Takeaway Insurance

Takeaway Insurance

Takeaway Insurance for fish and chip shops, pizza parlours, burger bars, chicken and chips takeaways, Chinese takeaways, Indian takeaways, kebab shops, sandwich shops, bakeries, concession stands and street food vendors. Takeaway insurance covering public liability, employee liability, glass frontage insurance, delivery driver insurance, business interruption insurance, stock insurance, buildings and contents insurance.

Takeaway insurance is an umbrella term that covers a whole package of different insurance policies depending on what your takeaway needs are, you can buy a standard takeaway insurance policy which includes the standard types of cover a takeaway restaurant will need or you can change the cover to include or exclude any polices you donít need, for example you might have your buildings insurance through a different insurance company but still need public and employers liability insurance, stock insurance and business interruption insurance.

Fast food shops and takeaway restaurants are high volume outlets meaning that you are selling to a high volume of customers, with a fast-paced takeaway your dealing with hot oil and sharp knives and serving customers, when accidents happen to your staff or your customers you want to make sure that you have the right insurance.

Employers Liability Insurance For Takeaways

With Employers Liability Insurance which is a legal requirement and if you donít have liability cover you can be fined up to £1,200 per day plus the claims against your business (Business Insurance) from employees, the employers liability cover will provide the ability for your employees to claim against your insurance for any inquiry to themselves or damage to their property, for example in a fish and chip shop (Shop Insurance) pouring raw chips into hot oil accidentally introduces cold water, the cold water reacts with the hot oil and hot oil explodes out of the fryer and into the face and arms of your employee.

In the above example the employee could claim on your employerís liability insurance for the cost of medical treatment or ongoing care or damage to property if for example, the hot oil also damaged their glasses or mobile phone.

Itís not only your employees that might claim against you but also your employees own personal insurance policies, if for example your employee has their own private medical insurance which provides treatment for injuries received whilst in your employment the private medical insource company might want to sue your business for money paid out to their client.

Public Liability Insurance For Takeaways

Whilst employers liability insurance covers any claims against the takeaway business by the employee, Public Liability Insurance covers any claims that a customer in your takeaway or outside your takeaway might have against you for injury or damage to property, for example a customer might lean over the counter and burn themselves on the hot counter, if you did not have a sign on the counter advising your customers that the counter was hot, your customer may be able to claim against you for injury or damage to their clothing from for example oil or ketchup spills.

As another example your customer may slip on a chip left on the floor of the takeaway and need chiropractic treatment for their back after the fall, your public liability insurance would pay out for any valid claims against your takeaway.

Public liability insurance also covers you for claims that your food caused a customer to be ill with food poisoning or another illness, you want a good takeaway insurance company that will pay any claims promptly so that your customer is not left without being able to make a valid claim as otherwise your customer might turn to social media or local newspapers to report about the food poisoning incident at your takeaway, this bad publicity would have a real and lasting negative effect on your profitability, possibly enough to cause you to go bankrupt, so its vitally important that you have adequate insurance thatís easy for you to claim on.

Business Interruption Insurance For Takeaways

With business interruption insurance as part of your takeaway insurance youíre be able to claim for any problems that cause your takeaway to close due to unforeseen events, for example a worker in the road outside your takeaway accidentally cuts a water pipe or electricity cable causing your takeaway to have no running water or electricity, you would then be able to claim on your insurance for loss of business.

Similarly, the council closing the road where your takeaway is situated so that they can make road repairs would be another situation where you could claim loss of earnings on your business continuity insurance, you might also not be able to get fresh fish for your takeaway because there is a strike by the fish supplier, another reason to take out business interruption insurance.

As part of your takeaway insurance you can also include stock insurance, this insures your raw ingredients like fish, potatoes, sausages, noodles, burgers and any other food products you might have in freezers or storage against loss, for example your freezer fails and your food stock is ruined, youíre be able to claim on your stock insurance for the value of stock you have lost.

Takeaway Contents Insurance

If there is a fire or flood in your takeaway for example a fat fryer has developed a fault and the hot oil has ignited or a burst water pipe causes your takeaway to flood it will be your stock insurance that you claim on for loss of your stock and not your contents insurance.

Takeaway contents insurance only covers counters, tables and chairs and other furniture or fixtures and fittings items like lights and taps, contents insurance does not cover your stock or your specialised machinery for example potato chipping machines, fat fryers, rice cookers and kebab machines are not included on your contents insurance as these items of specialised commercial kitchen equipment will have a value exceeding the amount you can claim on your contents insurance.

Takeaway insurance can also include your buildings insurance, this insures your takeaway premises from fire, flood and other incidents, structural damage to your takeaway for example a car accidentally driving through your front window would be claimed on your buildings insurance, any injuries to members of the public would be claimed on your public liability insurance, any injuries to your staff would be claimed on your employers liability insurance, damage to your kitchen would be claimed on your equipment insurance, loss of stock would be claimed on your stock insurance and damage to the takeaway chairs and tables on your contents insurance.

ItíS Not Just Chip Shops That Your Takeaway Insurance Will Cover

You can see from the above example that without the whole takeaway insurance package you would be left having to pay personally for some claims against you, also consider legal liability cover so that if a customer takes you to court for example claiming that you served pork when you served chicken you would be able to claim on your legal cover for any solicitors you had to hire to help you fight the case, without including legal cover on your insurance you would have to pay these considerable costs yourself.

Itís not just chip shops that your takeaway insurance will cover you for but any type of takeaway for example Indian, Chinese or Kabab shops to bakeries where you can buy the baked goods to eat on the premises or takeaway.

If your takeaway employs delivery drivers to deliver takeaway meals like Chinese takeaways or Indian takeaways or pizza, then you can also include your drivers moped or car insurance on your takeaway insurance policy, having one policy makes it cheaper and easier to manage than having many separate polices all with separate expiration dates, if you have a fleet of scooters or cars in your delivery fleet you can insure all the vehicles under a multi-vehicle policy which will be cheaper.

You Can Also Include Damage To Glass Polices Under The Takeaway Insurance

You can also include damage to glass polices under the takeaway insurance, if your takeaway has a large glass frontage you might find that your glass gets smashed by vandals late at night, the glazing is expensive with glass insurance you wonít have to pay out for the cost of replacing your store frontage.

If your takeaway is robbed for the money in the till or in a safe in the back of the takeaway then your be able to claim on your takeaway insurance, if the thieves injure a member of your staff then itís the employers liability insurance that would pay out, you can insure the money stolen so that the insurance will pay out for any valid claims, the insurance company will usually want to see the till roll or similar evenings takings before they will pay out.

Many takeaways involve extremely hot oils for frying fish and chips to hot pizza ovens and hot oils used in Indian cooking, this provides a real risk of injury, a risk of both public liability and employers liability, if your employee is injured they can claim on your employerís liability insurance and your customers would claim on the public liability insurance.

Buying Your Insurance Online

Itís not just damage to property like a broken mobile phone in a fall but the ongoing care and medical costs of treating injuries caused by hot oils and hot surfaces, in a fast-moving takeaway knives and hot oil and many customers all come together to make a successful business selling takeaway food and on rare occasions severe accidents, without the proper insurance you can be closed down by the local council as well as forced to pay fines.

Buying your insurance online means that you can have takeaway insurance the very same day if you have accidentally let your employeeís liability insurance expire and need to get new insurance in a hurry then you can go online select the takeaway insurance package, pay by direct debit or credit card and print out your employee liability insurance certificate so you can continue trading.

A typical takeaway business has a high throughput of drivers and servers as your staff will be working in your takeaway on a part time business, this means that you are at higher risk of claims on your insurance from inexperienced staff or just a higher volume of staff that means occasionally your get problem staff that want to make spurious claims against you, itís your employee liability insurance and legal liability insurance that your be able to claim against when there is a claim against you.

Specialist Takeaway Insurance

Specialist takeaway insurance companies will have a 24/7 claim line, you can not only start your claim immediately but also get advice of any insurance issues that come up for example an irate customer claiming they will take you to court, the customer care hotline can tell you exactly what you should do because they deal with takeaway insurance claims and are specialists in this type of insurance.

With raw ingredients like meat and fish in close proximity its important to keep cooked and raw foods separately, if you do have a case of food poisoning on your premises where customers have returned to your takeaway to complain that they were ill after having eaten at your takeaway restaurant (Restaurant Insurance) then its only good takeaway insurance that will protect you from these claims and the resulting bad reputation that your takeaway shop might get in the local neighbourhood, a promptly sorted claim that leaves a the customer feeling that they were taken care of and not forgotten is the difference between a successful takeaway and one that can be bankrupted by bad local word of mouth.

Delivery drivers delivering your takeaway food can contribute to claims against your insurance if the customerís food arrives late and cold, cold food can lead to food poisoning and whilst you want your delivery drivers to arrive on time your want to make sure that your takeaway insurance extends to them both for public liability insurance and vehicle insurance.

Buy takeaway insurance online for immediate quotes and the cheapest takeaway insurance because you can either buy a package of takeaway insurance or choose just the individual policies that you need for your insurance, if you are a mobile takeaway then you wonít need property insurance but will need Catering Van Insurance