Pest Control Insurance

Pest Control Insurance

Pest Control Insurance to cover rat, mice, squirrels, bees, wasps, hornets, cockroaches, bedbugs and other rodent, animal and insect damage in your home.

Most home insurance polices will not cover animal infestations caused by rats, mice, squirrels, bees, wasps, hornets, cockroaches, bed bugs and other rodent damage because the insurance companies regard these infestations as part of home maintenance so your only see pest control insurance with home emergency cover polices.

Home Emergency Cover

To protect your home you need home emergency cover that includes animal infestation, whilst no one likes to think about insects or rats in their home and they hope it does not happen to them, when it does happen your be glad you had animal infestation insurance and could get a trained exterminator out to your property immediately.

Home emergency cover can include animal infestation and extermination options either as standard or as additional options, if you have ever had a rat in your home then your know the damage a rat or mouse can do, they crawl through the cavity walls and pipe ducts and have access to your entire home, rats and mice eat through electrical and phone cables and wall insulation damaging your home, not to mention the diseases that rodents carry that your family will now be exposed too.

Contents Insurance And Buildings Insurance

Contents insurance and buildings insurance will not cover animal infestations as itís only covered by home emergency cover, if your a student living in rented accommodation you might not want to rely on your landlord, whilst you argue with your landlord over weeks or months, you are the one living with a rodent or other animal infestation, you can take out your own home insurance policy on the property that you are renting, although landlords should have their own Landlord Insurance as well.

Animal Infestation Insurance

Pest control and animal infestation insurance is affordable, it will add very little to your monthly premium and yet the protection and service it provides is lifesaving, if you have ever had a burglary and felt you and your home has been violated, your feel exactly the same with a rat or other animal infestation problem.

Animal Extermination

With flexible and instant cover available, simply get an online quote and choose the pest control or animal extermination options and as soon as you accept the quote and pay the premium your be covered, you can claim on the insurance straight away, you will have to inform the insurance company when you take out the insurance if you currently have an animal infestation problem, but as long as you inform them it wonít change your premiums, you might be asked to pay an excess for the first call out which would typically be fifty pounds, this only applies if you are getting insurance for a pre-existing problem.

You can buy pest control insurance online in minutes and either include the pest control option as part of a wider home emergency insurance which might cover Plumbing and Drainage Insurance, electricalís and your Gas Boiler Insurance or just buy pest insurance as a standalone.

When you buy insurance from a UK company your have a UK based contact centre which means that you can call the contact centre any time day or night and speak to an insurance specialist who will be able to arrange for a pest exterminator to come out to your property and deal with the problem you have, that might be a wasps nests in your loft or a rat in your home or any other highly unpleasant problem that the exterminators can deal with immediately.

Public Liability Insurance

As part of your home emergency insurance cover you might need public liability insurance, if for example you have rats in your home and through your own failure to exterminate the rats because maybe you didnít have insurance and hopped the problem would go away but now the rats have spread to a neighbouring property or you have a wasps nest on the side of your home but you did not remove the nest and now a neighbour has been attacked by the wasps or even worse a hornets nest, with rodent and insect extermination, the public liability insurance that your have may well be needed to settle a claim you might have with your neighbours.

As well as home emergency insurance if you have a commercial property like a building used for business or a flat that you rent out then your be able to get the same sort of home emergency cover as a landlord or commercial building owner.

Pest Extermination Services

The local authority may have pest extermination services that you can call on, sometimes these will be free and sometimes you will have to pay for their services and sometimes the local authority (council) wonít have any pest extermination services at all, it depends on each individual local authority.

Rodent Or Vermin Damage

Rodent or vermin damage is a major cause for concern, itís bad enough having rats, mice or even squirrels in your home but if they start eating through electrical cables and causing fires or eating the cavity wall insulation or leaving rat droppings which contain disease that can spread to members of the family then you have a problem that you need to handle immediately, with home emergency insurance you have a call centre to phone and speak to a friendly advisor who can get the exterminators out to your home, without insurance your have to pay emergency rates for any pest extermination company you call as well as having to wait until they have a free appointment which might be a week or more away.

Household Insurance

Household insurance polices rarely cover rodent damage, the insurance companies view rodent and animal infestations as part of any home emergency service cover you might have so it wonít be covered by your home and buildings content insurance, your need separate home emergency insurance for this, any damage to your belongings may be covered by your contents insurance.

Damage Caused By Pests

Damage caused by pests in your property will be put right by home emergency insurance and not by house insurance or any other form of insurance.

For the best pest control insurance cover get the insurance as part of any home emergency insurance package, its easy to choose the pest control option as part of emergency cover when your requesting an online quote, even if you currently have an infestation you can still take the emergency home insurance out and then immediately book a call out to get rid of the infestation.

Animal Damage To Your Home

Animal damage to your home from domestic dogs and cats will not be covered by your home insurance policy, your contents insurance policy may very well cover accidental damage and your be able to make a claim, you might have to pay an excess fro the first one hundred pounds for domestic animal damage, as if you have pets (Pet Insurance) its a common occurrence so the insurance company will try to dissuade you from making smaller frivolous claims by demanding that you pay an excess.

Common problems that you can use pest control insurance for are a bee or wasps nest in your home, typically in the eaves of your roof, in the loft or in the chimney, rats or mice entering your home through drains, cockroaches, ants and other infestations entering your home through little cracks in the walls, squirrels entering your roof space and even moth damage to clothes.

Rat, Rodents And Other Animal Infestations

Protect yourself against rat, rodents and other animal infestations in your home, garden and outbuildings, home emergency cover will insure you against these infestations meaning you can call the same number you call to report that your gas boiler is not working and your have an expert at removing and killing infestations arriving in your home quickly and discretely.

Itís dangerous to remove any infestations from pests yourself, rats carry all sorts of diseases that can be fatal to man or at least make you very ill, hornets can kill you, a bee or wasps nest can sting you badly especially if you are allergic to their stings, squirrels can bite and be dangerous, cockroaches move fast and many people fear them, basically most infestations need to be treated by experts, the animals can attack you or make you ill and the chemicals needed to rid your home of the infestation are in many cases poisonous.

With pest control insurance the insurance company will send round a professional to your home to deal with the problem, you wonít have to buy any poisons or traps as anything the exterminators need will be brought with them and they have the appropriate training in using the poisons and advising you of the steps you need to take to keep yourself and your family safe.

Rats, Mice, Ants, Cockroaches Bedbugs Or Any Other

These professionals will clear your home of the infestation whether it be rats, mice, ants, cockroaches bedbugs or any other type of animal that you might have in the home, donít be shy thinking that it is embarrassing to have bedbugs or rats in your home the insurance company and the animal exterminators have seen these problems before and deal with these problems every day of the week, if an animal infestation enters your home it does not mean in any way that you have a bad home, quite the contrary, the animal liked your home and wanted to come inside.

Pest Infestation Insurance

Pest infestation insurance is cheaper than you might think, when bought as part of a home emergency insurance package the monthly premium is cheap, much cheaper than an emergency call out from a rat catcher or other animal infestation specialist who will charge you their emergency rates.

With pest control insurance you wonít pay any more than your monthly premium, if you have a large animal infestation problem that takes several trips from the exterminator to cure you wonít pay any more than the monthly premium, if the infestation needs the purchase of poisons or traps then the costs will be covered by your monthly premium and you wonít have to pay any more.

Moles In Your Garden

You might have moles in your garden making mole hills all over your lawn, you can claim on your pest control insurance for moles, mice, rats, bedbugs and any other animal that is in your home, garden or outbuildings and shouldnít be.

Flees In Your Home

If your being bitten on your ankles as you walk across your carports you might have flees in your home, an animal infestation expert can treat your carpets and floors for this and its all part of the emergency home insurance service.


If your being bitten in your bed or having severe allergic reactions at night you might have bedbugs, a specialist can confirm the presence of bedbugs and treat your beds, carpets and other fabrics, itís all part of the pest control insurance which you can buy either standalone or as part of a wider home emergency policy.

Moth Damage

Moth damage to your clothes in the wardrobe will require a pest control specialist to kill the moths and then a claim on your pest control insurance for damage to your clothes, you might be able to claim on your homes contents insurance too, with most companies offering a new for old policy on damage to clothing and contents.

Animal Infestation

Whilst having an animal infestation of any kind can be very frightening making you feel like your home is not your own and with rodents, insects and other vermin having free reign of your home itís both frightening and costly with pest control insurance you need not face the bills alone, for a monthly fee known as the premium you can call out the specialists to any number of pest incidents you might have in your home, if it takes several visits from the exterminators to cure the problem then you wonít pay more than the monthly premium.

Choose from stand alone pest control insurance or get pest control insurance as part of an emergency home insurance policy and never have to worry about hiring a pest control expert yourself as your be able to call one number and speak to an insurance specialist who can have the experts come to your home immediately.