Home Security Insurance

Home Security Insurance

Home Security Insurance, the security devices you can have fitted (window locks, CCTV cameras, smoke detectors and intruder alarms) to lower the cost of your home insurance, buildings insurance, contents insurance and protect your no claims bonus. Get accidental damage cover and jewellery protection.

Having additional security devices in your home will lower the cost of your insurance as if your home is less likely to be burgled due to the installation of a burglar alarm and window locks or less likely to catch fire due to having smoke alarms fitted then the insurance company are less likely to receive a claim for building or contents damage and so can offer you cheaper home insurance.

Your home has some degree of protection with front door locks and maybe standard window locks and smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, this level of cover is now required by default for most home insurance policies, to get cheaper cover your need to install a CCTV security camera and appropriate warning signs that you have a camera installed.

With A Security Camera, You Will Get Cheaper Insurance

With a security camera, you will get cheaper insurance, but remember that you need to only point the camera onto your own property, you canít film passers-by on the road, only on your own property, failure to follow these rules could lead you to have a need for liability insurance or legal protection so that in the event of someone taking you to court for privacy violations your insurance would pay out in the event of a claim.

Assuming you have the basic fire alarm, door and window locks then your home insurance contents cover will typically provide (insurance policies vary) up to £15,000 of cover, so you only need to list individual items on your insurance policy that cost more than £15,000 to have them insured separately, separate insurance on top of your standard contents insurance will cost more and will increase your monthly premiums.

Typically, you get accidental damage cover with your contents insurance so that if without intention you break something within your home it will be covered by your insurance policy, so for example you accidentally spill red wine onto your cream carpets and leave a stain, you can make a claim on your insurance for the damage (assuming the carpets cannot be cleaned to remove the stain) and the insurance will pay out.

No Claims And Protected No Claims Bonus

If you have a no claims bonus then a claim on your insurance will lose you the no claims bonus unless you have a protected no claims bonus which means that up to a certain size of claim your no claims bonus will be unaffected, if you lose your no claims bonus then your insurance premiums will rise.

Included as standard in most content insurance policies is jewellery protection cover, where your get a maximum amount of cover for the cost of replacing jewellery in your home, as an example, if you have a thief break in to your home and steal your jewellery then your be able to claim on your insurance up to the maximum value of the contents insurance, however if your contents insurance specifies that you must have locking windows and doors and for example you donít have locking windows then your insurance will be invalid and you wonít be able to claim on your insurance.

Your be unable to claim for any single piece of jewellery that costs more than the total claim amount of your contents policy, for extremely valuable jewellery you should name the jewellery on your insurance policy and this will come with additional security arrangements like the need to keep the jewellery in a home safe, either a floor resting home safe or a built in home safe, the exact type of safe will be specified on your insurance policy and depend on the value of your jewels.

Homes Will Require A Grade 1 Or Grade 2 Intruder Alarm

Most contents policies will cover second hand goods or antique furniture, again if this has a high value of over typically £15,000 per item then you need to name these items on your insurance policy and for example with furniture you might need special arrangements specified by the insurance company like security cameras and burglar alarm systems that meet grade 1,2 or 3 of the insurance rating for intrusion alarm systems.

Typically, residential homes will require a grade 1 or grade 2 intruder alarm and you must be able to prove the alarm was on at the time of the burglary for example.

With unlimited cover, any items in your home whether they be electrical appliances, second hand goods, antiques or any other home contents will be covered to a specified value, itís unlimited cover because you can have as many belongings in your home as you wish, itís just that the overall amount youíre be able to claim on the insurance that will be limited.

New For Old Replacement

With new for old replacements your home contents will be replaced by new items even if the item that has been damaged was old, the item will typically be assigned a maximum monetary value when you make a claim and youíre be compensated up to that value so you can buy a new appliance or piece of furniture yourself up to that value.

With a 24/7 emergency phone number and a UK call centre you can phone the insurance helpline at any time, if your alarm system automatically dials the police or the security company then the insurance company will also be automatically informed, with 24/7 customer service you can phone day or night as soon as the incident has occurred, if your home is burgled your be able to speak to a qualified, friendly and understanding advisor immediately who can help you with the claims process.

Typically, you have contents cover up to £50,000, you can specify on the online quote form any amount of contents cover you want but remember that the more contents cover you have the more your pay in monthly premiums so only take out contents insurance with a maximum value that matches the contents in your home and actually costs to replace, otherwise youíre paying for increased cover that youíre not be able to claim on.

Your Home And Any Outbuildings In The Garden Will Be Insured

With buildings cover of typically up to £1M your home and any outbuildings in the garden will be insured for up to one million pounds, this will typically be the default option on the quote form and you should adjust this amount up or down to insure your buildings for their market value as that is the amount of money you would receive when you successfully claim on your insurance.

The insurance company might ask you to install additional security equipment which when installed will lower the cost of your insurance, a high-powered siren is one piece of security equipment that when activated by a broken window for example will activate a loud siren, if you live in a remote area where neighbours would not hear a regular home burglar alarm then you might be required to have a high-powered siren fitted.

Deterrent signs can lower the cost of your liability insurance, for example if you have a guard dog on your premises, or just a pet dog that could attack and injure someone on your property or indeed away from your property if your dog got loose, then a Ďbeware of the dogí sign will be needed along with appropriate barriers (fences) to keep the dog away from the general public, with these deterrent signs in place you get lower insurance premiums as your less likely to be burgled.

Switch Your Burglar Alarm And Cctv System On Remotely Over The Internet

Similarly, if you have CCTV security on your premises your need deterrent signs to make the public aware that they are being filmed, this is both a deterrent to being burgled and a legal requirement to protect their privacy.

With remote control systems, you can switch your burglar alarm and CCTV system on remotely over the internet using an app on your phone for example, you can even review CCTV pictures and be alerted to movement when you are away from your property, if there is a false alarm youíre be able to reset the security system or indeed report a burglary to the police and have video evidence of the crime.

With a perimeter detector, the house alarm will sound and if required automatically call the police if someone steps onto your property, this might be required by your insurance company for high value contents or you can install a perimeter detector yourself to lower your insurance costs, note that repeated false alarms will mean that the police will refuse to attend the property, so donít set the perimeter detector to wide.

For The Elderly Or Those Worried About Their Personal Safety At Home You Can Fit A Sos Button

For the elderly or those worried about their personal safety at home you can fit a SOS button, this can summon the police or a family member at the touch of a button, an SOS button will not usually lower the cost of your insurance as itís not protecting your property or contents from damage even though itís a welcome reassurance to the elderly, infirm or just worried homeowner.

You might have locks fitted to doors and windows already and on the insurance application form youíre be required to specify the exact make and model of the security locks, you might be surprised to find that not all locks are indeed secure, security systems improve over the years and what once met insurance requirements now might not be approved as a security item to lower the cost of your premium.

If you don't have a burglar alarm, you might not get insurance this depends on where you live, live in an area where burglary is high and the insurance company will want you to install an intruder alarm, window and door locks, on top of these requirements you can add security cameras and intruder alarms that phone the police automatically in order to get discounted insurance.

One Of The Questions That Often Gets Asked By Householders Is What Is Voluntary Excess On Home Insurance?

This is the amount that you agree to pay yourself on any claim you make to the insurance company, for example you claim on a carpet that has been damaged and the insurance company require you to pay the first one hundred pounds, the reason for you agreeing to pay a voluntary excess is that it makes your monthly premiums cheaper.

Can purchasing a home security system lower my insurance costs?

Yes, insurance company approved security devices like window locks, smoke alarms, intruder alarms and CCTV security systems will reduce your insurance costs because with these security devices you are less likely to be burgled and therefore less likely to make a claim on your insurance, so as you save the insurance company money with fewer claims the insurance company offers you a lower monthly premium.

Combined home insurance is buildings cover and contents cover, most buildings cover will protect you against structural damage to your building, for example a tree falling onto your home, the contents insurance insures what is in your home, for example your furniture which might be damaged by a leaking water pipe. Buying the two types of home insurance together is cheaper than buying them separately and an online quote form from home security insurance experts will be the cheapest option, you can add and remove options on the quotation form to select the amount of cover you require.

Your house insurance might be invalid if you do not have the security devices required by your insurance company, for example if you live in a high crime area your insurance company might require that you haver window locks and an intruder alarm, failure to fit these will mean your home insurance is invalid and should you claim on your insurance and the insurance company inspects your property and finds these security devices are not present then they wonít pay out.

You can keep your garden secure with floodlights that switch on automatically as someone approaches and fitting secure locks to your garden shed and other outbuildings, this will be a requirement of many home security policies, so if you have valuable equipment like lawnmowers, bicycles and ride on mowers for example your need to make sure they are secure as any claim may be invalid without them.