Office Insurance

Office Insurance

Office Insurance with liability cover, personal accident cover, professional liability, employers liability, office contents insurance, office premisses insurance and insurance for the computers, office furniture and documents in the office. Polices cover theft, fire damage, water damage, legal expenses, equipment cover and commercial landlord insurance.

Office insurance is an umbrella policy for several different types of insurance you might need for your office, your need building insurance to protect your office from damage by flood and fire, for example a water pipe might leak causing the ceiling of your office to collapse due to the weight of water and if you have office insurance your be able to claim on that insurance for the costs of repairs to your ceiling.

Office insurance will also include contents insurance but this is not the normal contents insurance that you might have for your home, office contents insurance includes insurance for the computers in the office and any other office machines you have like printers or documents, in the example of a water leak damage to the office might include computers broken from water damage and documents ruined also from water damage, with office contents insurance your be able to claim on your insurance for the damage and use that money to buy new computers and to recreate documents if possible.

Office Insurance Might Include Personal Accident Insurance Or Employers Liability Insurance

Your office insurance might need to include personal accident insurance or Employers Liability Insurance where a worker can claim against your office insurance if they injure themselves at work, for example a worker falls off a ladder whilst reaching for the top shelf in the store room, itís not only the office worker that might take you to court for injury or loss of income due to injury but the office workers own private health insurance if they have any, the health insurance company may want to recoup their expenses by suing the office owner for the accident.

Office insurance might also include legal cover so if a client or an employee or contractor where to take the office owner to court the costs of hiring a solicitor and defending the case can be claimed on your office insurance, you can make your office insurance cheaper by buying online and selecting the exact insurance you need on the online quote for example if you own your own office building then you wonít need to include commercial office landlord insurance as you are your own landlord and tenant.

Office landlord insurance provides insurance for the landlord which includes building insurance so any damage to the building from fire, flood or structural damage will be paid out on by the insurance cover, and the fixtures and fittings inside the office will also be covered, if the landlord is leasing the office fully furnished then contents insurance can also be provided so any damage to computers, desks or carpets can be claimed on the office insurance, landlord insurance will not generally include equipment insurance unless you specifically add that to the insurance policy.

Equipment Insurance

Equipment insurance is for office equipment that cannot really be called contents insurance like chairs and tables, equipment insurance would cover computers, photocopiers and printers for example where contents insurance will just provide a small level of cover (small compensation) for damage to computers etc, without equipment insurance the compensation your receive for damage to the computers will not be enough to buy a new computer as contents insurance is capped to a maximum payout value when applied to office equipment, so you really need to add specialised equipment insurance to your office policy if you want to insure computers and other office specific equipment and machinery.

If your office undertakes work for clients on a consulting basis, producing reports and recommendations or producing plans and making calculations like engineers or accountants then your want to make sure that your office insurance includes Professional Indemnity Insurance so that if the work you do for a client is discovered to be defective and causes the client financial damage or the calculations you produced for example by an engineer leads to death or injury then your client will want to take you to court for damages, itís the professional indemnity insurance that would pay out against such claims.

The office contents policy and equipment policy will include theft and accidental damage to equipment so if for example an office worker spills their coffee all over a state of the art computer or printing system then your be able to claim on your insurance for that accidental damage which will enable you to get the machinery repaired or replaced.

Get A Free Online Quote In Minutes

You can get a free online quote in minutes, if you have just looked on the wall of your office and discovered that your office insurance policy or employers liability insurance has expired, then you can get a quote online and replace the employers liability insurance with a new policy in a matter of minutes, just pay the monthly premium by direct debit or bank transfer and print out the employers liability insurance certificate from the email the insurance company sends you and display the liability insurance on a prominent wall in the office where all office workers will be able to see it, the kitchen or break room is a common place to display an employers liability insurance certificate.

You can make a claim by phoning the UK call centre night or day, the lines are open 24/7 so if you need to make a claim for example a fire in the office that has damaged a meeting room or an employer who has tripped and fallen and you need to report the accident to the insurance company, your claims will be handled by insurance experts who can advise you on how to handle all sorts of office based insurance claims.

With office insurance you are protecting your business (Business Insurance) from accidents, injuries and catastrophes that might happen to the office and itís workers, without insurance which is a legal requirement for example employers liability insurance, you would have to pay for your own repairs or replacements and pay any claims made by employees out of your own pocket, these costs might be so large that they would bankrupt the business, with insurance your protecting your business with just a small monthly premium, then if a claim needs to be made your able to receive compensation from your insurance company to put right the disaster like a ceiling falling in or an office fire or provide private medical insurance to employees so that if they have an accident at work they will be able to receive the best medical attention so they are back at work soonest.

Business Interruption Insurance Will Pay Out When Something Happens

Business interruption insurance will pay out when something happens to the business that causes the business to incur extra costs or lose money, an example of a business interruption might be the local council closing the road to carry out emergency road repairs and the two week closure of the road means that none of your customers can visit your office and you lose business, you would then be able to claim on the insurance for the loss of business or the extra expense you had in setting up a temporary office somewhere else.

Business interruption insurance can be used to insure for example your telephone lines so that if you have no telephones working for more than a specified period of time then your be able to claim on the insurance for the loss of business caused by not having the phone lines working, you can get similar business interruption insurance for computer networks and computer systems so if your website goes down or your accounting system goes down your able to claim on your insurance for the outage, because whilst your systems are down all of your office workers canít work and your incurring the cost of their salaries without the work being done.

Offices can also insure their stock against damage or loss, for example an office that has large stocks of computers either for selling to clients or for the employees own internal use can be insured against damage and theft, damage might be as simple as a worker dropping a laptop and you being able to claim on the insurance for a new laptop for your worker or a theft where thieves break-in to your office and steal your computer equipment or steal your stock, for example an office that supports a chain of jewellers might very well have samples of jewellery in the office, if these samples are stolen then you can claim on the office insurance.

Business Contents Insurance Only

Office managers will often want to buy just one specific type of office insurance like business contents insurance only, this is because they already have building insurance or the landlord and owner of the office has building insurance but the actual contents is not insured under any other policy, with the online quote form you can select just the type of business insurance you need, for contents cover you might also need equipment cover if your trying to insure office contents that is more than just tables and chairs as contents insurance wonít pay out for expensive office equipment like computers, photocopiers, printers and servers.

Another popular type of office insurance is small office insurance where you can specify the number of office workers so you have everyone covered on the employers liability insurance and if you want you can also have accident insurance for each employee or private health care included on a small office policy you simply specify how many people work at the company either the exact number of to the nearest five people so you have room to recruit more people without having to increase your office insurance.

Itís important to note that companies seeking office contents insurance only, think that contents insurance will cover office equipment like computer servers and printers, it will not, office contents insurance only covers contents like tables, chairs and carpets, its the office equipment insurance that will cover the more expensive computers and printers and its the increased cost of office equipment that means contents insurance will not cover it without the additional policy, thatís why buying online where you can choose from all the different types of polices in one go or choose a type of business insurance like small office insurance, surgery insurance for dentists, doctors and health centres, professional office insurance for offices that have client work that needs to be insured and taxi and minicab office insurance for small porter cabin type offices.

Office Depot Insurance

Office depot insurance is specifically designed to cover depots where vehicles are continually arriving and departing and there are lots of different people coming and going as the increased number of people increases the risk of accident, injury and theft in your office.

Visitors to your office will also need office liability insurance to extend to them, if an injury occurs to a visitor for example the visitor falls down the office steps then they may claim against you for medical treatment or an injury which does not heal (permanent injury), when visitors are inside your office you become liable for their welfare and should have insurance to protect them.

If you have a mortgage on your office building then the mortgage company will demand that your office is insured for building insurance, contents insurance and equipment insurance as the mortgage company will want to see any costs inured for accident or damage are recoverable from an insurance company, similarly any loans taken out against the business will want to see that you have insurance so that the business will not be responsible for repairing and replacing equipment that could have been claimed on the insurance policy if they had one.

Renting Out The Office

When your renting an office the commercial landlord (Landlord Insurance) who owns the office will have buildings insurance for the office, how far that insurance extends to you as the tenant can only be determined by seeing the landlords insurance policy this policy might provide some cover to the business or none at all so itís always worth checking any current polices and taking out separate insurance where there are gaps in cover, you have both a legal responsibility and liability to take out office insurance and can also protect the business from expenses where you are able to claim for loss.