Ice Cream Van Insurance

Ice Cream Van Insurance

Ice Cream Van Insurance including fixtures and fittings insurance, combines public liability, business equipment and stock insurance and ice cream van driver insurance for all refrigerated and modified vans.

Ice cream van insurance is a collection of insurance polices that you can buy together to insure your mobile ice cream business, your need ice cream van insurance, itís is a legal requirement to have insurance to take your vehicle on the road, whilst you could go for third party, fire and theft insurance to make your insurance cheaper itís not actually cost effective as damage to your own ice cream van is not covered with third party insurance, so any accident that causes damage to your own ice cream van and your have to pay for the repairs yourself.

With fully comprehensive insurance your ice cream van is insured for any damage to the vehicle, your be able to claim for repairs and new parts on your van insurance.

Ice Cream Van Public Liability Insurance

Your need Public Liability Insurance to protect your customers and other members of the public from any injury or damage to property caused by your business (Business Insurance), for example your refrigerator fails and your ice cream starts to defrost, you havenít noticed and continue to sell ice creams, your customers get food poisoning from eating the ice creams which you sold that had started to thaw, your customers are claiming loss of earnings and medical treatment costs against you because your business made them ill, itís the public liability insurance that will compensate your customers for the food poisoning caused by your business.

If you did not have pubic liability insurance or the insurance you did have was not very complete then your customers might find it difficult to claim on your insurance, when your customers who have been made ill by your business find that your business will not support them with a claim they are likely to tell their stories on social media or to the papers, word of mouth would then insure that your business does not survive as customers wonít want to buy from you, so you see how its vitally important to get good public liability insurance.

If you have employees then your employees will need Employers Liability Insurance, its a legal requirement to have liability insurance for which you can be fined over one thousand pounds per day for not having the insurance plus your face all the claims for compensation that you would have to pay yourself because you donít have insurance.

Ice Cream Van Employers liability Insurance

Employers liability insurance is what your employees can claim off if they suffer accident or injury caused by your ice cream business, your employees cannot claim on the public liability policy which is just for members of the public and not employed staff.

If for example an employee working in the ice cream van serving ice creams slipped on the wet floor where an ice cream had been dropped, the slip caused your employee to hurt their back and break their glasses, itís the employers liability insurance that such a claim could be made against for the cost of medical treatment till your employee has recovered from his bad back, to loss of income payments whilst he recovers and the replacement of his glasses which where broken in the fall.

Itís not only your customers that might make a claim against you but the insurance companies of your employees or customers for example your employee who hurt his back might have private medical insurance which he claims on for time off work recovering from illness, the employees own private medical insurance might want to sue you or make a claim on your insurance to recover their costs, so you can see that your own insurance not only protects you from claims by the general public but also employee claims and third party claims.

Ice Cream Van Fleet Insurance

If you have more than one ice cream van in your fleet (Motor Fleet Insurance) then you can save money by insuring all the ice cream vans on a fleet policy, your only have one insurance premium to pay and to manage and you can add and remove ice cream vans as your business grows or changes.

With business equipment insurance as part of your ice cream insurance package the freezers, soft scoop makers and all other equipment inside the ice cream van will be covered for breakdown (Car Breakdown Insurance), theft and malicious damage, so if for example your soft scoop machine stopped making soft scoop because it had worn out due to old age you would be able to claim on your equipment insurance for a new soft scoop machine on an Ďold for newí policy.

All these different types of insurance for ice cream vans can be bought together as an ice cream insurance package making it easy to buy one insurance package and be covered for most eventualities that an ice cream van owner might face, if you want to mix and match insurance policies you can do that too, as when you buy online you can select just the insurance options you want on your quote, you can pay for your insurance by direct debit paying the monthly premium and then you can download your insurance documents like your van insurance and your employers liability insurance, the liability insurance needs to be on display where all members of staff can see it, usually back at the depot if you have multiple ice cream vans.

Ice Cream Van Legal Cover

If you also opt for legal cover as part of your ice cream van insurance then you will be able to claim on your insurance for the costs of any legal cases brought against you, for example a customer is taking you too court as they suffered an allergic reaction to eating nuts in an ice cream where you had not displayed a notice that the ice cream contained nuts, the cost of hiring any solicitors and defending your case in court can all be claimed on legal cover insurance.

With business continuation insurance (also called business interruption insurance) you can claim on your insurance policy for anything that stops you from trading, for example the council has designated a specific area that you are allowed to sell ice creams in, that local area is under refurbishment and the roads to the area where you are allowed to sell your ice cream have been closed, in such an example you would be able to claim on your business interruption insurance for loss of business as you were unable to trade.

With stock insurance your insured for any loss of your stock, for example your refrigerators might fail or your ice cream van engine might stop working either way your ice cream will be ruined and worthless, stock insurance would allow you to claim for the replacement of the stock, with stock insurance anyone found causing malicious damage to your stock for example vandals breaking into the ice cream van depot and destroying freezers or an ice cream van fire that causes the van to be lost to fire along with all its contents.

Fixtures And Fittings Insurance For Everything Inside The Ice Cream Van

With fixtures and fittings insurance everything inside the van from the soft scoop machine to the coffee machine would be covered on your insurance so whether fire, flood, accidental damage or damage on purpose (malicious damage) your be able to claim on your insurance for the replacement of the coffee machine and soft scoop machine.

If you are towing a trailer behind your ice cream van then your ice cream van insurance can also include insurance of the trailer, its a good idea to get the trailer insured as its on the public highway and will need vehicular insurance and can also cause public liability if for example stock inside the trailer fell out onto the road injuring other drivers or causing them to swerve and have an accident.

Ice cream van insurance can include other types of mobile catering (Catering Van Insurance) like vehicles used for hot and cold food, jiffy trucks and snack vans because the insurance companies know that off season many ice cream vans will refit for selling burgers, hot dogs and drinks so its important to have one insurance policy that covers the summer months of ice cream selling as well as the winter months of selling coffee and burgers.

Ice Cream Van Breakdown And Recovery Insurance

As part of the ice cream van insurance you can also include van breakdown and recovery insurance where your be able to phone an emergency help line to arrange for a mobile engineer to come out to where you have broken down and fix your ice cream van, if it cannot be fixed on the spot it will be towed to the garage for repair and a replacement ice cream van offered so that you can continue your business even the very same day.

From street traders to snack vans and all mobile catering trucks in between, ice cream van insurance is just one mobile catering insurance product sold by the specialists who sell ice cream van insurance.

A refrigerated van is not only expensive to buy in the first place but it can be expensive to keep running and make repairs especially at the time of MOT renewals or the ice cream vans annual service, with extended ice cream van insurance you can insure against your ice cream van from breaking down, if your van does breakdown it will be towed to an authorised garage for repairs where the insurance company will settle the bill directly with the ice cream van repair garage.

General Public Liability

When you are dealing with the general public all day your exposed to a lot of liabilities, from your customers spilling hot coffee they have just purchased from you all over themselves and expecting you to pay for a new suit, you might not know how to handle any such demands from your customers, well with ice cream van insurance from specialised companies you get a 24/7 phone line that you can call to speak to a real expert in running an ice cream van business who can advise you from his experience of helping other ice cream sellers with the exact same problem.

Ice cream vans are often vandalised or stolen so its vitally important to have an ice cream van insurance policy that has a no claims bonus and does not penalise you from making claims on your insurance, with everything from graffiti written on your ice cream van to ice cream vans set on fire the specialist ice cream van insurance companies have seen all these claims and will not be refusing claims like other general purpose insurers who are not familiar with the ice cream trade might.

Buying ice cream van insurance online gives you the cheapest prices because you donít have to pay for any insurance policies that you will not need, simply tick all the options that apply to you, leave blank the options that are not applicable to you, for example donít choose European breakdown cover as one of the options if you never plan on taking your ice cream van abroad as otherwise your paying for insurance you donít need and canít use.

Getting An Online Quote Does Not Force You To Take The Ice Cream Van Insurance

Getting an online quote does not force you to take the insurance, you can get a quote and then decide for whatever reason to not proceed then you can save your money as you are not committed to taking out the insurance if you donít want too.

You will have paid a lot of money for the pitch given to you by the local council and you need to keep earning money to pay the cost of the pitch each month, thatís why these specialist ice cream insurance companies can offer a policy against loss of income, with this policy if you canít work your outgoings like mortgage and food bills are paid for you.

If you only use your ice cream van for six months of the year then you only need to get the insurance for six months of the year, you wonít be charged any extra for having a shorter policy and if you are not selling different types of food over the winter months then its good to be able to save money and not take out ice cream insurance for an extended period of time.

For same day insurance that is designed for ice cream sellers only, buy online for the best deals.