Golf Insurance

Golf Insurance

Golf Insurance for amateur and professional golfers, insure your golf clubs and get liability insurance for damage to club property and the public, includes insurance for couples, hole in one insurance and golf buggy insurance.

Annual Golf Insurance

With annual golf insurance you are insured for each game that you play, you can choose to have UK wide golf, Europe wide or worldwide golf insurance, for the cheapest options choose golf insurance that specify you only play golf at a specific club.

With golf insurance you can insure your golf clubs and golf trolley from theft, so if someone steals your golf clubs from the boot of your car, or they are damaged or lost in transit on an aircraft your be able to claim for like for like cover, where your get the money from the compensation claim to buy the exact same golf clubs again.

Golf Clubs

Itís not only loss of your golf clubs from theft or in transit in an aircraft that your covered for but your also covered for vandalism, if someone at the golf club breaks your golf clubs then your be able to claim on your insurance for a new set of golf clubs.

Personal Liability Cover

With golf insurance you also get personal liability cover and group liability options, if you accidentally hit a golf ball that hits another golfer or if the golf ball travels further afield and hits someone outside the golf course that person may well take you to court, or the police can take you to court or the other persons health insurance company might sue you for recovery of medical costs, with all these scenarios if you have personal liability insurance your be able to claim on your insurance cover and they will pay out compensation to the claimant meaning your not personally liable and donít have to compensate the victim with your own money.

Itís not just people that might be injured by a stray golf ball but property too, if your golf ball hits a car windscreen or wing mirror and smashes the glass or the golf ball hits the body of a car and leaves a dent then your be liable for an expensive repair to what might very well be a luxury car if it hits a car in the golf club car park, with liability insurance your insurance company will pay out for any repair or replacement needed for any cars or anything else that you might hit.

Liability insurance can be purchased just for you, for a couple or for a group of golfers, so if you often play as a group then get a cheaper quote for your golf insurance by insuring everyone at the same time rather than several separate golf insurance premiums which will work out more expensive.

Golf insurance will also include hole in one insurance, you might think that getting a hole in one is a great thing to happen so why would you want to insure against your own success, well if you get a hole in one that is fantastic, however if someone else gets a hole in one you may find that there is a club policy or policy of the golfers that you play with that everyone must contribute prize money to the golfer who got a hole in one, you can insure yourself against ever having to pay out prize money for another golfer getting a hole in one.

Golf Equipment

You can cover your golf equipment with typically seven thousand pounds worth of cover, this means that your get an insurance payout for up to seven thousand pounds, if of course your golf clubs and trolley are worth that much, if you need to insure for a higher value you can specify the amount of insurance you want on the online quote form.

The new for old replacement cover means that should your gold clubs be stolen, get lost or be vandalised you can claim on your insurance and your get the exact same golf clubs to the new value (not used value) of your golf clubs and equipment.

UK, EU Or Worldwide Cover

Your insurance can be UK, EU or worldwide cover, if you like to go on golfing holidays and take your own golf clubs with you then insurance that covers the EU or worldwide is ideal, obviously you pay a higher price for worldwide insurance than you do for just European or UK insurance so if you donít need worldwide insurance then donít select that option on the quote form as your make your golfing insurance needlessly expensive.

When you complete the online quote form your get an instant quote and cover, meaning that as soon you have reviewed your quote and paid the money your cover will start, so you can even use your golf clubs the very same day knowing that they are now insured.

Annual Cover Is Much Better Value

Whilst you can get cover for just one week, annual cover is much better value, take out weekly insurance for two weeks and you have practically paid for your annual cover, if there is a party of you, then getting annual insurance for everyone in your party will be much cheaper than getting individual cover and your be able to play together as a group knowing that you all have cover in the event of theft or damage to your golf clubs and golf trolley as well as liability insurance in the event that a stray golf ball smashes a window or hurts someone.

Renting A Golf Cart

If you rent a golf cart then your golf insurance will provide you with liability whilst your using the golf cart, should you accidentally drive into another golfer and hurt them or hurt yourself in the process then your golf insurance will pay out any compensation to the other golfer, usually the other golfers health or Life Insurance company would contact your insurance company and settle the claim between the two companies without needing to involve you.

Should a liability claim go to court then make sure your golf insurance includes legal bills cover so that any legal costs are paid for by your insurance company rather than you as an individual as any claim that goes to the courts will be costly not only in the final payout that you will have to make if found liable but also in your solicitors fees, with golf insurance and legal cover you will have nothing to pay but your annual golf insurance premium.

With golfers insurance you can get an online discount, you wonít be able to buy golf insurance at a high street insurance company and even if you can buy sports insurance your be paying a great deal more on the premium then insurance that is just for golfers, why pay for winter sports insurance if you wonít be skiing or skydiving, save yourself the money and only pay for the sport that you need.

Group Bookings

Your get further discounts by booking as a group as a group policy is always cheaper than the same number of individual polices.

To get comprehensive cover for golfers insurance look for legal costs cover as well as a worldwide policy that allows you to play golf anywhere in the world and be covered by your insurance, look to have your golf cart covered too for liability if you accidentally injure someone else or injure yourself with the golf cart, your golf insurance can include health insurance for injuries arising to yourself from playing golf.

The bespoke insurance available includes all golfing equipment from golf buggy insurance to golf clubs and health insurance, only choose the cover you need, if you have separate heath insurance, then donít choose the health insurance option in the quote, if you wonít be playing worldwide but only in the UK then only choose UK coverage and not EU or worldwide coverage.

PGA Recommended

Look for golf insurance that is PGA recommended the Professional Golfers Association will only recommend insurance that is known and used by a great many amateur and professional golfers worldwide.

Policies for golfers vary widely with golf buggy insurance not always included, if you rent a golf buggy then make sure you have insurance for it, some golf courses will not let you drive a buggy without proving that you have insurance or taking out the golf clubs own insurance which will be more expensive than having your own cover.

Amateur And Professional Golfers Insurance

Choose your policy carefully from a policy that covers everything to a policy that is just for replacing equipment and whilst amateur and professional golfers insurance is available, only choose the golf insurance that is for you, whilst it might be tempting to buy professional golfers insurance when your an amateur as it sounds great to say you have professional golfers insurance, your pay more for the professional golfers insurance than you would amateur golfers insurance.

If your renting a golf buggy and your golf buggy is stolen then you might find your liable to the golf club for the cost of the buggy, with golf insurance your insurance company will pay out if your found liable.

Over Seventies Cover

If your over seventy years old then you can get cheaper golf insurance as there are special polices for the older golfer, couples insurance is also cheaper than two separate individual insurance polices and couples insurance is competitively priced as generally couples enjoy a more quiet game of golf then say a group of friends that might also need golf buggy insurance after they have been caught messing about on the golf course.

Some golf clubs will forfeit any money you have paid in membership should your actions warrant it, as golf club membership can easily run into thousands of pounds itís worthwhile having insurance against losing your membership, then if you do the insurance company will reimburse you for your loss of membership.

Buggy Liability Cover

Buggy liability cover is a big saving that many donít realise, a golf buggy costs tens of thousands of pounds and its easy to overturn the golf buggy or accidentally damage the golf cart unintentionally, without insurance your lose your buggy deposit and face the cost of repairs or replacement, with insurance the insurance policy will pay out in the event that the club makes a claim against you.

Younger Golfers

As well as older golfers getting a discount on their insurance, younger golfers can get a junior golfers discount, typically golfers under the age of seventeen will get reduced price golf insurance and then after the age of seventeen they can progress to adult insurance.

As well as theft, loss, damage and public liability your golf insurance will payout in the event of a personal accident, Iíve known several golfers who have severely hurt themselves when swinging a golf club, with the swing leading to serious neck, spine and back injury, with personal accident insurance included as part of your insurance any medical or other hospital bills will be paid for by the golf insurance, thatís typically the type of policy you get with professional golf insurance and amateurs can choose the same level of cover on their insure quote.

Group Liability Insurance

Group liability insurance will pay out as a group and as a single golfer, as an example say the golf club sues a group of golfers for damage to the golf course, all the members of the group might find they are faced with a bill or risk losing membership of the golf club, with a group policy your protected as part of that group of golfers even if the golf club acts against a group of golfers including you rather than you specifically.

Golf Accidents

Golf accidents are common, everyone will have a story or two of a golfer who hurt themselves seriously whilst playing golf, make sure you have golf insurance which includes medical insurance so that if you do hurt yourself you have medical cover included, for added protection choose legal cover too which pays any legal bills you might have fighting a liability claim against you.

Golf insurance is available for professional golfers as well as amateur golfers, group discounts are available if you always play as a group (and insure as a group), there are discounts for the elderly as well as youth golfers and couples who play golf together.