Plumbing and Drainage Insurance

Plumbing and Drainage Insurance

Plumbing and Drainage Insurance for fixing burst pipes, blocked drains and toilets. The best home emergency insurance cover.

When you have plumbing emergencies like a blocked drain causing the waste water to overflow or a burst pipe filling your home with water then you will wish you had plumbing and drain insurance, with a home emergency number you can call day or night your be able to phone and arrange for an emergency plumber to come out and fix your pipes or drains.

If you donít have plumbing and drainage insurance and you do have an emergency then you can still get an online quote and take the insurance out straight away, just say on the quote form that you currently have an emergency and need a plumber to attend.

Residential Or Commercial Property

Plumbing and drains cover can be for a residential property or for a commercial building, if your a landlord you can get plumbing and drainage insurance to cover your properties which your renting out (Landlord Insurance).

Burst Pipe Or Leaking Water

When you have a burst pipe or leaking water in your home, your need to get the plumber in straight away as your home will fill with water and your belongings and furniture will ruin, itís not like an electrical problem where an electrical socket is just not working and you could choose to ignore that socket and use another one, with water pipe problems you canít choose to ignore the problem as the water will cause flooding and damage to your home.

With a 24/7 claims line you can phone night or day and describe the problem to the insurance company and they will arrange for an emergency call out, if you donít have insurance then you will be at the back of the queue as customers with insurance will take priority.

Insurance Coverage Can Include Drains, Plumbing, Gas Boilers And Electrical Systems

Insurance coverage can include drains, plumbing, gas boilers and electrical systems so whatever problem you have and as the aptly named home emergency insurance describes, it applies to any home emergency and your be able to get a plumber or engineer to your home or commercial propriety straight away to fix the problem.

Boiler Cover

Boiler cover is an option of home emergency and plumbing and drains insurance, the boiler cover will fix any issues with your gas or electric immersion heater, so if you have no hot water or no heating or your gas boiler is making a funny noise then you can have an emergency call out as part of your insurance package.

Central Heating Cover

Central heating cover includes your gas boiler, radiators and all water pipes, so the complete system that provides your home with hot water and heating, knowing you have home emergency insurance is comforting as you can call the engineer for any problem you might have, with young children or the elderly in the house itís even more important to have hot water and heating and the emergency cover will prioritise homes with a young family or the elderly to get your hot water and central heating fixed first.

Plumbing Cover

Plumbing cover, drainage cover and electrical cover are all options on the insurance quote, choose the cover you want and get a quote and pay your premium, you can pay monthly by direct debit so that you donít have to pay the annual cost all in one go, if you already have electrical cover or your home wiring is new and you donít anticipate any problems then you could just get plumbing, drains and central heating cover.

Combined Emergency Cover

Combined emergency cover can include plumbing and drain cover or you can get the plumbing and drains covered independently of your home emergency cover, itís always worth looking to see what home emergencies you have had in the past, if your electrical system has never had any problems then it probably will continue to be fine whereas if your gas boiler is always breaking down then it would be cheaper for you to get Gas Boiler Insurance included.

Landlord Insurance

If your a landlord then your be interested in landlord boiler cover which provides emergency cover for your heating system in the homes that you rent out, you can pay a monthly fee to have emergency cover for all your properties and a range of emergency cover which includes not just the gas boiler but also plumbing, drains, electrical, gas and home security, that way whatever goes wrong with your rental properties your have a qualified engineer in attendance straight away and all parts and labour will be included at no extra charge just the monthly insurance premium.

Insurance For Plumbing

Insurance for plumbing is one of the most common home insurance types because a water leak or a toilet that doesnít work is one of the most critical types of home emergency, with plumbing insurance your have a qualified plumber in attendance the same day.

Plumbing and drainage cover will include repairs to all drains and pipes in your property, you might incorrectly think that water pipes running under your garden are the responsibility of the water board, but if the pipes or drains are on your property then you are responsible for their upkeep and underground pipes can be very expensive to repair as you might have to dig up your drive or your garden or move a greenhouse or a shed to gain access to the underground pipes, with insurance you wonít have to worry about the cost.

Most plumbing and drains insurance will have no excess fees, meaning that when you call the plumber out for a repair you donít have to pay anything, other insurance companies will demand an excess of up to fifty pounds per call out, meaning that each time the engineer visits your home you must pay the first fifty pounds of the repair bill, if the repair runs into hundreds or even thousands of pounds you will still only have to pay out the first fifty pounds of the repair even if the repairman has to make multiple visits to your property to repair the same problem.

No Extra Charges For Parts, Labour Or Call Outs

Thereís no extra charges for parts, labour or call outs with most plumbing and drains insurance so as long as your paying the monthly premium which is the same amount of money each month, your be able to call out the engineer as many times as you like and no matter what is wrong with the plumbing or drains or any of the other home systems like boilers, electrical or home security your never pay any more, if an expensive item like your mains water stopcock needs to be replaced you wonít pay any more for the insurance even if it takes the engineers several days to fix the problem.

Plumbing insurance and home emergency cover in general comes with a range of polices, so you can mix and match exactly what you need, donít pay for any cover you already have, if you have recently had your gas boiler replaced and it came with a two year breakdown warranty then donít include the gas boiler as part of your insurance at least not for the first two years until you become liable for any breakdown costs.

GroundworkíS And Water Pipes

Cover your plumbing and drainage at a minimum, groundworkís for water pipes are very expensive, should a hard winter cause a pipe to freeze then that pipe will have to be dug up and replaced, the resulting flood might just affect your own property or it might flood your neighbours property and without insurance your be responsible for any repairs and damage to your neighbours property as well as your own.

Boiler cover will just include your gas or electric immersion heater, if your gas boiler is found to be working but your radiators are found to be at fault then just having boiler cover wonít fix the radiators, so ideally have central heating cover which will include the boiler, radiators and all pipes basically the whole system that provides hot water and heat in your home, the only time just having boiler cover on its own is advantageous is if you have an old boiler that keeps breaking down and you want this to be fixed with no additional cost to you.

Electrical Breakdowns

Electrical breakdowns can be anything from your fusebox or electrical supply cable to any electrical distribution boards in your home, if your house wiring is old then electrical insurance will make sure that any problems are dealt with by a qualified electrician, itís rarely worth having electrical insurance on itís own and your want to get this as part of a wider home emergency insurance package.

Annual Service

Your gas boiler will need an annual service, if your a landlord your need Corgi registered gas installers to service your gas boiler and give you a certificate that you can show your tenants to prove the gas boiler is safe to use, with home insurance for landlords you can get the annual service as part of the insurance package.

Insurance Policies

Insurance policies for the home vary a great deal in what they include, an all encompassing insurance that includes water, gas, electric and home security is the preferred option, donít get home emergency insurance in parts from different suppliers, donít for instance get your gas insurance from one company and your water insurance from another company as the different insurers involved will always be trying to hand off the problem to the other company and your never get your breakdown attended to.

Annual Boiler Service

The annual boiler service will come with any triple insurance cover of electrical, plumbing and heating boiler cover, with an annual service keeping your home systems in good order you might not even need to call an engineer out all year long, with older properties and shared water, electricity and gas supply properties your more likely to need home cover than you are with a new property.

Plumbing and drainage are two of the most expensive repair types that your have to deal with as a home owner, with insurance you have your plumbing and drainage covered for a monthly fee, the cost does not change no matter how many times you call the plumber out to fix a leak or a blocked drain.

Water Supply Pipe

The water supply pipe running into your home is your responsibility where it crosses your homes property boundary, if the supply pipe runs under your concrete drive then its your responsibility to pay for the concrete drive to be dug up and the leak in the pipe fixed, if the pipe runs under your neighbours garage then there is the added cost of the work involved on your neighbours property, these costs can get very expensive very quickly without insurance and with insurance you wonít pay more than the monthly fee.

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring gets more dangerous with age, the plastic around the electrical cables starts to breakdown after a number of years and needs replacement or maintenance, this is expensive as the wiring runs in your walls throughout your home, with insurance any electrical breakdowns will be fixed for the monthly fee.

Other options worth including with your home emergency cover are security and roofing, flat roofs are notorious for leaking as the water canít adequately drain off a flat roof, so if you have a flat roof on your conservatory or any roof area of your property or an old roof then insurance cover would be wise, if the wind blows tiles off your roof and your roof starts to leak your have to pay the costs of the roof repair yourself unless you have roof insurance as part of your home emergency cover.

Home Security

Home security like locking windows and doors, cameras and chains are included in many home insurance options, your get an annual survey that will assess your property and fit any security devices that are recommended, this wonít cost you any more than the monthly fee for your insurance.

Most home security companies wonít charge you an excess, where they do it will typically be fifty pounds per call out, but note that is the most your ever pay if repairing your drains or gas boiler costs hundreds or even thousands, the only cost your ever pay is the monthly premium.

Plumbing and drainage problems are one of the biggest expenses a home owner can face, with insurance cover either just for the plumbing or drains or as part of a bigger home emergency cover insurance package, you can be assured that any problem will be dealt with by qualified engineers and your get an immediate emergency call out to fix the problem all for one monthly insurance premium.