Gas Boiler Insurance

Gas Boiler Insurance

Using Gas Boiler Insurance to insure your boiler against breakdown means that when your boiler isnít working you can call someone to come and fix it, your pay monthly for the insurance cover but then no matter how many times you need to call the engineer out to fix the problem it wonít cost you anymore.

Gas boiler insurance includes parts and labour too, so no matter how expensive the repair or how expensive the parts needed for the repair are, you wonít pay anymore than your standard monthly charge.

Boiler insurance ranges form British Gas HomeCare where you can insure your boiler against breakdown and your also get an annual service included in the cost of the breakdown cover, so even if you donít need to call out an engineer you still get a yearly service to make sure everything is working on your boiler.

Parts And Labour Included Deals Are The Cheapest

Parts and labour included deals are the cheapest because you donít have to pay any extra and if the repair or replacement of parts is complicated or the engineer has to come back because the problem is not fixed on the first visit, then you wonít pay anymore.

When choosing which boiler insurance to buy look at the number of engineers the insurance company has working for them, too few engineers and you wonít be able to get an appointment for weeks which if your central heating or your hot water is not working wonít be nice to wait for a week or two.

Also, look for a customer helpline which you can phone to tell them about your gas boiler or central heating system problem, sometimes the problem might be as simple as switching the boiler on and off again and the customer helpline can tell you how to do that or advise on what any fault warning means on the little screen on the boiler.

24/7 support means that you can call the helpline anytime you like, when you get home from work and all businesses are closed for the day and you find your central heating system or hot water is not working, your still be able to call an engineer to come out and fix your boiler.

Look For Unlimited Callouts Where You Can Phone And Make An Appointment For An Engineer

Look for unlimited callouts where you can phone and make an appointment for an engineer to visit as many times as is needed, sometimes you get a boiler problem that is just hard to fix and the engineer has to make several visits and replace several different parts to find the problem and you donít want to be paying any extra for the increased number of visits or the additional parts that have been used.

Whilst you might think that you want to get your boiler repaired from a maintenance company directly getting insurance cover means that you never pay more than your monthly fee, you are not left paying for multiple engineer visits and lots of boiler parts, the amount you pay monthly remains the same.

Boiler Cover Might Be Offered On Its Own Or Together With Plumbing Cover, Central Heating Cover And Drainage Cover

Boiler cover might be offered on its own or together with plumbing cover, central heating cover and drainage cover, if you get an insurance policy that covers all three then any problems in your home and you wonít have to pay any more money to get them fixed, itís not like a car where your left with a bill for a service or a breakdown bill when something goes wrong, with boiler insurance you only pay the set fee each month which makes budgeting easier and means that your always be able to have a warm home for you and your pets (Pet Insurance) and hot water.

As well as British Gas several of the power companies offer boiler cover, Scottish Power being one of these power companies, whichever insurance company you decide to use and even the power companies are really selling you insurance against the breakdown realise that any cost per month scheme is insurance cover which is cheaper overall as there is never an unexpected bill.

HomeComfort products is one of the insurance brands used by power companies, where your often find deals like four months free if you sign up with them for a year, itís a good deal but realise that you wonít get the four-monthís free deal on the renewal, this is just to attract new customers.

Premium Cover Will Usually Include Pipes, Drains, Electrical Cover And Drainage

Premium cover will usually include pipes, drains, electrical cover and drainage which means that any household emergency will be paid for out of the monthly fee, you donít need to search online or use the Yellow Pages to find a plumber or an electrician, one call to their service centre and you can book an appointment and schedule an engineer to visit.

If you apply online youíre get online discounts because itís cheaper to apply online than phone the call centre as the insurance companies donít need to pay people to answer the phones and they are passing the saving onto you, of course when itís time to make a claim because your boiler is not working they still have a Freephone number so you can call to speak to someone.

Limited time offers are usually to encourage you to buy now and not wait till you have a breakdown, when you wait for a breakdown you have to go to the trouble of buying the insurance first and when you have no heating or no hot water thatís an added problem that you wish you didnít have right now, with breakdown cover already arranged all you need to do is phone the support number.

Switch now and tell your current breakdown cover that you have switched and they will stop automatically taking the money from your account by direct debit, sometimes you must give the company thirty or even ninety daysí notice to cancel, meaning you have to make sure that you arrange for your new boiler cover to start at the same time as your old cover expires, otherwise your be paying twice for your boiler cover.

The BritishGas HomeCare deal is one option, but remember there are a lot of insurance deals and just because British Gas used to be a state-owned gas company does not mean that being older they are somehow better, or cheaper.

Of course, it is not just consumer boilers that you can get breakdown cover for but business boiler service too, business cover works exactly the same as consumer cover, you pay a set fee each month by direct debit and donít have to pay anymore regardless of what is wrong with your boiler.

Choose From Boiler Repair And Cover And You Get An Annual Service Too

Choose from boiler repair and cover and you get an annual service too, gas boilers have to be checked and serviced every year in order to get a CORGI certificate, something landlords and commercial premises will need to make sure they have as itís the law.

Some breakdown cover insurance comes with an energy app you can use on your phone or tablet, this will tell you how much gas you are using, or on some internet boilers allow you to turn the hot water on over the internet or the heating so when you get home the house is warm and thereís hot water too.

HomeComfort Premium Care offers gas boiler repair and serving as well as drains and electrical cover, you pay more for combined cover that offers more than just a boiler and you might want to only get boiler cover if you think the boiler is more likely to breakdown than the drains or the electrical system.

ScottishPower boiler care can be bought with just the boiler insured or the drains and electrics too, if your boiler is old then boiler cover only might be cheaper as you wonít have to pay for all those frequent repairs whilst you have not taken out electrical cover because your house wiring is new or never goes wrong, itís all a matter of risk and how much risk you want to cover against by buying insurance.

Landlord Boiler Care Is Very Important

Landlord boiler care is very important, boilers run on gas which can leak and boilers produce fumes which contain carbon monoxide so its vitally important that not only your home boiler but the boiler that is in your rental property is serviced annually and faults are fixed promptly, boilers must be repaired and serviced by a CORGI registered engineer.

HomeServe is the British Gas boiler breakdown cover, you can take out the boiler cover on its own or the boiler cover with electrical cover and drainage cover too if you want.

Gas Boiler Breakdown Cover Is Much Cheaper Than Paying For A Breakdown Or A Service

Gas boiler breakdown cover is much cheaper than paying for a breakdown or a service, the amount you pay each month is small and the saving if you needed parts replaced is great.

Of course you can have gas boiler breakdown cover with or without the service, without the service you have to pay for this yourself, for residential properties you donít have to get the boiler serviced every year like a landlord has too, but itís the best thing to do as a fault gone unchecked can be dangerous and cause a gas leak or in the worst case an explosion, and at the very least your boiler wonít work when you want hot water or heating.

Gas Central Heating Cover Is Insurance

Gas central heating cover is insurance, when the product says itís cover its insurance youíre not immediately paying for a technician to come and repair your boiler, youíre paying for insurance in the event of a breakdown and of course the insurance includes all the parts your engineer will need for the repair so you donít have to pay for the parts separately.

The gas central heating cover with service is the best option, you wonít have to pay separately for an annual service and the insurance company will remind you by letter or email that itís time for your service and give you a phone number or a website to go and make the appointment, so itís easy as you donít have to remember when itís time for the boiler service.

With Heating Breakdown Insurance, You Can More Easily Budget

With heating breakdown insurance, you can more easily budget, you know the cost of the cover each month and it wonít change each month, if you have a boiler breakdown and you donít have cover you would have to find the money for the callout yourself as well as money for any repeat visits and parts that the engineer might need to repair your boiler or central heating system.

Boiler only cover means that you have to pay for any problems with the central heating system, like a leaky radiator or a radiator that does not get hot or a million other problems that might beset your gas boiler or heating system.

Boiler Breakdown Cover Is Ideal For Anyone Who Wants To Be Able To Budget Their Household Bills

Boiler breakdown cover is ideal for anyone who wants to be able to budget their household bills as there is a set payment each month, and ideal for anyone who wants the boiler fixed immediately with an appointment the next day or the day after, the customer service team will always ask if you have young children in the house or an elderly person in the house so that they can prioritise the repair quicker for those in greatest need of hot water and a warm house.

With central heating and boiler cover everything is included, note that its only cover for your boiler, radiators, pipe work and plumbing not for the house wiring or your drains, you can buy that as separate cover or get that as part of your boiler cover, its often easiest to get all the household cover from the one company, it makes payment easier and renewal easier and its often cheaper too.

Boiler and central heating breakdown cover keeps you safe or your need Funeral Insurance, if your boiler starts making a funny noise when you run the hot water or your boiler wonít light and produces no hot water or you get an error message on the screen of your boiler then you can phone the customer support line day or night and book an appointment for service or repair.

Landlords will need to consider electrical, plumbing and heating cover for landlords, thatís cover specifically for people who rent out their house or flat or who have commercial premises they rent out, as a landlord you have a legal obligation to insure the safety of your tenants and you want a cheap way to get all the household services serviced and repaired each year.