Home Emergency Insurance

Home Emergency Insurance

Home Emergency Insurance for a set monthly fee any problems with your home such as blocked drains, gas boiler not working, plumbing problems, no electricity and pest extermination are dealt with by a trained professional visiting your home to fix the problem, often the same day.

Whether you have a blocked drain, a toilet that wonít flush, a washing machine that wonít pump out the water, a gas boiler that wonít produce hot water or a central heating system that wonít work, these and many more problems can be fixed by taking out home emergency insurance where for a monthly insurance premium payment an engineer or other expert will visit your home and fix the problem.

The repair will be done quickly with same day and next day visits and you wonít pay for the call out or the cost of any replacement parts needed, many home emergency polices will also include annual servicing of your gas boiler and central heating system because if your gas boiler is serviced annually then maybe it wonít break down over the course of the year.

If your a landlord then its a legal requirement to get your gas boiler serviced annually (Gas Boiler Insurance) and show your tenants the safety test reports, landlords can also take out home emergency insurance on their rented properties so any problems reported by the tenants to the landlord can be fixed quickly by calling out a service engineer at no extra cost, just the cost of the monthly payment.

Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover for gas boilers, central heating systems and major electrical appliances like washing machines, spin dryers and dish washers are all included with home emergency insurance, when you have a problem with your appliance you phone one number, the same number that you have to report any home emergency problems and a service engineer will come out to your home to fix the appliance, the engineer will come out on an emergency basis with a visit the same day or the next day so your appliance is up and running as soon as possible.

You wonít pay any call out charges for the engineer attending your home and you wonít pay any parts or labour charges either as the set monthly fee (the insurance premium) is the only cost you have to pay.

Itís much cheaper to pay a monthly premium and have all these home emergency services available too you, there is no need to find individual plumbers, electricians or pest control experts you simply phone the service centre and an expert is sent to your home.

Using home emergency insurance is much better than finding local tradesmen or repair men from the yellow pages, how will you know the plumber you have found is reliable or charges a fair price, with home emergency insurance there is no need to find your own plumbers, electricians or any other trade as the insurance company send out their own engineers.

Accidental Damage

Accidental damage is included with the insurance, so if you accidentally damage your washing machine by washing your door keys which have been left in your trouser pocket then you wonít have to pay for a new washing machine drum or other parts and can call on the home emergency service company to fix the problem at no extra charge to you.

Thereís no call out fees and no parts or labour costs to worry about with home cover and thatís what makes it so attractive to so many people, if your washing machine breaks and you donít have home insurance your have to budget for the repair of your washing machine but with home insurance all you need budget for is the monthly premium which remains the same each month, even if you have to call the engineer out to your home several times for the same problem, for example a gas boiler that keeps making a noise, you still wonít pay anymore for each additional call out.

Household emergency insurance cover helps you with unforeseen emergences, a rat might enter your home through an open pipe, a wasp nest might appear on the side of your house, a drain in the garden might start to overflow (Plumbing and Drainage Insurance), these and many more examples are typical of the types of problem every householder must face and the considerable expense of dealing with these problems, some of these problems are frightening like a rat entering your home and you might not know who to call, but with home emergency insurance you have one phone number to call and you can get a pest exterminator out to your home to get rid of the rat for you (Pest Control Insurance).

Home Insurance

Without home insurance your left to find an expert by yourself, you might not know who is the best pest exterminator as you properly wonít have had to deal with this sort of problem before, its comforting to be able to phone one number and get these emergences dealt with.

The expert sent by the insurance company knows that your request is an emergency so they will arrive at your home the same day or the very next day to deal with the problem that you have reported.

Home emergency insurance deals with these unforeseen emergencies which could be a plumbing problem like a water pipe bursting after cold weather and the pipe freezing or pest infestations like cockroaches or ants in your home or a problem with the electrics where none of the downstairs electrical sockets work for example, the central heating system might have stopped working and you have no heating and no hot water, all these home emergences are dealt with daily by the insurance company and they can send their own experts to tackle these problems for you at no extra cost.

Over 50's Home Emergency Cover

If your older your be pleased to know that there is over 50's home emergency cover, this cover is designed to provide additional support to those who might have limited mobility and for example wouldnít be able to climb up a ladder themselves to fix a problem, so whether your a young or old home owner there is a home emergency insurance package for you and greater support available for older people.

Gas Boiler And Central Heating System

Your gas boiler and central heating system is one of the biggest reasons for calling out the home emergency insurance people as no hot water or no central heating are true home emergencies as are problems with plumbing and toilets, if you have a young family or older people in the household then the insurance company will note this down as your get a priority response when young or old members of the family would be at greater risk, for example a cold house for a baby or the toilet not working for the elderly.

With home cover there is one policy to cover all home emergencies, one telephone number to ring and all your details are maintained on the insurance companies database so there is no need to explain where you live each time you call like you would have to with a plumber or electrician you had found yourself from the phone book or online, the insurance company will maintain details of all previous call outs so if the problem is the same as an earlier problem for example your gas boiler has stopped igniting again then the details of the previous job will be available to the engineer even if a different engineer is sent out.

These home incidents will effect both residential customers with their own home or flat, either customers with a mortgage or renting as well as landlords who will need their own insurance (Landlord Insurance) for rental property emergencies, this is different from customer cover in that several different people (tenants) are living in the same property over a number of years so accidental damage and wear and tear are higher on a rental property than on your own home, however home emergency insurance for landlords is still much cheaper than paying your own plumbers and electricians as you know your costs each month as your just paying the monthly premium and not any costs caused by an unexpected breakdown or repair bill.

Home Cover

With home cover you get peace of mind from any unexpected incidents, if your just getting by each month and donít have many savings then the thought of an expensive repair bill would cause you worry as there just wouldnít be the money to get the repair done, but with home emergency insurance you only pay the monthly premium and no additional costs like call out charges or parts and labour charges even if you have to call the engineer out several times to the same problem.

Boiler Breakdowns And Plumbing Disasters

Boiler breakdowns and plumbing disasters are the two greatest reasons to call out the home emergency service people as well as drains where a drain is blocked and starts to overflow or a drain in the house becomes very stinky or there might be an electrical problem causing lights to flicker and gadgets to turn on or off, knowing who to call for help is a big problem as you donít want to be hiring tradesmen (Tradesman Insurance) that donít do a good job and charge too much, home emergency insurance has none of these worries as the insurance company provide the experts and you donít have to pay them, you only pay the monthly insurance premium.

The service centre is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week so you can phone the emergency service line day or night and speak to someone who will arrange for the appropriate service personnel to visit, that might be an electrician, a plumber, a gas boiler repair man or a pest exterminator, whatever is the problem the service centre will send out the correct person to fix the problem.


Roofs are another reason to use a home emergency service, if your roof starts leaking after it has rained or high winds and storms blows tiles off your roof then knowing you can call on the home emergency insurance company to come out and fix the roof is not only comforting but a money saver too.

When Things Go Wrong In Your Home

When things go wrong in your home and you need an emergency repair the same day or the next day its often hard to schedule the engineer to visit even if you know a repairman to call, with a home emergency service you have one phone number to arrange repair of any problem you might have at home.

With unlimited call outs you donít have to worry that last month you had the drains fixed and this month your having the gas boiler fixed, so what if the insurance company are fed up with you, with home emergency service insurance that is exactly the service you have paid for and you can call them out as many times as you need to and they will fix the problems in your home without charging you a call out fee or parts and labour for any repairs they have to make.

Home Emergency Services

Home emergency services are not normally covered by home insurance as the insurance companies expect you to use a separate emergency service company or use your own repairmen, but its hard to find trustworthy repair men that charge an honest fee and know how to fix the problem that you have, with a home emergency insurance company they use vetted service personnel that have carried out many repairs for them in the past.

With home emergency cover you can also get security professionals to install door locks or make you a new key when you have locked yourself out or fit window locks, smoke alarms and burglar alarms, whatever their experts recommend to secure your property.

Home owners, renters and landlords can all benefit from using a home emergency insurence company as for one monthly fee (the insurance premium) you have access to a range of services from plumbers, electricians, gas engineers, pest control, drainage experts, security experts and appliance repair men and with no call out charges and no parts and labour charges, itís the perfect way to budget for unforeseen emergences which would otherwise cost you a great deal of money to have put right.