Performance Car Insurance

Performance Car Insurance

Performance Car Insurance for Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Ferrari, Aston Martin and other modified, imported, classic and high performance sports cars with cover including windscreen cover, replacement lock cover, miss-fueling cover and multi-car policies for annual and short term cover.

Performance car insurance need not be expensive whilst a high street insurer will insure the car leading to a very expensive quote a specialist high performance car insurance broker will insure the person, just because a sports car is fast it does not mean that the person behind the wheel is reckless, so by insuring the driver rather than trying to match a high performance car with overpriced insurance your get the best deal.

The insurance companies definition of a performance car will vary between brokers but generally itís defined as a car designed with greater power and speed than is necessary for everyday driving, this might be a modified car where the car has been Ďsouped upí to have greater speed and power by upgrading turbo chargers, carburettors, injection systems and brakes or it might be an imported car (Imported Car Insurance) that was designed for another market like the USA or Japan or of course a luxury car or sports car like Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Ferrari and Aston Martin.

Classic Cars And Hot Hatches

Classic cars especially classic sports and even modern Ďhot hatchesí are also classified by insurance companies as performance cars as their specifications greatly exceed what is needed for everyday driving on the roads.

If your a new driver your pay more for your insurance regardless of what you drive, if you own a performance car your pay even more as you will have no driving history, most specialist high performance car insurance companies will insure the driver rather than the car so a driver with no experience does push up the price of the insurance, you can be listed as a named driver on someone elseís insurance policy and this will reduce the cost of your own insurance as the policy will be designed around the more experienced driver, then after several years you can get your own insurance at a cheaper rate, some insurance companies will frown on new drivers being listed on a more experienced drivers insurance arguing that new drivers should have their own insurance policy, but its perfectly legal and a route to cheaper insurance enjoyed by many.

Whilst third party insurance is all you need to drive on UK roads you will have no insurance protection for damage to your own vehicle and as itís a performance car thatís going to prove expensive in repair bills so only take out fully comprehensive insurance and ignore third party and third party fire and theft options.

Performance Car Insurance For Women Drivers

If your a women looking for performance car insurance your in luck as a women driver will get a cheaper quote than a man for performance car insurance, statistically women are safer drivers and men especially in high performance sports cars are not safe drivers, this works to a womenís advantage and your be able to get yourself a cheap insurance quote with low monthly premiums.

High Performance Sports Car Insurance

For high performance sports car insurance itís only the independent insurance companies and brokers who will offer you a good deal, specialists insure the person, generalists insure the vehicle so your always get more expensive insurance from a generalist high street insurer.

Insurance with a 24/7 claim line means that you can make a claim immediately, performance cars do attract admirers and they also attract vandalism, so if you do find your car has been scratched or Ďkeyedí or someone has thoughtlessly banged their car door into your bodywork or you have a stone chip on the windscreen and want to take advantage of the insurance covers free windscreen repair then you can phone day or night and report the incident.

If your car breaks down which high performance, modified (Modified Car Insurance) and classic cars (Classic Car Insurance) you will need specialist parts and tools more so than say a production car, so you can have Car Breakdown Insurance included as part of your car insurance policy, the rescue service will attend to your car at the roadside and if it canít be repaired on the roadside the recovery vehicle will put the car on the back of a trailer (they wonít tow a performance car) and your car will be repaired at an insurance company approved repair centre with the insurance company paying the garage for the repair work directly.

Loan Car When Your Own Performance Car Is Being Repaired

If your car will be out of action for a few weeks your be offered a loan car that will be of a similar value to your own performance sports car, whist not the same make or model it will still be a performance car from Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Ferrari or Aston Martin.

The car breakdown insurance can be for UK only or Europe wide with partner vehicle repair and recovery companies on the continent, similar to the insurance policy itself, you can opt for UK only insurance or Europe wide insurance with most sports car insurance polices offering several weeks a year where you can use the car in Europe at no extra charge, if you want more than typically three weeks in any one trip abroad (Travel Insurance) then your have to take out the European insurance option when you request the online quote.

Cheaper Insurance

For a cheaper policy donít take out European recovery or European car insurance if your only using the car in the UK, if you only plan on using the car abroad for several weeks a year then you can contact the insurance company before your trip and have the appropriate number of days in Europe added to your UK insurance, this will keep the cost lower than paying for a years worth of European insurance cover which you wonít use.

On the online insurance quote for performance cars you can choose a bespoke policy where you and your cars individual requirements can be taken account of, if you have upgraded the security system then your be able to get a lower insurance premium for added security, which might involve vehicle trackers and cameras if these donít come as standard on your car, you might have a high value entertainment system that has been fitted by a specialist company and the value of this can be added to the policy to offer you the correct amount of insurance otherwise when you come to claim against your insurance the policy wonít represent the value of the car and your be unable to claim the true value of the cars worth.

Performance car underwriters are a knowledgeable group who have been insuring performance cars for many years, these teams drive performance sports cars and have many years of experience with performance car customers so when you come to make a claim or to make a change to your policy they will be able to offer their expert opinion.

Multi-Car Policy

If you have several cars you want to insure where not all the cars are performance cars then you can get a multi-car policy which lists the cars on the policy, some might be sports cars, other luxury cars and others general purpose cars used by you or your staff (Chauffeur Insurance), you can have all your cars on a multi-car policy and your benefit from cheaper combined insurance.

As well as similar prices and a specified courtesy car when you take your car to a garage approved by the insurance company your also be able to get key and lock replacement cover, so if you ever lose your keys or suffer damage to your car door locks from theft or vandalism the cost of replacing keys and locks will be reimbursed by the insurance company.

Windscreen Cover

Your also get windscreen cover where if you suffer a stone chip on your windscreen you can get a free repair and if you have a bigger crack or the windscreen is shattered you might have to pay an excess which means your have to pay the first five hundred pounds or whatever excess limit the insurance company set and the insurance company will pay for the rest of the repair, however many insurance policies will offer a zero excess option where there is no excess that has to be paid for any repair, replacement or labour charge.

Mis-Fuelling Cover

The insurance will also offer mis-fuelling cover which pays all the bills to repair your car if you ever put the wrong type of fuel in your car for example putting diesel in a petrol car will cause the catalytic converter to break and the engine management system to error plus of course the car wonít actually start and if it does your cause extensive damage to the engine, all these costs will be covered by the insurance company if you choose miss-fuelling cover.

Not all sports cars or performance cars are used everyday if you just take your car to a show or use it occasionally you can get short term cover, this temporary cover allows you to enjoy your car when you want to without having to pay for a whole years worth of insurance, itís a cheaper option and if you only plan on using your sports car in the summer months then it makes financial sense to get short term cover.

Performance Car Insurance For Under 25 Year Old's

If your under the age of 25 then performance car cover will be more expensive as you will have less experience driving than someone with more years behind the wheel and less experience is statistically proven to increase the risk of accidents and damage that an insurance company would have to pay out on, so the insurance premium will be higher, of course you can be a named driver on someone elseís insurance policy and drive your performance car on their insurance policy, you can then switch to your own named insurance policy when you have been driving for several years, you will of course not accrue a no claims discount if you are not the named driver.

Whilst you might not consider a Ďhot hatchí as a performance car in the same spirit as an Aston Martin, the insurance companies look at the performance of the car and the drivers likelihood of causing increased risk through fast or reckless driving and this is as easy to do in a hot hatch, sports car or luxury performance car so even a hot hatch insurance premium will cost more, the tip here is to not use a high street insurer but insure the car with a specialist performance car insurance company that insures the individual driver and the individual drivers risk, for example are they a responsible driver with no previous driving bans and few speeding points and have they been driving for many years.

Whilst your car may have cost more to purchase that does not mean that you have to be taken for a ride when it comes to insuring your luxury car, specialist insurance companies deal with performance car insurance each day and can offer you the best quote that is tailored to you and your car, for example if you donít drive all year then there is no need to insure your car all year, if you donít drive abroad then there is no need to insure your car for driving abroad, when you request an insurance quote online choose only the options that apply to your situation and your get the cheapest quote possible.

Mercedes, BMW And Audi Drivers Can Get The Cheapest Quotes

Mercedes, BMW and Audi drivers can get the cheapest quotes from a specialist insurance broker that only deals with performance cars, try to get the same quote from a high street insurance company and your pay at least double for your car insurance.

With an extended warranty (Used Car Warranty) even performance cars that are now a few years old can have all the costs of parts and labour paid for by the insurance company, couple this with insurance which reimburses you for replacement windows, keys, locks and offers breakdown cover and same value courtesy cars and you have the complete car insurance package to look after your car and look after you whilst your car is being repaired in the event of accident of mechanical failure.

Use the online form from a specialist performance car insurance company to choose just the options that are important to you and your get a bespoke policy thatís ideally suited to you and your performance car.