Driving School Insurance

Driving School Insurance

Driving School Insurance for dual control cars and single control cars used by (ADI) Approved Driving Instructors and (PDI) Potential Driving Instructors for driving lessons.

Most driving school instructors are ‘one man band’ driving schools and your want the cheapest cover with the option to pay monthly for you’re cover.

(ADI) Approved Driving Instructors And (PDI) Potential Driving Instructors

The PDI (Potential Driving Instructor) will want the cheapest insurance whilst they are starting out and do not have a client base to support their business.

Dual Control Vehicle

Insurance for dual control cars is vital, as a standard car insurance policy is not suitable (and illegal) because a dual controlled car is classified as a modified vehicle, the fact that the car is being used for driving tuition and that there is an increased risk of accident due to many different inexperienced drivers driving the instructors car will add to the cost.

ADI insurance for an Approved Driver will be cheaper than PDI insurance for a Potential Driving Instructor as whilst you are not yet qualified there is a higher risk that you will have an accident yourself or give instruction to student that will lead to a car accident or injury to a pedestrian or property.

Driving Instructors

Driving instructors whether fully qualified or in training will want a competitive quote on their policy, not only on taking the policy out in the first place but also on the renewal of the policy.

With flexible payments taken by direct debit each month from your bank account, driving instructors can better manage their expenses as they will only be paying for the upcoming month of insurance.

Comprehensive ADI Cover

Comprehensive ADI cover for an Advanced Driving Instructor will insure their own dual controlled driving school car as well as insure the driving instructor against any claims from other third party road users like car drivers, lorry drivers, bicycle users and pedestrians not to mention property like garden walls and anything else that a student learning to drive might accidentally hit, driving insurance premiums will naturally be higher than premiums for a family car not used by a driving school and that is due to the increased risk of using your car to teach inexperienced drivers.

A dual control car used by a driving school will have a lower monthly insurance premium than a single control car as the dual controls allow the driving instructor to take over the controls of the car and therefore prevent accidents where as a single control car cannot takeover the breaking, gear change or acceleration from a student in difficulty which will lead to a greater risk of accidents and increased insurance claims.

To get a quick quote use a specialist insurance company that are experts in driving school insurance, a high street insurer will not even have an online quote form with a space to write down that the car has dual controls, standard insurance policies will require you to list your driving school car as a modified car and this would increase the cost of the insurance over specialised driving school insurance.

Driving school insurance does not require that the student be insured to drive, the student must have applied and received their provisional licence in order for the driving school insurance to be valid when a claim is made when a driving school student was behind the wheel of the vehicle and involved in an accident.

No Claims Discount

Driving school insurance polices offer free NCB protection, you might think that this is strange for driving school insurance to have a No Claims Bonus option, after all you would expect a driving school to be regularly claiming on their insurance, a No Claims Discount will encourage the driving instructor not to make an insurance claim for small claims like a small scratch on the bumper or paintwork and therefore protect their No Claims Bonus (NCB) for a higher value claim that requires the insurance company to make a payment.

Insurance coverage should ideally be comprehensive insurance in fact you would be hard pressed to find third party fire and theft insurance for a driving school car as your own vehicle is likely to need the most protection because the cost of a dual control vehicle is high.

Windscreen Cover

A useful addition to your driving school insurance is windscreen cover, this usually does not effect your No Claims Bonus (NCB), you might have to pay the first thirty pounds before you can make a claim (paying the excess) and have the insurance company pay the rest of the claim, but it’s worth it with students driving in the gutter or not positioning the car properly on the road causing more than a usual amount of stone chips to be kicked up by the wheels of your car and leading to stone chips which will scratch and ultimately crack your windscreen.

Courtesy Vehicle

As your be using a dual control vehicle for your driving tuition when you need a courtesy vehicle because your car has been damaged in an accident your want the courtesy vehicle to also be a dual control vehicle otherwise you won’t be able to continue with your students lessons and suffer a loss of income whist your own car is being repaired.

Get a quote for ADI insurance cover or PDI insurance cover (Advanced or Potential Driving Instructor), online from a specialist driving school insurance company where your get the best rates as well as optional extras on the insurance like breakdown cover included as standard, with breakdown cover and a dual control courtesy car you can be back in business after an accident or breakdown as soon as possible and get back to making money.

Dual control vehicle cover naturally costs more than single control cover because the car cost is greater, however as the car us used for teaching your less likely to have an accident as your be able to take over from your student in times of emergency.

Specialist insurance for ADI and PDI instructors is only available from driving school specialist insurance companies your high street insurance company will want to treat the car as a modified vehicle and your profession as high risk of an accident, where specialist insurance companies offer much cheaper insurance as they have a better understanding of the real risk of an accident and the resulting claim.

Fleet Insurance

Driving schools may have more than one dual control car in their fleet and you can get insurance for your entire fleet of vehicles which will be much cheaper than insuring all vehicles separately.

Driving instructor cover can include health insurance too so that if your unable to work through illness the health insurance policy can continue to pay you each month whilst your off work due to illness.

Making A Claim

Cheap driving school insurance with a UK specialist is best as when you want to make a claim or speak to someone about a policy its easy to explain your situation to a call centre and claims handling centre that’s located in the UK.

Insurance for instructors can be for dual controlled cars and automatic cars without a separate clutch pedal, some students (most notably US students who are not familiar with manual cars with a clutch pedal), insurance for an automatic driving instructor car is actually slightly cheaper than a manual car because the automatic car is easier to drive and there’s less wear and tear on the gearbox of an automatic car as students won’t ‘burn the clutch’ by keeping the pedal depressed, however repairs to automatic cars are more expensive as the automatic systems are more complex than a manual car.

ADI & PDI instructors can expect competitive quotes from motor insurance companies specialising in driving school insurance with the best driving school insurance polices offering free windscreen replacement, free dual control courtesy car and free breakdown cover.

Driving Instructor Insurance

Driving instructor insurance can be purchased for a single car or for a fleet of driving school cars, these cars may be dual control vehicles, single control vehicles or automatic gearbox vehicles.

Black Box Insurance

Driving instructor insurance for driving schools is cheaper if your car has a ‘black box’ fitted, the black box reports on the speed and driving style of the user, and with a well driven car the cost of the insurance will be reduced, with multiple learner drivers using the car to learn to drive the standard of driving will vary widely, however speeding should never be a problem in a driving school car.

Women Drivers

Whilst regular insurance will be cheaper for women drivers (as statistically women drivers are safer drivers than men) unless your driving school is women only you won’t be able to get this cheaper insurance.

Older Drivers

If your driving school specialises in older drivers you might be able to get a cheaper insurance quote as again older drivers are statistically less likely to be involved in a car accident, however if you don’t specialise in older drivers you won’t be able to apply for this type of insurance.

Most of your customers are likely to be young drivers, this gives you the highest possible insurance but with a dual control vehicle that high cost is reduced as you as an advanced driver are still in control of the vehicle at all times.

Driving School Insurance Brokers

Driving school insurance brokers offer fully comprehensive quotes for both ADI and PDI instructors, fleet insurance will be cheaper and PDI as not qualified advanced driving instructors will attract a higher premium.

Third party fire and theft insurance whilst cheaper is not recommended for a driving school even if the instructor is an ADI instructor with a dual control vehicle as in the event of a car crash or other accident the cost if the instructors own vehicle would not be covered by the insurance policy only the other driver (the third party).

ADI insurance is cheaper than PDI insurance as the driving instructor is qualified, but that’s not to say that good quotes are not available for PDI drivers, they are but only from specialist driving school insurance providers.

A courtesy car of the same specification, make and model is of vital importance as your students will be learning to drive in your car and will learn how to drive that specific make and model of car, if your insurance company provides you with a free courtesy car, even a dual controlled curtsey car that is significantly different from your old car then your students will complain that the courtesy car is harder to drive.

Cheaper Insurance

As a driving instructor you might favour dual control or a single control vehicle for your teaching, dual control insurance is cheaper than single control insurance as the driving instructor can take over from the student at any time so the driving instructor is still in control of the car all of the time, however a great many driving school instructors don’t want the expense of a dual control vehicle or the reliance of using the second set of controls rather than teaching the student thoroughly.

Only ADI and PDI driving instructors can buy driving school insurance as the level of ability of the instructor greatly effects the chance that the student will have an accident and therefore an insurance claim will be made to cover damage to the instructors car or to third party cars and drivers.

A no claims bonus is offered by many driving school polices and whist you might not want to claim for the small things and therefore preserve your no claims bonus, realise that as a driving instructor your vehicle is going to be subjected to more insurance claims than other drivers on the road, if your paying an increased premium for maintaining a no claims bonus its likely to not be cost effective.

Inexperienced Drivers

You might think that driving school insurance is the most expensive type of insurance available because of inexperienced drivers driving your car all day and into the night and indeed the premiums are more than for a family car, but with monthly payment options available the insurance is affordable and a legal requirement before an instructor can sit with a pupil in the car for their driving lesson.

Look for a free dual controlled courtesy car, free windscreen repair, no claims bonus and free breakdown insurance when trying to reduce the price of your quote, your have to declare whether you are a ADI (Advanced Driving Instructor) or A PDI (Potential Driving Instructor).