Mini Insurance

Mini Insurance

Mini Insurance for BMW Mini, BMW Mini Cooper, Mini One, Mini Clubman, Classic Mini, Austin Mini, Leyland Mini and Morris Mini 7 for young drivers, women drivers, learner drivers and older drivers. Options include black box insurance, multi-car discount insurance, modified mini insurance and breakdown cover.

Mini cars have a great heritage and many different versions from the BMW Mini brought out when BMW purchased Mini in 1994 to earlier Miniís made by Austin Mini and British Leyland.

Youíre be able to get either fully comprehensive or third party fire and theft insurance for the classic mini as well as the latest BMW versions. Third party fire and theft is only recommended for older vehicles where you would not be interested in repairing your own car after an accident and therefore not recommended for miniís as both a classic mini or a BMW mini will be valuable cars that you would want to get repaired after an accident.

The reason that third party fire and theft insurance is probably not what you want for your mini is that you are unable to claim for any damage to your own mini, the third party insurance only allows other people (the third party) to claim on your insurance when you have an accident, your own mini repair bills will have to be paid yourself, with fully comprehensive insurance (Fully Comp Insurance, Drive Any Car) you can claim for any repairs needed to your mini as well as any injuries you received, for example you might want to claim against your insurance for time off work recovering from a car accident.

Your Mini Insurance Can Also Include Legal Cover

Your mini insurance can also include legal cover as one of the options you can choose on the online quote form, with legal cover any other people involved in an accident with you that decide to take you to court will incur you with costs for solicitors and representing yourself in court, with legal cover these costs can be reclaimed from your insurance company.

BMW Minis

BMW minis (not classic minis) (Classic Car Insurance) have run flat tyres, you can get Tyre Insurance as part of your mini car insurance (Car Insurance Brokers), the advantage of this is that any tyre failures such as running over a nail and getting a puncture or hitting the tyre hard on the kerb and damaging the tyre or alloy wheel means that you can claim on the tyre insurance and get new tyres, up to four tyres a year, now you canít claim for wear and tear so your tyres wearing out are not covered on tyre insurance but if you have a puncture or someone slashes your tyres in an act of vandalism and those tyres are already worn you will be able to claim for a brand new tyre, the wear on a tyre you are claiming for does not matter.

To get cheaper insurance you can have a black box telemetry device fitted to your mini, you can fit the black box to a new BMW mini (BMW Insurance) or a classic Austin mini, the black box records your journeys and your speed and where you park your car so the insurance company which has access to this data can determine if you are a good driver or a bad driver, if youíre a good driver your get cheaper insurance, if youíre a bad driver you might find that the cost of your insurance premium rises.

Mini Drivers Can Save On Their Insurance

Another way for mini drivers to save on their insurance is to consider a multi car policy, with multi car polices you have one insurance policy which you can add all the families cars too, for every car that you add to the policy your get cheaper (discounted) insurance, the cars on the family policy do not have to be all minis and can be a mix of other makes and models of car or new BMW minis and classic minis, the business equivalent of multicar polices is a fleet policy, if you run several mini cars as part of a fleet for example estate agents using mini cars with advertising of the estate agency on the side then a mini fleet policy is what you will need to select on the online quote form.

Young drivers who have just passed their test and are now driving a mini will find that the cost of the insurance is high as they are a new driver and have not yet built up several years of accident free motoring known as a no claims bonus, so for younger drivers the cost of insurance on both a classic mini and a BMW mini will be high, young drivers can reduce the cost of their insurance by becoming a named driver on their parents car insurance policy and adding the mini to their parents policy, as their parents will have many years of driving experience and no claims bonus the insurance will be cheaper with a new driver as a named driver on the parents policy, the disadvantage is that that a young driver will not be accruing their own no claims bonus whilst they donít have their own insurance policy, so after the first few years young drivers should transition to their own car insurance policy where they will have been driving for several years and be able to get cheaper insurance for their mini.

As a young driver itís easy to get confused about the type of fuel you need to fill your mini with, the unleaded petrol pump nozzle at the petrol station is a lot thinner than the diesel nozzle and itís easy to accidentally fill your diesel mini with petrol, this is called misfuelling and you can get insurance against this because when you misfuel you cause damage to filters and the fuel will need to be drained from your mini, your mini will not run on the wrong fuel.

If your worried by repair bills and servicing especially if you have an older classic mini then you can take out a Used Car Warranty, what this does is pay for any parts and labour costs your mini might incur when you breakdown (Car Breakdown Insurance) or need a service, with extended warranty insurance you wonít have to pay for repair bills ever again, your insurance company will pay the parts and labour bills for your mini repairs directly to the insurance approved garage that repaired your mini so you donít even have to claim the cost of repairs back.

Women Mini Drivers

Women mini drivers typically pay less for their mini car insurance than men, this is because statistically women are less likely to have a car accident and less likely to claim on their insource, fewer insurance claims means that women statistically cost insurance companies less than men and so womenís car insurance is cheaper, the same applies to drivers over the age of fifty who also are less likely to claim on their mini insurance, this is probably because older drivers do less miles each year and less miles means less time spent driving and so your less likely to have a car accident.

To further reduce the cost of your insurance mini drivers can take out agreed value insurance, this is especially important for classic miniís where you might have restored your mini or made modifications (Modified Car Insurance) to your mini and youíre want the insurance company to pay out what you think your mini is worth, donít go leaving any discussions about the value of your mini to after an accident, use agreed value insurance to tell the insurance company how much you want for your classic mini if it is written off in an accident, the more you demand the higher the monthly premium for your mini insurance will be so itís a balance between the true worth of your classic mini and the amount you want to pay each month in insurance premiums.

Young Mini Drivers

Mini drivers especially young mini drivers should consider using a dash cam (Dash Cam Insurance Discount), many insurance companies will offer cheaper insurance if you have a dash cam fitted, these devices video record your journeys and can be used as evidence if there are any disputes over who is at fault in an accident, younger drivers are more likely to have an accident so why not make sure that you can prove whose fault it was with a dash cam, dash cams are also good for security where any damage like slashed tyres or scratches to your paintwork can be recorded by a dash cam when the dash cam senses movement of your mini when it is being vandalised, then you can make the video available to the insurance company so you can claim for vandalism and also make the video available to the police to catch the vandal.

Along with tyre insurance which pays out when your tyre is damaged you can also add windscreen insurance to your policy, use the online quote form to select this option if you want it, with widescreen insurance if your widescreen is chipped or cracked your get a free repair or free replacement windscreen, now its important to see if your insurance requires you to pay an excess before you can claim for a windscreen repair or replacement, the excess can be from fifty pounds to several hundred pounds and must be paid by you before the insurance company will fit you a new windscreen or repair a stone chip.

Modified Mini

If you want to insure a modified mini then your need to specify on the online insurance quote form that your mini has been modified, generally for online quotes youíre not required to list the types of modifications you have made to your mini, the insurance companies are just concerned with the number of modifications you have made, if you have changed the exhaust from the standard mini exhaust and have also changed the tyres from the standard mini tyres then you have made two modifications to your mini and so would list two modifications on the online quote form, you will find that removing a modification from your mini will make your monthly insurance premium cheaper.

If you only drive your mini convertible in the summer months for example then your be interested in short term insurance, there is no need to pay for a yearís worth of insurance and a yearís worth of road tax when you can just insure your mini for the warm summer months when driving is enjoyable and then during the winter months you can take your mini off the road and declare SORN (SORN Insurance), so you wonít have to pay road tax or insurance, in fact this is the only way to take your mini off the road and not have to pay insurance.

Classic Minis

Owners of classic minis who only want to use their minis in the summer will find short term insurance of benefit, on the online quote form just select the number of months you want for your insurance, you can if you wish just insure your mini for a number of days or weeks, the reason to do this would be for example if you were driving your mini to a new home and would not be driving your mini after you have put the mini in your garage at your new home, also you might already have a new insurance policy for your mini which has not started yet but you still need to use your mini on the road.

As part of your mini insurance you can also select breakdown and recovery insurance on the online quote form, if you have a classic mini then itís a good idea to have breakdown insurance as older cars typically breakdown more and with breakdown and recovery insurance you can call the breakdown service to come and try and fix your mini by the side of the road, if the breakdown company canít fix your mini it will be transported to a garage for repairs, with women driver priority so lone women drivers are not left by the side of the road for a long period of time itís certainly well worth considering.