Quad Bike Insurance

Quad Bike Insurance

Quad Bike Insurance for off road use and street legal use on farms, agricultural land, private land and road legal quads. Young riders insurance with breakdown cover, quad and ATV cover for recreational use, sport use, road use and off road use including liability cover, indemnity cover, bike and rider cover, third party, fire and theft as well as fully comprehensive cover.

Whether you have a quad bike or ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), four wheeled or three wheeled buggy that you want to use on the road (road legal) or off road on a farm or just for fun then your need insurance, if your quad bike has headlights, brake lights and a license plate then your be able to use your bike on the public highway provided you buy quad insurance and pay road tax.

If you just use your quad bike on private land for farm use or other agricultural or recreational use you might think that you donít need quad bike insurance as your on private property, but without insurance the rider of the quad bike wonít have any recourse to insurance if they hurt themselves or the quad bike hurts someone else, for example the quad bike rider loses control and the quad bike hits a walker, the walker then sues you for medical expenses and lost earnings due to time off work recovering, without insurance you would have to pay these claims personally.

If you or another rider hurt themselves on your quad bike, for example they suffer from whiplash or fall off and break their ankle then the rider or if young the riders parents may want you to pay for medical bills or damage to clothing or broken iPhones or anything else the rider happened to have in their pockets, with quad bike insurance you can claim on your insurance rather than having to pay out any claims yourself, if you include legal cover as part of the quad insurance package you can claim back on any legal expenses you incur like hiring lawyers to represent you in court.

Buy Quad Bike Insurance Online

You can buy quad bike insurance online with cover that starts immediately, if your having a birthday party and children will be riding your quad bike on your private land, itís a good idea to have insurance in place in a hurry and with an online quote form itís easy to get cover the same day, your insurance policy will be sent by email immediately after you have paid, you can choose from a years quad bike insurance, six months or even one months insurance.

Quad bike insurance is available as third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive with fully comprehensive your be able to claim for any damage to your quad bike as well as damage to other vehicles or injury to the rider or passers-by.

Quad Bike Insurance For A Yamaha Quad Bike, Suzuki, Viper or Apache

Whether you need quad bike insurance for a Yamaha quad bike, Suzuki, Viper or Apache quad bike your find the insurance will cover all makes and models.

Farm Quad Bike Insurance

You might use your quad bike for business on your farm moving bales of hey and taking feed to animals as well as travelling around your farm or you might have a quad bike for recreation only because they are fun to ride and give youngsters experience of riding a motorbike or car but with the safety of four big wheels, kill switches and a lower speed, of course accidents still happen on quad bikes especially when being driven by inexperienced youngsters and thatís why it is so important to have insurance, one accident could leave a child severely injured requiring months of rehabilitation, with insurance your be able to claim for those costs rather than be taken to court by the childís family or medical insurance company.

Quad Bike Insurance For Children

Whilst your own children may ride quad bikes and be perfectly safe doing so, when your children invite their friends over to your farm or private lend for quad bike racing they will be inexperienced riders and thatís when accidents happen and the parents of your childrenís friends will want to claim on your insurance for any injury to their child or damage to their property so its best to have quad bike insurance in place beforehand.

Itís not just quad bikes that you can insure but buggies too, like beach buggies or sand buggies you might use your buggy on private land only or on the public highway and remember if you use your buggy on a beach you are in fact using your buggy on public land not private land so your need buggy insurance to insure not only the rider and the buggy but also other third parties like other vehicles you might crash into or walkers you might accidentally hit when driving your buggy.

Quad bikes are very often driven by youngsters thatís why its important to have young riders insurance, youngsters will get their first experience of riding a motorcycle or driving a car by riding a quad bike, youngsters will be exited and keen to ride fast and will not always heed all instructions given to them, thatís how accidents happen and thatís when you need quad bike insurance so the cost of any repair to your quad bike can be covered by insurance, a vitally important point if you use your quad bike for work and cannot afford to have your quad bike not working.

Quad Bike Insurance For Employees

If you employ staff on your farm and the farm workers ride on your quad bike then your need liability insurance as part of your quad bike insurance so that if your employee hurts themselves riding your quad bike then your insurance will pay out for any valid claims made against your insurance by your employee, for example your employee falls off your quad bike, damages the quad bike and injures their back requiring a claim on your insurance for chiropractic treatment not to mention replacement of their mobile phone which got crushed as they fell off your quad bike.

Learner Rider Quad Bike Insurance

Learner riders insurance which is a part of quad bike insurance packages insures the quad bike user regardless of age, on private land all ages of quad bike rider will be covered, they will need to wear a helmet to protect them if they fall off and if they do fall off your be reassured to know your have insurance for any claims made against you.

Quad Bike Breakdown Insurance

You can include breakdown cover (Car Breakdown Insurance) as part of your quad bike insurance, this will insure that should your quad bike break down a recovery vehicle with sufficient spare parts to get most breakdowns repaired will come to your aide and get you going again, if your quad bike is road legal and you use it on the public highway then having recovery insurance that can get your quad bike put on a trailer and taken to a garage for repairs paid for by your insurance company is certainly a good idea as otherwise you would be stuck on the side of the road.

Off Road And On Road Quad Bike Insurance

Choose from off road cover for when you only use your quad bike off road on farms and other private land or on road (street legal) cover where you use your quad bike on the public highway, you can have off road or on road as separate insurance or you can have a combined policy that covers both off road and on road use, if you take your quad bike on the road and also want to go off-roading then a combined policy would be ideal.

Cheap Quad Bike Insurance

To get cheaper quad bike insurance you can combine your quad bike with your car insurance to form a multi-vehicle insurance policy, here you insure all vehicles under the one insurance package, insuring all the families vehicles gives you far cheaper insurance as you get discounts for the more vehicles you insure on the came policy, if you have several farm vehicles or several vehicles for the family its a great way to get cheaper insurance.

Quad bike insurance also applies to ATVís where your get a similar policy for any All Terrain Vehicles for use on the road or off road use or for a mixture of on and off road use.

Four Wheel Quad Bike Insurance And Three Wheel Trike Insurance

Whether your quad bike is a four wheeler or a three wheeled version you can insure them on a buggy or ATV policy, for road legal vehicles three wheel bikes will be classed as motorbikes for road tax and insurance purposes whilst four wheeled vehicles will be classed the same as a car for road tax or insurance, four wheeled buggies will probably be road tax exempt if the engine is low powered.

Quad Bike Liability Cover

Liability cover is included on a quad bike insurance policy and this protects other road users and vehicles from any damage or injury which might be caused by you, whether on a farm or on a public road you are just as likely to come into contact with other road users or members of the public and if you accidentally damage their vehicles or injure them then they will want you to pay for the damage to their vehicle or their belongings and its your quad bike insurance that they can claim against, on public roads it is a legal requirement that you have insurance (at least third party, fire and theft insurance).

Multi-Bike Insurance Policy

With a multi-bike insurance policy (Motor Fleet Insurance) you can insure several motorbikes including quad bikes under the same insurance policy this gives you discounted rates much like you get with a multi-vehicle policy but a multi-bike policy is only for motorbikes and related two or three wheeled vehicles.

Farm quad bike insurance is a special class of insurance that insures quad bikes only for use on the farm, this might be for off road use only or can also include on road use for driving on the public highway where quad bike insurance will be mandated by law, even with off road and on the farm insurance if you have an employee who rides your quad bike you need to have insurance so that any claims against you from your employee can be met through your insurance.

Quad Bike And Rider Insurance Policy

A quad bike and rider insurance policy will insure your quad bike for damages as well as any injury to the rider, for example if you fall off your quad bike the kill switch might activate so the quad bike does not run away with itself, but the quad bike might still fall on top of you crushing your legs and damaging the quad bike, with bike and rider insurance your be able to claim for both injury to the rider, damage to the riders belongings like phones as well as claims for injury like a broken leg.

Quad insurance for 18 year olds is no more expensive than other quad bike polices as its generally expected that quad bike riders will be less experienced than other riders as its often the first vehicle that a youngster learns to ride, a bit like a scooter or a moped, the extra cost of younger riders is already worked into the cost of most quad bike insurance policies, when you complete the online quote form for quad bike insurance your be able to specify the age of the riders and this will have some baring on the cost of the quad bike insurance.

What licence do you need for a quad?

If you are riding your quad bike on private land or farm land then you need no licence at all, you will still want insurance for liability and indemnity claims against you, if you are riding on a public road then your need a road legal quad bike (a bike with registration plate, headlights, indicators and rear stop light), four wheeled bikes will be classed the same as a car for licence purposes whilst three wheeled buggies are classed as motorcycles, so for the purposes of a driving licence it is only the three wheeled buggy that you can drive on a motorbike or provisional licence.

Four wheeled bikes are known as quad bikes whist three wheeled bikes are known as trikeís, three wheeled bikes are classed as motorbikes for the purposes of a driving licence.