Dash Cam Insurance Discount

Dash Cam Insurance Discount

Dash Cam Insurance Discount, get discounts on car, truck and HGV insurance for fitting a windscreen or dash mounted video camera, use the video footage as evidence in any accidents to prove you are innocent.

There are two reasons to get a dash cam fitted to your car, van or truck, firstly your insurance will be cheaper, different insurance companies are offering between 10%, 15% and even 20% discounts off your annual insurance premium, the reason having a dash cam fitted can make such an impact on the cost of your insurance premium is that the dash cam will record any accidents so if youíre not liable the video will clearly show that, so the insurance company will be paying out less on claims, this makes their costs lower and so they are passing the savings onto you.

What is a dash cam?

Not all insurance companies offer a discount for having a dash cam installed in your car, the insurance companies offering a discount will require a permanently mounted dash cam that cannot be removed from the car before they will offer a discount, as otherwise there is no proof that you would use the dash cam continuously.

Dash Cam Discount

Even if the insurance company does not offer a dash cam discount it is still worth having a dash cam in the car as your be able to automatically record any accident that you might be involved in or any acts of vandalism to your car, the camera automatically switches on and starts recording even if the car is parked and you are out of the car, the camera only requires motion or its movement sensor to be activated for the camera to start recording, you can send any video evidence of your car being vandalised or your car being involved in an accident to your insurance company and the police.

Sending the video footage to your insurance company allows them to see who is liable for the accident, whilst not being able to have a dash cam discount wonít lower your insurance premium if your insurance company donít offer a discount, your insurance company will still accept the footage for your camera to prove liability and your still save money because if you can prove the accident is not your fault then your insurance premium wonít rise because there will be no need to claim on your insurance, your be able to claim on the at fault drivers insurance.

Because the dash cam just stays attached to your windscreen or dash board and you donít even have to switch it on, you can leave the camera to record any accident or bad driving your car is involved in or any vandalism that is done to your car, your forget the camera is there until you need to send video or pictures to the police or your insurance company, you donít need any special make and model of dash cam to send the video footage to the police or your insurance company, but if you want a discount from your insurance company then you may need a specific make and model of dash cam.

With the discount on your insurance being large enough to pay for the dash cam, youíre getting a free dash cam by buying an insurance policy that offers a dash cam discount, so in the second year of dash cam ownership your effectively be getting money back on your insurance as you will have already paid for the cost of the dash cam.

Having A Dash Cam Fitted In Your Car Helps Catch Dodgy Drivers

Having a dash cam fitted in your car helps catch dodgy drivers, drivers who should not be driving can be easily reported to the police as you can email your local police station the video footage from your dash cam, if another driver bumps into your car and drives off, your be able to send the footage directly to your insurance company by email, you donít have to worry about writing their car number plate down or remembering their number of your driving.

Dash Cams Are Like The Insurance Black Box

Dash cams are like the insurance black box (telemetry device) which records your speed and location, whilst the dash cam wonít record telemetry information insurers treat the dash cam like a black box in that it is irrefutable evidence of your driving and other road userís behaviour.

A dash cam video will record the time and date stamp on the video so itís easy to locate the exact footage you want to email to the insurance company or the police, you donít need to have a black box recorder as well as a dash cam, they both do different jobs but both are now accepted as evidence based recording systems.

With people crashing into your car on purpose in order to claim for whiplash injuries and other spurious insurance claims there has never been a better time to have a dash cam, not only are you protecting yourself and lowering the cost of your own insurance and insurance claims but you are also helping to keep criminals who commit insurance fraud off the roads as your dash cam can provide the video evidence needed for the police to prosecute.

Dash Cams Also Encourage Safer Driving

Dash cams also encourage safer driving as itís been shown that drivers with a dash cam fitted in their car are less likely to be involved in an accident as they consider their driving style more, staying a distance back from cars in front and keeping to the speed limit.

With A Dash Cam You Can Prove An Accident Was Not Your Fault

With a dash cam you can prove an accident was not your fault, if the other driver on their insurance claim says that you changed lanes in front of them causing them to crash for example and your dash cam shows that you did not change lanes then you have irrefutable evidence that you are not at fault, this will save you a lot of money as a false claim made against you would cause your next insurance premium to rise and of course when you are not at fault you want to be able to prove you are not at fault for your own peace of mind.

Of course if a road accident is your fault then your dash cam is going to show that you are at fault and if you have received a discount from your insurance company for having a dash cam fitted then the insurance company will demand to see the video evidence from your dash cam, this evidence from your own dash cam may show that you are at fault, so think carefully if irrefutable evidence of your own driving is what you want, if the insurance company offers you a discount for your dash cam they will be expecting you to use it continuously and failure to provide video footage will mean that the insurance company would be within their rights to remove the discount they applied to your premium or take further action against you.

Whilst a specific insurance company may only approve a small set of dash cams which they are prepared to offer a discount on your insurance for having one fitted, all insurance companies will accept the video footage from a crash or act of vandalism regardless of whether the video camera is approved or not, itís only for the discount that the insurance company will demand a specific make and model of dash cam and this is generally because insurance companies want a dash cam that cannot be switched off or disabled in use, as otherwise the insurance company is offering a discount on your insurance even though you are not using a dash cam.

Cheapest Of Dash Cams

With the cheapest of dash cams starting at around £20 and upwards to £200 there is a dash cam to fit all pockets, Amazon have a wide range of cheap dash cams as do Halfords with the added advantage that Halfords can fit the dash cam for you and show you how the dash cam works.

If you are familiar with a digital camera or mobile phone then youíre have no problems understanding how dash cams work and how to insert the memory card into the dash cam and put the memory card into your computer to download videos to email to your insurance company or police.

Cheaper models of dash cam will only switch on when powered by your cars cigarette lighter socket with the more expensive dash cams having their own internal power and able to switch on if their motion sensor is activated, for example if someone bumps into your car in the car park only dash cams that have their own power and sensor will record the accident or vandalism whilst the engine is switched off.

Attach Your Dash Cam To The Windscreen Of Your Car

You can attach your dash cam to the windscreen of your car with the dash camís camera recording what can be seen through the windscreen, even at night the dash cam will record because you have your headlights on and other cars have their headlights on and there are of course streetlights, some more expensive dash cams will have UV lights that make the dash cam see in the dark and this is valuable if you want your dash cam to record video when the car is parked at night.

25% of car drivers are involved in a car accident that wasnít their fault which means 25% of drivers would have had to argue with their insurance companies to prove that they were not at fault and the accident was another drivers fault, with a dash cam the video footage will speak for you, if the video footage shows you are innocent then you are innocent and conversely if the dash cam shows that your bad driving caused the accident then your own dash cam will be evidence against you, thatís why having a dash cam encourages drivers to drive more safely because dash cam drivers know that their driving is being filmed.

Prove Your Innocent In Disputed Claims If You Have A Dash Cam

Your always be able to prove your innocent in disputed claims if you have a dash cam, itís like having the insurance company in the car with you, just like having a black box recorder.

With two out of every five drivers saying that they will install a dash cam in their car this year, insurance companies are starting to offer discounts for dash cams, you can apply online for your car insurance and select the option to say you have a dash cam fitted to your car, for several yearís dash cams have been popular in bigger vehicles like vans, lorries and trucks and now the price of the technology has fallen more and more drivers are getting dash cams.

The dash cam will record bad drivers (Convicted Driver Insurance), car accidents and vandalism with a dash cam there is always someone looking after your car twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, a dash cam provides peace of mind that any accident your involved in can be accurately reported to the police and your insurance company.

Get a free quote online and see how much you can save by having a dash cam fitted to your car, as well as an insurance discount being able to make footage available to the police makes a dash cam worth it for many drivers.