Truck Insurance

Truck Insurance

Truck Insurance with immediate cover for HGVís from 7.5 tonnes to 200 tonnes GWT, artics, skip lorries, tippers, LGV, lorries, pick up trucks and forklift trucks, vehicle insurance, liability insurance and breakdown and recovery.

Truck Insurance is required by law to drive your truck on the road in the UK, you can get UK only truck insurance or European cover too if your truck travels throughout Europe, you can if you wish include breakdown and recovery insurance so that if your truck breaks down a tow truck will tow your truck to your preferred garage for repairs.

As well as truck insurance to legally use your truck on the road you might want public liability insurance, this insurance insures your truck and your actions against causing damage or injury to others, for example you might lower the stabiliser leg on your truck and the stabiliser leg accidentally damages a nearby car, the liability insurance would pay out compensation for such claims made by the owner of the car you damaged.

Goods In Transit Insurance

You might also want Goods In Transit (GIT) insurance to protect the goods that your transporting, for example if your driving a refrigerated lorry and the refrigerator packs up and all the frozen food your transporting spoils you would want GIT insurance to pay out as your customer will claim on your insurance for loss of the load, without GIT insurance your company would have to pay this personally.

Supermarkets wonít work with a haulier unless they have GIT insurance so itís needed not only to reimburse your customer for loss of goods but just to get the contract in the first place.

Self Employed Owner Operator

You can insure your truck as either a self employed owner operator with insurance for a single truck or if you have three or more trucks you can use truck fleet insurance (Motor Fleet Insurance) to insure the whole fleet which will be cheaper.

The truck fleet can be made up of a range of vehicles in order to qualify for fleet insurance, these vehicles might be HGVís from 7.5 tonnes to 200 tonnes GWT, artics, skip lorries, tippers, LGV, lorries, pick up trucks and forklift trucks.

Truck insurance can be for lorries of 7.5 tonnes and higher as 7.5 tonnes is the limit of what you can drive on a car drivers licence (you may need to get the category added to your drivers licence by the DVLA).

HGV And LGV Insurance

Trucks under 7.5 tonnes are classified as LGV (Light Goods Vehicles) and can include forklift trucks and pick up trucks, they all qualify for truck insurance, if your HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) has itís own forklift truck that travels with the HGV to load and unload freight, you can get combined insurance that covers both the HGV (HGV Insurance) and the forklift truck, saving you the need to have separate insurance polices for them both.

Once you complete the online tuck insurance application and review the quotation and pay for the fist months cover your have immediate cover, as well as paying monthly by direct debit you can also pay annually as one insurance premium payment, paying by direct debit will often get you a discount and with zero deposit required on some insurance policies all you have to do is pay the monthly premium without putting any money down on a deposit.

Truck insurance specialists will not require a deposit as they understand the trucking business and how truckers work, high street insurance companies or any insurance company that does not normally offer truck insurance will require a deposit as the deposit on account helps the insurance company (not you) better manage the risk of a business they know little about, so use a specialist truck insurer for the best deals.

Flexible Truck Insurance

With flexible truck insurance you only need take out the insurance that you want, if you donít travel to Europe in your truck then donít get European cover or if you only make two trips to Europe a year then donít take out European cover but contact the truck insurance company on their customer service number when you are about to make a trip to Europe and get European insurance added just for the time period that your be in Europe, saving yourself money on year round cover you donít need.

With truck insurance for large and small hauliers you donít need a big fleet to get the best deals, self employed owner operators will get discounts for payment by direct debit as well as any no claims bonus they currently have on truck insurance, you only need three vehicles in your fleet to qualify for cheaper fleet insurance and those trucks can be any mix of trucks from HGVís, LGVís, pick up trucks (Courier Insurance) or forklift trucks.

Combined Truck Insurance

With combined policies for 7.5t through to 200t GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) you can include liability insurance and Goods In Transit Insurance, with liability insurance insuring your truck and the truck drivers actions, for example if your truckís tractor unit damages a trailer and the trailer owner demands compensation it will be your public liability insurance that will pay out, if your load becomes contaminated by a previous load in your truck it will be your Goods In Transit insurance that pays out.

Breakdown cover (Car Breakdown Insurance) is available as part of a combined truck insurance policy, with truck drivers having tight schedules to keep too and delay caused by a truck breakdown can mean the loss of a contract or penalty payments having to be paid to the customer not to mention loss of cargo for food being transported, with breakdown and recovery insurance including a loan truck your be able to use a loaned tractor unit until your own truck has been repaired and is back on the road.

Truck Warranty Insurance

Take out a truck warranty (Used Car Warranty) and any parts, labour or repair bills for mechanical breakdown will be covered by the insurance company and bills paid directly to the garage, extended truck warranty insurance is available as part of a combined truck insurance policy.

Public Liability For Trucks

Public liability for trucks is where your truck causes damage or loss, this is different from vehicle insurance that you need to use the truck legally on the road, the public liability covers for example the load of your truck from coming loose and striking another car causing damage or injury, it will be the public liability insurance that pays out on such a claim, without public liability insurance which is not legally required like vehicle insurance your trucking business would have to pay the claim themselves which could be a large enough claim to effect the future operation of the business.

Employers Liability For Trucks

Employers liability is available as part of a truck insurance package and protects the employer from claims from the employees or the employees personal insurance, it is a legal requirement to have employers liability insurance, for example a truck driver is loading boxes onto the back of his truck and injures his back, the truck driver has private medial insurance and the insurance company sues the truck drovers employers for recovery of costs incurred in treatment.

Truck Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance can also be included as part of the truck insurance, this is where a trucking company, typically a small owner operator wants the vehicle depot insured along with their trucks, this insures the depot and the depots contents (the trucks and office equipment etc.) against fire, flood, vandalism and other damage, a combined policy is easy to manage and will often have a discount for combining several insurance types.

The truck fleet can take out cheaper telematic fleet insurance, this requires the trucks to be fitted with telematic equipment which can report the position of the entire fleet of trucks to both the trucking company and to the insurance company, the insurance is cheaper because the exact location, speed and journey time is logged by the system so its easy to see if drivers are taking appropriate breaks, driving on the appropriate route and staying within the law.

Truck Telematic Insurance

Telematic insurance is also cheaper because should the truck be stolen there is a good chance of prompt recovery by the police as the trucks location is known, telematic equipped trucks also display on the truck that they are tracked and this helps lower vehicle crime in the first place as tracked trucks are less likely to be stolen than trucks without telematic tracking.

Truck insurance covers specialist vehicles too like articulated lorries (artics), skip lorries, tippers and forklift trucks, so if you have a fleet of skip lorries your able to get them insured cheaper on a fleet truck policy and if your are a self employed owner operator with one skip truck then you can still get good deals on combined insurance like truck insurance with public liability insurance.

Pick Up Trucks And Vans

Pick up trucks and vans also qualify for truck insurance, with a pick up truck making frequent stops, public liability insurance is an important option as with frequent stops your more likely to cause damage or injury as stopping and starting to drive a truck are statistically more dangerous manoeuvres than driving down the motorway as there are more actions required and to go wrong.

Fork Lift Insurance

Fork lift insurance can form part of a truck insurance policy where the fork lift is being carried by the truck and is used for loading and unloading the truck, if the forklift remains at the depot and is not transported with the truck then separate fork lift truck insurance is available, use any number of trucks that you have such as LGVís, HGVís, pick up trucks and fork lift trucks to get cheaper insurance by insuring them all on the same fleet policy.

HGV insurance falls under truck insurance with any weight of truck able to get insurance, under 7.5 tonnes and the vehicle is a LGV (Light Goods Vehicle), remember that with the truck insurance you might want to insure your load whilst it is in transit and choose the option of public liability insurance or breakdown and recovery insurance as well.

Private And Commercial Truck Insurance

Insure your trucks both private and commercial, a private truck insurance might be say a pick up truck that is not used for a commercial business, so you might just like driving a pick up truck because there is room for your sports equipment like canoes or rock climbing equipment, this would be a private goods vehicle not used for commercial means, you might still want liability insurance in case for example one of the canoes fell off the back of a trailer and injured someone and you might still want Goods In Transit insurance so that any damage to the sports equipment that you are transporting will be reimbursed by the insurance company in the event of an accident, donít assume that your standard vehicle insurance will offer insurance cover for the goods or possessions that you are carrying.

Cheap Pickup Insurance

For cheap pickup insurance only take out the insurance options you need, the online form will ask you about the insurance options you want, if your not travelling abroad (Travel Insurance) in your pickup then donít take out European insurance, if you already have breakdown and recovery insurance then donít include this option as your have two polices running at the same time, you can if you wish contact your current breakdown insurance company and ask them to hold your insurance for a year so you can take advantage of any special offers.

Temporary Or Short Term Truck Insurance

If you need temporary or short term truck insurance you can get insurance coverage for that, sometimes you wonít be using a truck all the year round as its a specialist truck only needed for certain jobs in the winter for example road gritting, so save money by not insuring the truck the whole year round and only insure it for the winter months with short term truck insurance.

For three or more trucks of any type like skip lorries, pickup trucks, forklift trucks etc. consider fleet truck insurance as your get discounts for insuring more trucks which will bring down the cost for each individual truck and of course a single fleet policy will be easier to manage than multiple truck polices.