Tractor Insurance

Tractor Insurance

Tractor Insurance for farm tractors like John Deere, Massey Ferguson and Kubota, classic and vintage tractors, ride on lawn mowers for farmers, small holders and large lawns.

Whether you want to take your tractor on the road or off the road or both thereís a cheap tractor insurance quote to suit, your need farm motor vehicle insource to use your tractor on the road as youíre have liability to other road users, if you cause an accident the other road users like car drivers will be able to claim on your insurance for the cost of repairs or replacement of their cars, vans and trucks, if the accident that you cause injures other road users then they too will want to claim off your insurance for time off work recovering from injury or payment of medical bills.

Third party only insurance for your tractor might be enough as this insures any claims that other road users might have against you, however fire would not be covered and fire is a common reason cited for loss of a tractor as is theft, third party on its own would not cover theft and theft is the single biggest reason for tractor insurance claims, the tractor might be stolen from your farm buildings or out on the farm whilst in use.

Insure Your Tractor

Fully Comprehensive Insurance will insure your tractor so that you can also claim on your insurance, so if for example the accident that you caused using your tractor on the road left your own tractor damaged and in need of repair you would be able to claim on your own insurance for the repairs to your tractor, without fully comprehensive insurance you would have to pay for your own tractor repairs.

Public liability is not only for tractors used on the public highway for which your tractor must be road legal with headlights, indicators, number plate, road tax and insurance, but even if you only use your tractor on the farm and do not need insurance to use your tractor on the road your still face liability for example accidentally hitting a passer-by with your tractor would result in a liability claim against you, without insurance you would have to pay that claim yourself which for resulting medical bills or disability claims could personally bankrupt you.

On a farm youíre have multiple farm vehicles be they tractors, Land Rovers (Land Rover Insurance), ride on mowers or any other assortment of vehicles with a multi vehicle farm policy you can insure all your farm vehicles on the one policy, this makes for cheaper insurance as your get a discount for every farm vehicle you add to the insurance, you can even add your farm use quad bikes (Quad Bike Insurance) or motorbikes to the insurance, if your farm is large enough then you might want fleet farm vehicle insurance (Motor Fleet Insurance) which is the business equivalent of multi vehicle insurance.

Vintage Tractor Or Classic Tractor

You might have a vintage tractor or classic tractor (Classic Insurance) that you just keep for public shows where the tractor may be driven on the road or maybe always taken to the show on a trailer (Trailer Insurance), either way tractor insurance can insure your tractor for the road or just for public liability claims for example when you are riding your tractor at a show and a member of the public is injured.

If you only use your tractor in the summer months for harvesting or for a public show then there is no reason to have a full 12 months of insurance, short term tractor insurance might be all thatís required and this could be one monthís worth of insurance or the whole summer long, use the online quote form to select the length of insurance you require.

Your multi farm vehicle insurance night include 4x4 vehicles (4x4 Insurance), horse boxes (Horsebox Insurance) and trailers or even a combine harvester, youíre find one insurance policy easier to manage than many separate polices as your only have to keep track of one policy, you can add named drivers to the policy or allow anyone to drive any vehicle on your farm.

Small Tractor Insurance

If you have a large lawn then you might have a ride on mower, you can get small tractor insurance to cover your mower, not only might you injure someone else on your mower but you might injure yourself, donít forget that there are spinning blades under the deck of your mower which gives you considerable public liability for anyone that might be on your property.

Youíre also want to select on the online quote form insurance for trailed instruments, thatís any ploughs or muck spreaders etc. that you might be towing behind your tractor, with trailed instruments insurance for any damage to your equipment will also be insured along with the tractor or trailer.

Your tractor might be unregistered with no lights and no number plate, obviously, you canít drive that tractor on the road or get road vehicle insurance for that tractor, but you can still insure an unregistered tractor for private land and farm use.

Under Twenty Years Old

If youíre under twenty years old and wanting tractor insurance for a vintage tractor for example then it would be cheaper for you to be a named driver on someone elseís tractor insurance policy, if your parents have tractor insurance in their name rather than yours then youíre be included on their insurance far more cheaply than on your own insurance, when you are a little older you can take out tractor insurance in your own name.

If youíre a landscape gardener you might have a small tractor like a Kubota or other Japanese brand of garden tractor, your use this for moving rubbish in a trailer around a garden and if you take the tractor to another garden it will be on the back of a trailer, your still need liability insurance for any damage you cause to other buildings, vehicles or people, for example reversing into a building accidently or injuring another member of staff with your tractor can all be claimed on your tractor insurance if you have a policy.

As a farmer youíre want to get any damage to your vehicles repaired as quickly as possible, you can also take out Tyre Insurance to insure your farm vehicle tyres against damage, tyre insurance does not cover wear and tear but it does cover damage, for example a puncture in a tractor tyre caused by an object buried in the field could be claimed on your tractor tyre insurance whereas wear to your tyres because you have driven on the road for a great deal of time could not be claimed against, generally you can claim for four tyres a year.

Tractor On A Loan Or Repayment Scheme

If you have your tractor on a loan or repayment scheme where you must pay back so much each month until the cost of the tractor has been repaid then your find that your loan company demand that you have tractor insurance, you might think that the loan company should pay the insurance whilst they are the true owners of the tractor, but the insurance is for you to pay, the reason the loan company will demand that you take out fully comprehensive tractor insurance even if you donít use your tractor on the road is because in the event of damage to the tractor the loan company will want to know that their property (until you have paid off the loan) will be repaired.

If you have a small or what is also known as a micro tractor for mowing the lawn or carrying supplies around your large garden then you might think that you donít need insurance as you own your own tractor and will never take the tractor on the road, but should you or someone else like your children have an accident on the tractor and require extensive medical attention or rehabilitation then if you have insurance your be able to claim compensation from your insurance company for the medical and rehabilitation bills., without insurance you would have to pay these bills yourself.

For example, it is common for a quad bike or tractor to overturn on uneven ground, the weight of a tractor even a small or micro tractor can cause significant injury to the occupants or other members of the family nearby.

Online Quote Form

On the online quote form, you can also include severe weather cover where floods or extreme cold snaps that would cause your tractor to breakdown (Breakdown Insurance) or be ruined, for example high winds causing a tree to crash on top of your tractor can also be insured against, if your out in all weathers on your tractor itís a good option to have.

Other farm machinery like forklift trucks or cranes can also be insured on a multi farm vehicle policy, the insured vehicles do not all have to be tractors and Land Rovers, it can be any other vehicle even your BMW (BMW Insurance), the more vehicles you can add to a multi vehicle or fleet policy the cheaper your insurance will be.

On the online quote form, you can also select non-farm insurance, what that means is tractors like a lawn tractor which is not used on a farm but a small tractor and other small machines like lawn aerators or ploughs that are used for lawns and small holdings rather than large commercial concerns like farms and other agricultural businesses.

Tow A Trailer With Your Tractor

You might tow a trailer with your tractor and the trailer might have livestock on board, if the tractor or trailer where to overturn and your livestock were injured you would want to be able to claim for replacement animals.

With fixed value tractor insurance if your tractor is damaged badly enough that the insurance company write off the tractor because it is uneconomical to repair your be given a fixed amount of money that you agree in advance, on the online quote form you can select fixed value insurance and choose the amount of compensation you want in the event that your tractor is written off, this is ideal for vintage and classic tractors where you canít simply buy a new tractor and will want to make sure that the money offered is the true value of your vintage tractor.

Under farm vehicle insurance policies, you can also insure static engines, these are the type of engines like water pumps, steam engines and other machinery that you might display at a country show, you can insure these pieces of equipment as part of your multi vehicle policy or farm implement insurance policy, simply select these options from the online quote form.

Using A Forklift Truck Or Digger On Your Farm

If you use a forklift truck or digger on your farm you can also include them on an agricultural policy, these might be road legal forklifts and diggers with vehicle registration documents and lights or off road vehicles just for use on the farm, with multi vehicle polices you can insure registered and unregistered farm vehicles on the same policy.

Itís tempting to think that a lot of the small items of farm machinery and vehicles are not worth insuring, and indeed on their own they might not be worth insuring but with a tractor insurance policy that also covers equipment used like trailers or implements that you attach to your tractor, these items of equipment will also be covered by the one policy, for separate small farm vehicles use a multi vehicle policy to get the best deal, itís so much cheaper than insuring small tractors individually and so much easier to maintain one insurance policy rather than several polices for all the farm vehicles and machinery.

As well as insurance for your own claims and those of third parties unconnected to you like members of the public, if have family working for you or farm hands you want to insure them on your tractor insurance, they donít have to be on a named driver policy, with most farm insurance polices anyone on the farm can drive the tractor without having to inform the insurance company first.

Buy your tractor insurance online, you can be insured the very same day and remember that if you donít use your tractor or other piece of farm machinery all the year round then use temporary or short term insurance to just insure for the summer months.