Trailer Insurance

Trailer Insurance

Trailer Insurance for flatbed trailers, horse trailers, boat trailers, rental trailers, car transporter trailers, Ifor Williams trailers, catering van trailers, motorbike trailers, livestock trailers, agricultural trailers, Sunncamp, Holiday, Cabanon, Neptune, Stratos, Stellar, Vanustowing and other folding tent trailers, quad bike trailers and Scout group trailers all with fully comprehensive insurance and breakdown insurance.

When you tow a trailer with your car, truck (Truck Insurance), 4x4 (4x4 Insurance) or even youíre motorbike your responsible for any damage or injury caused by the trailer, both when the trailer is being towed behind a vehicle and when the trailer is unhitched from the vehicle, if a trailer becomes unhitched or when driving your vehicle for example you take a corner too sharply and the trailer moves into oncoming traffic your be liable for any damage to other vehicles and any injuries that result.

Whilst itís not a legal requirement to have trailer insurance, any third-party claims will be made against you for accident or injury, without insurance youíre have to pay these claims personally, so itís important that you have insurance to be able to pay for any claims against you.

Generally Your Car Or 4x4 Insurance Will Not Include Trailer Insurance

Generally your car or 4x4 insurance will not include trailer insurance, if it does the insurance will only be third party, fire and theft which means that you wonít be able to claim compensation on your own insurance for damage to your own trailer or vehicle or to the stock you are carrying on the trailer, a huge liability if you are transporting a horse for example where you would want insurance to pay compensation for veterinary treatment to an injured horse (Horsebox Insurance) and compensation for damage to your trailer, agricultural trailers carrying farm animals or car transporter trailers are other high value trailers where you would want to be able to claim compensation on your insurance.

You might have a flatbed trailer that you use for carrying cars if youíre in the motor trade or if youíre a builder you might use your flatbed trailer to transport rubble and other waste to the tip or building materials to the site, should something fall off your trailer onto the road you can cause a significant accident, damage to other cars and injury to other drivers which without trailer insurance you would be personally liable for.

With a box trailer youíre at less risk form anything falling off the trailer as the trailer is enclosed and the box trailer insurance will be slightly cheaper than flatbed trailer insurance, however there are large items that you just canít carry or easily get inside a box trailer so there will always be the need for both types of trailer and both types of insurance.

You Might Own Your Own Trailer Or Be Hiring The Trailer

You might own your own trailer or be hiring the trailer or borrowing the trailer from a friend, whilst youíre not required to have trailer insurance by law, you will have personal liability for any accident that you have with your trailer and itís a lot harder driving a car with a trailer than without, for example when reversing you have to turn the steering wheel the opposite way round to make the trailer turn, this counter initiative action can lead to accidents much less the additional risk of wide loads and small roads.

When renting a trailer you donít have to take out insurance and the same with a trailer you own or borrow, you can get one off trailer insurance, this short term trailer insurance can be for several days or a month but if you plan on towing a trailer several times a year than an annual policy will almost certainly be cheaper, many people incorrectly assume that their standard car insurance will insure them for towing a trailer, generally no towing is allowed on the policy or if towing of a trailer is allowed the insurance will only be for other third parties and not something you can claim on yourself.

If Your Towing For Business

If your towing for business, for example you are transporting a classic car (Classic Car Insurance) or farm animals, then youíre want separate trailer insurance or agricultural insurance as otherwise what you are carrying wonít be insured and that will be a big cost for the business to bare as the client will still want compensation.

Maybe you have a boat trailer to take your boat to the sea or river, and back your trailer into the sea to launch your boat into the water, youíre want trailer insurance to cover any liability you might have whilst your launching your boat, should your trailer cause damage to another boat then your be able to claim on your insurance not only for damage to your own boat or trailer but also third party claims from other boat owners or anyone in the water at the time of the accident.

Trailer insurance also coves you for trailer theft, if your leaving your trailer parked up outside your house you might find that the trailer has been stolen, you can lock your trailer to an anchor in the ground, but the trailer can still be stolen or vandalised and of you park up with your trailer hitched to your vehicle and the trailer is stolen from your vehicle your still be able to claim on your insurance.

Do I need trailer insurance?

Trailer insurance is not compulsory, but you will be liable for damage caused by your trailer when towing to other vehicles or injury to people, this liability can involve the replacement of other road userís vehicles or their repair as well as medical compensation for injuries caused, so whilst legally you are not required to have trailer insurance the unlimited liability claims that you will face without insurance means that its certainly worth considering.

All makes of trailer can be insured including Ifor Williams trailers and folding tent trailers made by Sunncamp, Holiday, Cabanon, Neptune, Stratos, Stellar and Vanustowing as well as many more unbranded trailers, the online quote form will have space for you to specify the make and model of your trailer so with agreed value trailer insurance your be able to claim for the exact same trailer in the event that your own trailer is damaged or destroyed in an accident.

How do you insure a car trailer?

To insure your car trailer you must get a quote for trailer insurance, on the online quote form you can list the use of your trailer for example transporting a horse in a closed trailer or transporting a car in an open trailer or general building work or transporting a quad bike, whatever use you put your trailer too, youíre be able to get insurance, the insurance will cover not only damage to the trailer but also damage to other vehicles or injury to other users as well as replacement costs for what you are carrying on your trailer.

If your part of a Scout or Guide group or other voluntary organisation you might want to transport tents, rucksacks, canoes or other sports equipment behind your minibus and a trailer is ideal for transporting large amounts of Scout equipment, your need trailer insurance to insure the value of what you are transporting for example the boys and girls will have their clothing and other valuables in their rucksack and will want to be able to claim on your trailer insurance for loss or damage to their belongings.

If you tow a catering van (Catering Van Insurance) behind your car or four wheel drive then you want insurance not only to cover other road users for third party claims if you have a road accident with your food trailer, but youíre also want to be able to claim on your own insurance for damage to the catering trailer, for example gas hobs, microwave ovens or food stock can all be claimed on your insurance as can fixtures and fittings or damage to electrical circuits and water pipes, a catering trailer will be expensive to replace and will be your livelihood so your want comprehensive insurance that will replace your catering trailer if it is damaged.

If you have a portable cabin trailer, or portable toilets or mini skips that you tow behind your vehicle your be able to get insurance not only for third party damage and injury that you towing a trailer might cause but you can also claim for damage or loss of what your towing for example if your towing a portable cabin and the contents of the cabin suffers damage whilst towing, another example you drive up a steep hill and the steepness of the hill causes the refrigerator in the portable cabin to breakdown (Car Breakdown Insurance), youíre be able to claim for the replacement of the refrigerator as well as any damage to the trailer.

You can tow a motorbike, quad bike (Quad Bike Insurance) or jet ski in a trailer behind your vehicle, youíre want to insure not only the trailer but the vehicles that your towing as well, for example if the trailer where to become unhitched whilst your driving the trailer may smash into another vehicle or a tree causing not only damage to the other vehicle, injury to the driver but also damage to your motorbike, quad bike or jet ski, all of which your be able to claim on your insurance for, now realise that trailer towing insurance is not compulsory by law and how much you will have to pay personally in compensation if you do not have insurance.

On the online quote form you can select the type of trailer your be towing, for example you might have a motorbike and want to tow a trailer behind your motorcycle, your motorbike insurance certainly wonít cover trailer towing as standard and youíre want not only the value of your motorbike trailer insured but also the goods that you are towing to be insured too, with trailer insurance the trailer, goods and third parties that might be injured or damaged by your trailer when riding are also insured which means that you will have insurance to claim off in the event of an accident rather than having to pay the costs of compensation yourself.

Can learner drivers tow a trailer?

No, learner drivers cannot tow a trailer as it is illegal for a learner driver to tow anything behind their car, once you have passed your driving test your automatically be allowed to tow a trailer.

If you have a racing car you might not want to drive your racing car on the road but instead want to tow your racing car on its own trailer where the racing car is not on the road at all, so you can declare SORN for your racing car as its not used on the public highway, however chances are that your racing car or classic car that your transporting will be expensive and you would want insurance so that you are able to claim in the event of an accident, so trailer insurance will cover the cost of the vehicle you towing for repairs or replacement in the event of an accident provided that when you take out the trailer insurance you specify that you are towing a vehicle on your trailer.

If youíre a farmer towing a trailer full of livestock your want to have third party insurance so that other road users can claim on your insurance if you are the cause of an accident and your want your insurance company to pay out for the value of your livestock should there be any accidents or injuries to your livestock, when your carrying your livelihood on the back of your trailer its important to have insurance to claim on even if the need to have insurance is not compulsory.

You donít need to take out trailer insurance for the whole year, if you are just renting a trailer short term for one day, one week or one month for example then you can take out short term cover for not only damage to the trailer and compensation to the road users in the event of an accident but also insurance for the goods that you are carrying, when trailer insurance is not compulsory donít rely on the rental company to offer you insurance or insure you for damage to their own trailer, your need to arrange this yourself using an online trailer insurance specialist.