Track Day Insurance

Track Day Insurance

Track Day Insurance for cars and motorcycles, all UK and European tracks covered including Silverstone, Spa, Nurburgring, Bruntingthorpe for vehicles up to £100,000 or £200,000 of cover, single race cover, annual cover, road use insurance, accidental damage, personal injury, medical expenses, medical repatriation and competition racing.

Whatever make of car you plan to race from Porsche, BMW (BMW Insurance, Mercedes, Audi (Audi Insurance), Jaguar, Lotus, Aston Martin or any other fast car your need track day insurance, your insurance can include road insurance too so that you can drive your car on UK and European roads as well as on UK and European tracks, generally all UK and European tracks are covered including Silverstone, Spa, Nurburgring Nordschleife and Bruntingthorpe which are some of the most popular racing circuits.

Your car can have a value of up to £100,000 or up to £200,000 generally there are two separate insurance polices that cover cars in these price ranges, you can insure more than one car at the same time.

Personal Injury Insurance

Choose a policy that includes personal injury insurance this will be an option on the online quote form, if your racing in Europe you want medical insurance and repatriation cover to fly you home on a medical aircraft for treatment back in the UK, if you have to pay for repatriation yourself your find it very expensive, more than the cost of your car.

You can choose single event cover if your just be racing your car on the track just the once, but if you plan on racing several times a year then your find that annual track day insurance is far cheaper than the more expensive single event track day policies.

Road Car Insurance

You might not need road car insurance if your car is being transported to the racetrack on a trailer, you can choose transportation insurance instead so that your car is insured against any accidental damage, vandalism or theft whilst the car is being transported.

Of course its not only cars that you might want to race around a track but motorcycles too and you can get track day insurance for both, the same cover is provided and you can even choose to have your tools and other race equipment or clothing insured too.

Road Risk Cover

Road risk cover is the legal cover that your need to take your car or bike on the road, if you will only ever be transporting your car or bike by trailer then you wonít need road risk cover, but if your vehicle will ever be even parked on a road then your need road risk cover because even when not in use you have liability to other drivers, if your car is parked on the public highway and another vehicle or person is injured due to your car, for example your car is parked on a corner or you open the door to your car a motorcyclist goes past, the open car door causes the motorcyclist to swerve and crash and injure themselves, then as this example shows your want road insurance so that the third party can claim on your insurance, it is illegal to take a vehicle onto the public highway without insurance.

If the track that you want to race on is in Europe then your need to include European track and European road insurance on the quote, also consider Car Breakdown Insurance and recovery insurance including European breakdown and recovery insurance if you breakdown then your want your car or bike put on a trailer and delivered to a garage of your choice for repair, although most breakdowns can be fixed by the side of the road, breakdown and recovery insurance is especially important if you are driving in Europe as without breakdown insurance your have to pay local garage prices which whilst being expensive for emergency repair are also hard to find, with one number you can call for roadside support anywhere in the UK or Europe.

Competition Car Insurance

With competition car insurance your car is insured where you are on the track with others competing against other car drivers and not just on the track by yourself, the reason itís important to select competition car insurance as an option on your insurance policy is that the insurance for a single car around a track and many cars around the track at the same time is very different as competition car insurance carries a much higher risk, you wonít be insured for competition car insurance unless you specifically add this to your track day policy.

All makes of car and motorcycle are covered at all UK and European track day events so you donít have to worry that your find yourself racing at a track that is not covered by your insurance, then if you have an accident you wonít be insured and its not only damage to the car and injury to yourself but injury to other people on the track and their cars without insurance your be personally liable for any claims against you, most tracks will want to see your insurance details before your allowed to bring your car onto the track.

If You Need Track Day Insurance In A Hurry

If you need track day insurance in a hurry then same day cover is available where you can buy online and have the covernote emailed to you immediately so you can be on the track racing the very same day, often a friend will ask last minute if you want to join them for a race or race instead of them so there is more call for same day track insurance than you might at first think.

You can include storage and transit insurance as part of your track day insurance this insures your car or bike whilst it is being transported to the racetrack and whilst it is in storage at your home or wherever you keep the car between track days.

Five Track Days A Year Or Unlimited Track Days A Year

Choose from insurance that offers five track days a year or unlimited track days a year, obviously five track days a year is much cheaper than annual track day insurance, but note that single track day insurance for just one day is an expensive way to buy track day insurance as just racing twice will pay for a five track days a year policy and typically buying two five track day a year polices is the same price as buying annual track day insurance, so honestly think about how many track days you and your friends will go on in a year.

You can name other people on your track day insurance as well as yourself so if you and a friend always like to race together you can have the same insurance for the same car, its much cheaper than you both trying to insure the car for a track day separately.

Itís very important to include medical cover with your track day insurance, if you have an accident in your car or on your bike, even if its not your fault your want medical cover to be made available to you and rememberer that other European countries donít have a free at the point of use NHS like we do so without medical insurance as part of your track day cover your be paying for your European medical bills yourself.

Do I need track day insurance?

Yes you need track day insurance to use your car on a UK or European racing track, the track owners will demand to see your insurance before you are allowed on the track, your standard road car insurance will not include track day cover and your be effectively uninsured if you donít take out a separate track day insurance policy when your on the track.

Racing alongside other cars carries greater risk as when your on the rack track yourself you only have to worry about not hitting the barrier and causing damage to your own car or injury to yourself but when your in a race with other drivers they can cause damage to your car or injury to you as much as you can cause damage to their cars and injury to them so the risk is multiplied by the number of drivers on the track, the other drivers will be racing cars as expensive or more expensive than your own and will be wanting to claim on your insurance in the event of a crash or accident.

Donít forget that the cost of repairing your own car or the car of another race driver will be very much more expensive than the family car you are used to driving and without insurance your be personally liable for any claims of damage or injury from any other driver.

One Day Track Day Insurance

Track day insurance does not have to be expensive a one day track day insurance policy for use on a UK or European race track will not be more expensive than your annual family car policy, the online quote will give you the full details and of course it depends on the make and model of the car as well as the tracks that you plan to race on as some tracks are more dangerous than others.

When you buy a track day experience as a gift it may not come with insurance for the driver, you might find that the track day insurance offered as part of an experience day is only insurance that will cover the owner of the experience day and thatís a track day version of third party fire and theft insurance which leaves the driver of the racing car vulnerable with no insurance to claim on for injury to themselves whether caused by their own driving or the driving of another driver, without insurance you may not have the money to pay for medical treatment or to support yourself whilst you canít work and are recovering.

Check with the track day experience company what track day insurance they have and if you feel it is not adequate then you can take out your own track day insurance for either a single days racing or multiple days of racing, itís better to take out your own insurance than hope that no harm comes to you whilst you are racing.

Driving Your Own Car To The Track For A Days Track Racing

Driving your own car to the track for a days track racing means that your need vehicle insurance if you use your sports car on the road, this insurance will include insurance for third parties to claim against should you be the reason for their accident or injury and provide insurance for you to claim off should an accident result in damage to your car or injury to yourself.

Your track day insurance will not only include liability claims from yourself and other drivers but also theft and vandalism insurance so that if your vehicle is stolen whether at the track or in day to day use or your car is vandalised then your be able to claim on your insurance policy for the repair of your car.

If you take out an Extended Warranty with your track day insurance then any day to day repair bills will be paid for by the insurance company, if you include tyre insurance and windscreen insurance then your never be paying for any repair bills as all claims for repair or replacement for example your car needs repair work to pass itís MOT, with an extended warranty the garages repair bill will be paid directly by your insurance company and the car will only be repaired at insurance approved repair centres.

Itís important to include vandalism cover with your track day insurance if your racing your own car you donít want a jealous driver or onlooker to damage your car and not be able to claim for the cars repair on your insurance policy.

Whether you are driving someone elseís car or your own car at a track day your be able to get track day insurance that can insure you and your car so that you can have complete fun racing your car on the track without having to worry whether your car insurance will cover you for your track day, the answer of course is that standard car insurance does not include track day cover.