consumables like light bulbs, tyres, fan belts and brake pads.

Unexpected Car Repair Bills

Unexpected repair bills are what makes owning a car expensive, itís easier to budget for petrol each week and the occasional new set of tyres but mechanical breakdowns that create expensive repair bills will be paid by the warranty, so its as if you had no breakdown at all as the cost of the breakdown is paid for by the warranty you purchased from the insurance company.

A used car warranty with roadside recovery included provides complete peace of mind as when your used car breaks down at the side of the road you can phone for roadside recovery who if they canít repair your car by the side of the road will tow your car to an authorised repair centre who will repair your car with the garage bill being paid for by the insurance companies warranty.