Home Electrical Insurance

Home Electrical Insurance

Home Electrical Insurance with electrical wiring cover, accidental damage cover, breakdown cover, 24/7 emergency cover, electrical maintenance and £1M buildings cover all with certified electrical work.

With home electrical insurance you can insure the electrical wiring in your home from breakdown, so if ever the lights go out and your electricity supply is not working you can phone the 24 hour emergency number and an electrician will come to your house to repair your electricity supply, all work is certified and the electrician will even repair accidental damage where you have accidentally damaged the cables yourself by for example drilling through a wall and cutting an electrical cable which will not only damage the cable with a risk of electrocution to yourself but also automatically turn off the RCD electrical supply for safety, so youíre have no electrical power until the electrician has made the repair.

You can get no claims protection on your electrical insurance so that if you do make a claim for example because you can smell burning from the cables then you wonít be penalised with a higher insurance premium.

Insure The Actual Electrical Wiring System That Runs From The Plug Sockets In Your Home

Home electrical insurance is different to home Electrical Appliance Insurance, electrical appliance insurance insures items like toasters, televisions, computers, fridgeís and washing machines in your home from breaking down, whilst home electrical insurance insures the actual electrical wiring system that runs from the plug sockets in your home through the walls and into the electrical distribution point and from the mains electrical supply that enters your home from the electricity meter.

Problems with electrical wiring in your home can result from overloading where your current electrical cables in the walls just canít support the amount of electricity you need to use, this happens in old homes where the electricity cables installed were not designed to carry as much power as modern cables, also electrical wiring deteriorates with age, after twenty years your wiring will need regular maintenance checks, with electrical insurance these checks are free.

You donít pay for any callouts or any parts or labour with home electrical cover, you pay a monthly insurance premium and you can call the electrician out day or night as many times as you like a year, if you are a landlord (Landlord Insurance) you can buy the insurance for your rented properties so that in the event of an electrical problem you can call the electrician out immediately without having to worry about emergency callout fees.

Repairs To Electrical Wiring And To The Fuse Box

Repairs to electrical wiring and to the fuse box or RCD (modern automatically controlled fuse box that cuts the electricity supply in the event of a fault) must be by a component electrician who can provide a certificate of conformance to electrical standards, without this you may be liable for fires or other damages that result from faulty electrical wiring, if youíre a landlord your tenants could sue you for injury or lose of property if you donít use a qualified electrician that can certify the work.

Home electrical insurance and home appliance insurance can often be bought together on the same policy or home electrical insurance can be part of a wider buildings policy where typically you can get £1M of cover for your buildings insurance to insure the building against fire, flood and other disasters.

Your also able to get legal cover as part of a buildings insurance policy so that any claims made by neighbours or the public against your property for example you have an electrical fault that causes a fire and your neighbours house is damaged so your neighbour sues you for repairs to his house, with legal cover the fees of the solicitors that you had to hire to fight the case can be claimed back on your insurance.

With An Online Quote You Can Get 12 Months Of Electrical Cover Immediately

With an online quote you can get 12 months of electrical cover immediately, simply approve the quote that is presented on the screen and agree to pay monthly by direct debit or annually, if you pay monthly your get a discount by using direct debit, you can also get a discount by agreeing to an excess, this means that when you claim you must pay the first for example one hundred pounds of the claim and after that the insurance company will pay the claim, this makes your insurance cheaper because your less likely to claim when you know that youíre paying the excess and any claim you do make is subsidised by the one hundred pounds you must pay, but agreeing to an excess will make your monthly premiums cheaper.

Whilst it is perfectly legal to carry out your own DIY electrical work and repairs you need to assess your own skill levels, electricity can kill so if your changing electrical sockets or making modifications to your home wiring you should know what your doing, you may be liable to others if the electrical work you do causes electrocution or a fire.

Fire claims from electrical faults are on the rise as more and more people rely on electrical appliances and the electrical wiring in houses ages over time, old wiring will need replacing or maintenance at some point and without insurance that cost will fall to you, with electrical insurance the cost of maintenance, repair, parts and labour will be met by the insurance company when you call them to come out to your electrical emergency like a power cut caused by broken wires for example.

Faulty Wiring Whilst Not Just Inconvenient Because The Electrical Socket Does Not Work Can Cause Death Due To Electrocution

Faulty wiring whilst not just inconvenient because the electrical socket does not work can cause death due to electrocution, electricity is unlike most other home emergencies in that damp on the wall or rot can be ignored and wonít kill you, electrical problems can be fatal to both you and your family, with electrical insurance cover any faults will be treated as an emergency and an electrician will call at your house the same day to make repairs.

It's inconvenient to get a power cut, if once you discover that the power cut is just your home rather than the whole street youíre want to call out an electrician as quick as possible as everything works off electricity, from charging your mobile phone to using your laptop or using the internet, without power you cannot cook or work from home, if you have to call an emergency electrician your pay emergency rates, just one call to an emergency electrician would have paid for an entire yearís worth of home electrical insurance.

Faulty electrics cause fire hazards, your home insurance policy might be invalid if it can be proved by the insurance company that your electrical wiring was at fault and it was a long standing problem that you knew about and did not address, if the home insurance did not pay out for the resulting fire you would have to replace all your home contents yourself and possibly pay for structural repairs to your own home and any neighbouring properties that where engulfed by the fire, home electrical insurance would mean that you had a professional electrician to call night or day as soon as any electrical problems developed.

Call The Electrician Out Because Your House Has No Power

You wonít pay for false alarms so if you had to call the electrician out because your house had no power and you later discovered it was a power cut you generally wouldnít have to pay for this false alarm but check your policy first as all home electrical polices differ.

The electrical work is guaranteed so if you get any more problems after the electrician has repaired your wiring or your electrical equipment then you can call the emergency number again and the electrician will come out as many times as is needed to completely fix the problem, an emergency electrician called out late at night would cost far more than the entire yearís worth of electrical cover.

Failure of the main electrical supply in your home can be your fault and for the homeowner to fix or it can be the electricity companies problem to fix, the main electrical cable coming into your home is known as the electrical bearer, this cable and the electricity meter belong to the electricity board, the company that you pay the electricity bill too, the fuse box and any cables past the fuse box are the homeowners responsibility and will require an electrician to repair.

Accidental Damage Is By Far The Most Common Cause Of Electricity Problems

The electricity company will often make a callout charge to come and test your electricity supply if you call them out for a repair and it transpires that the fault is with your electrical cables or equipment, this is known as the consumer side whilst the electricity companies equipment is known as the supply side, itís only a qualified electrician who will be able to tell you where the fault arises and to repair the fault if it is on the consumer side, getting the electricity board to come out will cost you money, with home electrical insurance your own electrician will come out as part of your insurance policy and it wonít cost you anymore money.

Accidental damage is by far the most common cause of electricity problems, itís easy to accidentally knock a protruding electrical socket off the wall or accidentally cut a cable when your putting up shelves and itís expensive to call out emergency electricians and far cheaper to have your own electrician on call 24 hours a day which is what you have with electrical cable insurance.

Appliance insurance is usually offered with the electrical supply insurance and its your choice if you want to insure them both together or just one, if most of your appliances are new and your electrical wiring is old then you might want to insure just your electrical wiring to save money, you can always add appliance insurance to the policy at a later date.

All The Electrical Components In Your Home Electricity System Are Covered By The Insurance

Youíre be presented with all the options for home, contents and buildings insurance on the online quote just select only the insurance you need, if youíre worried about your mains wiring then only select the mains wiring insurance and donít select buildings insurance if you already have it as youíre be paying double on your insurance which will only cost you more money.

All the electrical components in your home electricity system are covered by the insurance, if your electrical boiler (Gas Boiler Insurance) breaks down this may well be covered by your appliance insurance rather than electrical wiring so its important to check if you think you have coverage where maybe you donít, if youíre unsure one call to the emergency customer service number will tell you and you can add any appliances to your electrical insurance as and when you need too.

Unoccupied houses are at greater risk from damage due to fire caused by a bad electrical cable as when no one is living in the house there is no one to smell burning or notice a smouldering cable so the fire becomes big before anyone has noticed, so if you want to get electrical insurance on an empty home (Unoccupied Property Insurance) the insurance will cost more because there is greater risk for the insurance company because the property is empty.

Over 50'S Home Emergency Cover Is Cheaper

Over 50's home emergency cover is cheaper because there are special discounted deals for the elderly, this is because older people are more likely to take care of their homes and have less people at the home, for example less wild parties where the property might get damaged, so because their use of the home might be less the risk to the insurance company of a claim is less and the insurance company can offer the elderly a reduced quote.

If you have young children in your home or the elderly, time without electricity will be difficult as the children will want to use the internet or games consoles or charge mobile phones, likewise you might also have a medical need for a constant electricity supply to keep medical equipment powered, in these cases having electrical wiring insurance is paramount to maintain the supply and be able to call on a professional electrician at any hour of the day or night.

Buy your electrical cover online for the cheapest prices and a policy that can start immediately.