Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile Phone Insurance gives you a replacement phone when you damage your mobile phone, next day delivery of a replacement phone or unlimited repairs, no parts or labour costs, genuine parts, iPhone, Samsung, Apple, Android, Windows phone, all makes and models covered, protect against smashed screen, dropping your phone, water damage, theft and accidental loss, insurance for UK, Europe and worldwide.

When you buy a new phone on contract or PAYG (Pay As You Go) youíre so happy to be owning the latest phone, its much faster and more beautiful than your old phone, but you worry about losing your phone or having your phone stolen, without insurance and the ability to claim for a new free phone or get your old phone repaired youíre have to buy yourself a brand new phone and thatís expensive especially when you have just purchased a phone, thereís a real likelihood that you wonít have enough money to replace your phone when you donít have insurance.

When you claim on your mobile phone insurance youíre get a free replacement phone sent to you the next day by courier, if the phone can be repaired because for example you have a cracked screen which can be easily replaced with a genuine replacement part youíre be able to send your old phone to the repair centre where the phone will be fixed and returned to you by courier the very next day.

Returning Your Broken Phone For Repair You Simply Call The Insurance Company To Send Out A Courier To Pick Up The Phone

When your returning your broken phone for repair you simply call the insurance company to send out a courier to pick up the phone, you donít have to put the phone in a box or even address a box as the courier company will do all that for you, all you do is hand over your phone and the next day the courier company brings back your phone fully working, all your apps and address book and emails will all be saved where possible.

If the phone canít be repaired because for example you dropped the phone in the bath or down the toilet and it is completely dead then you can phone the insurance company to make a claim for a new phone, your new phone will be sent out the very next day and it will be the same make and model as your broken phone, if your phone is no longer for sale and canít be repaired then your be given the money to buy a new phone yourself or your be offered a new and similar spec phone.

You can get Android, Apple and Windows phones repaired and replaced on your mobile phone insurance and you donít have to worry about backing up your data first which is probably very difficult to do if your phone is broken, if the data on your phone can be saved it will be returned to you with all your data intact.

When You Send Your Phone For Repair YouíRe Not Paying The Courier Fees Or The Repair Fees Or The Labour And Cost Of Parts

When you send your phone for repair youíre not paying the courier fees or the repair fees or the labour and cost of parts, all these costs are paid for by the insurance company when you make your claim.

You can insure one mobile phone or several phones on a multi-phone policy, multi-polices are great for families when all the phones in the family can be insured on one policy, this is great for kids who are always breaking their phones or losing their phones.

Your insured against loss too, both accidental loss where you forget where you have put your phone or it drops out of your pocket and loss due to theft where your phone is stolen from you or stolen from your house or car, you can make multiple claims on your insurance, you donít have to worry that claiming more than once will mean you wonít get a repair or a replacement phone, the mobile insurers know that everyone breaks their phone or loses their phone at some time or other.

If You Accidentally Drop Your Mobile Phone Down The Toilet

Your covered on your insurance policy for accidental damage as well so if for example you accidentally drop your mobile phone down the toilet because it falls out your pocket as your pulling up your trousers or you spill coffee on your desk and the coffee goes inside your phone, then you can still claim on youíre insource.

If your phone just goes wrong for example the headphone jack becomes wobbly and the sound in the headphones keeps cutting in and out then you can also claim on the insurance or maybe the phones screen is blank and just wonít turn on or just wonít charge and you have tried several different chargers, all these common faults and plenty more can be claimed on your insurance.

Look to see if the policy you have chosen charges you an excess, this means that when you want to get your phone repaired or replaced you have to pay the first for example one hundred pounds of the phones cost, your get your repair or phone replaced but having to pay an excess every time is not ideal, agreeing to an excess makes your monthly insurance premium cheaper (the amount the mobile phone insurance company take from your bank account automatically each month), the reason the insurance will be cheaper is because your less likely to make a claim when you have to pay an excess and as the insurance company will know this, they can make the monthly premiums cheaper.

Insure Your Mobile For Just The Uk Or Europe As Well Or Worldwide

The maximum cover on your insurance policy will typically be one thousand pounds, meaning you can get a replacement phone or a repair as long as the new phone does not cost more than one thousand pounds, and your often be given the choice of which new phone you want as long as itís under one thousand pounds.

You can use the online quote form to get a quote in 30 seconds, if you like the quote you can buy the insurance immediately and youíre be insured immediately, if youíre just going on holiday and want to get phone insurance before you go itís the ideal way to be insured without taking out the insurance too early when you donít need it.

You can insure your mobile for just the UK or Europe as well or worldwide, if you never plan to take your mobile abroad with you then donít select overseas insurance as this will increase the amount you have to pay each month, you can always phone the insurance company later and get European or worldwide (or indeed country specific insurance) added to the policy.

Most Phone Insurance Policies Will Not Ask You To Register The Specific ID (IMEI Or MEID) Of Your Phone

Most phone insurance policies will not ask you to register the specific ID (IMEI or MEID) of your phone, insurance policies that do ask for the identification will tie the policy to that specific phone so for example if you bought a new phone after you have bought the mobile phone insurance you will not be able to use the phone insurance for the new phone without contacting the insurance company and getting them to update the IMEI of your new phone, the insurance company might charge you for doing this, thatís why most mobile insurance companies donít require IMEI registration, because customers donít like it.

With same day cover you can purchase your phone cover online after accepting the online quote and your policy will be active the same day, so if you drop your phone in the afternoon after having purchased the insurance in the morning, youíre be insured.

With unlimited claims policies you donít have to worry about claiming several times on the same phone, if you break the phone your get free repairs or replacements to your phone, although the insurance company is likely to limit the number of free replacements you can have and may impose an excess policy if you claim too many times, multi-phone policies like family mobile phone insurance will let you claim several times as a family policy is designed to allow everyone in the family to make claims for repairs or broken phones.

When You Lose Your Handset

When you lose your handset, your distraught and want to speak to a UK customer service centre that can deal with your request for a new phone immediately, the customer service people can even advise you how to restore your data from the cloud when you get your replacement phone or how to backup your phone if it is still possible to save the data on a dead or dying phone.

Cracked screens are the most common cause for an insurance repair or replacement, if the phone is new your be able to get a free screen replacement and the new screen will be a genuine part form Apple, Samsung or whoever your phone manufacturer is, you donít have to worry about which network you are on as that does not matter to the insurance company and you can be on a pay as you go deal or a monthly contract, the insurance applies equally to all networks and all makes and models of phone.

Where your phone canít be repaired and is too old for a direct replacement you be given the option of a free upgrade, this is a great way to get a new phone, turning the disaster of a broken phone into something positive, you can normally add more money to the deal so that you can get a better phone than the suggested model offered by the insurance company, the current cost of your old phone will determine the amount you have to spend on your new phone.

Choose A Replacement Phone From Any Make Or Model

Policies that specify a maximum insured amount like £1,000 will automatically let you choose a replacement phone of any make or model as long as it costs less than one thousand pounds.

Itís not just problems due to faulty or damaged electronics that you can claim a new phone for, but mechanical problems like the headphone socket not working or the power switch being stuck inside the phone can also be claimed on, problems like for example an app not working properly on your phone or that you canít get reception on your mobile are not covered by insurance and itís your phone network that youíll have to take those types of questions too.

If your phone battery keeps running out, you have a blank screen or physical damage to the phone like a shattered screen or the phone is just not working then your be able to claim on the insurance, some problems can be repaired and your be offered a free repair (with your no claims bonus left unaffected), free parts and free labour, if the phone must be replaced then your get a free replacement phone, the new replacement phone wonít cost you any more money other than the continued payment of your monthly insurance premium.

If Your Phone Is Stolen You Can Claim For A Free Replacement

If you claim often on your insurance for replacement screens or other problems then you might be asked to pay an excess before the insurance will repair your phone, its unusual that they will and general repairs and replacements are allowed, you canít share your insurance policy with someone else as you would potentially be making too many claims, your need a multi phone policy or family policy if you want to have more than one person insured and this is much cheaper than everyone in the family having their own mobile insurance policy.

Typically, 93% of replacement requests are approved, generally youíre be asked if you want a repair or a replacement phone and sometimes even if the phone could be repaired if it is getting old you can persuade the company to offer you a free replacement phone especially if you agree to pay an excess so you can get a better phone.

If your phone is stolen you can claim for a free replacement which will be honoured if you can supply a police crime reference number, you donít need to visit the police station to get a crime number you can report the theft online through your local police stations website then give the crime number to the insurance company to get a free phone.