Limousine Insurance

Limousine Insurance

Limousine Insurance for private and public limo hire, executive travel, weddings, events and personal use. Stretch limos, Lincoln, Escalade or Hummer H3 or H2 and left hand drive for owner operators or fleet.

As a limo operator, you might have one limousine that is your livelihood that you hire out for private events where youíre a self-employed owner operator or you might offer airport transport limousines as part of a large limousine fleet, either way youíre need your limousine to be insured to carry passengers with both vehicle insurance and public liability insurance.

Vehicle insurance for your limousine is the insurance you need to legally take your limousine on the road in the UK or Europe, public liability is the insurance you need to protect other road users and property from damage or injury as well as having liability insurance for your passengers.

Stretch Limo

As an example, if your limousine is a stretch limo and on turning round a corner your vehicle mounts the kerb causing your passenger to injure themselves, your passenger might sue you for whiplash or other injury or damage to their belongings, for example if they were using a laptop computer at the time you mounted the kerb and the laptop fell to the floor and broke, your client might then want to claim on your insurance to receive compensation for a new laptop.

Itís not just your individual passengers that might want to claim on your insurance but also your passengers own personal insurance policies if they have any, for example your passenger might have medical insurance where a whiplash injury is treated by your passengerís own insurance company, the insurance company might want to claim against your insurance for reimbursement of the cost of medical treatment.

Limo Breakdown

With limousine insurance, youíre be able to get vehicle warranty insurance (Used Car Warranty) which will insure your vehicle against breakdowns (Car Breakdown Insurance), should your limo breakdown with mechanical problems the cost of parts and labour will be paid for by your insurance company with the claim being handled between your insurance company and the approved repairer without you having to get involved, you can get a limousine warranty for cars up to ten years old.

As well as a warranty, you can also choose to have breakdown and recovery insurance included as part of the limo cover, should your limousine breakdown on the roadside a recovery vehicle will try to get your limo going at the roadside and if they canít they will tow your limousine to a garage of your choice for repair, the breakdown insurance can also provide a loan limousine so that you can continue to operate your business whilst your own limousine is off the road. Your passenger if you have one at the time of the breakdown can then continue their journey in the loan vehicle.

Breakdown and recovery insurance is an option, often given free for the first year with your insurance policy, if you currently have limo breakdown and recovery insurance and want to take advantage of any special offers from the insurance company you can put your own breakdown cover on hold by phoning them and asking for the cover to be frozen for a year.

Your limousine insurance will probably come with so many days per year of European vehicle insurance and European breakdown cover (Travel Insurance), if youíre never going to be using your limousine abroad then donít select these options on the online quotation form as youíre paying extra for the cover, if later you do need to take your limousine abroad then itís easier to phone up and add the length of your trip to your current insurance.

Same Day Limousine Insurance

You can get same day limousine insurance by buying your cover online, you can choose form annual payments, monthly or quarterly payments, pay monthly by direct debit for the best deals and look over the options of excess payments carefully, if you agree to a higher excess the monthly premium will probably be lower, the excess is the amount you must pay on any claim before the insurance company will provide compensation for the rest of the claim, for example if your windscreen is smashed or chipped and you have an excess policy your be required to pay the first one hundred pounds or whatever excess amount you have agreed too, but remember that whilst at first glance you might think having an excess policy is a disadvantage when your claiming it does make your monthly premium smaller.

If You Hire Your Limousine Out For Weddings

If you hire your limousine out for weddings or similar events then you might want to include event insurance as part of your limo cover, if you turn up late to collect the bride or groom and are not at the church on time you might find that the happy couple want to sue you for ruining their wedding or some other disaster that your held responsible for like having oil or grease on your limo door which makes a big smear mark on the wedding dress.

Event Insurance

Event insurance and liability insurance will counter any claims that your passengers might have against you and will pay compensation in the event of any claim, your passengers may take out their own insurance for the wedding or other event and it will be your passengers, insurance company that chases you for damages.

With legal cover as part of your limousine insurance any case that goes to court and requires you to get a solicitor can be claimed back, solicitors can get expensive so if your clients are weddings or other Ďhigh stressí events having a comprehensive limousine insurance policy that includes legal fees is a very good idea.

Limousine Fleet Insurance

Limousine fleet insurance (Motor Fleet Insurance) allows you to insure more than one limousine on the same insurance policy, your need at least three limousines in your fleet in order to use fleet insurance, itís cheaper than multi car insurance which only offers a small discount for each car added and you still have separate insurance policies for each limousine, with fleet insurance all your limos are insured on the same policy, you can add and remove the number of drivers you have and the number of cars you have, you donít have to wait to make any policy changes annually, you can adjust the policy each month if you wish, this brings down the cost of your monthly insurance or increases your cover just when you need it so youíre not paying for what you donít use.

With both fleet insurance and single vehicle insurance you might want to include Ďany car, any driverí options to allow any driver (they donít have to be a named driver) to drive any vehicle in your fleet, if you have a fleet, or any driver to drive your sole vehicle.

Self-Employed Owner Operator Driving Your Own Limousine

If youíre a self-employed owner operator driving your own limousine and for example you become ill and want a friend or colleague to drive in your place, then a Ďany driverí policy will allow that without having to amend your insurance in any way.

You can insure your limousine for private hire where you have taken a booking in advance for the limo or for public hire, an example of which would be waiting at the airport for a passenger that you have not previously had a booking with, you can also get personal insurance to use a limousine as your own personal vehicle for domestic and pleasure use.

Stretch Hummer H3 Or H2

If you have a stretch Hummer H3 or H2 (Modified Car Insurance) for example this might be a personal vehicle for your own pleasure or a business and commercial vehicle for your companies use as a Hummer limousine youíre be able to get insurance.

With many stretch limousines being imported from the USA (Imported Car Insurance) you might have a left-hand drive vehicle that your using for limousine hire, specialist limousine insurance companies will insure your left-hand drive vehicle as well, note that limousine insurance is not taxi insurance so donít get a taxi policy, thatís why you should use a specialist insurance company that deals with limousines and not taxis or minicab insurance.

Parties In Your Limousine

With your customers holding parties in your limousine thereís a risk of spilling drinks and worse, this can give rise to you wanting to make an insurance claim for damages to your vehicle, your need to make sure that your insurance specially lists that you have a passenger carrying vehicle and are not just using the limousine for personal and private use, it is an offence to do so for which the government warn that you can face a fine or have your limousine impounded for not having the correct insurance specially for a limousine.

If your limousine has a black box fitted (a tracking device) you can get cheaper issuance as the location and speed of your vehicle are recorded and known to the insurance company, also tracked vehicles are less likely to be stolen than limousines without tracking so a sticker that says your vehicle is tracked is often a good deterrent to thieves.

Hen Parties And Other Events

With hen parties and other events involving lots of people your need to make sure that your vehicle has the carrying capacity for all those who enter the vehicle, your insurance quotation will ask the maximum capacity of your limousine and if your carrying more people than your insured for your insurance may not cover you in the event of a claim for injury or loss.

Self-employed owner operators of limousines are the most popular type of limousine cover with many people buying a limousine to use as their full-time source of income, hiring the limousine for airport transfers, hen parties, weddings, birthdays, graduations and other special events, your quotation will ask where your vehicle is parked overnight, if it is in a garage or other locked building your insurance premiums will be cheaper as there is less risk of damage to your vehicle overnight.

If you have a no claims bonus on your domestic car insurance you may be able to transfer this to your limousine, this will also help reduce the cost of your monthly premiums.

Young Drivers Under The Age Of 25 And 21

Young drivers under the age of 25 and 21, these are the two age ranges where the cost of insurance is high but different, 21 and under costs more in monthly premiums than a 25 and under policy, the older you are and the more experience you have driving and the cheaper your insurance will be; however, a specialist limousine insurance company understand the specific risks involved with limousine hire and will offer young drivers a cheaper insurance policy.

If you drive a chauffeur driven limousine (Chauffeur Insurance) then you have the cost of any uniform that you have to wear to pay for, should your formal suit or other uniform become damaged in the course of your work, for example an oily or greasy car door, then your be able to claim on your insurance for the cleaning or replacement of your clothing, this is also true for your passengers clothing, however the cost of ruining your no claims bonus or of paying the excess might make it not be worth claiming on your insurance.

You can mix and match the vehicles on your fleet insurance, not all the vehicles need to be limousines to have fleet insurance so you might be able to add other business use vehicles to your fleet insurance policy in order to get cheaper fleet insurance, your need at least three vehicles to get fleet cover.

Mixed Limousine, Taxi And Minicab Operator

If youíre a mixed limousine, taxi and minicab operator, fleet insurance can cover all your vehicles giving each vehicle access to breakdown and recovery insurance and Ďany driver of any vehicleí polices so you can make better use of your staff and your fleet, if a vehicle is off the road for repairs you can remove it from the insurance policy to save yourself money on the premium.

Limousine insurance does not have to be expensive when you get a quote from a specialist limousine insurance company, donít try and make a taxi or minicab insurance policy fit your limousine business you need specialist insurance to be legal and be able to make claims in the event of accident or injury.