Shop Insurance

Shop Insurance

Shop Insurance for charity shops, small shops, corner shops, department stores, beauty salons, hairdressers, pubs, restaurants, cafťs, bakeries, florists, newsagents, surgeries, market stalls and online stores with public liability, product liability, buildings insurance, stock insurance and employers liability.

If you run a shop your need several types of shop insurance even if you run a charity shop and have volunteer workers, your need shop buildings insurance to insure your shop against structural damage from for example fire, flood and fire as well as shop contents insurance to protect your furniture, contents and fixtures and fittings, your stock is covered under a separate stock insurance policy which can be part of the shop insurance policy or purchased on its own, contents insurance wonít cover your stock so if you want your stock insured then your need separate stock insurance.

Stock insurance insures all the stock in your shop from fire or flood or from theft and vandalism as well as accidental damage like a customer in the shop accidentally crashing their trolley or basket into your display and damaging your stock.

Buildings Insurance For Your Shop

You might think that you donít have to buy buildings insurance for your shop if you donít want too, but if you have a mortgage or other loan on the shop then the mortgage company will require you to have buildings insurance so that in the event of damage to the building for example a car smashes into the front of your shop either as an act of theft or by accident then your be able to claim on your buildings insurance for compensation without being able to claim compensation you would have to pay the costs of repairing your buildings yourself.

If your shop is part of a shopping complex or mall then the owners of the complex might require all tenets to have buildings insurance, this goes hand in hand with Public Liability Insurance which again most shopping complexes will require that you have, this protects members of the public either outside your store or inside your shop from injury to themselves or damage to their property from anything that might be caused by your shop, for example you have a large display of baked beans and the display falls over on a young child, the tins cause bruising to the child and the child is upset, the mother may well want to take you to court for causing injury to their child.

In the able example if you also have legal cover as part of your shop insurance then the cost of hiring solicitors and any days in court that the solicitors must make on your behalf can all be claimed back from your insurance company, without legal cover as part of your shop insurance your be required to pay all legal expenses yourself.

If You Employ Another Person In Your Business

If you employ another person in your business (Business Insurance) then even if you are a charity and your staff are all shop volunteers your still need Employers Liability Insurance, if an employee hurts themselves at work and it is the fault of the shop for example an employee is reaching for stock from a high shelf and heavy stock falls on top of the employee, the employee might then want to claim the cost of any medical treatment or days off with injury where they are unable to work, where the employee does not claim directly if the employee has medical insurance then their insurance company may very well want to claim against yon for the recovery of money paid out to their client.

If your shop sells itís own product or the products of local artists for example, you may want to take out product insurance as part of your shop insurance package, for example a local sculptor makes metal sculptures out of old bits of metal, your customer buys the sculpture but it is top heavy and easily falls over, the sculpture falls over and the heavy metal of the sculpture injures your customer or for example the customers dog, the customer might then want you to pay for any vets bills for their dog or for their own medical treatment or damage to their clothes or anything else they might be carrying at the time, for example an expensive laptop, with product insurance you can insure yourself against any claims for a defective or dangerous product.

Itís not just corner shops and department stores that need shop insurance even car boot sellers need shop insurance, if on your car boot you sell an electrical appliance that causes injury or electrocution or burns then you may very well find that the person you sold the electrical appliance to or their family will want to take you to court for causing serious injury or death, with shop insurance specifically for car boot sellers you wonít have to worry about any claims against you as your insurance company will pay out on your behalf.

Online Sellers Insurance For Selling On Ebay, Amazon, Gumtree, Craigslist

Online sellers selling on eBay, Amazon, Gumtree, Craigslist or other online platforms can also be sued for selling products not as described even if this is done accidentally or selling products which cause injury, with shop insurance specific to online sellers you can insure yourself against any claims made against you, whilst online buyers will appreciate cheap prices and a bargain they will also be very quick to take legal action against you if they feel you have a case to answer.

Florists will want to insure their premisses for buildings, contents and employee liability insurance as well as product liability insurance, if you supply flowers that trigger someoneís allergies or accidentally supply the wrong flowers and its claimed that the wrong flowers ruined a wedding or christening for example then your customer might want to claim damages against you for a ruined event, with legal cover included as part of your shop insurance any cases that go to court and require you to represent yourself, the costs of which can be claimed back on your insurance.

With 24/7 claims reporting as soon as you have a claim or require further information you can phone the claims line day or night and speak to a shop insurance expert, maybe a customer has slipped in your shop and is claiming that their hip is damaged because their was no sign to say the floor was wet and you just want to speak to an insurance expert to find out how you should handle this claim, then you can phone the number and ask shop insurance experts who deal with these claims every day.

Business Interruption Insurance For Your Shop

You can get a quote in minutes online, simply enter the details of your shop and the types of products you sell and your receive an online quote, accept the quote and the insurance can start the very same day with the insurance documents emailed to you for easy printing out and displaying in your shop, its a legal requirement to display your employers liability insurance document where all members of staff can see.

With business interruption insurance as part of your shop insurance you can claim off your insurance when you can no longer trade for a period of time, for example the shopping complex that your part of closes for refurbishment, your be able to claim on your insurance for this type of disruption as well as other disruptions like the council closing the road to your shop for roadworks, customers would be unable to visit your store and therefore its a business interruption that you can claim on.

Other types of business interruption that you can claim for are council workers digging up the road and accidentally cutting off your electricity or your gas or water supply meaning that customers could not use the toilets or you could not prepare food for sale for example.

Shop Insurance Package

The shop insurance package can contain several different types of insurance depending on the needs of your business, if you donít need product liability insurance or stock insurance because you donít have stock on the premises for example then you can remove this option from the insurance quote which will make your insurance quote cheaper, paying by direct debit is also cheaper although there are options to pay for the whole years insurance in one go.

If you are a beauty salon or hairdressers (Salon Insurance) then public liability insurance will be important to you as cutting peoples hair or dyeing peoples hair or tanning or any of the other vast range of treatments can go wrong for example a bad chemical reaction to a perm or hair dyeing or customers just unhappy with their treatments, with legal cover your also be protected against any customers trying to take you to court as your be able to claim for all legal expenses you incur.

Pub Insurance and Restaurant Insurance is also available where here public liability is important because your have customers on your premisses who will be drunk or over the legal limit to drive and their actions such as vandalism or physical assault may cause claims against you from the drunk customer or from other customers who are caught up in any dispute, with public liability insurance and employee liability insurance as well as legal cover your be able to claim compensation for most types of claim.

Shop Insurance For Newsagents And Bakeries

If customers can drink on your premisses because you have an alcohol licence or maybe you just sell alcohol for consumption off the premisses, either way your employees are more likely to claim on your employers liability insurance if they have to deal with drunken customers who might assault them, you might find you have claims for medical treatment from your employees, claims for lost earnings whilst they recuperate at home after an injury or verbal abuse from a customer or claims for damage to clothes caused by a drunken customer.

Newsagents will also need a shop insurance for their premisses with buildings, contents and stock as well as employers liability insurance to protect the workers in the newsagents and legal cover to protect the newsagents from any customers wanting to take them to court for example selling food past its expiry date would be one example.

If you run a bakery your need public liability insurance as your hot bakers ovens might cause a fire which could spread to other properties or cause injury, your buildings insurance would protect your own buildings against fire and you could claim on your insurance for any repairs or the rebuilding of your shop after the fire.

Surgery Insurance

A dental surgery or doctors surgery will also need insurance where here public liability insurance will protect the surgery from claims by the general public that the surgery may be threatened with for example a wet floor causing a patient to fall and wanting to sue the surgery for damages or a trolley accidentally striking a patient and the patient wanting compensation for injuries received, its the public liability insurance that would pay out in these examples.

A dentist or doctors surgery would also need an increased level of employers liability insurance to provide for increased claims against the practice, for example abusive patients physically assaulting staff, the danger of disease transference from blood and other body fluids and the resulting claims from your staff, all of which can be covered by specialised employers liability insurance as when you complete the online form your specify the exact nature of your business, clinic, doctors surgery, florist or bakery etc. so the insurance offered to you in the quote can be the most popular options for your type of business, you can then change the amount of cover you have for example a maximum payout for a claim of ten million rather than one million pounds.

Market stalls still need insurance in fact the local council will probably want to see your public liability insurance certificate before the council allow you to take up your market stall, this is because the local council do not want claims against the council for injuries or accidents caused by your market stall, for example you might be selling teas and coffees on your market stall and a customer spills a hot cup of tea over themselves accidentally and then wants to sue the stall holder for not making it clear enough that the tea was very hot.