Gadget Insurance

Gadget Insurance

Gadget Insurance protection against loss, theft, liquid damage and accidental damage including broken screens, blank screens, broken headphone jacks and many other breakdowns to mobile phones, iPhones, iPads, smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart watches for personal use and business. Worldwide and European cover, unlimited repairs, no costs for parts and labour and genuine spares used.

When you buy expensive tech like mobile phones, laptops, tablets and smart watches you donít want to have to replace your gadgets as soon as you have bought them just because they are so expensive that you canít afford to replace them, thatís where gadget insurance comes in as you can claim on the insurance for repairs or replacement of your mobile phone, table or other gadget.

You may have dropped your phone and cracked or smashed the screen itís a common occurrence, if you damage your phone when its brand new your be really upset that now you have to keep using the phone even though its damaged, if it still works that is, if you had mobile phone insurance or tablet insurance you would be able to get a free repair and if the repair centre canít repair your gadget they would replace it.

Fully Warranted Repairs With Next Day Return

Any repairs are fully warranted and with many repairs your get next day service so you will only be without your gadget for one day, you can post your mobile phone to the repair centre or use the insurance companies collection and delivery service which will arrange for a courier to collect your broken mobile phone or laptop and return it to you the next day, you donít even have to wrap your phone or place it in a special box as the courier company will do that for you, so the whole process is really easy and your get your phone or other gadget back the very next day.

You donít pay for any parts or for the cost of servicing as all the costs are covered by the insurance policy you have taken out, the repair centre only use genuine parts so if you have an Apple phone youíre get genuine Apple spares from a repair shop that is authorised by Apple and all the other leading brands like Samsung, Toshiba, Lenovo and Sony.

The gadget insurance convers loss as well so if you have just lost your mobile phone for example, youíre be able to claim on the insurance for a new mobile phone, some people are just more accident prone than others losing and breaking phones, laptops, cameras and all sorts of gadgets on a regular basis whilst other people are just much more careful.

Repair Or Replace Your Gadget Free Of Charge

Even if your careful you still might drop your laptop or accidentally spill coffee over your phone and if you do the insurance company will repair or replace the gadget even if the accident is your own fault and itís you who dropped your phone or lost your phone, theft is also covered so if your phone is stolen from your bag or stolen from your house or stolen whilst your abroad your be able to claim on your insurance for a new mobile phone (Mobile Phone Insurance), camera or other gadget.

The insurance covers the UK, Europe and worldwide, typically insurance polices will give you ninety days of worldwide cover meaning that you can leave the UK for up to ninety days on holiday or travelling (Travel Insurance) for work and youíre have travel insurance for your gadgets as part of the insurance policy, if the single trip lasts for more than ninety days then you wonít be covered by the standard insurance policy and can simply choose the amount of European or worldwide coverage that you want on your policy when you review the online quote.

For cheaper gadget insurance, donít select the travel options like European travel or worldwide travel if you are not going to be travelling with your gadgets, why pay more for the insurance if you know you wonít be taking your laptop computer or tablet with you.

Insure More Than One Gadget On The Same Insurance Policy

You can insure more than one gadget on the same insurance policy and this makes the insurance cheaper as the more gadgets you insure the cheaper each individual gadget insurance gets, so you can insure your mobile phone, laptop, tablet and smart watch on the same policy or even get a family policy where all the families gadgets are insured on the same policy, handy if you have young children who are more likely to lose or drop their mobile phone or have their phone stolen.

Liquid damage is one of the most common insurance claims after a cracked screen, you can accidentally drop your mobile phone in the toilet after it falls out of an open shirt pocket or falls out the back of your jeans down the toilet or you can accidentally drop the phone or tablet causing the screen to smash, you can claim on your insurance for a phone that was damaged by water because you dropped it in the toilet, it does not matter that you dropped it in the toilet accidentally, your gadgets donít have to be stolen or breakdown for you to claim on the insurance.

Mechanical breakdown is also covered by gadget insurance so if your mobile phone has a broken headphone socket you can claim on the insurance, you donít have to have an electrical problem like a laptop that wonít boot or a phone that wonít switch on.

How Much Mobile Phone Cover?

When you choose the cover you want on the online quote form you can select the maximum amount of cover you want, like one thousand pounds of gadget cover, this would mean that any device insured can have a maximum value of one thousand pounds and your get a free repair or a replacement, you can get your phone or other gadget repaired as many times as you like as there is no limit on the number of times you can use the insurance and this makes perfect sense because you might drop your phone causing the screen to smash and then a few months later the headphone socket might start to wobble and music cut out, you would be able to get a free repair for both types of problem and it would not matter that it was the same device that you were claiming on.

Make your insurance cheaper by setting a reasonable maximum device value on your policy, if none of the devices you have on your policy cost over a thousand pounds then donít choose ten thousand pounds of cover as this will make your monthly insurance premium more expensive and you wonít be able to claim more than the value of your device anyway, so choose the maximum device value that actually matches the new cost of your gadgets.

Multi-gadget deals for several gadgets like your television, laptop, mobile phone and tablet make the insurance cheaper as does a family policy where all the families gadgets are insured under the same policy, you donít have to worry that insuring so many gadgets will mean that you will be claiming on your insurance several times a year as that is what the insurance is for, if you have reason to claim you can claim.

Insurance For An Expensive Camera Or Gaming Laptop

If you have an expensive camera or gaming laptop then you can increase the amount of cover on the online quotation to match the cost of your gadget, if you take out too little cover (choose a maximum value that is less than the cost of your gadget) then if the gadget cannot be repaired for under the maximum amount of money you specified or cannot be repaired at all then the insurance company must compensate you with money for the cost of a new gadget, then that compensation money will not be greater than the maximum value you specified, so choose a true value of the new price of your gadget as you wonít get enough money in compensation to be able to replace your gadgets otherwise.

Your gadget insurance can be for personal insurance or business insurance, the difference is if you use your gadgets for work or pleasure, if you purchased the gadget yourself then it is your own private gadget even if you occasionally use it for work itís still personal gadget insurance that you will need, but if the company that your work for paid for the gadget for you then it is a business insurance policy that you will need, typically business polices will cost more than private polices because business gadgets take more of a battering than gadgets you own yourself, because generally employees care less about the business equipment than they do about their own mobile phone or laptop computer.

No one likes being the victim of a theft but if you are its nice to know that with gadget insurance you can claim on the policy for a new mobile phone, smart watch or whatever the gadget was that you had stolen, the insurance company may choose to courier you a brand new mobile phone exactly like your old phone (same make and model) or they might choose to give you the money instead to buy your own gadget yourself, typically if your mobile phone is an older model for example then your be offered the money instead as your gadget will no longer be in the shops to buy.

Get A Quote Online In 30 Seconds

You can get a quote online in 30 seconds, just specify the gadgets you want to insure, some polices will ask for the make and model of the gadget and other polices will just ask for a maximum value of the gadget, and some polices will even ask for the serial numbers of the individual gadgets that you own, serial number insurance policies will often be cheaper as you are insuring that exact device rather than a generic mobile phone, so your insuring just the actual mobile phone that you own for example rather than any mobile phone which could lead to multiple claims on different phones which pushes up the cost of insurance claims so your premium will be higher for generic polices.

With unlimited repairs, it does not matter how many times you call the gadget insurance to come and get your phone and repair it, you donít need to worry that multiple claims will mean that the insurance company will not want to repair or replace your phone or other gadget, if you have accidentally broken or lost your phone then you can claim as many times as you need to.

Thereís no hidden claim costs the amount you pay each month by direct debit is all you pay, there are no collection charges, no repair charges, no parts or labour charges and no return charges, thatís the point of the insurance, you are paying the money each month to insure yourself against accident or loss.

Going On Holiday Or Travel For Work Then Gadget Insurance Will Protect You If You Lose Your Phone

If you are going on holiday or travel for work then gadget insurance will protect you if you lose your phone, losing your phone abroad is always worrying because you might have to deal with the local police and ask around your hotel if anyone has seen your phone when you donít speak the language, with gadget insurance you donít have to worry about any of that, simply claim on your insurance and get a new phone or other gadget couriered to you.

If you have had your mobile phone, tablet or laptop stolen then your need to get a police crime number for the insurance company, you can get the crime number online from your local police departments website, you donít actually need to go to the police station or phone the police to get the crime number.

You might think that your contents insurance will cover your gadgets but generally they wonít if you take your gadgets outside your house and they will only cover for damage caused by leaking pipes or fires rather than accidental damage, so your still need separate gadget insurance.

Use the online form to select just the insurance you need, insure the gadgets you own or the whole familyís gadgets, itís much cheaper to pay a small monthly premium than it is to replace an expensive phone or laptop computer.