Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance

Motor Fleet Insurance for two or more vehicles, mixed fleets of cars, vans, trucks and HGV’s for large families with multiple cars to taxis, couriers, farm vehicles, trucks and buses. Cheaper insurance by insuring all your vehicles under one fleet insurance package.

If you have two or more vehicles you can take out fleet insurance, gone are the days when you need a large fleet of vehicles before an insurance company will offer you fleet insurance, large families can use fleet insurance for insuring more than two cars on the same fleet insurance package, there’s only one insurance policy to renew each year and only one discounted premium to pay each month and all your cars, vans and motorbikes are insured on the same policy.

Families can mix sports cars (Performance Car Insurance) with everyday city runarounds and you only need three or more vehicles to qualify for fleet insurance, your get multi car discounts and one phone number to call to manage all claims.

Fleet Insurance

You can add to the fleet insurance as your other car insurance policies expire so it’s easy to add to a fleet policy over time, your need a minimum of three vehicles to take out the fleet insurance, the difference between multi-car insurance and fleet insurance is that multi-car insurance is not designed for business and the deals available are not as cheap as fleet insurance, multi-car discounts are basically for domestic insurance where you still have individual insurance policies on your cars and your just paying one monthly premium where with fleet car insurance there is only one single insurance policy and a monthly or annual payment.

Fleet car insurance is not only ideal for families looking to take advantage of the fact that they have several cars in the family, farms can insure all their farm vehicles under a fleet car policy, you can mix and match vehicle types so you can mix, cars, vans, trucks, lorry’s, HGV, tractors and any road legal vehicle with each vehicle qualifying for fleet insurance, you could not add commercial vehicles to a domestic multi-car policy and this is what makes fleet insurance unique, the ability to add any type of vehicle to the policy.

Taxi Companies, Hire Companies And Couriers

Taxi companies, hire companies and couriers can add all their fleet of vehicles to a fleet car policy, this can be a mixed fleet of cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, lorry’s and HGV’s, all road legal vehicle types qualify for fleet insurance and the more vehicles you have insured the cheaper each individual vehicle insurance becomes as there is an economy of scale and discounts available for insuring more vehicles under the same fleet insurance.

Fleet car managers will benefit from fleet insurance by having less paperwork to manage, if your juggling three or more insurance polices for your vehicles, worried about insurance expiry dates, renewals and claims management a fleet motor policy alleviates all of that as you only have one insurance policy for the entire fleet and one contact number to phone and speak to an advisor about your fleet management, here you can make any changes to the policy you like and add and remove vehicles at any point in the year, no need to wait for the insurance policy to expire before you make changes and no need to worry about additional costs or fines for making changes as there are no fines for changes, your actually encouraged to have tight management of your policy.

Van Fleet Insurance

With van fleet insurance you can insure all the companies vans under one fleet management policy, the fleet might be different makes and models of vans, the fleet does not even have to be all vans you can also include trucks and motorcycles too, the more vehicles you can bring into the fleet policy the cheaper the individual insurance for each vehicle gets.

There’s flexible policy payments for motor fleet renewals and premiums, you can pay an annual fee or you can pay monthly by direct debit, if you change your fleet mid year by adding and removing vehicles the payment you make will be adjusted up or down to take account of the new fleet size and mix.

Recovery And Breakdown Insurance

With fleet insurance you can also include recovery and breakdown insurance (Car Breakdown Insurance) so that each vehicle in the fleet has access to a recovery vehicle and roadside assistance, this makes sure that all vehicles in the fleet are either repaired at the roadside where they have broken down or towed to your preferred choice of garage for repair and servicing, imagine the cost of individual vehicle insurance and individual breakdown insurance and how much your save, not only the money your save but the time in managing the paperwork.

Business Fleet Insurance

Business fleet insurance has many benefits for the larger fleet manager, you can offset your carbon footprint so that you can have a carbon neutral footprint for all your cars, vans and trucks, what this means from an environmental standpoint is that the carbon your fleet would produce by the engines generating carbon as you use the vehicle is offset by the insurance company paying for trees to be planted or a forest to be managed, the exact number of trees planted or managed corresponds to the exact amount of carbon your vehicles produce and the exact amount of carbon the planting of trees removes from the planet.

Carbon Offset Scheme

With a carbon offset scheme a business can claim that their vehicle fleet is carbon neutral because the carbon that their vehicles produce has been offset by the planting of trees or other conservation work, or put it another way, the damage done to the environment by the motor fleet has been offset by the good work down in planting trees or environmental management.

You can manage and control your vehicle operations by including most types of vehicles in your motor fleet policy from cars, vans, trucks, tippers and haulage and HGV, no longer do you need a fleet just made up of cars or vans with a specific make and model and unable to include older vans in your fleet, you can mix and match vehicle type, make, model and age, as long as the vehicle is road legal you can add it to your fleet insurance, this greatly reduces the cost of your insurance as with all vehicles added to the same policy you can more easily hit price tiers offering cheaper insurance for having more vehicles under management.

Business Motor Fleet Insurance

Business motor fleet insurance is for a medium sized fleet of 15 or more vehicles, at this number of vehicles your start to get some good discounts, to qualify as a business your need to be a limited company or partnership, if you have less than 15 vehicles but more than 2 vehicles you can still, have fleet insurance just not the business fleet insurance that offers more significant price breaks for medium to large fleets, small fleets of three vehicles or more still get more savings and easier management than multi-vehicle insurance.

The cover for the companies vehicles and drivers can include roadside recovery and breakdown insurance as well as Travel Insurance and medical insurance, these options can be added to the policy and can be for the UK only or Europe wide, if your fleet drives across Europe then being able to add travel insurance or medical insurance to some of the drivers rather than all the drivers is a cost effective way of managing travel and medical insurance.

Your get instant fleet cover, simply complete the online form and receive a quote, once your accept the quote and pay the first monthly premium by direct debit your insured and can start using your insurance the same day, you can insure vehicles temporarily for short term use or for the entire year, if you have vehicles that are only used at certain times of year for example farm vehicles used only for harvesting then there is no need to insure these tractors and other farm vehicles all the year round.

With cover for your entire fleet under one single policy, either a family fleet or a business fleet, you only have one monthly insurance payment, one annual renewal period, one phone number to manage your policy, your whole insurance becomes as easy as a single policy, for large fleets reducing from multiple insurance polices and multiple roadside and recovery insurance and multiple travel and medial insurance polices they will make significant savings as all those policy’s combine to one policy and the discounts apply across the entire vehicle fleet, management of the polices becomes as simple as managing a single policy.

Trucks, Hauliers, Fleets Or HGV’s

Whether you manage trucks, hauliers, fleets or HGV’s or a mix of any vehicle your find one insurance policy makes management so much easier and the financial savings from only having one insurance policy are easy to see, the ability to add and remove vehicles to the policy at any time helps you gain tight control on the policy so your never paying for insurance your not using.

With fleet insurance for any driver, any person designated by you will be insured to drive any vehicle in your fleet, this makes it much easier for you to manage people and vehicles, sending out available drivers to drive any type of vehicle within the fleet knowing that they have full insurance cover that does not have to be arranged prior.

Fleet Insurance For 2 Or 3 Vehicles

Fleet insurance for 2 or 3 vehicles is available as both family fleet insurance and business fleet insurance, it’s cheaper than a multi-vehicle policy with a high street insurance company which simply gives you separate insurance policies and a combined payment, with fleet insurance you have a combined insurance policy and you can save not only on the policy but additional insurance options like breakdown insurance, travel insurance and medical cover and with the ability to mix the fleet with motorbikes, vans, trucks and cars, you can increase the size of the insured fleet to get the best deals as there are discounts for insuring more vehicles under the same policy.

Whether you need commercial fleet insurance or family fleet insurance, specialist fleet insurance companies will be able to insure your vehicles from two vehicles to hundreds of vehicles.

Multi Fleet Insurance

Multi fleet insurance (multi-vehicle insurance) has come a long way since the days when you could only insure vehicles of the same type, make and model, with the ability to insure any vehicle on the policy small company and family fleet insurance has evolved to save you money and time in managing just one combined policy.

If you have a taxi, van or courier fleet you can not only insure your main work vehicles like the taxi fleet or courier fleet but your ancillary vehicles too like company cars for employees, this helps you expand the size of the insured fleet so your get cheaper insurance for having more cars under management by the same insurance.

There are special fleet insurance polices for a green fleet or a fleet that contains green vehicles, so if you have electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles that use petrol, diesel and battery power your be able to get cheaper insurance for having ‘gone green’, enter you’re fleet details into the online quote to see how much you can save.

sElf Drive Hire Fleet

If your a rental company with a self drive hire fleet then you can insure all your hire vehicles under one fleet insurance policy, you can mix and match the insured fleet so vehicles can be old or new and from any make and manufacture, you can add or remove vehicles from the insurance policy without charge at any time so you can save money by only insuring the vehicles that are actually available for hire at any one time.

Whether your looking for family fleet insurance or small business fleet insurance you can now insure multi-vehicle fleets and get the benefits of roadside recovery and breakdown, travel insurance and medical insurance so you greatly simplify the management of all your families or companies insurance polices and save money doing so, complete the online quote and list your vehicles to see how much you can save.