Salon Insurance

Salon Insurance

Salon Insurance for hairdressers, beauty therapists, nail technicians, salon insurance for the salon owner as well as freelance and mobile salon owners.

You can get a simple online quote in minutes for salon insurance, if your an independent self employed hair dresser or beauty therapist you can choose from mobile salon and freelance beauty therapist and hairdresser insurance.

Salon Owner Insurance

If your a salon owner the insurance can cover your shop with building and contents insurance as well as employers liability insurance if you employ staff and stock insurance so if there is a fire or flood or other damage to your stock your be able to claim the costs back from your insurance, to treatment insurance so that if a customer sues you for a fake tan they are not happy with or a haircut or beauty treatment they are not happy with then your insurance can pay out the claim.

With experienced advisers offering a hassle free service itís easy to get answers to individual insurance questions, if an angry customer is demanding compensation then talk to your insurance advisor first for instructions on what to do, with a UK based insurance broker itís easy to pick up the phone and speak to an advisor who understands the hairdressing and beauty business and can advise you with first hand experience of similar cases.

With premium insurance coverage you get options like employers liability insurance so if one of your hairdressers or beauty therapists injures themselves by for example inhaling dangerous chemicals then if your employee makes a claim against you or the employees health insurance company sues you then your own insurance company will pay out the claim.

Treatment Insurance

With public liability insurance you have liability, so if anyone whose hair you cut, tanning you do or nails you cut and polish makes a claim against you because they are unhappy with the treatment then your insurance will pay out, without any form of treatment insurance or public liability insurance you would have to make the cost of any claims yourself which could put you out of business.

You can also include in your insurance legal costs insurance where if you have to use a solicitor you can claim back the solicitors fees on your insurance.

Contents cover insurance will insure you against damage to the furniture in your salon and your hairdressing or beauty treatment tools and equipment, if an employee claims that their scissors where stolen and demands that you replace them then itís your contents insurance that you can claim on, not just for theft but fire and flood too, any damage to hairdressing chairs, massage tables, haircutting and nail cutting and polishing equipment can be claimed.

Mobile Or Freelance Hairdresser Or Beauty Therapist

If your a mobile or freelance hairdresser or beauty therapist then your also want to insure your equipment, with portable massage tables, haircutting equipment and beauty products all expensive and with the equipment being your entire mobile or freelance business if you where to lose all your equipment through theft, fire, flood or vandalism then you would be left without the means to earn money for yourself.

Buildings cover insures a salon owners buildings against fire, flood, vandalism and any other risk that affects your salon like subsidence, rot etc. if you have a mortgage or other loan on the buildings then your mortgage company will demand that you have buildings insurance as a requirement for the mortgage.

Hair And Beauty Salon Insurance

Hair and beauty salon insurance is affordable, flexible and tailored, you can pay monthly for your insurance and as your staff turnover increases or decreases and the number of insured hairdressers and beauty therapists you have working for you increases or decreases you can change your insurance as your business changes.

With specialist business and shop insurance your salon is protected by insurance that is designed for salon owners and freelance or self employed hairdresser and beauty therapists, high street insurance companies will not be able to insure you cheaply as your be insured as a generic shop owner or freelance worker, hairdressing and beauty therapists need specialist insurance to cope with customers who are unhappy with their treatments and want financial compensation, itís the treatment and public liability insurance that protects hairdressers and therapists from such claims.

A salons insurance coverage can be changed over time, if you donít employ any staff then you wonít need employers liability insurance, then if you take on your first apprentice you can add employers liability insurance to your own insurance.

Public Liability Cover

Public liability cover is an essential, your cutting the hair and giving hair treatments with chemicals or fake tans to members of the public, a customer might sue if you accidentally nick them with the cutting scissors or a customer might sue if their fake tan is not the colour they where hoping for.

Shop Contents Cover

Shop contents cover will insure all your stock and all the furniture in the salon, you might have expensive hairdresser chairs, blow dryers and tanning machines, these could be lost in a fire or flood or vandalism from a customer or accidental damage when a customer knocks over equipment.

Freelancer Or Mobile Hairdresser Or Beauty Therapist

Shop buildings cover is not needed by a freelancer or mobile hairdresser or beauty therapist but will be needed by a salon owner who needs to insure their buildings against fire, flood, vandalism, rot etc.

Stock Insurance

Stock insurance is vitally important, not only will you have shampoos, conditioners and other hair products but you might have hair dryers and hair styling equipment for sale too, in the event of fire, flood, theft or vandalism you would be left without your stock and the possibility that you need to reimburse suppliers, with stock insurance the insurance company will pay out if you lose your stock.

Get a shop quote for shop buildings insurance and shop contents insurance, only if you are a shop or salon owner, if your freelance or mobile then you donít need buildings insurance, a mobile hairdresser and freelancer will still need contents insurance and a mobile hairdresser will also need stock insurance if they keep stock in their car, your standard car insurance will not pay out when your using your car as a business so itís important to have freelance or mobile hair dresser insurance.

The insurance is tailored for you, you can change any of the insurance options, donít pay for an option that your not using, like buildings insurance when your a mobile or freelance beauty therapist, your always need treatments insurance because everything you do for a customer is some form of treatment and thereís the possibility that the treatment can go wrong or the customer is unhappy and wants to take you to court, itís your treatment insurance that will make the payout to your customer so you donít have to personally find the money.

You can get a fast quote by completing one simple form and get insurance for salons, freelance hair and beauty businesses or a mobile business, there are many different ways hairdressers and beauty therapists can choose to run their business and only a dedicated hairdresser and beauty therapist insurance company will be able to provide insurance tailored to you and to understand the type of business you run.

Insurance Experts In The Hair And Beauty Salon Business

With insurance experts in the hair and beauty salon business you get insurance thatís right for you, mobile insurance if your a mobile hairdresser or beauty professional will cover the cost of your equipment and tools as well as treatment insurance so that if a customer is not happy and makes a claim against you, youíre insurance will pay out.

Mobile Therapist

As a mobile therapist you might want health or Life Insurance too, when your self employed it is you who has to make all arrangements for your welfare as you are your own employer.

Mobile and freelance hair and beauty professionals should include equipment and stock insurance if they have their equipment and stock in their car as should your car get stolen, your car insurance will not cover the cost of equipment or stock used for a commercial business.

Freelance and mobile insurance as well as including treatment insurance (public liability insurance) will insure your stock such as hair-sprayís and gels as well as your equipment like hairdressing scissors, hair straighteners and blow dryers, if you lost your stock or equipment could you afford to replace them all without the insurance paying out.

Best Beauty Salon Insurance

The best beauty salon insurance will let you you add and remove different insurance options, if your a mobile hairdresser then your want to insure your hairdressing and beauty products from theft or damage and if your a salon owner your want to include salon building insurance and salon contents insurance.

Beauty and hairdressing salon insurance is different from normal shop insurance, if you get a quote from a high street insurance broker they will offer you shop insurance because they donít have salon insurance, with salon insurance itís the public liability insurance or treatment insurance that most hairdressers and beauticians will be interested in this, protects you from being sued by a customer.

There are specific business needs of salon owners that means standard shop insurance is a bad idea, as well as no treatment insurance you wonít be able to add and remove employees from your insurance so easily as you can with specialised salon insurance, for example when you get a new hairdresser or lose a hairdresser your want to contact the insurance company and have them increase the treatment insurance to one more person or reduce the cost of the employers liability insurance.

You can get a one stop, tailor made policy from a salon insurance specialist, there are many different types of salon from hairdressing salon, nail bar, massage treatments and tanning salons, all with their different needs, for example a nail technician wonít need the same amount of liability insurance as a hairdresser as most often its hairdressers that customers are unhappy with after the result of a bad haircut or hair treatment.

Beauty Therapists Insurance

Beauty therapists insurance should include public liability insurance or treatment insurance, itís the same thing, a salon owner will refer to this as treatment insurance as for the salon owner their greatest liability is that a treatment goes wrong or a customer is unhappy with their treatment.

Multiple Therapists Insurance

Salon insurance for multiple therapists is cheaper when you have one policy that covers all therapists, donít try and get single policies for everyone, a salon can get this insurance cheaper on behalf of their therapists even if they have to pass the cost of the insurance onto the therapists.

Shop and salon business insurance is available for the salon owner, freelance hairdresser or beauty therapist, part time hairdresser or beauty therapist and self employed persons, so itís important to choose the right insurance, if you donít you will be paying too much for your insurance at best and at worst you might find your not insured for what you thought you where.

Cheap Business Insurance

Cheap business insurance wonít cover a salon owner or freelance hairdresser or beauty therapist, salon insurance is not the same as running a shop, for a start there is far greater public liability (treatment insurance) needed, typically with salon insurance you get ten million pounds worth of public liability insurance as standard, this provides money in the event of a customer claiming a treatment has left them with a medical condition or a haircut or other beauty treatment was not as intended.

You can get get instant cover with hairdressing and beauty insurance, thereís a simply online form to complete and once you have read and agreed to your quote you can buy the insurance online, your then be insured immediately.

Hair and beauty salon insurance is not the same as business insurance for the self employed, with business insurance the level of public liability insurance will be a lot less, only a specialist salon insurance company will refer to public liability as treatment insurance which is what a hairdresser, nail technician or beautician would expect this type of insurance to be called.

Nail Technicians And Beauticians

Nail technicians and beauticians are also in need of treatment insurance as they are just as likely to be sued or claimed on by an unhappy customer, a false nail that damages their real nail or a product that causes an allergic reaction are just two examples of common claims against nail technicians and beauticians, so having treatment insurance your insurance company will pay out on your behalf should a customer make a claim against you.