Courier Insurance

Courier Insurance

Courier Insurance for vans, bikes, cars and scooters including equipment and tools in transit insurance, goods in transit insurance, vehicle insurance, public liability and travel insurance, pay as you go courier insurance as well as monthly and annual premiums.

The most popular type of courier insurance is courier van insurance, if as part of your job you deliver packages, parcels or goods to and from customers then your need courier insurance, you can insure your goods against damage and loss, this is called GIT insurance (Goods in Transit insurance), if you have an accident and the goods you are transporting are damaged in the accident or you drop a parcel when lifting it out the van or the parcel or shipment is stolen you can claim on Goods In Transit Insurance.

If you deliver goods and they are damaged by you accidentally then your customer is going to want you to pay for the replacement of those goods, if the goods you transport are of high value your have to pay out personally, the cost of the payout to the customer might threaten the future of your courier business, with goods in transit insurance the insurance company will pay compensation to your customer for damaged goods.

Moped Or Scooter Drivers Delivering Fast Food

You might be a moped or scooter driver delivering fast food like pizzas, Chinese food and burgers, your courier insurance will also require goods in transit insurance, whilst the cost of the meal your delivering might be relatively small and an expense you could cover occasionally without insurance, this cost could soon add up, but the bigger risk is that your accused of letting the food go cold or in some other way of causing food poisoning to your customers, a lengthy court case and payment of damages would be more than a delivery driver would want so public liability insurance and legal costs insurance as part of the scooter or moped courier insurance is a good idea.

Public Liability Insurance

With public liability insurance any problems caused by your actions for example cold food leading to food poisoning or contamination of cooked food and raw food leading to food poisoning then the insurance company will pay compensation to your customer for the food poisoning and resulting problems such as loss of earnings whilst ill.

Whilst you might think that an individual customer is unlikely to sue (itís more common than you might think), even if they donít their health insurance company might sue you for the recovery of expenses for treating the food poisoning or the customers income protection insurance company might sue you for loss of the customers earnings due to illness.

Moped and scooter drivers delivering food can make use of Ďpay as you goí courier insurance where on the online insurance quote you just need to specify the hours they are working and just pay on a weekly or monthly basis for those hours, thereís a helpline number to phone so if your hours change you can phone up and take out more or less insurance depending on your hours worked.

No Claims Bonus

Courier vans, motorbikes and cars can also take out monthly insurance as well as annual insurance where paying by direct debit monthly will get you cheaper insurance, you can also get a discount on your insurance with your no claims bonus, your no claims bonus on your private car or bike insurance can often be transferred to your courier insurance saving you money.

Self Employed Courier

You might be a self employed courier where you are an owner driver, owning your own scooter, motorbike, car, van or truck (HGV Insurance) and transporting goods for a living, if your a one man band your typically need Goods in Transit insurance or public liability insurance (more commonly for food transportation) and as a self employed person you wonít need employers liability cover unless you have staff.

Employers Liability Insurance

Employers liability insurance provides the employer with compensation from the insurance company should a member of their staff become injured at work, for example this might be an injury with a knife in the kitchen in a food preparation business or an injury caused by a forklift truck in a materials handling business, when the employee seeks compensation or the employees health insurance company seeks compensation your own insurance will be able to pay out to cover any compensation claims.

Courier Fleet Insurance

Businesses with several courier vehicles like a fleet of scooters owned by the business or a fleet of vans owned by the business can take out fleet courier insurance (Motor Fleet Insurance) to insure the entire fleet of vehicles in one go, this will be cheaper than an individual insurance premium (per vehicle) and can include Goods in Transit insurance, public liability insurance, Car Breakdown Insurance and recovery insurance and even Travel Insurance if your couriers operate across Europe.

The management of fleet courier insurance is also much easier than individual insurance polices as the whole fleet of vehicles share one policy and your given a helpline number to phone up and make any changes to the policy, there are no charges to make changes and youíre encouraged to operate the fleet insurance tightly to insure your only paying for what you need, if a scooter is being repaired and will be out of action for several weeks or a driver has quit then you can hold the insurance on that specific vehicle so your not paying for what you canít use on the fleet insurance.

With courier insurance you can insure any driver to drive any vehicle in your fleet this makes it easy to manage as you know that your driver is insured to drive the van or the car or the scooter whatever is required of the business.

Courier Breakdown And Recovery Insurance

Your courier insurance can include breakdown and recovery insurance so if your scooter or van breaks down you can call on the roadside recovery service to either get you going on the side of the road or tow your vehicle or put the scooter or bike on the back of a trailer for repairs at your preferred choice of garage.

If you include vehicle warranty (Used Car Warranty) as part of your courier insurance then you wonít even have to pay for any mechanical repairs to the vehicle as these will be paid directly to the garage by the insurance company.

If you already have breakdown insurance for your individual courier vans or for the entire fleet then you can put your current breakdown insurance on hold to take advantage of any special deals being offered and then restart your own breakdown and recovery insurance in a years time.

Courier Travel Insurance

Couriers that drive throughout Europe in cars, vans or trucks might want to include travel insurance as part of their courier insurance package, here any delays with ferries or other transportation problems can be claimed on your insurance, especially valuable for courier companies transporting time sensitive goods where any delay with the road, train or ferry network will have significant penalties or late delivery penalties or loss of business, with travel insurance your be able to claim compensation from your insurance company.

Overseas couriers can also take out medical insurance so that in the event of needing access to healthcare in the countries they are travelling through they will have one number to call to arrange medical assistance.

Ships And Boats Transporting Cargo

Ships and boats transporting cargo by sea will need courier insurance to combat bad weather causing delays or even loss of cargo, your customer would want you to pay compensation for the loss, damage or late arrival of goods and your insurance would then pay compensation, additionally some businesses will not allow you to carry cargo for them unless you provide the cargo insurance.

If your van or bike breaks down your want your breakdown insurance which you took out as part of your courier insurance to provide a courtesy car or van, this allows you to carry on with your courier business whilst you wait for your car, van or truck to be repaired, without a courtesy vehicle you might be unable to earn especially if you are a self employed owner and operator.

Courier insurance is for both the van and driver, you might want just the parcels, packages or pallets that your transporting insured but in most cases your want vehicle insurance too and a fully comprehensive vehicle policy will insure the driver against any accidents to their own vehicle as well as other road users.

Courier Business

Itís important to insure your courier business, if you donít the damage or loss of goods or claims made by your customer will be entirely your financial responsibility if your transporting large or expensive items and they are damaged or stolen your customer is likely to want you to pay compensation and without insurance your have to pay the compensation yourself, this may be a high cost for the company to bare, additionally for fast food deliveries the customer may want to sue for example for food poisoning caused by cold food or contaminated food, without insurance the individual owner driver or courier company would have to pay these claims themselves.

What insurance do I need to be a courier?

The type of goods you transport determines the type of insurance you need if your are a motorcycle messenger or a courier van delivering parcels and packets to customers your need goods in transit (GIT) insurance, this will pay the customer compensation for damage or loss of any parcels in your care.

If you are a food courier delivering fast food for example pizzas, burgers and Chinese food then your need liability insurance as if the food you deliver causes food poisoning from food contamination for example, then the customer will probably sue for compensation which could involve loss of earnings claims and legal costs claims, so your need at the least liability insurance and legal costs insurance so that your insurance company will pay out in the event of a claim and reimburse you for any legal costs.

Vehicle Insurance

Whatever type of courier you are, your also need vehicle insurance so that you can legally use your vehicle on the road for business, the key here is business your insurance must be for commercial use of your vehicle as you are using your vehicle for your business, domestic insurance like you have for your own private vehicles will not suffice, so any courier insurance for example a courier van, motorcycle messenger, scooter delivery or truck will also need their own commercial insurance.

Commercial Insurance

The commercial insurance can include if you wish breakdown and recovery insurance to get your vehicle repaired by the side of the road or towed or put on a trailer and taken to a garage for repair.

Self Employed Couriers

Self employed couriers will need to pay for their own courier insurance, fortunately for smaller couriers with scooters, mopeds, motorbikes and bicycles you can buy pay as you go courier insurance where you just need to inform the insurance company of the hours your working and pay for the insurance as you need it, for example you work one day a week then you only need to get courier insurance for one day a week and then if your hours change to half a day a week then you just need to inform the insurance company of your new hours.

Paying For Your Own Courier Insurance

With courier insurance for scooters itís important that the courier driver finds out who is paying for their courier insurance, if they are working as self employed for a courier company, typically where the courier owns and uses their own scooter for the courier work then they will be responsible for their own courier insurance in the same way that they are responsible for their own scooter insurance to legally use the scooter on the road.

If the courier is using a vehicle provided for them by the courier company then the courier insurance which may include Goods in Transit insurance, public liability insurance, vehicle insurance, legal costs insurance, travel insurance, medical insurance and breakdown insurance will be paid for by the courier company, although you should still check with the company what insurance they have and what insurance you might wish to take out yourself for example travel or medical insurance.