Pub Insurance

Pub Insurance

Pub Insurance for bars, licensed premises, gastro pubs, wine bars, might clubs, microbreweries, Michelin starred pubs, freeholder, lease holder, tenant tied to a brewery and the hospitality sector. Pub insurance including employeeís liability insurance, public liability insurance, products liability, pub buildings cover and pub stock cover.

Pub insurance is the catchall title for a range of insurance policies that your need when youíre running a pub from stock insurance to protect the value of your stock from cellar flooding, fire and theft or malicious damage, the stock insurance will include both alcohol, soft drink, cooked foods and raw ingredients so that in the event of loss of your stock for example the pub electricity supply is cut by a workman in the road and the contents of your freezers defrosts ruining your food, you then be able to claim on the pub insurance for the replacement of the food, wine and spirits.

Public liability insurance is the insurance that protects everyone in your pub except your employees as employer liability insurance protects your employees, members of the public who are in your pub for a drink or some food and members of the public who are nearby your pub are also protected under your public liability insurance.

Pub Public Liability Insurance

For example a pipe bursts in your pub and causes the carpark to flood, the cars in the carpark are flooded and your customers are able to claim on your Public Liability Insurance for damage to their cars as your pub is liable for the damage to your customers cars, as another example an electrical fault on a light switch causes your customer to be electrocuted, your customer may take you to court to claim loss of earnings whilst they are off work recovering from the injury or for medical treatment or rehabilitation which was needed after the accident, with public liability insurance as part of your pub insurance package the insurance company will pay out for any such claims where your business is found to be liable.

Itís not just your customers that might have a claim against you, taking the above example of a burst water pipe in your pub causing flooding, if the neighbours property was flooded by your burst pipe then your neighbour would want you to pay for any damages to their property and property repairs.

Your employees have insurance against accident or illness caused by your pub through the Employers Liability Insurance, if for example an employee changes a barrel of bear and hurts their back trying to lift the barrel it is the employers liability insurance that will pay out for any valid claims, should the matter go to court if you have legal cover as part of your pub insurance then the cost of any solicitors that you need to hire can also be claimed on your insurance policy.

Loss Of Licence Insurance

With loss of licence insurance as part of your pub insurance policy if you were to lose your public house license for whatever reason you can insure yourself against loss of earnings so that the pub wouldnít go bankrupt whilst you try to resolve the matter and have no customers earning you money.

With business interruption insurance as part of your pub insurance anything that effects the pubs ability to run normally such as a council worker digging up a water pipe or electrical cable and cutting off your supply so that you canít run your pub then your be able to claim off the insurance, for another example say that the council have closed the road outside you pub and your customers can no longer travel to your pub, this will severely effect your takings and can be claimed on your Business Insurance.

Public liability insurance is also the insurance that youíre be able to claim on, if for example your pub also serves food and a customer got food poisoning after eating at your pub, the food poisoning might be serious enough that your customers life is in danger, so its vitality important to have public liability insurance of a high enough claim value as to cover the size of your pub, more people in your pub means more chance of being sued.

Different Types Of Pub Insurance

As a pub owner or pub tenant even if you are leasehold and tied to a brewery your still in most cases be able to get your pub insurance from whomever you choose, but check the agreement you have with the brewery if youíre a tied public house as you might be forced to buy your insurance from a specific brewery recommended or mandated insurance company.

With an online quote, you can select just the types of insurance you want included under your pub insurance policy, for example if you live above the pub then your want domestic home insurance for your private dwelling and commercial public house insurance for the rest of the pub, with an online quote you can specify the exact types of insurance you will be buying and so your save money.

Whilst your pub insurance you will have contents insurance this is for tables, chairs, carpets and curtains and will not cover your stock like your bear barrels or meals as your need special stock insurance for that although the stock insurance can be part of one pub insurance policy.

Specialised Equipment Insurance For Pubs

Specialised equipment insurance will also be needed for the commercial kitchen equipment and bar area etc. as this equipment is not covered by contents insurance due to its high cost and specialist nature the cost of specialised pub insurance will be higher than the maximum ceiling value of any claims you can make on contents insurance.

Your pub buildings insurance will insure your pub, garden and outbuildings like storage buildings from fire, flooding, malicious damage (vandalism), structural damage and many more threats that can cause the buildings to need repair or be rebuilt, for example a customerís car in the carpark accidentally drives through the conservatory area of your pub.

Public liability insurance will also insure your customers from alcohol induced incidents for example customers fighting in your pub, such as a customer smashing a pint glass int the face of another customer causing severe injury and expensive follow up medical care, itís your public liability insurance that would settle any claims direct with your customer or your customerís private medical insurance company.

Pubs Of Nonstandard Construction

If there was a fight on your pub premises and a member of your staff was injured it would be your public liability insurance that would pay out for any valid claims, itís important to keep a note of any accidents or injuries reported by members of staff in an accident book so later if an employee says they suffered accident or injury at work and tries to take you to court you can refer to the accident book to see if the incident was reported as it is harder for an employee to later claim for accident or injury if they did not first report it at the time of the accident or injury.

Vandalism is a popular claim on pub insurance polices the toilets are smashed, glass fronted pubs are smashed and furniture is damaged to name a few reasons for claiming on pub insurance, with a good pub insurance policy you can claim for certain items up to a maximum value without effecting any no claims bonus.

If your pub is of nonstandard construction (Non Standard Property Insurance) for example the pub has a thatched roof then the insurance costs for your pub are already higher as there is a greater risk of fire not only from things like fireworks on bonfire night but also from drunken guests trying to set your roof alight, with specialist pub insurance companies they are used to dealing with nonstandard properties as a lot of the attraction of a nice pub is the fact that it is a nonstandard property and your get the best deals from specialist pub insurers.

Unoccupied Pub Insurance

If you want unoccupied pub insurance (Unoccupied Property Insurance) because you are no longer running the pub or have lost your public house licence then specialist pub insurers can insure an empty pub as this still requires specialist insurance and cannot be insured as any other empty property, the reason empty pubs are different is the high risk of vandalism which can lead to your pub being set on fire or pipes smashed causing flooding and the fact that the pub is empty means that no one will notice for a considerable time if the pub is on fire or flooding or some other incident.

Your pub may be burgled or be the subject of multiple burglaries with individuals trying to steal from the till or steal alcohol, either way you want an insurance company that understands pub thefts and vandalism and is able to action any claims promptly over a 24/7 telephone support line, with many smaller claims paid within 48 hours of claiming.

If your pub has been claimed as a community asset, youíre be keen to take over the pub and start serving bear and possibly food, your need pub insurance to do that and many specialist pub insurance brokers actually specialise in pubs that have been taken over by the community, your be able to buy your insurance online and have the insurance effective immediately, just remember to print out your employers liability insurance and display it somewhere where all your employees can see it.

Accidently Let Your Pub Insurance Expire?

Any business where you have to deal with the public puts your business at risk from claims against your insurance, a public house is all about dealing with the public, you want regular visitors who will return again and again to your pub which means that you need any claims on your insurance handled promptly, for example a case of food poisoning in your pub needs to be dealt with promptly, any claims against the pub need to be quickly passed to your insurance company so that any claims arenít felt ignored by the customer and wanting to gain greater publicity for their misfortune, as bad news soon spreads, the customer might decide to go to the newspapers, thatís the benefit of good insurance where the publican is not afraid to make a claim as they know the claim will be dealt with promptly without seeing their premiums rise.

Pub insurance is available for all size pubs from microbreweries to Michelin starred pubs, single day events serving alcohol to city bars and country pubs, when you complete the online quote you specify the location and size of your pub so that the quotation can be made accurately around your actual pub rather than a one size fits all insurance policy which will cost you more than a bespoke policy.

If you have accidently let your pub insurance expire or just noticed that the public liability insurance portion of your pub insurance is out of date, easy to do when the insurance document is displayed on the wall and a member of staff tells you that your policy is out of date, you can then go online and buy your insurance immediately, pay by debit or credit card and your insurance documents will be emailed to you, you can print out your employee liability insurance document and display it publicly in your pub usually a kitchen area or break room so all members of staff can see.

Vandalism Is One Of The Most Common Claims On Pub Insurance

Pub insurance is an umbrella term for several different types of insurance from buildings and contents insurance to pub stock insurance and employee liability or business interruption or loss of licensing, you pick the options that you want included in your insurance from a range of options selected for you as a common pub insurance package, to make your insurance cheaper just select the insurance that you need, for example if your pub does not have a carpark then donít include liability insurance that covers your customers cars.

Vandalism is one of the most common claims on pub insurance, drunken customers and young customers are the perfect demographic for malicious damage to your property, with a comprehensive pub insurance policy you wonít have to pay bills yourself and can claim on your insurance without worrying that your premiums will rise or you will be denied insurance in the future.