Unoccupied Property Insurance

Unoccupied Property Insurance

Unoccupied Property Insurance to insure against vandalism, theft, fire, flood and other damage whilst your home is empty. Vacant property insurance for private individuals and landlords.

If your property is left vacant then your standard property insurance will not pay out in the event of a claim and worse than that your standard home insurance probably requires that your home be lived in and cannot be left empty for more than one or two or three weeks a year, if the property is left empty then you might find you have no insurance.

Empty Property Insurance

An empty property is at a greater risk of vandalism or theft because when people realise that a property is empty it becomes a target for vandalism and theft, there is no one at home to scare a vandal or burglar away and no one to even realise that a crime is being committed.

Buildings Insurance

Your standard home contents insurance like the buildings insurance wonít pay out if your home is empty, so should your home be burgled you wonít be able to claim on the contents insurance to replace your belongings and furniture and you wonít be able to claim on the building insurance for damage to the property.

Only unoccupied property insurance will be valid if the property is empty, all other types of insurance for the home will require that someone is living at the property as with someone in the property the risk to the property from theft or vandalism is much reduced.


There might be many reasons that the property is empty, you might be a landlord (Landlord Insurance) between tenants were ideally you donít want the property to be empty but your having difficultly in attracting renters to the property so unfortunately the property remains empty whilst your find someone to rent out your home.

You might be making repairs on the property and the property is currently unavailable whilst you make repairs, you might be redecorating or carrying out essential safety work like strengthening walls, repairing flood damage or removing asbestos, whilst the property is unavailable you obviously canít rent the property out and whilst the property lies empty you will need unoccupied property insurance so that you still have buildings and contents insurance.

When A Property Is Empty

When a property is empty damage from flooding or fire will be worse than when someone is living in the home, with no one in the home a burst water pipe will go unnoticed for a long period of time creating damage to the property, if someone was living at the property then the burst water pipe would be spotted sooner and the pipe repaired, so unoccupied properties are higher risks for the insurance company and thatís why standard home insurance policies are not valid for an empty property.

Electrical Faults

If there is an electrical fault and the house catches fire, with no one living in the home the fire will probably take hold and the entire house may be gutted by fire, with someone living in the house the fire alarm sounding would mean that probably the house would only suffer smoke damage as the fire would be contained almost immediately.

Unoccupied property insurance might be needed for 3, 6, 9 or 12 months depending on the reason for the property being empty, if your having repairs and redecoration done to the property with new bathrooms, kitchens and remodelling being done to the house then you would probably want to have these works finished within three months.


If your home has previously been subject to flooding and your having all the plaster stripped off the walls and have had the carpets and floors taken up your probably letting the house dry out and this could take six months.

If you have a second home then maybe the property will be empty for large parts of the years, possibly you wonít even use your holiday home one year so the property might lie empty for nine or twelve months, if itís a holiday home then the chances are its in a remote location making the likelihood of a fire, burst water pipe, vandalism or theft being spotted by a passer by even less likely.


Vandalism protection is one of the most common reasons to get unoccupied insurance, indeed should the property be identified as empty you might have squatters move into your property which will result in further vandalism, burst water pipes and damage to your home which your want the insurance company to pay for.

Water damage is a big problem for unoccupied homes, a leaking roof may go unnoticed for a long time with on one living in the property, the roof leak may cause the floors and ceilings to rot as they become submerged in water.

Frozen Water Pipes

Or a frozen water pipe might burst and the resulting water damage can cause ceilings to cave in and expensive repair bills, with no one living in the property the central heating wonít be used so the house will be cold, a cold house encourages water pipes to freeze.

An Empty House

An empty house also encourages pest infestations (Pest Control Insurance) or other animals like rats, mice and even squirrels to move in as there will be no one in the home to scare the animals away.

Standard unoccupied property insurance will include water damage, fire damage, vandalism and burglary as well as gas explosion and lightening cover.

When you take out unoccupied home insurance your get instant cover, as soon as you have reviewed the quote and paid the premium your have immediate cover and can then leave your property empty safe in the knowledge that now you have insurance, of course you can get unoccupied insurance at any point, the house might have already been empty for six months before you take out the insurance, you may have been lucky and had no problems like burst water pipes, fires, thefts or vandalism in that time, but itís not worth taking the risk as you are in effect uninsured when the house is empty as your standard home insurance products are void in an unoccupied dwelling.

Short Term Cover

Short term cover can be as little as one week, two weeks, one month or two months whatever is required to cover the property, you can make one payment to cover a short term insurance policy or for a longer term policy you can pay the insurance premium each month.

Vacant Property Insurance

Vacant property insurance can be tailored to your exact needs, you can make the insurance last as long or as short a time as you need and you can tell the insurance company about any periods when the house will be empty or when their will be people living in the house so that you donít have to pay unoccupied home insurance when in fact the home is occupied.

Protect your property with empty home insurance and use a UK insurance company that has a UK call centre so if you need to phone and speak to the insurance representative you can phone day or night and speak to someone who themselves lives and works in the UK.

Home Emergency Insurance

Home emergency insurance for fixing gas boilers Gas Boiler Insurance, Plumbing and Drainage Insurance and electrical systems as well as security systems will need to be tailored to an empty property, the standard home emergency insurance will not pay out or send round an emergency plumber for example to a property which is known to be vacant, so your need unoccupied home insurance and take out the home emergency option on the insurance.

Vacant property insurance can include legal expenses, this will be an option when your getting a quote online, if your property is empty and say the water pipe bursts and floods not only your own property but your neighbours property because the house is in a terrace or maybe because the damage caused was severe enough to effect more than your property then your neighbour may well want to take you to court to recover the costs of fixing their own home, with legal expenses cover your be able to claim on your insurance company for any costs incurred from your own solicitors.

If your vacant property insurance includes liability cover then should your own property damage like a fire or flood then cause damage to another property your insurance company will pay out on the neighbouring properties too, without liability insurance you may find that you have to pay for the cost of repairs for your neighbours property from your own pocket which may run into tens of thousands of pounds.

Making A Claim

When you need to make a claim it helps to have insurance through a specialist insurance company who understand the problems that a vacant property can face, standard high street insurance will not offer vacant property cover and if you have a standard buildings or contents insurance policy unless the policy says that your insurance is valid when the property stands empty your find that when you go to make a claim your insurance is void.

If your home is awaiting sale and you have moved into your new home then your old home is unoccupied, you might think that because you have left your buildings insurance, contents insurance and emergency home insurance running that your be able to call on these insurance products if you need to make a claim, but with the property empty these polices will be void and will not payout as the property is vacant, you can save money by cancelling these policies or transferring them to your new home whilst you are occupying the property and taking out unoccupied insurance for your old home.


If a home is in probate, as someone has died and the home is waiting on a court to determine who the owner is, then the home will have no insurance if you believe the property is likely to be left to you in the will then take out unoccupied home insurance on the property now otherwise when the property is finally handed over to you after the courts have decided or the will has been read, you might find that you are the owner of a property that has been gutted by fire or damaged by flood or taken over by squatters.

Unoccupied property insurance for landlords differs from standard unoccupied insurance in that you have to protect your buy to let property from squatters, fire, smoke damage, flooding, gas leaks, electrical problems, roof leaks, animal infestations and more, insurance companies have special unoccupied home insurance policies for landlords and buy to let property landlords.

Commercial Property

If you have a commercial property such as a shop that has been left empty then you have all the same problems as any other home owner when the property is left empty, commercial property can also be insured to cover unoccupied periods which may very well happen when the landlord canít find a tenant for the shop or when the shop is being refitted or when repairs or remodelling are being done to the shop before the next tenants can move in.

You can buy buildings insurance for a vacant property online, simply enter your details and the types of cover that you would like included and enter how long you would like the unoccupied property insurance for either short term or long term and then if your happy with the quote either pay the annual premium with one payment or pay each month by direct debit.

Your Empty Home

If left empty your home will not be insured, the risks to an empty home from vandals as the property is now not guarded by the owners, or fire or water damage as no one is at home to notice any problems with the home, all these problems increase and thatís the reason why standard home insurance will be declared void for periods when the property is empty so you need vacant property insurance to cover those periods when no one is living at the property.

Whether you need unoccupied home insurance for your second home or holiday home or for a commercial property like a shop you rent out or you might be a landlord yourself wanting insurance to cover a buy to let property when it is empty then unoccupied insurance will guard against fire, vandalism, flood and many other risks whilst the property is empty.