Hotel and Guesthouse Insurance

Hotel and Guesthouse Insurance

Hotel and Guesthouse Insurance including accidental damage, public and product liability, stock and contents insurance, business interruption, buildings cover and personal guest insurance.

Guest House Insurance And B&B (Bed & Breakfast) Insurance

Guest house insurance includes B&B (Bed & Breakfast) insurance, remember your B&B may also be your home but your running the B&B as a commercial operation so your need commercial insurance.

Choose a UK based insurance company that way when you need to make a claim you can phone a UK call centre and speak to a specialist who knows all about the hospitality business and can advise you and help you make your claim as quickly as possible.

Only One Form To Fill In

Thereís only one form to fill in, you can do this online to get a free quote, the quote will not make you obligated to complete the insurance, the quote will only be valid for 72 hours after which your have to make another free quote.

A UK broker understands UK insurance, high street insurance companies will not be able to offer you hotel and guesthouse insurance because it is not the everyday insurance product they deal with, buy insurance from a specialist insurance broker that only deals with hotel and guesthouse insurance.

Insurance For Pubs

Insurance for pubs includes stock and product liability, this means that if your stock is ruined by for example flood or fire then you can claim on the insurance for the value of your stock, stock might include beer, spirits and food.

Product liability is the productís you produce, for a pub thatís the food you cook or the home-made pies and other dishes, should a customer become ill after eating your pub food they might make a claim against you and product liability will provide the customer with an insurance payout if the insurance company upholds their claim.

Insurance For Hotels

Insurance for hotels will need to include personal guest insurance and employee insurance, typically up to one thousand pounds where if a guest claims that something was stolen from their hotel room you can make a claim on your insurance and if the insurance company upholds the claim the guest will receive compensation from the insurance company up to the maximum value of the policy (typically one thousand pounds for guest room insurance).

Customer Insurance

Bed and breakfast insurance will also need to include insurance for the customers cars, typically this is ten thousand pounds per vehicle where if the customers car is damaged from for example something falling off your roof and smashing their car or fire or flood in the car park then they can claim on your insurance up to the maximum of ten thousand pounds and if that claim is upheld by the insurance company the policy will pay out.

You can get a quick free quote for hotel insurance, your need to include contents insurance for the value of the fixtures, fittings and furniture or bed linen in the hotel room, if a guest was to vandalise your hotel room with contents insurance you can claim on your insurance for the contents of each of your hotel rooms, note that this is a separate insurance policy to guest insurance which is for the guests belongings in their hotel room.

Stock And Product Liability Insurance

Hotel insurance quotes can include stock and product liability, personal belongings for guests, guests car insurance, out buildings insurance and more, you can choose the insurance cover that is right for you, for example if your guesthouse does not have parking space and guests use the paid for parking across from the hotel then you wonít need your insurance cover to include guest cars as the guests cars will not be on your premisses and you wonít be liable to damage to their cars.

An instant quote can include just the cover you need for example were your a hotel, guesthouse or B&B your going to need public and products liability insurance, if your buildings catch fire or are flooded for example then public liability insurance to cover the damage to other peoples buildings and cars will be needed and products liability will insure you against customers taking yo to court for food that makes them ill, your insurance will pay the court costs and pay off the customer if the insurance company upholds their claim.

Contents Insurance

Stock and contents insurance insures you against damage to your stock, the most common claims being fire, flood and damage by animals or rodents, if you have to make a claim for your beer, spirits and food the insurance company will reimburse you the replacement value when you make a claim.

Contents insurance allows you to make a claim against damage to furniture, fixtures and fittings within your hotel, guesthouse or B&B, the contents might also be damaged by fire, flood, rodents or other animals or also your guests might damage the furniture or fittings within your hotel room and with contents insurance your be able to make a claim on your insurance for reimbursement.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance means that if you cannot get any stock like beer or food or there is a fire or flood or your hotel, guesthouse or B&B is in a remote area and the electricity is cut-off winter time dues to snow or any other business impact that prevents you from carrying out your business then with this insurance cover your be able to make a claim up to the value of your bookings which your customers or you have had to cancel.

Buildings cover will include not only your main hotel, guesthouse or B&B but other buildings you might have for example conservatories, play areas etc. here all buildings will be covered for fire, flood, theft and vandalism to the actual building itself, the contents is a separate insurance cover, if the building is burned out, or the electrics fail or the buildings are flooded or infested with rodents or insects for example then your be able to make a claim on your insurance.

Pay For What You Need

You only pay for what you need, if you donít need cover for guests because your pub does not take lodgers, then you donít need to include guest cover, if you donít have a car park for patrons then you donít need to include guest car damage on your insurance policy, only choose the insurance cover that fits your situation, if you choose more insurance than you need your be paying more.

With a UK broker claims are sorted quickly especially if the insurance company has a 24/7 claims line so you can phone the insurance company any time day or night to discuss your cover and whether you can make a claim, then you can start the claims process whilst your on the phone.

Dedicated Claims Manager

A dedicated claims manager makes managing your insurance much easier, as the claims manger will know your case and every time you phone the insurance company or receive a letter from the insurance company it will be from the same claims manger so they get to know you and your business making working with them that much easier.

Insurance coverage can include buildings, contents, bikes, gadgets, personal items and home emergency cover. Just like with home insurance that can include your Gas Boiler Insurance, electrical system and drains, hotel and guest room insurance also has itís own version of home emergency cover which gives you one phone number to call to get an engineer to you as quickly as possibly to fix the problem.

Guesthouse Insurance

Guesthouse insurance whilst a type of commercial insurance policy is only just above that of a standard home insurance policy the additional cover will be insurance for your stock, items like food and drink as well as personnel guest insurance for your guests to claim on your insurance if something is stolen from their room or damaged as a result of your guesthouse or B&B, for example the guest makes a claim that faulty wiring causes damage to their laptop computer.

Other insurance cover that a guesthouse should consider is insurance cover for product liability, this is the meals you cook for your guests, if a guest complains that your food has made them ill, then your be able to claim on your insurance for the guest.

If you have a car park for your guests then your need guest insurance to cover damage to their cars from for example fire or flood or another guest damaging their car, your also need contents insurance and fixtures and fittings insurance so that if a guest damages their guest room you can make a claim for reimbursement.

All hotel and guesthouse insurance polices offer a free quote before you take out the insurance cover so you can add or remove different types of cover to determine the cost of the insurance and to only include insurance cover for items that are appropriate to your own situation, if you donít have a car park then donít get insurance for the guests cars for example.

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance does not include contents insurance, the difference is that the actual structure of the building and its fixtures and fittings for example, showers, toilets and sinks are covered by buildings insurance whilst furniture is covered by contents insurance.

Accidental damage cover is used to insure yon against your employees or your guests damaging your property or contents accidentally, for example a guest reversing into your glass door accidentally, or a guest adjusting the room heating controls which then causes a fire.

Loss Of Licence Insurance

Loss of licence insurance will insure you against losing your pub licence, your ability to serve alcohol (alcohol licence) or your ability to perform other licensed activity (for example sports activities like canoeing, rock climbing and shooting or fishing) that attracts quests to your hotel or guesthouse, the council may revoke your alcohol licence because the neighbours are complaining of rowdy behaviour from guests exiting your pub, whilst you appeal the decision your want loss of licence insurance to pay out so that your not disadvantaged by fewer customers coming to your hotel or guesthouse.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance will pay out for anything that prevents you from continuing to carry out your business this might be flood or fire or a strike by the brewery so your not be getting your deliveries of food, beer or spirits or a problem with the electricity or gas supply to your hotel, anything that prevents you from doing business is covered by business interruption insurance.

Employers Liability Insurance

Employers liability insurance is needed where you employ staff, maybe staff to clean the rooms and make the beds or staff in your kitchen to prepare food, your staff may be injured at work and you might be found at fault if your employee takes you to court (or their health insurance company takes you to court), examples might be an accident in the kitchen whist using the grill or an accident with a kitchen knife or an accident with chemicals whilst cleaning a guests room.

Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance pays out when you have been fund liable for causing damage, death or injury to members of the public, this might be damage to their car in your car park or it might be an injury a child received whilst playing on the swings in the hotel gardens or your building catching fire and setting fire to a neighbouring property, any claim by a member of the public against you will be paid by the public liability insurance if the insurance company finds in the favour of the claimant.

Products liability for a hotel or guest house is the food you serve, this is your product as deemed by the insurance company, if your food makes a guest ill then itís having product liability insurance that will payout to the guest should they make a claim against you.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal expenses insurance insures you against anyone taking you to court, maybe a supplier is unhappy with the way they have been treated by you and sues you or maybe a guest takes you to court claiming something against you, with legal expenses cover any legal action against you will be paid by your insurance company if the third party makes a successful claim against you.

Contract Dispute Insurance

Contract dispute insurance covers you against any company you have a contract with, so for example the brewery is forcing changes in their contract or not delivering beer as per their schedule or changing the prices in the contract or your electrical supplier cuts you off or raises their prices or your meat supplier stops delivering or any other case where you have a contract in place with a supplier and the supplier is not honouring their contract.