HGV Insurance

HGV Insurance

HGV Insurance for trucks and lorryís from 7.5 tonne to 200 tonne GVW, HGV and LGV insurance for commercial trucks, lorryís, truck fleets and sole trader owner operator trucks, including fork lift trucks and truck insurance for under 25 year oldís.

Insurance for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV) and Light Goods Vehicles (LGV) from 7.5 tonnes to 200 tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) as well as forklift truck insurance.

You might be an owner operator who has one truck that you drive yourself, running your own truck haulage business using your own truck, your want not only cheap insurance but no hassles for renewal and claims, you can get breakdown insurance for your truck included too which is an essential, especially for an owner operator where if your only truck is unavailable then you canít work.

Immediate Cover

Immediate cover is available so if you need your truck insurance to start today you can get a free quote online, approve the quote and pay the premium and your be insured all within the same day, you can choose to pay the annual premium all in one go or pay each month by direct debit.

One Man Band And Owner Operators

With zero deposit insurance you donít have to pay a penny as deposit, you just pay the monthly premium as it comes up, thatís the best way when you are trying to control your cash flow.

As well as Ďone man bandí Ďowner operatorsí, you can also get fleet insurance, here you can insure your entire fleet of trucks, the trucks might be HGV, LGV, rigid side, fork lift trucks on any combinations of truck all insured on the one fleet insurance policy, when you include the breakdown cover on the insurance policy you have all you need to stay legal and keep your trucks on the road all year round.

Telematic Fleet Insurance

With telematic fleet insurance if you have truck telemetry systems fitted to your truck fleet which automatically log the time and location of your trucks you can get cheaper insurance as the insurance company can either monitor directly or request the telemetry logs from you to make sure that your trucks and drivers are only working the hours they should and taking their breaks and keeping to any local speed limits, the speed limiter will limit the maximum speed of the truck on a motorway but not say on country lanes, so being able to monitor all this information means that the insurance company can give you a cheap quote because they know the truck fleet is being driven legally and as safely as possible at all times, because they can check.

Fork Lift Truck Insurance

Fork lift truck insurance can be for a separate forklift like the Hyster you use to load and unload vehicles or it could be for the mini forklift truck that is attached to your HGV, if the forklift truck is part of your HGV and travels with your HGV then you can get combined insurance which covers both the HGV and the HGVís fork lift truck which is used to load and unload pallets at the customers site.

Combined insurance for forklift truck and HGV is convenient rather than maintain separate polices, and if you have more than one truck in your fleet then you can get fleet insurance for your trucks, if you have under eight trucks in your fleet then you can get special deals for small trucking fleets with over eight trucks for large fleets.

HGV Insurance Starts At 7.5 Tonnes

HGV insurance starts at 7.5 tonnes because that is the legal classification of an HGV, anything below 7.5 tonnes in GVW and you have a lorry which can be driven on a standard drivers licence (you might need lorry type added to newer drivers license), so under 7.5 tonne and your need LGV (Light Goods Vehicle) insurance as your truck is not classified as HGV.

Your HGV insurance might be for private use or commercial, by private use the insurance company mean that the truck is not used as part of a business but is used for transporting your private goods, for example, you might be a farmer that wants to regularly transport agricultural equipment from one of your farms to another, itís not commercial in the sense that it is not for a business endeavour (assuming the small farm produce is for your own consumption).

UK And Europe Truck Insurance

As a lorry driver your want to insure not only your truck so that it can legally be driven on the roads in the UK or Europe but also the contents of the truck that you are transporting, if a client has asked you to haul a classic car (Classic Car Insurance) in the back of your truck your want to make sure that your truck insurance covers you for any accidental damage to the classic car like dents and scratches and damage caused by a RTA (Road Traffic Accident).

Your HGV insurance may or may not include goods insurance, thatís an additional insurance item you choose on the online quote form, the monthly premium will obviously be cheaper if you donít insure your load, but can you afford not to insure your load, with the loss of a load through truck or load theft, for example the load being of substantial value that could cause your business financial hardship unless the load is insured.

Under 21 Years Of Age

If your under 21 years of age then HGV insurance and general LGV lorry insurance will be at a higher premium, but not as much as you think, if your truck has telematics then the insurance will be less, high street insurance companies if they offer HGV insurance at all will charge you a premium as itís not a business they deal with every day and when the insurance company donít understand the risk they increase the premiums, HGV insurance from a specialist HGV insurer will not only be cheaper but also have more options like telematics, load insurance and fork lift truck insurance.

When you spread the cost of the insurance over the whole year itís obviously more affordable and with zero deposit insurance you wonít find yourself having to make a large deposit to get the insurance, insurance companies that donít specialise in HGV insurance will always ask for a deposit as again its a type of insurance they donít really understand, specialist HGV insurers will not ask you for an insurance deposit although there will be options to make a deposit to reduce the size of your monthly premiums.

Self Employed Haulage Contractors

Self employed haulage contractors who own their own truck will appreciate HGV insurance that can be taken out the same day, simply enter your details into the online form and state if you want the load insured, this will be loads up to a certain value, so if you occasionally have more expensive loads donít forget about them or your find you donít have enough insurance to compensate the customer for a damaged load or lost load.

Haulage contractors will appreciate the option to have their HGV fork lift truck insured in a joint insurance policy rather than two separate polices and will appreciate the zero deposit options which mean you can have insurance today for the monthly premium without having to find large deposits which you can probably better spend on fuel.

You can insure any type of truck from a large high sided HGV to a fork lift truck and a pick up truck, pick up truck insurance like HGV insurance can include insurance for your load and donít forget that trucks that make frequent stops like pick up trucks and delivery vehicles are more at risk from theft of their load and other road users driving into the back of your truck as you stop, so comprehensive insurance for the truck and the goods your carrying will mean that should the worst happen and you need to make a claim on your insurance you can claim for both damage to the truck as well as loss or damage of the goods your carrying.

Truck Fleet Insurance

If you have a large fleet of trucks, itís probably a mixed fleet with everything from LGV lorries and HGV trucks, pick up trucks, forklift trucks and courier vehicles all needing to be insured, for mixed truck insurance you can still have fleet insurance, the fleet does not have to be all the same type of truck and you can mix the type of trucks and still get the discounted advantages of a large fleet like cheaper premiums, no need for large deposits and breakdown insurance as part of the package.

Where time is of the essence because your lorry is really the customers storage facility in a JIT (Just In Time) manufacture companies, you canít afford to have your HGV breakdown as with a full load the customers goods will be late and in the wrong place, specialist HGV recovery services offered as part of the insurance policy make getting an individual Ďowner driverí truck or a fleet truck back on the road as quickly as possible.

As your truck fleet changes size over time you can adjust your insurance increasing the number of trucks under insurance or reducing the trucks you have insured, when times are hard and you have to take a truck off the road for major repairs or because there is no demand you can adjust the insurance accordingly and reduce your monthly premiums when you need too.

Zero Deposit Insurance

Whilst you can choose zero deposit insurance where you just pay the monthly premium for either an individual HGV or several HGVís (if fleet insurance), you can choose to pay a deposit, what this will do is help you get cheaper insurance as your monthly premiums will be lower, the deposit will be applied to your next years insurance or you can claim the deposit back at the end of the insurance term.

The reason for the deposit is so that if you make a claim on your insurance and a percentage of the claim has to be paid by the insured, then the insurance company can use that deposit, the reason for example that standard car insurance does not require an insurance deposit is that generally the insured value (plus goods value) is a lot less for a standard car than it is for a fully laden HGV.

Owner Operator Or Truck Fleet

You might be an owner operator or truck fleet and you might think that only the large fleets can get discounted insurance, but with telematic devices keeping an eye on the driver and no deposit insurance there are some good savings to be had by using a specialist HGV insurer, of course the high street insurance companies will not offer HGV insurance generally but will have LGV insurance, for courier vehicles and trucks under 7.5 tonnes, but you should always go with a specialist insurance for the best deals.

Immediate Cover

Immediate cover is available, complete the online form and your see the quote on the screen, as soon as you accept the quote and pay the monthly insurance premium your insurance can start, assuming you want the insurance to start immediately, you can if you want, schedule the new insurance to start in one or two months time after your current insurance has expired.

So if you have a truck that is uninsured and need to insure the truck today and drive your truck today you can do it with an online insurance policy, with companies requiring freight haulage businesses to be so flexible its not uncommon to have trucks that are off the road suddenly be needed for rush jobs and getting short term insurance for your truck or same day insurance can prove difficult unless you use a truck specialist.

Self Employed Haulage Contractors

Self employed haulage contractors and new truckers want the best deals even though they have no or little insurance history with a truck insurer, with same day insurance and pay as you go insurance smaller trucking companies can get cheap insurance just like the larger companies with dedicated fleet insurance polices.

Whether you want to insure a courier vehicle, pick up truck, forklift truck or HGV thereís a range of deals including telematics, no deposit and truck breakdown cover which make insurance from specialist HGV insurance companies ideal.