Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Insurance for all food outlets, pubs, bed and breakfast, cafť, bistros, takeaways, catered events, hotels, social clubs, hospitality, pop up shops, temporary restaurants, licensed and unlicensed cafes, coffee shops, wine bars and sandwich bars for public liability cover, employee liability cover, stock insurance, loss of money insurance, contents insurance, fixtures and fittings, restaurant building insurance and business interruption insurance.

Restaurants must insure not only the restaurant buildings but also their employees, and their customers, these individual polices come together to form restaurant insurance, the restaurant buildings are protected with buildings and contents insurance where the buildings are insured against fire, theft, flood, subsidence and damage caused in a variety of ways including vandalism or attempted robbery when for example someone tries to drive a car or lorry through the front of your restaurant, your be able to claim on your insurance for such damage.

Restaurant employees must be protected by employee liability insurance, itís a legal requirement of a business to have a minimum level of employee liability insurance, if you donít have this insurance you can be fined up to £1,200 per day, the insurance certificate must be displayed where all staff members can see it and if you donít have employee liability insurance or have let it expire you can quickly buy the policy online.

Restaurant Insurance Will Include Claims For Damages To Frontage Like The Glass And Signwriting

Whilst your employees will need liability insurance your customers will also need Public Liability Insurance this protects your customers from any injury to themselves or their property, for example if a meal at your restaurant caused your customer to have food poisoning and the customer made a claim against you for loss of earnings whilst they recovered from food poisoning then it is your public liability insurance that would pay out, some cases of food poisoning for example shellfish can be very severe so itís not as trivial as it first appears.

Your customers are also protected with public liability insurance from any accidents inside your restaurant, for example the waiter spills soup on the floor and before it can be cleaned up your customer has slid on the soup and injured their back and ruined their clothes, your customer might then claim against your insurance for a new suit or chiropractic treatment, even if your customer doesnít claim directly against you, your customers private medical insurance might claim against you to recover any costs paid to their client.

Restaurant insurance will include claims for damages to frontage like the glass and signwriting, common breakages when you have potentially drunken customers outside your restaurant.

All Types Of Food Outlet Are Covered With Restaurant Insurance

All types of food outlet are covered with restaurant insurance, the food outlet may be unlicensed or licensed with a licensed outlet able to serve alcohol, your find that restaurants or other food outlets with an alcohol licence will have more expensive insurance than those without because of the increased likelihood of alcohol related claims by the restaurant.

Pop up restaurants and temporary restaurants making use of unused shop space to start a restaurant must make sure that the premises have a licence to serve hot or cold food, thereís all sorts of fire regulations and local council regulations that determine if you can serve food and if that food can be hot and you certainly wonít be able to get insurance for a pop up restaurant if your premises are not allowed to serve food, note that premises classified for hot and cold food have a different classification (by the local council) and that cold food includes being able to reheat food on the premises.

With stock insurance as part of the restaurant insurance package the restaurants stock of raw, frozen and coked food and drinks including alcohol are all insured, if your restaurant suffers a break in where the food or alcohol is stolen or there is a fire or flood in your restaurant which ruins your food stocks then youíre be able to claim on your stock insurance for the damage.

Restaurant Stock Insurance

Contents insurance will not cover the cost of stock replacement as the cost of your stock can easily outweigh the maximum claim you can make on your contents insurance, contents insurance will cover items like tables, chairs, curtains and carpets, specialist equipment like the bar area or drinks optics will be covered by the restaurants equipment insurance, this is for specialist equipment like meat slicers, kitchen food mixers and other items that could not reasonably be called contents insurance as generally the value of commercial kitchen equipment is much higher than its domestic counterpart.

The restaurant insurance will also include business interruption insurance, here anything that prevents your restaurant from operating can be insured against, maybe there is a flood in the street and the restaurant is closed due to the flood or the council are digging up the road outside and have closed the road to all traffic or a road worker accidentally cuts through an electricity cable or water pipe cutting the services to your restaurant, all these types of problems that prevent your restaurant from opening or from carrying out its normal day to day activities can be claimed against, if your restaurant can partially open for example your able to serve drinks and snacks but not food then you will still be able to claim on your insurance.

Employee liability insurance is an integral part of any restaurant insurance and will provide insurance cover for any accidents or injuries that involve your staff whereas liability insurance covers your customers and members of the public, employee liability insurance just covers your employees that is people whose wages you pay directly, contractors and agency staff are not covered by your restaurants Employers Liability Insurance because their employers will have their own liability insurance.

Whether YouíRe Running Your Restaurant As A Limited Company, Sole Trader Or Self-Employed

For example, an employee who accidentally cuts themselves whilst carving meat in the kitchen will be able to claim on your restaurant insurance for any injury and the resulting medical attention required.

Whether youíre running your restaurant as a limited company or sole trader or even self-employed your be able to buy restaurant insurance online, your be presented with various different insurance options like public liability cover and business interruption insurance and you can choose only the options that you need, this will help keep the cost of your insurance down and with the restaurant insurance packages you can buy a package of insurance thatís designed especially for restaurant owners.

If your restaurant is robbed and money is stolen from tills or from a safe then loss of money insurance will let you claim for the loss, youíre have to file a police report in order to get a crime number for the insurance claim but you can contact your local police department through their website, report the crime and get the crime report number easily.

Legal Cover As Part Of The Restaurants Insurance Policy

Your customers might get drunk and start a fight in your restaurant, itís your public liability insurance that will pay out to customers who might be injured in any disturbance in the restaurant, for example someone smashing a pint glass in your customerís face will cause substantial injury and the need for reconstructive surgery and other medical attention, the cost of which would be paid for by your public liability insurance.

You can also include legal cover as part of the restaurants insurance policy, this will allow you to claim the cost of any solicitors or legal work or court cases that you must attend, without legal cover youíre have to pay the costs of any courts cases and representation yourself.

Both public liability insurance and employee liability insurance as well as being legal requirements will be costly if you donít have sufficient cover, the cost of funding injuries or damage to customer properties yourself could mean the closure of your restaurant so itís vital to have sufficient cover, for example without good public liability cover a customer claiming that a meal at your restaurant gave them food poisoning might not be adequality addressed, an upset customer who was unable to claim for loss of earnings or medical attention easily from you will be vocal in reporting to the press about their food poisoning and once that sort of bad press takes hold the number of customers attending your restaurant will fall possibly leading to bankruptcy later.

What kind of insurance does a restaurant need?

A restaurant needs employee liability cover and public liability cover as a legal minimum, itís the employee cover that will pay out for accidents and injury to staff and the public liability cover that will pay out to your customers for example if a meal eaten at your restaurant led to food poisoning or a fall down the stairs led to your customer being injured.

Whenever you run a business (Business Insurance) thatís is in contact with your customers your need public liability cover, itís not just the food that you sell that the liability insurance will pay out against in the event of any claims but other liability claims like a customer falling down the stairs in your restaurant.

The restaurants buildings insurance will insure the buildings against damage form reckless drivers in your carpark, should a customer accidentally smash through your conservatory window in their car whist trying to park in the restaurant carpark it is the buildings insurance that the restaurant owner can claim against, should the car driver be injured in the crash and the crash found to be the fault of the restaurant because for example the carpark did not have parking spaces marked or adequate lighting at night then it is the restaurants public liability insurance that would pay out.

If A Restaurant Employee Is Injured

If an employee of the restaurant was injured by the above example of a customer crashing their car in the carpark, then it is the restaurants employee liability insurance that will pay out when you submit a claim to your insurance company.

Restaurant insurance is available online, you can get a quote and pay for your insurance and be insured the same day, you donít have to take out a full yearís worth of insurance you can insure for as little as one month or six months or the full year, youíre be able to get cheaper insurance for a per annum policy but if youíre a new restaurant then that outlay may very well be too much.

If you live above the restaurant then youíre be able to include your domestic insurance as part of the restaurant insurance package, this will make your insurance cheaper and also prevent the cases where neither your commercial restaurant insurance or your domestic accommodation insurance is willing to pay for a claim.

Renting Out Rooms As Part Of A Hotel, Bed And Breakfast Or Guesthouse

If you rent out rooms as part of a hotel, bed and breakfast or guesthouse (Hotel and Guesthouse Insurance) then itís commercial insurance that will cover the rooms within your hotel and that will be an extra type of insurance policy that you take out on top of your restaurant insurance.

Restaurants might be as small as a coffee shop that also serves food or as large as a restaurant able to cope with hundreds of covers (diners seated at the table), either way your need the same types of insurance only the amount your insured for will be different, when you complete the online quote your be asked about the type of restaurant you have whether it serves hot or cold food and the seating capacity of the restaurant as well as the type of restaurant from coffee shop to fine dining, these questions will select the most appropriate type of restaurant insurance for your needs, you can always phone the claims line later and increase or decrease your insurance cover as your restaurant grows over the years.

A sandwich bar that does not allow customers to eat in the premises will have much less need for insurance than a fine dining restaurant because with no customers on the premises and no alcohol served the chances of claims against the restaurant are very much reduced, itís by entering this information on the insurance quote that youíre be able to get the cheapest insurance.