Electrical Appliance Insurance

Electrical Appliance Insurance

Electrical Appliance Insurance for kitchen and home appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, freezers, televisions, computers and games consoles to cover unlimited call outs, parts and labour included, breakdowns repaired with new for old policies and single or multiple appliance insurance.

When you buy expensive appliances for the kitchen or home you want them to last a long time and ideally want an extended warranty, many times the shop canít sell you an extended warranty or if they do its very expensive and if you buy several appliances with extended warranties your end up with warranties to claim for your fridge and a different warranty to claim for your freezer and yet another warranty to claim for your washing machine, itís expensive to buy a shop bought warranty wouldnít it be good if there was a better way.

If you buy your electrical appliance warranty online you can buy one warranty that includes insurance for all your appliances, on the online form you simply tick what appliances you want covered like your television, computer, games console or cooker, you can choose a policy that specifically states the items you have insured and simply tick the items on the quote form that you want to insure as this will give you the cheapest quote or you can have a policy that insures all your kitchen and home appliances without you having to specifically name the appliance, for a maximum amount of money.

When You Have A Breakdown And Need To Make A Claim

Then when you have a breakdown and need to make a claim you call the customer service number and they will arrange for a service or repair man to come out to your home and repair your appliances, you wonít pay for any parts or labour and with a policy that does not specifically name appliances your have a maximum value of repair or replacement applied to each appliance, so the appliance will be repaired or replaced so that you have a working appliance and you wonít pay anything extra, once the maximum value of the general policy is reached you wonít get any more free repairs or replacements, but in most cases your appliances will be fixed for under the maximum value, if you want the maximum value to be higher you can specify this on the insurance quote.

With named appliances on the quotation like a fridge or a washing machine the claim value will be much higher because youíre not insuring every individual item in your home on a general policy your only insuring the specifically named items often by make and model number, an engineer or service person will come out to your home and repair your appliance, if the appliance cannot be repaired then a new appliance will be purchased for you and delivered to your home, with Ďold for newí policies, your old fridge for example will be replaced for a brand new fridge if its uneconomical to make the repair.

Old For New Policy

The good thing about an Ďold for newí policy is that you will get a new appliance when your old one breaks, so when the washing machine dies youíre have a brand-new washing machine that as well as being nice and new and modern will last for a long time just because it is new and has no wear or tear.

With extended warranties on specific items youíre get a higher value for the maximum claim and this is ideal for expensive American refrigerators or large high definition televisions or other appliances that can costs thousands of pounds, for cheaper appliances a general policy that does not specify the exact appliance but insures all your household appliances up to a set value is ideal.

Extended Warranty Scheme

For high value appliances on a named extended warranty scheme youíre get an engineer authorised by the manufacturer of your insured appliance, so if your television is Sharp or Sony then your get a Sharp or Sony engineer at your home to make the repair, the same is true for Hoover, Hotpoint, Dyson and all the top brands.

Itís important to take out a policy that includes parts and labour as you donít want to be paying expensive labour costs for repairs, its often the labour costs that can be more than the cost of the parts, espcially if the appliance keeps breaking down and multiple visits by the repairman (Tradesman Insurance) are required.

Unlimited Call Out Policy

Make sure that you have an unlimited call out policy as if the callouts are limited for each appliance that means that when the engineer has visited for example four times to repair a problem with the washing machine they will not visit again when you have reached your callout limit, the engineer will still visit for other named appliances like your dish washer until that too reaches the maximum number of callouts, with unlimited callouts you donít have to worry about the repairman not finding the fault the first time and changing a few parts to see Ďif that fixes the problemí, the engineer can visit as much as is needed to ensure that the appliance is repaired.

There will be a limit to the maximum number of appliances you can have on the policy, your choose this on the quotation form, the more appliances you have on the policy the more expensive your monthly premium will get, but multiple appliances on the same policy is much cheaper than separate policies so itís a balance between insuring the essential and often expensive items and possibly not insuring the cheaper items where itís just as easy for you to buy a new appliance yourself.

For example your want to have insurance in case your freezer breaks down as you need a repair quickly so that the food in your freezer does not start to defrost (Home Emergency Insurance) so insurance with a service centre number you can call and arrange a same day callout is ideal, however if your toaster stops working then itís probably cheaper to go to the shop and buy a new toaster than it is to pay for insurance to have a repairman visit your home and repair or replace the toaster for you, the freezer you cannot live without working but the toaster you can and freezers are a lot more expensive than toasters unless you really do have a very high end toaster.

Repair Or Replace

You also have to think about what appliances are likely to be repaired and what appliances are just going to be replaced by the insurance company, if the appliance is cheap the insurance company wonít waste money on a repair they will just get the appliance replaced for you, either by having a new appliance delivered to your home or giving you the money to buy your own appliance thatís where a maximum value scheme comes in where you wonít get a repair your just get the money so that you can buy whatever appliance you want for yourself.

With an extended warranty you donít have to worry about the expense of replacing the item as it will be repaired or replaced for you by the insurance company but also you donít have to worry about having the old appliance removed for your home and the new appliance setup and plumbed in, for example if you have a large American fridge then your want the fridge setup and connected to the electricity and water supply (for ice making fridges) and should the fridge breakdown without insurance you would not only have to spend the money to get yourself a new fridge you would also have to spend money to have the old fridge removed from your house and disposed of, with insurance the fridge will be repaired by an engineer trained by the manufacturer of your fridge and if it canít be repaired your get a new fridge with their Ďold for newí policy, take the old fridge away and setup and plumb in your new fridge.

There are usually claim limits for extended guarantees and appliance insurance to stop someone abusing the insurance and making many claims for all their appliances, thatís why many online appliance insurance forms will ask that you specify the make and model of the appliances you want to insure, that way when the engineer arrives at your home and the fridge is a different make and model than the one that you specified on the insurance form you wonít get a free repair or replacement, if you choose to change the appliance yourself then you can call up the insurance company and tell them that for example you have changed your Hotpoint fridge to a Hoover branded fridge.

No Excess Fees

Make sure the policy has no excess fees so that youíre not charged the first, for example fifty pounds of the repair cost, whilst that might be worthwhile for an expensive item like a high specification television or computer, cheaper items like Hoovers might not warrant the excess charge and you would then decide just to buy a new appliance yourself without even using the extended warranty or insurance cover that you have purchased, with an excess charge the monthly premium will be cheaper because the premium will take into account that you will probably be claiming less because there is an excess charge on the policy.

So again you have to balance cheaper monthly premiums with having to pay an excess charge, on many online quote forms you can specify the amount of excess charge you are willing to pay and see the cost of your insurance fall as you agree to a higher excess.

Home Contents Insurance Policy

Your home contents insurance policy will not include your kitchen or home appliances unless stated on your contents insurance itís certainly not an option by default and you would have had to buy extra insurance to have this included in your home contents insurance cover, the reason itís not insured under the contents insurance is that you will have expensive appliances like cookers, televisions and fridges that would result in high value claims for the insurance company and you would probably have to name your appliances at the time you took out your contents insurance.

If you can claim on your contents insurance for appliances the amount of the claim will be capped, so for example the amount of any one claim might be limited to three hundred pounds, that might be OK for the replacement of a pair of jeans in the wardrobe damaged by a leaking pipe but it wonít be enough money to buy you a new refrigerator or washing machine, so with contents insurance your always not be able to claim the full value of your appliance if your contents insurance allows you to claim for appliances at all.

Your contents insurance may have a no claims option where your premium will be lower if you donít make a claim, so claiming on your expensive to renew home insurance might actually push up the cost of your premiums which for the sake of a claim for a broken appliance probably will not be worth the increase in premium.

Single Appliance Or Multiple Appliances

You can choose to take out an appliance warranty insurance for either a single appliance or multiple appliances, for example if you have just purchased a new self-cleaning cooker you probably spent a lot of money and want it to last a long time so taking out single appliance insurance just for the cooker is worthwhile.

With multiple appliance insurance you can add to your policy at any time, so you might start with just your new cooker on the appliance insurance and then as you buy other new appliances or want to extend the warranty on existing appliances you can add those appliances to the policy, so for example you might want to add a cooker and then a fridge and then a washing machine as you buy them, this is a cost effective way of taking out appliance insurance as your only paying for the limited number of appliances you have insured.

Just as you can add appliances to the insurance you can remove appliances too, for example you might buy a new television and remove the old television from the policy but choose not to add the new television to the policy because it comes with its own one year guarantee, you can then add the television to the policy when the free one year warranty expires.