Sport Insurance

Sport Insurance

Sport Insurance for professional, semi-professional and amateur sportsmen, women and children, childrenís sport insurance is for children up to 19 years old, fitness professionals and sports instructors covered, broken bone cover, personal liability, public liability, rehabilitation cover and sports travel insurance.

As a professional sportsmen or women playing for your country or your club you can insure yourself or someone else like your husband, wife or children against accidents caused whilst your playing your favourite sports from football to rugby, hockey to basketball, running and cricket, whatever sport you like to do you can insure yourself against injury, even extreme sports like skydiving or parachute jumps can be insured.

If your a semi-professional sportsmen or women who plays in a local league or for their county then you can also insure yourself against broken bones and personal liability, so for example if you tackled someone on the field and that tackle lead to an injury the other party could potentially sue you for the injuries they have sustained this could be anything from a sprain to a broken bone, muscle damage or the costs of rehabilitation and treatment, you donít want such expensive charges made against you, with liability insurance the insurance company will pay out on your behalf if there is a successful claim against you.

Amateur Players Who Just Enjoy A Kick About

For amateur players who just enjoy a kick about at the weekend and children up to the age of 19 years old you can insure them or yourself against broken bones, sprains, muscle damage and liability, so for example if your children are playing with a ball and the ball hits a car and causes damage with public liability insurance as part of your sport insurance package if the driver tries to make a claim against you and the claim is upheld, your insurance will pay out on your behalf.

You can take the sports insurance out for yourself or as part of a group, if you are involved in a team sport like football, hockey, rugby, cricket, judo or any group activity then you can insure the whole group at the same time, this makes the sports and accident insurance cheaper because your getting good discounts for insuring everyone in the group, everyone has the same insurance and you can include specialist insurance if it is needed for your group.

For example if you want to buy group insurance for your sports team and you travel (Travel Insurance) to tournaments or events in the UK or abroad you might want to think about including travel insurance so that everyone in the group is insured whilst they are abroad, for example a school group, cub scouts, brownies or guides or a church group all going skiing together can insure themselves for travel insurance and for their specific sport like skiing or snow boarding.

Travelling To Games Abroad

If you are travelling to games abroad then your want to make sure that your sports insurance includes paying for local medical treatment (Life Insurance) like doctors bills, pharmacy bills and hospital bills as well as including insurance to pay for repatriation where you are flown home from Europe or worldwide to be taken to a local hospital in the UK for treatment in the UK and to have your family close by whilst you are recovering.

Not all sports insurance includes paying for medical treatment abroad and repatriation and thatís a very necessary part of sports insurance if you are travelling abroad, if your sports team never travel overseas then there is no reason to include this insurance on your policy as it will only increase the amount your paying each month on your sports cover.

If your a group all buying your insurance together you might want to pay by bank transfer as the school or church group would often not have a credit or debit card but instead have a bank account, and your able to buy the insurance online and pay by bank transfer for the whole year in advance as well as paying by debit or credit card for a monthly premium.

Children Under The Age Of Nineteen Can Be Insured On A ChildíS Sports Policy

Children under the age of nineteen can be insured on a childís sports policy, this is better value for money and will by its nature include a wide range of sports that your child might get involved in either in school or after school clubs or in an after school or weekend tournament organised by a company or a church or youth group.

Donít think that because you or your child is paying a weekly fee to play football that the weekly fee includes insurance, it rarely does and your may find that when you joined the club you have signed a disclaimer to say that the company, club, referees or fitness instructors are not liable for any accidents or injuries, its for this reason that you need your own insurance.

If your a referee of a football match or rugby game, volleyball or any team based sport your be able to insure yourself as referee not only to injuries to yourself like broken bones and the cost of rehabilitation and medical care but also for public liability so if your instructions end up causing injury to someone in the team they might want to sue you for the injuries they have suffered, if they donít sue you directly and have sports insurance or medical insurance themselves then you can bet that their insurance company will sue you to recoup costs of the medical treatment they have had to provide.

If Your A Coach Or Fitness Instructor You Can Also Get Sports Insurance

If your a coach or fitness instructor you can also get sports insurance to cover yourself like the cost of medical treatment, massage and rehabilitation but also liability insurance to protect yourself from being sued, say for example you are a fitness instructor at a gym and you forget to ask your client to warm up before lifting weights and the weight your client lifts without warming up first causes your client to sprain their back, the resulting back injury might take months or even years of chiropractic and sports massage treatment to heal or just to make manageable, you certainly donít want your clients insurance company suing you for damages, with sports insurance not only are your own injuries insured but injuries you may unknowingly or accidentally cause to your clients.

An accident playing sports may mean that your unable to work for a period of time, the injury might mean that you canít work for a week, a month or even a lifetime if the injury is severe, horse riding being a sport that is often claimed for, if you canít work then you canít earn money and may very well lose your home, with sports insurance you can include lose of income insurance that will pay out whilst you are recovering or for long term injury, you know the types of injury that can happen in your sport like head injury in boxing or spinal injuries in horse riding, why hope that your be OK whilst insurance canít reverse the injury it can make living with the injury and receiving the treatment you need easier.

Your sport might involve equipment like diving where diving equipment like air tanks, snorkels and flippers can make for an expensive hobby or activity, with sports insurance you can include insurance for your equipment, so if you lose sports equipment or damage the equipment whilst you are playing or enjoying your sport your be able to claim on your insurance for the lost or damaged equipment, the money you receive will enable you to keep participating in your sport where for example if your sport was sailing or windsurfing and you didnít include equipment insurance as part of your sports insurance you would have to find the cost of the replacement equipment yourself and if you canít afford the cost of replacing the equipment you might not be able to continue with your hobby or activity.

You Can Have Sports Insurance The Very Same Day

When you fill out the online form and get your quote you can have sports insurance the very same day, so if your a parent wanting to insure your children before they go on a skiing trip or a sailing holiday then you can take the insurance out online just before they are about to depart on their trip, this gives parents peace of mind that should the worst happen there is insurance to pay for costs of medical care, rehabilitation, repatriation and any other medical expenses.

Just because you are not a professional in your sport does not mean that you do not need insurance, an amateur boxer for example is just as likely to suffer injury in the ring as a professional boxer, some might say more so as they are still learning how to box, with sports insurance you can have private medical healthcare in the event that you get hurt in your sport and private rehabilitation for injury to muscles or bone.

Sports insurance can be just for the UK, Europe or worldwide, you can include travel insurance too so that travelling either by car, bus, coach, plane or boat also forms part of the insurance so that youíre always insured whilst you are away from home, taking out inadequate insurance for example skiing insurance that only covers skiing in the UK but not abroad is a common mistake, you need to check that the insurance is either Europe wide or worldwide and exactly what countries are covered by the insurance.

You DoníT Have To Specify What Sports You Do With A General Sports Insurance Policy

You donít have to specify what sports you do with a general sports insurance policy, the schools policy will cover all manner of sports activities at school like football, rugby, swimming, netball, fencing, running and athletics but you can also specify specific sports, for example if your a boxer your unlikely to want any other sports on your insurance other than boxing and if your a runner you might only want your running insured or you might also like to swim, the online quote form will allow you to to choose between a general purpose policy or list the specific sports that you play.

Listing specific sports on the insurance form will often give you insurance tailored to your sport, for example sailing insurance would then ask if you want to insure your equipment and boat as part of the sports insurance policy.

With an in house claims team your insurance company can deal with your claim quickly, they can give you the details of the physiotherapist that you must use for the insurance to pay the bills or the chiropractor or any other treatment that you need, you might be asked to send the invoices that you receive for your treatment to the insurance company so that the insurance company can pay the bills directly to the chiropractor or hospital consultant for example.

Dental Cover Is Included With Sports Insurance

Dental cover is included under the sports insurance as its often dental or facial injuries that results from sports, with the dental cover your be able to get treated by a private dentist and have all your bills paid for by the insurance company, its comforting to know when you have insurance that anything that goes wrong will be paid for by the insurance company and you wonít have to worry about how you will afford the medical cover whilst your also trying to recuperate.

You might think that the NHS can provide any medical treatment you might need, well firstly if you have travelled abroad to play your sport then the NHS wonít cover you and your need private medical insurance as part of the sports cover, whilst there is the EHIC scheme for European member countries you will generally have to pay for your healthcare in advance and then try and reclaim the costs when you get back to the UK, the treatment available on EHIC is also limited and will not include repatriation (flying you back to the UK).

Using a dental injury as an example the NHS dentist will only provide the dental care needed to fix the injury, the NHS will not provide any cosmetic treatment needed to replace shattered teeth for example, if the NHS have stopped the injury and you have a couple of teeth missing but can still eat then cosmetic treatment to replace broken, missing or chipped teeth would not be available on the NHS and you would have to pay extra, thatís where private sports insurance comes in.