Minibus Insurance

Minibus Insurance

Minibus Insurance for schools and clubs like scouts, girl guides, old peoples homes, sports teams, large families and charities, insure for multiple drivers from 9 to 17 seat minibuses.

Whilst you might think that your own car insurance would allow you to drive a minibus the same way that you can drive another car on your insurance, normally car insurance wonít stretch to a minibus, your minibus probably has multiple drivers and your need to make sure all drivers are insured to drive your minibus.

You can insure either one minibus like the minibus used by a school or a scout group or you can insure a fleet of minibuses where a school has more than one minibus, insuring all the minibuses together will give you multi-vehicle discounts and your get cheaper minibus insurance.

Large Families Often Buy A Minibus For Their Own Personal Use

Large families often buy a minibus for their own personal use this gives the large family much more room and with minibus sizes up to 17 seats thereís even room for your childrenís friends in the minibus, whether you want minibus insurance for private or business your need to make sure that the insurance covers all passengers in the minibus.

Minibus insurance does not end with the legal requirement to have insurance to drive on UK roads, your also want liability insurance for the passengers in the minibus, even if itís a family minibus if your carrying friends they may well sue you for damages in the event of a minibus crash or accident, you might think that a friend might never sue you, but their private health insurance if they have any probably will, so the health insurance company (Life Insurance) can recover their costs by suing you.

Legal Cover

Choose the option for legal cover with your minibus insurance that way you can claim back any money you have to spend on solicitors in the event of any claims against you in court.

Minibus insurance can also come with breakdown cover (Car Breakdown Insurance), this gives you accident and breakdown cover so if you breakdown at the side of the road you can call the breakdown service to come and get your minibus started or tow you and your passengers to a garage for repairs.

Insure Any Size Of Minibus From A Small 9 Seater Minibus To A Big 17 Seater Minibus

You can insure any size of minibus from a small 9 seater minibus to a big 17 seater minibus, the insurance for a large minibus will be more expensive than a smaller minibus because of the number of seats available, thatís added liability that needs to be factored into the cost of the insurance, you can pay your insurance premium monthly or annually, with monthly payments by direct debit being more manageable, you can also pay by bank transfer if your a school or charity that does not have access to a credit or debit card and can only supply bank details.

Minibuses come under the insurance class of MPV or multi-purpose vehicle insurance, as the minibus can be used for a variety of uses from private family use to paid or reward use, if you are transporting people, the elderly or school children for example you are being paid for this service and the insurance differs slightly as itís no longer private insurance but commercial insurance.

No Claims Bonus

If you have a no claims bonus on your private car insurance you can normally transfer the no claims bonus to your minibus insurance, both private families, clubs and charities will find this useful and a way to save money.

The minibus insurance can be for a public hire (Chauffeur Insurance) or private hire vehicle, the difference is in who you transport in the minibus, if they are a customer that is paying you a fare for the transportation then you are a public hire, private hire is where you have bookings rather than pick ups that donít require a booking.

Minibuses are a great way to transport up to 17 people and are used extensively by schools, nursing homes, care homes, charities, clubs, sports teams, airport transfers, sightseeing, childcare, families and public and private hire.

Instant Cover For Your Minibus

With an online quote you can get instant cover for your minibus, request an online quote, review the quote and then once you make the first monthly payment or pay in full, your insured and can use the insurance immediately but do check the start date and time of the insurance policy.

You might want minibus insurance just for the UK or you might need the insurance to include Europe as often your want to drive the school minibus abroad (Travel Insurance) for educational and sightseeing trips in Europe and most minibus insurance policies will allow several weeks a year of use abroad without any additional cost, if you need more European cover than that then you can either get the increased cover at the time you request the quote or by phoning the call centre before you leave for Europe, it will be cheaper to just add cover as you need it.

Temporary Minibus Insurance

Temporary minibus insurance is also popular where for example, a scout group or a school will just require the insurance for a single sightseeing trip each year or scouts and guides to attend a camping weekend once a year and temporary insurance will save you money as your not buying the insurance to last the whole year long.

Sports teams, school children and senior days out for example can all be a taxing experience transporting a group of boisterous children or seniors with increased needs, make sure that you have public liability insurance to cover not only any accidents caused by the driver but any distractions caused by a passenger on the minibus, your insurance policy can allow for multiple drivers so you can share the driving with several people to avoid getting tired.

Airport Transfers For Public And Private Hire Minibuses

Airport transfers for public and private hire minibuses are popular and will require insurance of not only the minibus but the passengers as well, policies offering Ďany use for any passengerí are the most appropriate and will cover airport transfer, school minibus, sports groups and much more.

Church charity and community groups often have their own minibus, it might be a few years old or brand new from funds raised by the members of the church, either way your need comprehensive insurance to protect your use of the minibus on the road, whilst third party fire and theft options are available the insurance company wonít reimburse you for any damage to your own minibus in the event of an accident and that would mean that your church or school no longer had a minibus, so fully comprehensive really is the better option.

If your charging for members of the public to ride in the minibus your are a PSV (Public Service Vehicle) and will need PSV minibus insurance, this insures all those who ride in your minibus so that if there is an accident the insurance company will pay compensation to your passengers for any claims that the passengers might make, typical claims are medical expenses and loss or damage of possessions.

Minibus Transport Of School Children

Minibus transport of school children or nursery age children or other childcare will need the highest standards of care towards their passengers as you are responsible for those children whilst the parents are away and the parents have entrusted you to their care, so your need liability insurance to protect yourself from any accidents involving the minibus as well as legal cover for any legal cases that are brought against you, the school, club or charity as a result of an accident.

Many minibus insurance brokers will offer free UK accident and breakdown cover, if you already have breakdown insurance for your minibus then still take the free cover and just contact your current breakdown insurance provider and ask them to put your breakdown cover on hold for a year, that way you still have your own individual cover and can take advantage of any free offers.

Save Money On Your Minibus Insurance

To save money on your minibus insurance specify the number of seats that you have in your minibus so your only paying insurance for that number of passengers, you might have less passengers than the capacity of the minibus but the insurance is based on the capacity of the minibus as you could potentially carry that many passengers even if regularly you donít.

Your also save money on your minibus insurance by not including European insurance or European breakdown cover if you donít need it, if your school, club, society or charity are unlikely to use the minibus abroad then donít pay for European cover, you can always add it to the policy if you later want to take your minibus abroad.

Personal Minibus Insurance

Personal minibus insurance is used by families who have purchased a minibus for their own private family use, maybe the family is large enough that not all the family can fit in a standard car or MPV and a minibus gives the family more room, or maybe you have a sport and you like to carry your sports equipment in the minibus, either way your not offering members of the public transport in your minibus and your not using your minibus for public or private hire.

The distinction of private hire is important if for example your family minibus carries a passenger at any point in time and you take money or reward then you are carrying paying customers and will need to pick the option on the quotation for public or private hire, a reward can be anything from receiving services for using the minibus like free use of camping equipment to returning some sort of favour, if you donít declare on your quotation that the minibus is used for charge or reward and you have an accident then you wonít be insured when you need it the most.

Minibuses Owned And Insured By A Family

Minibuses owned and insured by a family are categorised as Ďsocial domestic and pleasure useí, not hiring or taking money or reward for transporting passengers in your minibus.

Minibus Claims

You donít have to pay an excess on any minibus claims with zero excess policy, normally when you claim on your insurance for a repair for example a windscreen cracked or smashed the excess policy will require that you pay the first one hundred or more pounds of the repair, with a zero excess policy you donít have to pay anything.

Itís important to realise that with a minibus insurance policy you are not only insuring the vehicle for use on UK or European roads your also insuring the passengers so that if there is an accident the passengers can claim against your insurance, without insurance that covers your passengers any claims will be made against the driver personally or the school, charity or club.

Minibus Operators

Minibus operators can get a free quote for their insurance, listing the make and model of the minibus, either a single minibus or a fleet of minibuses, then on acceptance of the quote they can pay the first premium and be insured the very same day, ideal for adding and removing fleet minibuses to a fleet policy, saving money by only actually insuring the minibuses that are in use that current month.

A minibus is the most economical way of transporting between 9 to17 passengers yourself, as a family, club, school, charity or society with your own minibus you donít have to rent or hire vehicles and drivers and you can drive a minibus on your normal car drivers licence, but with all these advantages come the need to insure the vehicle not only as a legal requirement to drive on UK roads but also to insure your passengers who are being transported by you.

School Children

With many passengers in your minibus likely to be school children either directly as a school minibus or indirectly as a scout or guide minibus its important to have public liability to protect the school or club as in the event of an accident your students and their family will be claiming on your insurance for compensation, without adequate insurance for your passengers the school or the individual driver can become personally liable.

For same day minibus insurance simply complete the online quote form and receive an instant free quote for minibuses from 9 to 17 seater.