Motorhome Insurance

Motorhome Insurance

Motorhome Insurance for campervans and American RVís with European cover, over 50ís discounts, import and self build cover for all makes of Motorhome including Elddis, Autotrail, Hymer and Swift with accidental damage, public liability, contents insurance, no excess and temporary motorhome insurance options all available.

Motorhomes or indeed any type of vehicle that you can sleep in (that has at least one berth) like a campervan or self built motorhome or bus conversion requires insurance to legally be used on the road as after all the motorhome is a self powered vehicle so you need at least third party insurance to be used on UK roads.

Third party insurance or third party fire and theft is not going to be much use to the motorhome owner, the insurance (third party insurance) meets the minimum requirements of UK law to use your motorhome on the road in the UK but your only insured for third party and the insurance can therefore only compensate the third party if your own motorhome is damaged in a road accident or camp site accident then you wonít have any insurance cover and will have to pay all repair bills or replacement of parts and contents yourself.

With fire and theft added to the third party insurance you are at least covered if your motorhome catches fire or is stolen so for fire and theft the insurance company will compensate you for loss or damage to your motorhome but ideally your want fully comprehensive motorhome insurance to protect the considerable cost of your motorhome.

Comprehensive Motorhome Insurance

With comprehensive motorhome insurance your want cover for the contents of your motorhome as your have TVís, laptop computers, games consoles and other valuables in the motorhome that if you have a break-in or other damage to the motorhome you would have to replace yourself unless you include contents insurance on the policy.

Contents insurance will not only insure you for fire and theft of your contents but also damage, so if for example your water tank ruptures and damages or ruins the contents of your motorhome, ruining clothes and damaging electronics then your be able to claim on your contents insurance and the insurance company will pay compensation, contents insurance is an extra on top of the insurance your legally required to have to drive your vehicle on UK roads.

Using Your Motorhome Abroad

If you plan on using your motorhome abroad in Europe then your need motorhome insurance that extends to Europe with many polices offering up to 180 days in Europe on a UK insurance policy, meaning that your motorhome is insured for use on the roads in Europe for up to six months of the year, this is the total length of time you can spend in Europe on a UK insurance policy, you can enter and leave mainland Europe as many times as you like as long as on each trip you are not in mainland Europe for more than a six month stay.

As well as UK and European insurance your insurance company will also offer UK and European roadside breakdown and recovery for your motorhome, so if you breakdown then the vehicle recovery service included with many insurance packages or available as an optional extra, will come to your aid at the side of the road, fixing 80% of motorhome breakdowns at the side of the road with 20% of breakdowns requiring towing to a garage in UK or Europe that has been recommended by your insurance company.

If you have a favourite motorhome service and repair centre in mind your be able to request that your motorhome be towed there instead, typically the vehicle breakdown service will be with you on the side of the road within 40 minutes.

Saving Money On Motorhome Insurance

To save money on your motorhome insurance think about how you use your motorhome, if you never travel to mainland Europe then donít include that option on the online quote for European insurance or European breakdown cover as that will increase the cost of the premium your paying each month, if you have your own breakdown service cover then donít take out the breakdown cover offered by the insurance company or if you do, phone your breakdown cover company and ask that your cover be put on hold for one year so you can make use of the breakdown cover offered by the insurance company (which might be free).

You might need temporary motorhome insurance to cover a gap in insurance from one insurance provider to another, simply enter the dates of cover you require on the online form and your get a quote for temporary cover, you can always extend the temporary cover to annual cover later of you need too.

Spread the cost of your motorhome insurance payments over the whole year by paying each month by direct debit, your often get a discount for direct debit as the insurance company are reassured that they can take the money directly from your account each month.

Zero Excess Charge

Choose insurance that offers a zero excess charge for theft, that way if you are burgled and have the contents of your motorhome stolen or your motorhome is stolen outright then you wonít have to pay a percentage of the value of the lost goods before the insurance will pay compensation.

Driver injury and illness insurance is also important for a motorhome holiday as if only one of the party can drive the motorhome then that person becoming injured or unwell means that your holiday plans are cancelled or at least put on hold until your driver is better, with injury and illness insurance the insurance policy will pay out if your driver is ill or injured.

Cover For Self Builds

Cover for self builds is also available, maybe your motorhome is a converted bus or coach that you converted yourself or that you have imported from the USA (Imported Car Insurance), many high street insurance companies will not insure a motorhome unless it is a known European model like Elddis, Autotrail, Hymer and Swift, but specialised motorhome insurance that specialise in motorhomes and conversions deal with all types of motorhome and conversions and are happy to insure your motorhome even if its make and model does not automatically appear in an online form.

Including Travel Insurance as part of your motorhome insurance package is a widely available option which will allow you to make a claim against missed or delayed travel connections for example so if you needed to catch a specific ferry and then onwards to a train journey (with or without taking your motorhome with you), then you would be able to claim on your insurance for any consequential expenses like extra nights in hotels or alternative travel arrangements that you needed to make.

Staying In Approved Caravan Parks

Motorhome insurance companies will also offer discounts for staying in approved caravan parks (Caravan Insurance) and camp sites, refer to the list of approved caravan parks that comes with your motorhome insurance policy as using these camp sites which usually have good CCTV cover of the site, security and a full range of amenities mean that you and your motorhome are more secure and therefore safer when staying at these caravan parks than elsewhere so the insurance company is prepared to offer you discounted insurance for staying in these caravan parks.

Spread the payments of your insurance over 12 months, there is no need to make an annual payment, its easier to budget your motorhome costs with monthly payments.

As well as insurance for your contents, your want the insurance to cover your fixtures and fittings so that if any damage to for example the microwave oven or washing machine results from a power overload at a camp site electrical hookup your be able to claim on your insurance who will pay compensation for you to have your appliances repaired or replaced.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance for your use of your motorhome is also important, say for example that you have a barbecue next to your motorhome and your barbecue accidentally sets the neighbours tent alight, as well as personal injury claims from your neighbours they will also want to claim against you for loss of their tent and valuables, with liability insurance as part of your motorhome insurance packages the insurance company will pay compensation and with legal insurance included any solicitors for court cases that you need to fight will also be reimbursed by the insurance company.

Fixtures and fittings insurance also covers your motorhome awning, gas, water and electrical hookups so if for example connecting your motorhome to a camp site electrical supply resulted in an overload you would be able to claim on the insurance for any damage not only to the appliances damaged within your motorhome but the motorhomes electrical systems as well.

ĎOver Fiftiesí Motorhome Insurance

With Ďover fiftiesí motorhome insurance your get discounted cover because at this age insurance companies think that your be more experienced at driving your motorhome and using your motorhome and more careful on the roads than say a younger driver and therefore the insurance company assess an older driver as less risk and reduces the amount the driver has to pay in premiums.

Your need adequate motorhome security to get motorhome insurance in the first place and with advanced security systems you can get discounts on your monthly insurance premiums, a security camera will generally get you a discount as will having a wheel clamp on the motorhome when your parked up, make sure you check the security options on the online form to get the best quote, amusing you have these security options installed on your motorhome.

American RV (Recreational Vehicle)

With an American RV (Recreational Vehicle), you might be towing a small car (Car Breakdown Insurance), motorbikes or bicycles with your RV, you can get these included as part of your motorhome insurance package, of course to use the small car on UK and European roads your need insurance as will the motorcycles, including them all on the same insurance package will give you a multi-vehicle discount and make getting your insurance and renewing your insurance easier too.

Towing A Trailer

If your towing a trailer tent behind your motorhome or campervan then make sure that anything your towing is included in your insurance policy, you donít want to have an accident and then find that anything towed is not insured and you have uninsured liability to another driver.

As you can see several options make up motorhome insurance, itís more than just the legal requirement to have insurance to drive on UK and European roads, you might be towing a trailer or small car and standard motorhome insurance polices wonít include a towing option so its important to check that towing is included as part of the policy and if it isnít your need to add it before you consider towing, also lookout for polices that allow you to tow in the UK but donít include European towing even if the insurance has so many days of European cover included.

American RV Insurance

American RV insurance will be expensive if you try and buy your insurance from a high street insurance agent as they are not specialists and donít correctly know the risk of a motorhome so they will require excess payments, deposits, annual payment options only and European cover as an expensive add-on, with no contents or fixture and fittings insurance and liability cover also as an expensive add-on, so itís always better to go with a motorhome specialist.

If you do need to make a claim when you phone a motorhome specialist your be speaking to someone who understands motorhomes and will know what you mean when you say the awning was damaged or your power hookup was stolen, dealing with a high street insurer your have to explain such things and thatís before they decide to pay out on any claims.

With breakdown cover, contents cover, liability cover, fixtures and fittings cover, illness cover and travel cover all available as options within motorhome insurance packages you can choose just the cover you need without making your insurance premium more expensive than it needs to be, if you donít need European breakdown cover then donít include it, if you donít need roadside assistance or travel insurance then donít include it in the online form, this will make your insurance quote cheaper.