Tradesman Insurance

Tradesman Insurance

Tradesman Insurance for roofers, builders, carpenters, joiners, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, ground workers and all allied trades whether part time or full time, contract or self employed.

Get a quote online with one easy form to complete and you can have your tradesmen insurance in a mater of minutes. Buy online the easy way and get just the cover you need without paying for optional extras that donít relate to your job.

Buy insurance from a trade and construction expert, high street insurers will not have dedicated tradesmen insurance so any insurance quote they give you will be much higher than a dedicated quote from insurers that only work with tradesmen.

Roofer Insurance

Roofer insurance will be different than builders insurance, with a roofer the chances of damaging the roof are higher so your need indemnity insurance so that if your repair causes further damage and your customer takes you to court your insurance will pay out not only for the damages but the court costs and legal fees if you have included legal fees in your insurance package.

Working on a roof, roofers could also drop tools or materials off the roof accidentally leading to damage to property like peoples cars or injury to passers by, so a roofer will need public liability insurance for any claim a member of the public might make against the roofer, typically your get one million pounds of public liability insurance as standard, this can be increased if the job you do means that you are working on or near buildings or cars for example that could result in a claim against you exceeding one million pounds.

Builders Insurance

Builders insurance has different insurance requirements to roofers or plumbers insurance, for example a builder might accidentally cause an adjacent building to collapse, if this happens the builder would need public liability insurance so that if a member of the public, like the house owner whoís building has collapsed because it was adjacent to some building work that you where doing, then the member of the public can claim against you and your insurance would pay out up to one million pounds for public liability insurance.

Carpenters Insurance

Carpenters insurance has different requirements from electricians insurance or painters and decorators insurance, carpenters will want to include employee liability insurance due to the tools they work with, should an employee of yours hurt themselves with a power tool then they or their own insurance company might take you to court for the payment of damages, with employee liability insurance your insurence company will payout to your employee and with legal claims insurance included if you choose this as an add-on then any legal claims that you have had to fight will be paid for by the insurance.

Ground Worker Insurance

Ground worker insurance has itís own set of insurance needs, with groundworkís you might come into contact with rats or other vermin that carry diseases and should you get ill and need hospital treatment your want your health insurance to pay for private medical treatment, choosing the health insurance option as part of the tradesmen insurance package will mean that your covered for such risks.

Tradesmen cover is important for a number of reasons, firstly the public liability insurance where you need to be protected if a member of the public sues you for injury or damage to their property caused whilst you are going about your business.

Private Health Insurance

Tradesman also need private health insurance as part of their tradesman insurance package because tradesman working with their hands, often outside are far more likely to get sick or injured than those with a less physically demanding profession.

Tradesman will also need indemnity insurance for were your customer decides to take you to court complaining about the quality of the work you have carried out for them, as well as indemnity insurance your also want legal cover insurance so that any legal work you have to pay for in fighting your case is reimbursed by your insurance company.

You can get a quote online easily, itís typically just one form to complete and your quote is valid for 72 hours, only choose the type of cover you need, if you donít employ any staff and are a sole trader then donít choose the employers liability insurance as having no employees your not an employer and will just be wasting your money on insurance cover you can never claim on, insurance companies wonít tell you if the cover is right for you or not and will not question your choice of cover so you may well be paying for cover that is not relevant to your business.

Use UK call centres so that when you have a claim you can phone a UK telephone number and speak to UK staff who understand tradesmen insurance and the typical claims that a tradesmen might make, you donít want to be explaining for hours how rain on a roof made the roof slippery to someone from another country who is not familiar with rain!

The insurance coverage you choose will determine the cost of your insurance, always think about the options on the quote form and if they apply to you, if you donít employ people then employers liability insurance wonít be needed, if you are a supporter of the NHS and would never want to go private then donít pay for the private health or private medical insurance options.

Building And Trades Cover

Building and trades cover can be bought as a package without you having to think about the actual cover included, but stop to look at the options, if you employ an apprentice for example then you are an employer and will need employers liability insurance.

Cleaners Insurance

Cleaners insurance is needed to protect the cleaner against claims that they have broken or stolen something in an office or private home, claims against cleaners are on the rise and without insurance your be expected to pay for something that gets broken or goes missing yourself, sometimes even if you didnít break anything or steal anything itís almost impossible to prove that you didnít as itís only your word against your employers and if you are part time, evening or a contract worker you have even less rights than a full time member of staff.

Cleaners insurance will provide public liability insurance (up to one million pounds) for injury or damage to any member of the public or their belongings, for example a member of the public accuses you of pushing them with the hoover, then if they sue you, your insurance company will pay the claim on your behalf.

Legal Claim Insurance

With legal claim insurance the cost of the cleaners legal work will be paid for by the insurance company, sometimes when you are cleaning for wealthy individuals or big companies and find yourself accused of something it is easier to be able to say Ďspeak to my insurance company, they are handling it for meí.

Joiners Insurance

Joiners insurance like carpenters insurance is completely customisable to your particular needs, as a joiner if your working up high on roof trusses then public liability insurance will be a consideration, if you employ other joiners then employers liability insurance will be needed in case an employee has an accident with a power tool.

What insurance do I need?

You need the insurance that covers the risks you face, as a tradesman you need public liability insurance in case a member of the public makes a claim against you, you need employers liability insurance if you employ people who might get injured whilst they are working for you, you need indemnity insurance in case the work you have carried out for a client turns out to be defective or the customer believes it is.

Tradesmen insurance is available as Ďchoose what you needí insurance and its easy to get a competitive quote online, just remember to compare Ďlike for likeí, if one quote includes employers liability insurance, but you are a Ďone man bandí and donít employ anyone and the other insurance does not include employers liability insurance then you are not comparing Ďlike for likeí and anyway, in this example you donít even need employers liability insurance so your paying for something that costs you more on your policy and you canít even claim against.

You can find a quote and apply online in minutes to insure yourself if you are a sole trader or a limited partnership or insure your company if you have formed a company and are registered at companies house, you might be working full time, part time or contracting, whatever your situation you are still working and therefore need insurance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Cover your business with professional indemnity insurance, this is insurance that insures you against problems with the building work or other trade work that you have completed for a customer, maybe there is a real problem or maybe the customer just thinks there is a problem, either way the customer might take you to court and your have to pay the legal costs, if you have legal cover insurance then the insurance company will pay the legal costs and with indemnity insurance the insurance company will pay our on your behalf.

eBay Trader Or Amazon Seller

You might be working from home as a trader on eBay or a seller on Amazon, but your still need indemnity insurance to insure you against a buyer making a claim against you, as an example a battery in a laptop or phone catches fire and the buyer wants to make a claim against you with indemnity insurance your insurance will pay out if there is a claim against you.

Insurance for tradesmen also known as business cover can be used by the self employed or employees working a contract where they are registered as self employed even though most of their work comes from the same management company, individuals will need their own tradesmen insurance as the management company dictate that you must be self employed so that they can avoid all liability towards you.

The business insurance policy can be varied to account for the trade that your in, if your working on a roof as a roofer then public liability is more important than if your selling on eBay as a trader where indemnity insurance will be more important.

Tradesmen and construction workers will almost certainly need public liability insurance, any job that could involve a member of the public being hurt or a member of the publicís belongings such as a car or coat etc., a member of the public bringing damages mean that your need public liability insurance, even if your a painter you might think that you donít need public liability insurance, but what if your paint falls onto someone as they walk past or their expensive coat touches your wet paint, the member of the public will then want to make a claim against you, with insurance you can claim on your insurance without having to pay for the persons new coat for example.

Self Employed Tradesmen

Self employed tradesmen and tradesmen with small companies should look for flexible PL (Public Liability) cover that suits them best, some jobs you work on might involve less public liability and some might involve more, if you are just about to start a job at a prestigious building where there are expensive paintings on the wall and expensive floorings or your working next to a prestigious car showroom then it would be in your interest to make use of the insurance companies flexible options and more importantly increase your public liability insurance whilst your working on these sorts of jobs, then when you have finished you can lower your public liability insurance.

As well as PL (Public Liability) to suit your work your also want PI (Personal Insurance), this type of insurance is for your own health and well-being, if you accidentally cut yourself with a power tool and need extensive rehabilitation or surgery, there might be a waiting list on the NHS, the waiting list will delay you from getting back to work and earning money, with private medical insurance your get the surgery or rehabilitation you need immediately and can be back at work earning as soon as possible.

Tradesmen insurance will also include your stock and equipment, if your stock is stolen or your equipment is stolen from site, your be able to claim on your insurance, without tools or the money to buy stock you canít work, so being able to claim on your insurance means that you can continue working and not have the loss of tools or materials prevent you from working.