Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance is not only for cats and dogs, but horses, donkeys, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish and any other domesticated animal you might have living at home with you, now guinea pigs and hamsters might not be domesticated but you can get them insured against vet bills.

Pet insurance usually works in two ways either you pay all the vet bills yourself and then claim them back from the insurance company by emailing them your vet bills or the insurance company pays the vet directly so you donít have to find the money to pay the vet yourself, where the insurance company pays the bills direct, they will usually pay within five working days so you wonít have to wait too long for your pet to get treatment.

Vet Bills

Of course when your pet is unwell you want treatment straight away and even waiting two or three days is too long, so if your worried about that then choose a plan where you pay upfront to the vet yourself and then claim it back from the insurance company.

As with all medical insurance and dogs, cats, horses, birds and hamsters are no exception, when you need medical treatment for an unexpected medical condition you need it straight away, if you have a pet plan where the insurance company pays the vet direct your need to use insurance company approved vets, the insurance company will provide a list of approved vets near you. If you have to travel far then consider Travel Insurance.

Speak To A Qualified Vet About Your Concerns

Most pet insurance companies have 24/7 freephone telephone numbers where you can speak to a qualified vet about your concerns, ideal if your worried if you should take your cat or dog to the vet where a quick call to the pet insurance company to speak with a vet can put your mind at rest.

If your ensuring a larger animal like a horse or pony of course the vet will come out to you to treat your animal, many pet plans (although not the basic plans) will include CT and MRI scans to look inside the body of your animal without surgery, in just the same way that humans can have these same scans.

Bereavement Counselling As Part Of The Insurance Package

The premium plans will include bereavement counselling as part of the insurance package, should the worst happen and your pet die then you and your family can speak to a qualified bereavement counsellor on the phone, if you have young children then having someone to speak to through this difficult time can be of enormous benefit.

Pet insurance will also pay out for pet burials to cover the expense of burying your pet using purpose made coffins or to pay the bills at a pet cemetery.

Multi-Pet Insurance

Get quotes for your dog or cat and if you have more than one pet then you can have multi-pet insurance, here you insure several pets either all at the same time or gradually as you get more pets or their individual pet insurance expires, with multi-pet insurance you get discounts for the more pets you own and itís certainly much cheaper than all your pets on their own insurance.

You can get lifetime cover too, so for a set fee your pet will be insured for all medical bills for their lifetime, now you have to be careful here as most pet insurance will specify what a lifetime is, itís not always until your pet dies of old age as insurance companies will specify old age for a dog as being up to six years and old age for a cat as being up to eight years, so if your dog or cat lives longer than that then the lifetime cover will not pay the vet bills any more.

Lifetime Cover

Note that just because lifetime cover wonít pay for your vet bills does not mean that normal pet insurance wonít pay out for any age of pet no matter how old they are, itís only that the specific life cover is not really life, just till your dog or cat gets old.

There is no worse feeling in the world than to know your dog, cat or horse needs medical attention but that you donít have the money to pay the vet bills and must get your pet put down, please donít find yourself in this awful situation and get pet insurance now, then any medical conditions that come up your be able to take your pet to the vets, the massive feeling of guilt and tears from the children when you canít pay the vet bills can be totally avoided with pet insurance.

Not All Pet Insurance Plans Include Accident Or Injury Cover

Not all pet insurance plans include accident or injury cover, so for example if your dog or cat got run over by a car that is an accident that led to an injury, some pet insurance polices wonít pay out, they will only pay out for medical problems not caused by accident or injury for example your dog needing a cataract operation.

Children love animals and Iím sure you have found yourself under lots of pressure to adopt a pet or go to the pet shop and buy a pet, itís wonderful to own a pet and have them as part of the family, but donít forget that just like people, pets get sick and when they do they need to go to their own doctors and sometimes need hospital treatment just like us, so whilst you might have budgeted for your cat or dogs food and the cost of the animal from the pet shop, your also find yourself with vet bills and pet insurance will pay those vet bills so you donít have to find the money.

Pet Insurance Will Pay For Your Dog Or Cat To Be Neutered

Pet insurance will pay for your dog or cat to be neutered or tie the knot or get the snip as they say, the reason that you can claim for this on vet insurance is that neutered cats and dogs are generally more docile and as a dog or cat owner you wonít have other dog or cat owners chasing you saying your pet got their dog or cat pregnant and wanting you to pay the vet bills, yes as strange as it sounds this does actually happen.

Dog insurance should also include third party insurance so if your dog attacks another dog or person in the park for example and that other person takes you to court, your pet insurance will pay out, of course not everything can be claimed on your pet insurance, if you allow your dog to foul the pavement and you are fined then your have to pay the fine yourself as this cost was entirely preventable by you if you carried a pooper scooper.

Get Insurance For Other Pets Like Rabbits, Caged Birds, Hawks, Homing Pigeons And Horses

Whilst dogs and cats are the most common pets, you can still get insurance for other pets like rabbits, caged birds, hawks, homing pigeons and horses, whilst this is specialist insurance most insurance companies can arrange this insurance for you, now whilst you can get fish insurance the insurance will most likely pay for the replacement of the fish rather than any vet bills as unfortunately there is limited treatment available for fish at the vets.

All pet insurance will pay for the replacement of your animal upon itís death, whilst that is no consolation for the loss of a loved one at least you donít have to worry about the cost of replacement.

When you get a free quote your notice that there are different levels of insurance cover available, basic cover like lifetime cover that wonít include your dog or cat being neutered or any accident or injury claims and then more comprehensive cover that will include bereavement counselling and a 24/7 veterinary advice line.

Look for essential cover for just the basics and advanced cover for neutering costs to be paid and pet replacement cover and MRI and CT scans to be included, of course as with health insurance the best cover is better than the standard cover but you can only buy what you can afford and having the vet bills paid by the insurance company should be a pet owners number one priority.

Horse insurance will include not only insurance and vet bills paid for the horse but also insurance for the rider in much the same way as you can insure your bicycle and yourself when riding the bike or like the difference between third party and fully comprehensive car insurance.

With Horse Insurance ItíS Important To Get Insurance For The Rider Too

With horse insurance itís important to get insurance for the rider too as a fall from your horse can and will lead to serious injury not least from a broken ankle or sprain but much worse if you are riding your horse on the open road where there is a danger of a car hitting you and the horse or your horse getting spooked by inconsiderate drivers and trampling on someone or jumping on a car, this might sound far fetched but when a horse is threatened by a car they think itís another animal and want to jump on that other animal causing severe injury to the occupants of the car and of course damage to the car.

Remember for dogs, horses and even rabbits that could pose a third party risk itís important to get third party insurance so that if your animal causes damage to another property or another person and make no mistake that other person, that third party, will sue you through the small claims court or take you to crown court to recover any financial loss your pet has caused.

If your pet dies it is of course very sad and as well as the bereavement counselling offered by the pet insurance there is also pet funeral cover that will pay for a service at the pet cemetery so you and your family can say goodbye to your pet properly, without the pet insurance you will have to find this money yourself or not be able to give your pet the send off that you would wish they could have.

Whilst owning a pet can bring great joy to you and your family there is also great responsibilities in keeping your pet happy and healthy and that means be able to pay the vet bills using the money from your pet insurance and that also means being able to deal with the situation effectively should your pet die and that means bereavement lines, pet cemetery and funeral costs not to mention maybe a lengthy period of vet bills, pet insurance pays for all of that and you donít have to worry about those bills.

ItíS Not Just Your Pet That Benefits From Pet Insurance But You And Your Family

Itís not just your pet that benefits from pet insurance but you and your family do too with peace of mind from being able to phone a vet day or night for advice and details of when you should or should not take your animal to the vets, not having to worry about the health of your dog, cat, rabbit or horse is worth the small monthly premium that the pet insurance will charge.

Pet bills are unexpected bills, you donít plan for your dog or cat to be unwell the same way you donít plan to be unwell yourself but you can plan ahead and buy pet insurance now so that as soon as your dog or cat or other animal is unwell you can make a claim in the pet insurance.

Itís not a legal requirement to have pet insurance but it is a legal requirement to prevent cruelty to animals (something you can be taken to court for, fined and even jailed) you can prevent cruelty by making sure the animals in your care receive the proper medical attention they deserve and the easiest and cheapest way to do that is with pet insurance.

Whether you choose pet insurance where you pay all the bills then email receipts to the pet insurance company for reimbursement or whether you choose a plan that pays the vet directly itís important to get the level of cover you need for your pet who after all is another member of the family, with pet insurance there is no need to fear vet bills any more.