Goods In Transit Insurance

Goods In Transit Insurance

Goods In Transit Insurance (GIT Insurance) for couriers, cargo haulage and removal companies from furniture removals to car transporters insuring your goods and cargo whilst in transit.

If you transport goods for a living either a Ďwhite van maní or courier company or an international logistics company your need to insure your goods whilst you are transporting them against damage and theft, if your van or truck is involved in an accident which damages the goods or if the forklift truck or pallet truck you use to lift the goods out of the van causes damage to the goods then your customer is going to complain and want you to pay for the damage.

With goods in transit insurance your insurance company will pay compensation to your customer so that your not left out of pocket in the event of an accident, if you donít have in transit insurance then your have to pay for the damaged goods which might cause financial hardship to you if you have to pay out.

Car Transporter Insurance

Car transporters carrying cars which are being delivered to car showrooms need in transit insurance as damage to a car from a scratch or dent to a car falling off the transporter will result in the car dealership making a claim against you, with transit insurance your insurance company will pay out on any damage to the cars your transporting.

You can get an online quote for goods in transit insurance which you can buy either on its own as standalone goods in transit insurance or as part of van, truck or lorry insurance which you will need to use your vehicle on the road, itís not compulsory by law to have goods in transit insurance like it is with vehicle insurance but you will be liable for the value of your goods if you donít have separate insurance for their value.

With an online quote you can get an instant quote and once your have accepted the quote you can have the insurance documents emailed to you and you will be insured immediately with the whole process taking less than five minutes and only one form to complete so if you want goods in transit insurance before you go out on the road today you can buy the insurance online.

Courier Insurance

If your a small courier regularly taking on small jobs that you wouldnít normally get insurance for and then you have a high value load which you want insurance for because your worried about scratches, damage or your load being stolen you can take out goods in transit insurance for either the whole year or just a months time cover transport of high value goods.

Furniture Removal Insurance

Furniture removal companies need goods in transit insurance as when your transporting the contents of someoneís home you could be moving high value furniture and antiques which without due care can be easily scratched or chipped, with insurance in transit including insurance for loading and unloading the van your be able to claim on your insurance if there is any damage to the furniture your transporting.

Parcel Transit Insurance

With parcel transit insurance, couriers can make sure that any parcels that go missing or get squashed or ripped open or dropped and broken are insured and when the customer complains and wants you to pay compensation for the broken items your be able to claim on your insurance and pay the customer for the loss of their goods.

You can get social and commercial cover for goods in transit, you might be using your van to transport sports equipment like canoes, surfboards, sailing equipment or anything else used in a sport or hobby and your want to make sure that if any of your sports equipment or hobby equipment is damaged then you can claim on insurance to have the goods replaced, after all sporting equipment or hobbies like model aeroplanes, drones or any other hobby tend to involve expensive equipment which your want to be reimbursed for if any damage happens to them in transit.

Young van drivers can get goods in transit insurance without worrying about an increased premium because they are under the age of 21, whilst van or truck insurance to use the vehicle on the road will have increased premiums for young drivers due to their inexperience, GIT insurance is not generally effected by the age of the driver as itís considered that the goods are at no more risk from a young driver than they are from a more experienced driver.

Haulage Insurance

Haulage insurance for your goods in transit is vital, you have HGV Insurance, LGV, truck or van insurance so that you can use your vehicle on the road as this is the UK law, but insuring your goods is not required by law, but if you donít insure the goods that you carry then if the goods are stolen, lost or damaged then your have to pay out personally to your customer, the expense of your goods could be enough to put you out of business, with goods insurance you donít pay for any loss or damage as the insurance company pays out on your behalf.

Tradesman (Tradesman Insurance) need goods in transit insurance as they are regularly delivering items of value to their customers, if these items are damaged on transit or stolen then the tradesman will have to find the cost of those goods from their own pocket, goods insurance if the tradesmen has it, will pay out to the value of the goods insured so that the customer and the tradesmen are not financially disadvantaged due to the accident.

What is Goods In Transit insurance (GIT Insurance)?

Goods In Transit insurance is used to protect property in transit due to loss or damage from one place to another, any loss or damage will be reimbursed by the insurance company rather than the courier or hauler being personally liable.

If your getting paid to move cargo your a courier or a hauler, your not required by law to have insurance for your goods like you are insurance for your vehicle but your customer might require that you have goods in transit insurance before they will deal with you, they will require you to show them your goods in transit insurance documentation to prove you have insurance, you can buy this insurance online and receive the documents by email ready for printing or forwarding to your customer.

Haulage Contractor Insurance

If your a haulage contractor your need a haulage policy to insure your goods, with the value of the goods your transporting costing hundreds or thousands of pounds the loss of any part of your cargo will be a substantial loss for you to bare especially if your a one man Ďowner operatorí, with GIT insurance the insurance company will pay out compensation for the loss of your cargo meaning allowing you to stay in business and not have to worry about the loss or damage of your cargo.

Marine Vessel Cargo Insurance

Marine vessels like ships and boats transporting cargo will want to insure their cargoís against loss or damage, transporting cargo which might be washed off the deck of your ship will mean that your have to pay out for the loss and few clients will want to hire you to transport their cargo if you canít guarantee its safety, with goods in transport insurance you can guarantee that if their goods are lost or damaged then you have insurance which will pay out compensation.

Fishing boats with their catch of fish, crabs or mussels will want to insure their catch against loss from losing the catch back to the sea in bad weather or theft when bringing the cargo back to shore, with goods in transit insurance the loss of your catch will at least mean that the insurance company will pay out and you wonít be left in financial hardship due to the loss of your catch.

International logistics firms will appreciate that goods in transit insurance covers them for goods not only in transit in the UK by road but also goods in transit by air or by sea and with the insurance available worldwide wherever in the world your goods or your customers goods are they will be insured against theft, loss and damage, so if cargo going by sea is lost from the cargo ship the insurance will pay out and if the cargo is for a client your be able to reimburse the client for their loss.

Pay Monthly For GIT Insurance

You can pay monthly for your GIT insurance, there is generally no deposit required and your goods will be insured to the maximum value you define on the quote form, if you need more insurance for a specific job you can increase the goods value on the insurance by contacting the insurance company and then when the high value job has been completed you can reduce the maximum value of your goods insurance to once again lower your premium.

No Excess To Pay

There is generally no excess to pay so you wonít be required to pay out a partial value of the goods costs yourself, this is important when your transporting clients goods as even partial value of the goods can easily run into tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds.

With immediate cover available and options to buy goods in transit insurance only without being part of a wider vehicle insurance package, there is no excuse for not having insurance for the goods that you are transporting, maybe your goods are of a lower value and you good absorb those losses into the business but when you do find that you are about to transport high value goods you can take out temporary goods in transit insurance to cover just the high value jobs, you can do this even if you already have lower value goods insurance as part of a vehicle insurance package.

Goods Transit Insurance

Itís easy to get goods transit insurance and you can have the insurance set up in five minutes with the documents emailed to you, so if your in need of goods insurance in a hurry then an online quote is not only the fastest option but the cheapest option too, you can save money on your insurance by selecting the maximum value of the goods your transport, the more insurance you need the higher the premium so donít select a higher value than the value of the goods your be transporting.

If your getting paid to move cargo then you need to make sure that your cargo is insured, if you donít insure your cargo your find some customers wonít work with you without insurance and those clients you do have will want to be compensated for any parcels, goods or cargo that goes missing or is damaged whilst in your care, with transit insurance the insurance company will pay you compensation for the loss or damage to the cargo, you can then use this money to compensate your customer for the loss of the cargo.

Specialised goods in transit insurance companies will not require an excess to be paid, that means if you have goods insurance and the goods are lost, stolen or damaged you could be required to pay an excess to the insurance company before they pay out, this might be a percentage of the value of the goods your carrying, if you have to pay the excess this could be a large financial burden, so make sure your insurance company does not require you to pay an excess.

Generally specialised insurance companies will not require the payment of an excess whilst high street insurance companies will generally require an excess because high street insurers donít understand the risk of goods in transit as well as a specialised insurance company, so to counter their lack of understanding they require deposits and excess payments whilst a specialised insurance company will not require the payment of an excess or deposit.

Haulage And Courier Transport

With haulage and courier transport of goods being such a price sensitive business and clients willing to move couriers based just on financial saving rather than service the need to insure yourself against risks which would be a huge financial burden on your business like paying for lost or damaged cargo is paramount.