Imported Car Insurance

Imported Car Insurance

Imported Car Insurance is different than standard car insurance, not only can it be costlier (itís not always costlier, specialist insurance companies can offer you competitive rates), but you need an insurance company that understands the specification of the car you are importing or have already imported.

General car insurance online quote forms will not even have the car listed that you want to insure, that makes it almost impossible to use a high street insurance company for imported car insurance, specialist insurance companies that specialise in imported car insurance have online quote forms where you can directly select the make and model of the imported car and because these specialist insurance companies deal day in and day out with imported cars they understand the specifications and can offer insurance cheaper than a more general purpose insurance company.

There Are Two Types Of Imported Car, Both Are Legal Ways To Bring An Imported Car Into The Country

There are two types of imported car, both are legal ways to bring an imported car into the country, these are manufacturer imported cars where the manufacturer will import a country specific car to another market (country) through their own distribution network, this type of import comes with full support from the dealer network, parts are easily available as is servicing and repair.

The other type of imported car is a grey import, grey imports are still legal imports in that no customs or excise rules are broken and the car is still legal for use on UK roads, a grey import means that the car or bikes manufacturer has not imported the car or bike themselves and therefore there is no direct dealer network to support the import, for example repairs, parts and servicing make be harder to obtain for a grey import.

Grey Imports

Grey imports are usually for cars that the manufacturer is not importing themselves or for heavily customised cars or motorcycles, an example of which would be a stretch Hummer or custom paint job or car that is no longer manufactured in its home country, an example of which would be a DeLorean which were initially made in Ireland but now the best examples are imported from the USA, the car has been rebuilt and reconditioned due to its age.

Legal Imports Are Also Known As Parallel Imports

Legal imports are also known as parallel imports, by legal imports we actually mean manufacturer imported vehicles, grey imports are not illegal but are not sanctioned by the motor car manufacturer.

Insurance for imported cars costs more than for cars available without import in the UK, this is because an imported car is rarer, the car is not available in the UK and therefore attracts attention from vehicle thieves as well as vandals, as an imported car it is now more likely to be damaged and this increases the price of the insurance.

Imported cars are also harder to get spare parts for or find a repair garage or service as the skills required to work on imported cars are also rare, so this again increases the cost of any parts (which have to be sourced and flown in from abroad) as well as the cost of repairing and servicing the imported car.

Cars Imported Through The Dealer Network (The Official Manufacturer Of The Vehicle) Are Cheaper To Insure

Cars imported through the dealer network (the official manufacturer of the vehicle) are cheaper to insure as parts will be available through the dealer network as will repairs and serving and also the car will be less rare as its more easily available through the dealer network although you have to pay extra for the import and it might not be advertised at the dealership (you have to ask).

Grey import cars on the other hand (whilst legal) have not been approved for import by the manufacturer and so parts will not be available without sourcing and flying the parts in from abroad and spares and repairs will be more expensive as owners will need to find a garage that has the experience in working on the imported car.

Cars Imported By The Manufacturer Are Known As Parallel Car Imports

Cars imported by the manufacturer are known as parallel car imports whilst cars imported by an individual or a car modification specialist, high performance and tuned up cars are a good examples of this, are called grey imports.

The car must be tested for road worthiness and safety and if the car has never been imported into the country before these initial tests will add to the cost of the import, but as long as someone has imported the car into the UK before then these additional tests will not be required.

High Street Insurers

If you need an imported car insured then high street insurers will not be able to insure you and if they do insure you as a special vehicle the cost of the insurance will be much higher than using a specialist imported car insurance company, you canít even get a quote from a high street insurance company for an imported car as the insurance company wonít have heard of the car before let alone what insurance bracket to insure the car under, modified cars or other grey imports make insuring the vehicle more complicated for standard insurers, thankfully imported car specialists have much experience in insuring imports.

Import insurance is needed for the use of the car on UK roads, youíre not actually insuring the car for its import in the UK by ship or airfreight, your insuring the car for use on UK roads, actually delivering the car to you from abroad should be handled by separate air freight or sea freight insurance and not by the car insurance your actually use to drive the car in the UK.

Specialist import insurance companies can provide cheap import car insurance for a range of imported vehicles, typically American import insurance or Japanese import insurance is whatís required as these are the two most popular countries to import from.

Nissan And Toyota Import Insurance

The most popular makes of car have their own insurance Nissan and Toyota import insurance being the most common.

Cheap import insurance is for using the car on UK roads after you have imported the car, imported car insurance is not the same as the shipping insurance you use to insure the car against damage in transit whilst on the ship or aircraft.

For cheap import car insurance quotes use a specialist insurer, high street insurers will not have the knowledge to insure an imported car and many of their online forms wonít even recognise the make and model of the car you are trying to get a quote for.

Japanese And American Import Car Insurance

With Japanese and American import car insurance being the most popular, insurance companies specialise in American and Japanese car imports, this specialisation allows them to offer cheaper insurance as they understand the specifications of the car you have imported.

If you buy an imported car second hand the car is still an imported car, whilst you havenít imported the car yourself it is obviously still an imported car and you still have to have imported car insurance.

Buy your insurance from an expert in niche motoring insurance not only for the best deals and the lowest prices but for free breakdown insurance as well. Car insurance for imported cars also covers high performance cars as many of the imports are for high performance cars, these are generally grey imports where a performance car reseller has tuned the car or modified the car in some way and you have either imported the car yourself or bought the car second hand.

Your need specialist vehicle insurance to get an insurance policy for an imported car, only import specialists will understand the specification of the imported car and be able to correctly value the import for insurance purposes, after all if the car was an insurance write off the insurance company would need to be able to assess the true worth of the car and that can only be done by an expert.

Japanese Import Car Insurance

Japanese import car insurance is by far the most popular type of import insurance and for this reason itís not the most expensive because the more experience an import insurer has with a specific make and model of import the better the insurance company understands the risks and the cheaper the insurance gets, with a greater number of Japanese imports on the roads in the UK there is a greater after market in spares and repairs which reduces the cost of ownership of an imported car.

Get an online quote from a specialist insurer and youíre be able to enter the country of import the make and the model of your car on the form, only insurance policies for imported cars allow you to select the details of a car import, look at an online quote from a UK purchased car and you wonít find any options for imported cars which is why you need specialised import insurance.

Quotes for imported Japanese car insurance offer the best deals because Japanese cars are such a popular import, the next most popular is American and Italian cars, Japanese cars will often be performance cars being imported into the UK whilst American cars and motorcycles will be a wide range of different vehicles not all of which will be performance based, some of the imports are collectorís cars and vintage.

Japanese import car insurance specialists offer much better deals than standard insurance (if you can get a standard car, bike or truck insurance policy to insure an imported car), the cheapest imported car cover is only available form specialists as they know the true value of the car and how easy it is to get spares and repairs, this determines the cost of the insurance premium far more than the age of the driver.

Specialist insurers will offer insurance for parallels or grey imports, parallels are the importing of cars through the dealer network whilst grey imports are not illegal imports and are just imports where the dealer network has not been used, if you import a car yourself then it is a grey import and if the car dealership for a specific make of car import the car on your behalf then it is a parallel import.

Discounts For Car Club Members

Discounts for car club members are available for imported cars, if you happen to be a member of an imported car club then ask at the club for insurance offers, not only will the club be able to recommend a good import insurance specialist to you but the members of the club will be able to provide valuable feedback on a specific import insurance deal, remember that car clubs may be receiving a commission for recommending a specific insurance company so they are not always the best deal.

For a fast-online quote use a specialist grey importer or parallel import insurance company, most will specialise in both types of insurance and be run by enthusiasts who can talk knowledgably about the car you are insuring.

Specialist imported car insurance is generally divided into American cars and Japanese cars, your find specialists offer one or the other type of insurance because those are the makes and models of car that they understand, the parts and servicing of these two types of cars are very different so a true specialist will not offer both types of insurance.

Cover for imported cars is not as expensive as you might think, as long as you are using a specialist import insurance company, the knowledge of import car insurance that they have built up over the years helps keep your premiums low as they will know the resale values of the car and the costs of any repairs which are all factored into the cost of insurance cover.

Arranging Car Insurance For An Imported Car

Arranging car insurance for an imported car is no different than arranging regular car insurance, use a specialist and then when using an online insurer, youíre find your imported car listed on the quote form, try to use a standard insurer and they will never have heard of your make and model of car yet alone be able to insure it.

Insuring an imported car with the right insurance is paramount, your import costs a great deal of money and is likely irreplaceable, the correct insurance will be cheaper and cover the additional costs of increased repair costs should you be involved in an accident.