Horsebox Insurance

Horsebox Insurance

Horsebox Insurance for 7.5 and 3.5 tonne horse boxes, insurance for drivers under 25 and 21, horsebox, horse trailer, horse van and self drive horseboxes and lorries. All makes of horsebox insured Ifor Williams, Iveco and rentals for business and private leisure use.

Whether your horsebox is a trailer that you tow behind your vehicle or itís a lorry to transport your horse your need insurance, trailers are generally not covered under your vehicle insurance, it your policy does allow a trailer it will be for a very lightweight trailer and certainly not the tonnage you need for towing a horsebox.

With the need to get separate insurance for your horsebox your need to use an equine trailer insurance specialist, high street insurance companies will insure trailers but not horseboxes, the difference is that you need your horse insured as well, thereís two main aspects to the horse insurance, firstly insurance for your horse so that if there is an accident and your horse is injured there is insurance to pay out on any vet bills and secondly public liability insurance for damage your horse might do to property or person.

If your horsebox is left open either by intention or accident your want your insurance company to pay out for any damage your horse causes, for example your horse may leave an open horsebox and cause damage to cars parked next to the horsebox, or if frightened your horse might jump up on a car (it is unfortunately more common than you might think), this will cause significant damage and injury to all involved, the driver of the car will be injured potentially severely, the car will be written off by the insurance company and your horse will also be injured possibly severely, in an extreme example like this you want public liability insurance so that the car ownerís insurance can claim against your own insurance for compensation which would involve replacement of the car and medical bills, loss of earnings for the driver and passengers.

Legal Expenses Cover

Your also able to add legal expenses cover to your horsebox insurance that means any claims against you that go to court requiring you to hire a solicitor will incur costs, those costs when you have legal cover are paid for by the insurance company.

So your need a specialist horsebox insurance company to offer all these options on your insurance premium, on the online form you can select just the basic cover or any additional options you might need, then your get your quote online, once you agree to the quote and pay your first monthly premium the insurance will start, you can usually specify a start date of the insurance so if you have an old policy expiring or donít need your insurance until a certain date then you can start your insurance just when it is needed, saving you money as your not insuring your horsebox before you need it.

Ideally your need fully comprehensive cover, if you just have third party or third party fire and theft your horsebox trailer or lorry (HGV Insurance) would be insured and any claims for damage or injury to other vehicles and property would be covered but damage to your own vehicle and injury to your horse and the payment of vet bills and physiotherapy bills would not be covered, leaving you to pay the bills yourself, if you could not claim compensation for loss of your horse trailer or horsebox or injury to your horse could you afford to replace everything yourself without insurance.

Accidental Damage And Malicious Damage

Accidental damage as well as malicious damage to your horsebox will also be covered by your insurance as well as theft, so for example if you have your riding boots, saddle, rugs and tack all stored in the horsebox and they are stolen your want the insurance company to pay compensation so that you can buy new riding tack as without contents insurance your have to replace all your tack from your own funds.

Drivers Under The Age Of 21 Up To 25

Drivers under the age of 21 up to 25 traditionally have problems getting cheap horsebox and trailer insurance, you might be towing a horsebox of 3.5 tonne or driving a 7.5 tonne horsebox which is the largest horse lorry (Truck Insurance) you can drive on a standard vehicle driving license, note that you might need to get vehicles up to 7.5 tonne added to your drivers licence if the option is not already there, no extra tests are required to drive vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes.

Only specialist horsebox insurance companies understand the risk and will offer drivers under 21 or under 25 lower premiums, if you have a no claims bonus built up on your domestic vehicle you can usually transfer that to a motorised horsebox or the larger vehicle you use for towing.

Domestic Or Leisure Use As Well As Business And Commercial Use

Horsebox insurance can be for domestic or leisure use as well as business and commercial use, the difference is that for example you want to transport your horse from one part of the country to another, because for example you are buying a horse to keep at your own stables, this would be classed as domestic or pleasure use, if you are transporting your horse from the yard to a show where your riding your horse in a show then this is also domestic and pleasure use.

Buying And Selling Horses As A Horse Trader

However, if you business is buying and selling horses as a horse trader, then your reason for transporting horses is commercial and you need commercial horsebox insurance which costs more than personal and domestic use because it is expected that with business use you are using your horsebox more than with pleasure use and more use means more opportunity for risk which means a higher premium.

You can pay any premiums either annually, quarterly or monthly, you can take out short term horsebox insurance as well as annual horsebox insurance and if you pay by direct debit your get a discount on your insurance as the insurance company is able to take the money from your bank account each month.

Included with the horsebox insurance is breakdown insurance (Car Breakdown Insurance), sometimes free or discounted, if you have a trailer the brake can jam on preventing the trailer from moving for example, this is actually a very common roadside breakdown especially with older trailers that are not used often, most times the roadside assistance can get your horse trailer moving again by the side of the road, if not their vehicle recovery and lorry recovery can tow you to your preferred garage for repair.

Unlimited Mileage And Limited Mileage Schemes

Thereís two types of horsebox mileage stipulations your find on insurance premiums, unlimited mileage and limited mileage schemes, with limited mileage the insurance is cheaper because you guarantee not to do more than a specific number of miles each year in your motorised horse transporter, mileage limitations donít apply to trailer horseboxes as thereís no mileage odometer to record the mileage.

Unlimited mileage options allow you to drive your horse transporter as much as you like, there are no penalties for doing more miles than you said like there are with limited mileage policies, if you drive across Europe (Travel Insurance) with your horses then an unlimited mileage policy is for you.

Horsebox Trailer Insurance

Horsebox trailer insurance and horse lorry insurance can include European cover, indeed many insures will give you free European cover for so many days or weeks travel in Europe, more than that and your need to specifically add European cover to your vehicle or trailer insurance, additionally look at the roadside and recovery insurance that your being offered and make sure that this includes Europe if your going to be driving in Europe.

To save money on your horsebox insurance donít select options on the online insurance form that you donít need, for example if you will never be taking your horsebox into Europe then donít select the options for European vehicle or trailer insurance or European breakdown and recovery insurance, if you already have breakdown and recovery insurance then make sure that it includes your horse trailer or your horse transporter, most policies wonít so your need additional breakdown and recovery insurance.

Ifor Williams, Iveco Horsebox Or Any Other Manufacturer

Whatever make of horsebox trailer or lorry your using from Ifor Williams, Iveco horsebox or any other manufacturer or even horsebox conversions that you might have done yourself your get insurance from an equine transport specialist, the high street insurers wonít be able to insure your horsebox (if they do itís very unlikely to include the liability cover that you need for your horse).

You can get horsebox insurance for up to 6 horses, so with large horse transporters or smaller horse transporters making multiple runs all your horses will be insured so if for an example an accident injures the horse then compensation for vet bills or the loss of the horse can be claimed from the insurance company as well as the liability cover for damage that up to 6 horses might cause to property or injury to people.

Self Drive Horseboxes

Self drive horseboxes are also covered by insurance, here the vehicle needs insurance to be used on a UK road just like a car and the vehicle and horse need liability insurance so any accident caused by the vehicle or by the horse, or to the vehicle, or to the horse can be claimed on the insurance policy.

Your get a market value replacement where the current cost of your horse trailer or lorry will be appraised, this is usually done by looking at make, model, age and mileage, you enter these details in the online form, then the value of the trailer or horse transporter is calculated, note that market value of your horse transporter is for buying a trailer or lorry of the same age and mileage not a new for old policy.

Malicious Injury Cover For Your Horse

Your also get malicious damage cover and malicious injury cover for your horse, tack and equipment as well as the trailer or horse transporter, for example should someone tamper with your vehicle at a horse show leading to damage or an accident your be able to claim on your insurance, should someone cause your horse to come to harm whilst itís on the trailer or horse transporter then your be able to claim for vet bills for your horse, the same with contents insurance for tack left inside the transporter.

If your have hired your horsebox on a self drive basis then horsebox insurance will not only protect your horse with liability cover but also provide vehicle insurance cover, the exact need to have your own vehicle insurance on a borrowed trailer or transporter will depend on your arrangements with the owner, they might have their own horsebox insurance policy that will cover any driver in which case you can use the trailer or transporter on their policy, if their insurance policy does not include additional drivers and is limited to named drivers then your need your own insurance.

Transporting Your Horse

Transporting your horse is both fun and scary at the same time, if your buying a horse itís fun to go and collect your new horse or take your horse to a show, but driving such big and heavy vehicles has itís on stresses let alone when you are transporting your beloved horse, so itís important to make sure you have valid insurance before you travel, online horsebox insurance is quick and easy, enter your details, select the cover you want, approve the quotation and you can be insured the same day you want to use the horsebox insurance.

With theft and damage cover your insured against your horsebox, horse lorry or horse being stolen, when you park up at a horse show or leave your horse overnight in the horsebox your at risk of thieves, with theft and damage cover your be able to claim for the value of the horsebox and your horse, whilst these wonít bring your horse or trailer back they will at least mean your not left with expensive bills to replace horses and equipment that might mean you have to give up horse riding because your unable to replace horse, horse transporter and tack to continue your business or pastime.

Young drivers of horse trailers and horsebox lorries will worry about the cost of insurance, but with a specialist equine insurance company who understand the risks of insuring horses and their transportation your get much better deals.