Taxi Insurance

Taxi Insurance

Taxi Insurance for public hire, private hire, hackney carriage, black cab, minicab, salon, chauffeur, MPV and Uber, protected no claims bonus, free replacement taxi, windscreen and glass cover, taxi breakdown and discounts for cameraís and tracking in taxi.

The type of taxi insurance and how much you have to pay for it depends on the type of taxi you have, if your a licensed Hackney Carriage operating in London your insurance will be different to a private hire or minicab driver which is not picking up members of the general public but only taking bookings, chauffeur insurance is similar in that your customers have pre booked and your not waiting on a stand at the airport or train station for which a different class of insurance is available.

Look for insurance offers that have a free or low cost replacement taxi or minicab, this should obviously be a Ďlike for likeí loan car, if you have a black cab, then your want a black cab as your replacement and if you drive a chauffeur driven executive car your want a similar vehicle so you can continue to earn money whilst your own vehicle is being repaired.

If You Have More Than Three Taxis

If you have more than three taxis, minicabs or chauffeur driven cars your be able to get fleet insurance, fleet insurance is cheaper than taking out three separate insurance polices and with a large fleet your only have one policy to manage and can apply optional extras to either all the fleet or just some of the taxis in the fleet, for example you might want a loan car for your taxis and no loan vehicle for your minibus insurance.

Where you have a single policy for one vehicle because you are a self employed owner driver or a large fleet of vehicles your be able to get the same optional extras on your insurgence policy, an important and money saving addition is free windscreen and glass cover so if you get a broken windscreen or glass that canít be fixed then you wonít have to pay for the replacement yourself.

Protected No Claims Bonus

With a protected no claims bonus you can claim on your insurance with claims up to a set amount and not have your no claims bonus effected, this is usually for things like windscreen replacement.

Taxi Camera

If your taxi has a camera then your be able to get a cheaper monthly premium because passengers are a lot less likely to commit a crime when they know the camera is recording, you must display a sign that you have a camera recording in your cab, then if there is a dispute between you and the passenger the insurance company can use the video recording evidence to assess the claim.

Vehicle Tracking And Black Box Devices

Similarly with vehicle tracking and black box devices that record the route and speed, if there is any claim on the insurance needed because for example the customer claims you stopped the vehicle and assaulted them, then a vehicle tracker that shows you never stopped the vehicle can be used in your defence with the tracking information and video surveillance made available to both the Police and the insurance company.

So the more you can prove a particular claim is untrue with video recording or tracking the cheaper your insurance will be as there is less chance of the insurance company needing to pay out for a claim for your vehicle as customers will read the warning signs of video surveillance and tracked vehicles before committing acts of theft, vandalism or assault.

Similarly with a black box vehicle tracker your taxi is less likely to be stolen as with a notice claiming the car has a tracker fitted its easier for the vehicle thief to pick another vehicle that does not have tracking than risk stealing a tracked vehicle which can be easily recovered and where the location of the vehicle might lead to the arrest of the thief.

Salon Car, MPV Or Black Cab

Whether you drive a salon car, MPV or black cab (Black Cab Insurance) your want Car Breakdown Insurance as part of your taxi insurance policy, that way your have one number to call to have the recovery vehicle come and try to repair your taxi by the side of the road, if they canít repair your taxi then they can order a loan taxi to be dispatched so you and your passengers can continue their journey, if your taxi is towed to a garage your be able to choose which garage.

With a Vehicle Warranty (any claims for mechanical failure of your taxi will be paid for by the insurance company so you wonít have to pay for parts or labour and the payment will be made directly to the garage that repaired the vehicle, this garage will be chosen by the insurance company as a partner garage the insurance company works with.

Taxiís up to ten years old can have a vehicle warranty saving you large bills on mechanical breakdowns of items like gearboxes and engines.

Standard breakdown and recovery insurance will include so many days of European cover (Travel Insurance) as part of the insurance along with a similar amount of vehicle insurance for use in Europe, if you never intend to take your taxi to Europe then why pay for the additional cover and make sure to untick this option on the online quote form when your applying for insurance.

Low Deposits And Even No Deposits

With a specialised taxi insurance company you can get low deposits and even no deposits for some types of private hire vehicles, a low deposit will mean that your insurance is cheaper when you originally take out the insurance but if your monthly premiums are higher to account for you having a low deposit on the quote form then that might not be a good idea, its a balance between the size of the deposit and the amount you have to pay monthly.

Insurance For Uber Drivers

Insurance for Uber drivers is available as basically your a private hire taxi in that your rides or fares are booked in advance you are not plying for trade on a taxi rank or waiting for members of the general public to enter your taxi at an airport or train station for example, taxi insurance for a public hire taxi like a London Hackney Carriage which does take fares without pre-booking which an Uber driver cannot, also private hire minicabís must only take pre-booked rides as well.

Thatís a big distinction in the two main types of taxi insurance, public hire insurance where members of the public can hail a taxi and just get in your taxi and ask you to take them somewhere for a fare and private hire taxis and minicabís where the customer has booked transportation with you in advance, chauffeur drivers are generally private hire vehicles although some chauffeured limousines (Limousine Insurance) will have licences to work taxi ranks at airports for example.

Instant Documentation

Instant documentation is available so you can request a taxi insurance quote online, complete the one page details about you and your taxi and use your debit or credit card to pay any deposit and the first monthly premium and your be insured, take note of the insurance start date, your be able to specify this so you can have your new insurance start the day your old insurance expires so you have complete cover.

With taxi insurance as well as vehicle insurance so you can actually use the vehicle on the road in the UK your need liability insurance to insure yourself from any claims your passengers might have against you, for example if your passenger was using their laptop on their knee in the back of your cab as you accidentally mounted the pavement causing your passenger to drop the laptop on the floor where the laptop broke, your customer might make an insurance claim against you for replacement of the laptop, with liability insurance any claims can be handled by your insurance company who will pay out to your client where its found that your at fault.

Itís not just damage to property that the liability insurance will cover you against but also injury, so if your customer was injured in an accident involving your taxi then the insurance company would pay out to your customer for any valid claims, its important to note that its not just your customer that might sue you but also the customers insurance company if they have medical insurance for example.

As part of your taxi insurance you can also include legal expenses cover, if your passenger sues you and you have to go to court or appoint a solicitor then the costs of those legal expense can be claimed back on your legal expenses insurance policy.

If You Have More Than One Driver Driving Your Taxi

If you have more than one driver driving your taxi you can insure the drivers either by name (any named driver) or all drivers on an Ďany driver and any vehicleí policy, any driver and any vehicle polices are of most use to fleet taxi companies (Motor Fleet Insurance) where the large fleet of taxis means that your want any of your drivers to be able to drive any of your fleet.

For MPV and salon taxiís or minicabís its the number of passengers that you can carry in your taxi that also determines the cost of your insurance, the more passengers you have in your taxi the greater liability you have as in an accident for example more people mean more injuries so greater claims on your insurance policy, so your insurance policy will be more costly for larger taxiís that can carry more people, its worth bearing in mind if you never actually carry the full compliment of passengers that your vehicle and insurance are rated for that your paying for insurance that you donít need, removing a seat if possible (in black cabs and minibuses for example) may make your insurance cheaper.

Whether you have a single insurance policy or a multi car policy itís worth noting that you only need three or more cars in your fleet to qualify for cheaper fleet insurance, multi-car polices from insurance companies donít actually reduce the cost of the insurance that much and you still have separate insurance polices to manage, with a fleet policy you can change the number of cars and drivers on the policy as often as you like, for example if your summer coach work is over because itís now winter then donít keep all your coaches or minibuses (Minibus Insurance) or taxis on the insurance if they are not going to be used until the winter months.

Self Employed Taxi Owner And Driver

If your a self employed taxi owner and driver, free replacement vehicles will be a big help. If your taxi is damaged in an accident or just wonít start and needs repair your be able to use the loan taxi to continue your work and earn money whilst your own taxi is off the road, without a loan vehicle you might be forced to stop work.

Taxi warranties are very worthwhile as you can save yourself the cost of paying for mechanical breakdown, if you have fleet insurance the costs of repairing all your taxis and keeping them all on the road become excessive but with an extended vehicle warranty the insurance company will be paying all the parts and labour charges.

The Cheapest Taxi Insurance Quotes

For the cheapest taxi insurance quotes use a specialist online insurance broker, you can have all the documents emailed to you so your insured the very same day and its easy to tick or untick the insurance options that you need, look at the options carefully as the options will all be ticked by default and you might not need them all for example your unlikely to need European vehicle insurance or European breakdown cover and you might already have your own breakdown and recovery insurance and not need to buy any more with your new policy.

The cheapest way to get taxi insurance is online from a specialist broker, high-street insurance companies will not have the insurance policies available for a taxi, if they do they will charge a large deposit to make up for their lack of knowledge about the risks involved with being a taxi driver, choose a specialist taxi insurance company for the best deals.