Modified Car Insurance

Modified Car Insurance

Modified Car Insurance for cards that have been modded with souped up engines, spoilers, tinted windows, alloy wheels, security systems, exhaust systems and entertainment systems including kit cars, custom cars and replica cars for young drivers and old.

You might not think that adding a tow bar to your car is going to make a high street insurance company refuse to insure you, but thatís what happens, high street insurers want all cars to be the same, that makes it easy to work out the value of the car so if you have an accident and the insurance company needs to payout, its easy to know how much to pay out if your car is the same as everybody elseís.

Start adding tow bars, tinted windows, bigger exhaust systems, spoilers, alloy wheels and security and entertainment systems and your high street insurer doesnít want to know, luckily there are specialist insurance companies that deal only with modified cars and they are happy to insure your car for itís true value and because they have experience with modified cars, custom and replica cars they have the knowledge and experience to correctly price your car for insurance.

Third Party Insurance

Whilst you can get third party insurance only and indeed that is all your legally required to have by law if you have a modified car you will likely be very proud of it and want more insurance than the basic third party or third party fire and theft, fully comprehensive is the way to go to get the best cover so if they hit your car or you hit their car or you have a collision with anyone else then the insurance will pay out.

Itís laughable to think that adding a tow bar or a roof rack or alloy wheels makes your car uninsurable by a high street insurance company, itís exactly the same car and you could remove the modifications in thirty minutes, but with high street insurers only wanting standard cars on their books a range of modified insurance companies have sprung up to fill this niche.

If You Have A Modded Car Then The Chances Are Your Also Young

If you have a modded car then the chances are your also young, the two biggest causes for an increased premium are young drivers and modded cars and you have both things going against you so you would expect your insurance premium to be sky high, well if you find a high street insurance company who will insure you then it will be, modded car insurance is Ďnot your fathers insurance companyí, you need a specialist insurance company that understands modders and young drivers.

Thereís two main classes of modders insurance under 21 year old and 17 year old insurance for when you have just passed your test, obviously the more experience you have driving then the cheaper your insurance will be, if an over fifty year old insures your modded car then they will get the best deal as their modded car insurance will be the cheapest.

Under 21 And Insurance For 17 Year Old Drivers

As well as under 21 and insurance for 17 year old drivers you can also get learner driver insurance, which for a modded car will be expensive, best to learn to drive in a cheaper and unmodified car before you insure your modded car after you have passed your test.

Performance Cars

A performance car might also be modified and with a high street insurance company your have a hard enough time getting a competitive quote for a performance car let alone a performance car that you have modified.

Classic Cars

Classic cars (Classic Car Insurance) and kit cars also fall in under modified cars as high street insurance companies just donít know how to value these cars so your always need a specialist in modified insurance.

To get a quick car insurance quote use the online form, you can enter the make and model of your car along with the year of manufacture and the mods you have on your car, these might be exhaust systems, tinted windows, entertainment systems, spoilers, allow wheels and souped up engines as well as the space to describe any modification that wonít be listed.

Insurance companies define a modified car as any production car that has had changes made to it to improve performance or increase the value of the car, this is what makes it hard for a standard insurance company to value a modded car as no base price exists for that increased value.

Cheap Modified Car Insurance

Cheap modified car insurance is only available from modified insurance specialists who are themselves owners of modded cars and know what mods increase or decrease the value of a car, changes to the engine by replacement of carburettors, turbo chargers and fuel injectors will all increase the performance of the car and could give the car a higher resale value, only an insurance company who specialise in car modding will know.

Fully comp car insurance is the only type of insurance that will protect your modded car, you have probably invested a lot of money and time in your car and to insure the car for third party only where you will get no compensation for the replacement of your own vehicle if it is involved in an accident will probably not be what you want for a car that is very special to you.

Specialist modified car insurance need not be expensive when you use a modified insurance company even if you are a young driver, you can save money by agreeing to limit the number of miles you drive in a year as this limits your exposure to an accident as you will be driving the car less each year than if it was a high mileage vehicle.

Save Money On Modified Car Insurance By Fitting A Black Box Tracker

You can also save money on modified car insurance by fitting a black box tracker, this tracks how you drive, the speed you drive and where you drive too and where the car is parked at night and providing your obeying the law and speed limits your get lower insurance premiums as the insurance company can see exactly how you use your car.

If you have more than one car or want to insure all the families cars then you can have a multi car policy where only one of the cars is a modified car, this means that using a modified car insurance expert you get the cheaper price for the insurance on your modded car and you get regular priced insurance for the cars on the multi car deal.

Multi Car Discounts And Limited Mileage Discounts

Multi car discounts, limited mileage discounts and installing a black box are the ways that modified car owners can save on their insurance, you can also get a years worth of free breakdown cover (Car Breakdown Insurance) included with your insurance, this adds to the savings as you wonít have to use a separate car breakdown service, if your insurance includes free breakdown cover and you already have breakdown insurance then phone your breakdown insurance company and ask then to freeze the cover for one year, then your get the free breakdown cover and can resume your standard breakdown cover later without paying any more.

Choose flexible payments with the option of paying the insurance premium annually all in one go or each month as a monthly direct debit, your often find that a monthly direct debit will work out cheaper as the insurance company is often prepared to knock a few pounds off for direct debit payments.

Driving A Modded Car

If you drive a modded car choose an insurance company that is based in the UK so when you phone the customer support people you donít have to explain what a spoiler is or why you have a multi-tube exhaust added, specialist modified car insurers that understand modding and know what your telling them make it so much easier to make a claim should you need to.

Young drivers already pay a higher premium because your more at risk of having a car accident when you are inexperienced (havenít been driving for many years), in fact your much more likely to have an accident in your first two years of driving than you are in later years, so as a young driver if you can get a limited mileage insurance quote or agree to have a black box fitted your get cheaper insurance as your counter some of the reasons insurance companies have for asking for higher premiums from younger drivers as the limited mileage and black box will both mean that your less likely to have an accident as your driving less miles and obeying the speed limit because you know the black box is watching.

With agreed value coverage the modified car insurer will calculate the value of the modified car and then agree to pay you that amount of money if ever there is an insurance claim that means the car is being written off, with agreed value you donít have to worry that you wonít get paid what you think the car is worth as your know the agreed value on the insurance quote and can choose to accept the quote or refuse.

Added Security

If you have added security to the car and can prove that the car is now safer than the factory model then you might be able to get cheaper insurance, this applies specifically to performance cars where the high cost of the car makes them a target for thieves, your need to use reputable and guaranteed security products and systems that the insurance company will have heard of in order to get cheaper insurance due to these mods.

For alloy wheels make sure you have a security bolt on the wheel, you only need one security bolt on each wheel, but these security bolts require a special tool to remove the wheel so your less likely to have your alloys stolen with a security bolt and the insurance company will ask you if you have security bolts or locking wheel nuts fitted and your get cheaper car insurance if you do.

Hot Rod Insurance

Hot rod insurance is just the same as kit car and modified car insurance in that only a specialist modified car insurance company can correctly assess the value of the car and the ways to save money on the insurance of hot rod and custom cars is just the same as for other car mods and thatís locking nuts on the alloy wheels, registered and approved security systems, limited mileage, agreed value insurance and tracker units fitted.

You can prevent claims yourself by taking into account the mods on your own car, if you have a spoiler for example that will be damaged by a car washes, then obviously donít put your car through the car wash, indeed modified insurance polices may exclude damage caused by a car wash as the car wash does not take into account increased wheel sizes, increased exhaust sizes or spoilers when the car enters the car wash.

Replica Car Insurance

Replica car insurance is treated just like modified car insurance in that as with kit cars there is a donor vehicle inside, the donor vehicle can be considered to be a heavily modified vehicle and as such falls under modified insurance, in fact itís cheaper to get a kit car or replica car insured on modified car insurance than it is to try and get some other class of insurance because after all the replica car is not the car it looks like and should not be insured as the original car.

The reason tinted windows increase an insurance premium is that the insurance companies believe if the driver or passengers are partially obscured by the tinted windows there is a greater risk of speeding or other reckless road behaviour, an increased risk of dangerous driving due to the perceived anonymity of the tinted glass, that of course depends on the occupants but itís these reasons and the non standard nature of modifications that increases the cost of a modified car.

Modified cars should not be insured on a general policy, your pay more and probably find that most high street insurance companies will not want to insure the modified car anyway, using a modified insurance specialist will give you cheaper insurance and many ways to save money.