Land Rover Insurance

Land Rover Insurance

Land Rover Insurance for ex-MOD Land Rovers, Land Rover Defender, Range Rover Vogue, Sport, Evoque, Land Rover 1, 2, 2a and 3 series, Land Rover break down cover, MOT failure insurance, tyre insurance, windscreen cover, modified Land Rovers, extended warranties, commercial use Land Rovers, farming and off road Land Rovers.

Land Rover insurance that covers all models of Land Rover from classic Land Rover Discoveries to modern Range Rovers, insure your Land Rover for personal use or for business use, you might use your Defender on the farm as a workhorse either fully off road where you never need to go on the public highway known as declaring SORN (Statutory Off Roan Notice) where your still need insurance for any public liability claims if you cause accident or injury to others in your Land Rover.

Using your Land Rover on the road your need vehicle insurance, this can be third party, fire and theft or fully comprehensive, with fully comprehensive you are also insured for any claims you make on your insurance for damage to your own vehicle or injury to yourself, with third party, fire and theft only claims made by others (third parties) are covered.

For most Land Roverís itís very unlikely that you would want third party, fire and theft, after all, you will not be able to claim for damage to your own Land Rover which is probably what you are most concerned about.

The online Land Rover insurance quote includes many different insurance options which you can choose to take out or ignore, to keep the cost of your Land Rover insurance low only select the options that apply to you.

Land Rover Breakdown Insurance

If you are worried about the cost of breakdowns (Car Breakdown Insurance) then take out Warranty Insurance as part of your Land Rover insurance package, when you breakdown, the recovery service will take your Land Rover to an insurance approved repair centre and all parts and labour bills will be paid directly by the insurance company to the repair centre, you wonít have any repair bills to pay yourself with warranty insurance.

Choose breakdown and recovery insurance to get your Land Rover repaired at the side of the road, with three quarters of all breakdowns fixed at the side of the road you can be sure that the breakdown service will get you moving again quickly and where they canít you will be towed to a garage for repair, choose warranty insurance to not have to worry about the cost of those repairs.

Land Rover Tyre Insurance

If your concerned about damaging your tyres and the cost of new tyres then tyre insurance is for you, here if you damage your wheels or tyres against the kerb or need new tyres because you have driven over a nail or any of the multitude of problems that can affect your wheels and tyres you be able to claim the cost of the new tyres on your insurance.

Land Rover Windscreen Insurance

Like tyre insurance, windscreen cover also insures you against accidents, this time to your windscreen any cracks or windscreen replacements will be paid for by the insurance company, if you regularly take your Land Rover off road then tyre and windscreen cover can save you a lot of money.

If your over fifty years old or a women driver you can get cheaper insurance even in a Land Rover, thatís because women and older drivers are statistically proven to be more careful and better able to judge road conditions and drive more safely than younger drivers and male drivers, so if your female or over fifty mentioning this on the insurance quotation will give you cheaper insurance.

Young Land Rover Drivers Under 21 Years Old

Younger drivers under the age of 21 can get cheap Land Rover insurance by insuring the Land Rover in the name of their Mother or Father, this makes use of their parents no claims bonus and years of driving experience to lower the cost of the monthly premium, however the young man or women will not be building up their own no claims bonus whist they are a named driver on someone elseís policy.

Cheap Land Rover Insurance

Another way to get cheap Land Rover insurance is to add the Land Rover to a multi-car policy, here all the cars in the family or Fleet Car Insurance for a commercial version of multi-car insurance allow you to have just one policy that insures all the families or business cars, thereís a discount for every vehicle and not all the vehicles have to be Land Roverís.

Land Rover insurance is also available for any driver over the age of 17 and here whether personal or business insurance anyone can drive the Land Rover without having to be named on the policy, itís ideal for farms where several farm hands might need to drive the Land Rover without you having to go through the bother of adding individual people to the policy.

Land Rover MOT Insurance

If your worried that your Land Rover might fail itís MOT or that parts and labour for the Land Rover will be expensive then you can include MOT insurance as part of your Land Rover insurance policy, with MOT insurance if your Land Rover fails the MOT test the parts and labour needed to get your Land Rover past itís MOT will be paid for by the insurance company, you make a claim on the insurance policy and show the insurance company the failed MOT test certificate and the work that needs to be done and your be reimbursed for the expense which means you wonít ever have to worry about expenses if your Land Rover fails its MOT.

If your worried about your Land Rover depreciating in value where the a mount you paid for your Land Rover is greater than the money you might get from any insurance claim meaning that if you have an accident in your Land Rover and the insurance company pays out they will pay out less than the amount you paid for your Land Rover meaning you wonít be able to afford to buy another Land Rover, this problem is handled by Gap insurance, if you take out Gap insurance as part of your Land Rover insurance policy the policy will pay out the difference between what the vehicle insurance gives you when your car is written off by an accident and the replacement price of a new Land Rover, this allows you to go out and buy a new Land Rover when your old Land Rover is written off without having to worry that you wonít have the money for a new Land Rover after an accident.

Land Rover Gap Insurance

Gap insurance is also known as shortfall insurance, this means the same thing, the gap or shortfall between the money the insurance company gives you when your Land Rover is written off and the cost of a new Land Rover, itís nice to be given the money you need to buy a new Land Rover without having to curse your bad luck at having had an accident, gap insurance really does turn a negative (your accident) into a positive (a new Land Rover).

Land Rover Agreed Value Insurance

With agreed value insurance as part of your Land Rover insurance package you specify on the online insurance quote form how much money you want to receive if your Land Rover is written off by the insurance company, writing the vehicle off means that the Land Rover is so badly damaged after an accident that it is uneconomical to repair and cheaper to get a new Land Rover.

You can choose the amount of agreed value cover you want on the insurance quotation, but remember the higher the amount you select the higher your monthly premium will be so only select the actual value of your Land Rover or youíre be paying more in monthly insurance premiums.

Now if you have a late model Range Rover which is attractive to thieves as there have been a spate of luxury Range Rovers stolen itís obviously best to have secure parking and not park your Range River on the street, indeed there were stories that insurance companies were refusing insurance to Range Rover owners living in London unless they had secure parking, whilst secure parking will indeed make your Range Rover insurance cheaper as you are asked where the vehicle will be parked at night on the insurance form, if you do not have secure parking even in London it does not mean that you cannot get insurance, simply enter your details into the free quote to see how cheaply you can get Range Rover insurance for any part of the UK.

Land Rover European Vehicle Insurance

If you take your Land Rover abroad, driving across Europe then your want European vehicle insurance and European breakdown and recovery insurance too, you can select these options on the online quotation form, but if you donít plan to take your Land Rover abroad then donít select European insurance as your be unnecessarily making your Land Rover insurance more expensive, if at a later date you decide you want to drive in Europe with your Land Rover you can always add European cover to your policy.

4x4 and large utility vehicles can be expensive to insure but by using a specialist Land Rover insurance company youíre get the best deals, these insurance specialists insure a great many Land Roverís and can offer the extraís you need for example if you tow a trailer (Caravan Insurance) with your Land Rover youíre want trailer insurance as most standard vehicle policies will not cover a trailer.

Land Rover Trailer Insurance

Trailer insurance or Horsebox Insurance can be easily added to the Land Rover insurance policy, you can specify the tonne weight of the trailer or horsebox to get an accurate insurance quote, remember your liable for any damage or injury caused by a trailer or horsebox and youíre want your horse insured whilst itís in transit as well.

Modified Land Rover Insurance

If you drive a modified Land Rover (Modified Car Insurance) where you have made amendments to the engine performance (Performance Car Insurance) or exhaust system for example adding extension exhaust systems so that you can drive across water in your Land Rover then your need to select the modified insurance option on the quote form, you can then select the exact modification you have made to the Land Rover so that the insurance quote can be accurate, for example you might have converted the engine from petrol to hydrogen.

Range Rover Tracking Device (Black Box) Insurance

If you have a tracking device fitted to your Range Rover you can get cheaper insurance because the insurance company can track your journeys and your speed and where you park your Land Rover, so youíre get cheaper insurance if youíre following the speed limits and road conditions, if you do speed the insurance company can track this and you wonít get cheaper insurance so itís ideal if youíre a careful driver but telemetric trackers are not for everyone.

Land Rover Insurance For Agricultural And Farming

Whether you want a Land Rover for agricultural and farming use or you want to drive your Land Rover on the roads and use your Land Rover for commuting you can get insurance that fits how you use your vehicle, from luxury Land Rover Discoveries to classic Land Rover Defenders (Classic Car Insurance) from commuting to farm use these practical and desirable vehicles have a range of uses from utility vehicle to sports SUV youíre be able to get cheap insurance for any Land Rover type from a specialist insurer.

For the cheapest insurance deals use the online quotation form where you can choose the exact options you need and see how much your insurance will cost, you can increase the excess payment you make on a claim to see the monthly insurance premium reduce, you might think why would you want to pay an excess when you have to make a claim, but paying the excess lowers the amount you pay on your monthly premium because the insurance company knows that your be making less claims if your forced to pay the excess and any claims you do make will not be frivolous claims.

Young drivers of 17 years and older will not find getting Land Rover insurance any harder than for any other SUV or utility vehicle in fact some of the older Land Roverís (although not classics) will be cheaper to insure for youngsters than other makes of vehicle.