Tyre Insurance

Tyre Insurance

Tyre Insurance, five tyres covered including the spare, £350 per tyre payout, no excess, no wear deduction, includes alloy wheels, includes accidental damage, malicious damage for car, light van and motorcycle, standard and run flat tyres for BMW and Mini cars included, Land Rover and 4x4 tyres included.

You can insure your tyres for between one to four years, what that means is that should you have a puncture or damage to your tyre, for example you run over a screw or nail in the road or something else that punctures your tyre or your car tyre is slashed due to an act of vandalism or your scrape your alloy wheels up against the kerb or you take the kerb too fast then your car tyres and wheels will be covered.

The insurance company will pay out up to £350 per tyre, including the spare tyre and you can normally make four claims a year, thatís a complete set of new tyres each year, there is no excess to pay so your not forced to pay out of your own pocket for example the first £50 per tyre and there is no deduction for wear and tear on the tyres or alloy wheels so any scratches on your alloy wheels or slight normal wear of the tyre will not mean that you get less in compensation, the compensation will be paid in cash so you can go and buy yourself a new tyre or get a repair to your alloy wheels.

It might be that its cheaper to get a repair to an alloy wheel than a new alloy wheel and in those cases your be given the money (compensation) for a repair rather than a whole new alloy wheel, you can also take out an agreed value tyre and wheel insurance policy where in advance you agree the cost of the tyres and the cost of the alloy wheels and thatís what the insurance company will pay out if you make a claim, without agreed value the insurance company will just pay out up to the maximum value agreed which is normally £300 or £350.

Itís not only cars that can insure their tyres and wheels but also light vans and motorcycles too, not HGV vehicles as the costs of their tyres are prohibitively expensive for the insurance company to pay out on and the mileage on an HGV is far higher than cars or motorcycles.

You can get tyre insurance as part of a Fleet Car Insurance policy or as part of a gap insurance policy or on itís own.

Tyre Insurance For Run Flat Tyres

Tyre insurance for run flat tyres is available as your find run flat tyres on BMW (BMW Insurance) and Mini carís, standard tyres are also included, where the tyre (not run flat) is to be repaired it will only be repaired if it is significantly cheaper to repair the tyre than replace the tyre and if it is safe to repair the tyre, generally the money for a new tyre will be provided, you can always take the payout for a repair and use that money towards a new tyre rather than getting a repair.

Your get tyre insurance for all five tyres, this includes the spare tyre in the boot of the car or underneath the car or mounted on the rear door of the car depending on the model, 4x4 (4x4 Insurance) vehicle tyres are also included on tyre insurance polices.

Tyre Cover Includes Accidental Damage

Tyre cover includes accidental damage like driving over a nail causing your tyre to puncture as well as malicious damage where for example someone has slashed your car tyres, if vandalism and the vandal slashes all four tyres then your be able to claim for all four tyres at the same time, typically you can make four claims per year so that is one set of tyres not including the spare, on the online tyre insurance form you can specify how many claims you want to make a year, if you increase the number of allowed claims it will increase your monthly insurance premium (or you can pay annually) but if you are suffering from repeat vandalism it might be an option for you, also consider a dash cam to record the vandalism so you can claim on your insurance and inform the police.

With no wear and tear reductions you donít have to worry about normal use of your car wearing the tyres out, its only accidental and malicious damage that is covered by tyre insurers so if the only reason that you need new tyres is because you have worn the tyres out then you wonít be able to claim on your tyre insurance, alloy wheels is a different matter as your unlikely to wear out your alloy wheels and most likely to get the alloys dented or scratched which of course you can claim on.

Replacing tyres or alloys is expensive, if you get a puncture its an unforeseen event, you didnít budget for it and you donít have the money to replace the tyre especially if the puncture involves more than one tyre which is actually more common than you might think.

With typically four claims per year your find thats a lot more claims than other tyre insurance companies will allow, you can think of tyre insurance as protection against punctures or puncture insurance if you will, if you get a puncture your tyre will be replaced and it wonít cost you anything other than the cost of the tyre insurance, and with one tyre costing up to £350 to replace the tyre insurance can pay for itself on the first use.

Is tyre insurance worth it?

It depends how much and where you use your car, most tyre punctures happen on motorways as the car accidentally drives over a nail or other sharp object that has fallen off the back of a lorry or another car, so if you do a lot of motorway driving and have an expensive car then tyre insurance is going to save you a lot of money.

Most damage to alloy wheels happens around town when parking next to the kerb and accidentally scraping your wheels on the kerb, so if you always have to park in tight spots with not much room to manoeuvre then your very likely to scratch, dent or otherwise damage your alloy wheels.

If you live in a neighbourhood that has attracted car vandals who slash tyres and you have an expensive car then you may likely find that your car tyres have been slashed too, with tyre insurance you can claim for a complete set of tyres once per year, which would save you a lot of money compared with the cost of tyre insurance.

Alloy wheels also attract thieves as the cost of the alloy wheels is high, thatís why many allow wheels come with security bolts to make it harder for thieves to remove the wheel without having the right socket for their wrench, so if you have expensive alloys, again tyre and wheel insurance is something you should consider.

Tyre Insurance Is All About Tyre Damage, It Is Not About Tyre Wear

Tyre insurance is all about tyre damage, it is not about tyre wear so if your tyres have just worn out and have not been damaged by a puncture or slashed side-wall or other accidental or malicious damage then you will not be able to claim on the tyre insurance, however tyres that are part worn and then receive a puncture or other accidental damage are still covered by the tyre insurance and your damaged part worn tyres will be replaced for brand new tyres.

Tyre insurance wonít change the tyre on your car for you, your be given the money in compensation to buy your own tyres, you can then use this money to go to your tyre fitters and get a new tyre fitted or use one of the many online tyre services that will deliver the tyre to your own home and fit it for you, or you can even order the tyre online and have the tyre delivered to your house and then take it to the tyre fitters for fitting, as long as you replace the tyre with the same make and model of tyre that you are being compensated for, because your be asked on the tyre insurance quote form what make and model of tyre you have on your car, if you just have the standard tyres then no need to add any details to the quotation form its only if you have changed the tyres for something else for example high performance tyres instead of general tyres or all weather grip tyres or run flat tyres.

Accidental damage like hitting the kerb hard causing damage to the tyre or dent to the alloy wheel is covered by the tyre insurance even though you caused the damage yourself, it is not like a puncture or a vandal slashing your tyres when you did not cause the damage yourself, but you are still covered by the tyre insurance policy.

The spare tyre is covered in all cases so that if for example you had the spare on the car and where using the spare for some reason and the spare got a puncture then you can still claim on that tyre even though it is officially designated the spare tyre.

Whilst tyre insurance is not for everyone, if you have a cheap runabout and always fit the cheapest tyres then there will be little to be gained by having tyre insurance, but if you have an expensive car with high quality tyres then there is a big investment in your car and the cost of replacing your tyres or alloy wheels will be an unexpected bill that you might not have budgeted for, tyre insurance allows you to budget for the unexpected cost of tyre and alloy wheel replacement because you will pay an annual fee for the tyre insurance or pay a small amount monthly.

Its easy to get a tyre insurance quote online as all the tyre insurance specialist insurers are available behind the online quote form and the cheapest tyre insurance for your vehicle will be selected when you complete the online form, your be asked how many miles you typically drive each year because the number of miles driven obviously increases the likelihood that you will get a puncture as you are using your car more, your also be asked where you park the car at night as some areas of the country are more prone to tyre vandalism than others.

Like windscreen insurance tyre insurance saves you from having a big bill to pay for an unexpected expense, if your concerned about unexpected expenses on your car then also take a look at Extended Warranty Insurance which insures your car against the cost of any repairs, if your car fails the MOT test then the insurance company will pay out for parts and labour so your never have to pay for getting your car repaired or serviced again.

Reduce The Cost Of Your Tyre Insurance

To reduce the cost of your tyre insurance consider the tyres you have on your car, the more expensive the tyre on the car the more expensive the insurance costs, so if you fit cheaper tyres to your car and inform the insurance company that you have cheaper tyres on the car then the cost of your tyre insurance will go down, the same with alloy wheels, expensive or custom alloy wheels will add considerably to the cost of tyre and wheel insurance, fitting cheaper alloy wheels will reduce the cost of your tyre insurance.

On the online quote form your also be asked if you drive abroad in Europe, not all roads are maintained as well as roads in the UK so the cost of your tyre insurance will rise if you make regular trips to Europe, so if you donít plan on driving in Europe then untick that option from the tyre insurance form as your be paying a slightly higher premium for an insurance your never likely to need.

Wheel theft has always been popular and with expensive tyres and alloys you can have a considerable amount of money easily stolon, your be asked on the online insurance form if you have security locking wheel nuts fitted to your allow wheels and if you donít you should consider getting them fitted as it makes it harder for the thief to remove the wheel.