Convicted Driver Insurance

Convicted Driver Insurance

Convicted Driver Insurance is for any driver who has been convicted of various driving offences, this might be drink driving convictions, driving bans, criminal convictions or points based bans.

Points Based Bans

Points based bans are where over a period of time you have accumulated enough points to lose your licence or be banned from driving for a specific period of time, three months, six months, one year, two years or more.

Obviously any ban must have been in the past and you are now able to drive again, legally able to drive, your find many insurance companies wonít insure you with a previous ban or other conviction because you are a higher risk for them, as the insurance company believe you will re-offend leading to an insurance payout for dangerous driving, drunk driving or other criminal conviction.

Criminal Conviction

However, not all insurances companies will refuse you insurance even if you have a criminal conviction, specialist insurance companies have experts who can give you an insurance quote even where other insurance companies would refuse, now some insurance companies will charge you a higher premium for having a conviction for dangerous driving, drunk driving or similar convictions but not all.

Insurance companies that specialise in convicted drivers even boast that they offer the cheapest convicted driver insurance guaranteed and will match any like for like quote for a convicted driver, a whole insurance industry has grown up around getting insurance for convicted drivers, in the past even a spent driving conviction would mean that you where very unlikely to get car insurance and if you could it would be so prohibitively expensive that few convicted drivers could afford to drive, now with a better understanding of a drivers history, cheap car insurance for convicted drivers is available.

Driving Bans, Drink Driving Bans Or Points Based Bans

Driving bans, drink driving bans or points based bans are now more common place than previously, your now more likely to know someone who has several points on their licence than at any other time, for this reason specialist insurance companies are now advertising insurance for convicted drivers or a full refund, meaning if you have paid for your premium and the insurance company canít or wonít insure you, you will get a full refund of any premiums paid.

Speeding Tickets

If you have penalty points in another country or speeding tickets, this might not always transfer to your UK licence, in theory they should, but authorities donít seem to be joined up enough to make this happen, remember your still need UK insurance to drive on UK roads, whilst it might be tempting to look for European insurance in the hope that they will look more favourably on a driving ban or previous loss of licence through point accumulation or drink driving (mainly because your hoping you wonít have to declare it because the insurance company wonít ask), itís not the case, European insurance (for a specific European country) wonít be valid in the UK and if it is at all the insurance will be valid for at most ninety days (three months), but the burden of proof of local European country address etc. makes this route to complex and a grey area legally, better to get UK insurance from a convicted driver insurance specialist.

All insurance whether convicted driver insurance or not must be provided by a FCA approved (Financial Conduct Authority) approved insurance companies.

Types Of Conviction

Convicted driver insurance polices and quotes will list the types of conviction that your allowed to have and still get insurance these include drink driving where you have been caught drink driving and convicted, if there was no conviction or you where able to overturn a conviction in the courts, for example (as some have) asking for the blood alcohol level testing machine to have its calibration checked or successfully arguing that a breath test was not taken correctly etc., in these cases where you had a conviction overturned then you are not in fact a convicted driver and will be able to easily access standard car insurance.

Another driving conviction that you can have and yet still get insurance is driving without insurance, this is ironic that you are now trying to get insurance after having a conviction for no insurance but there are many reasons why someone might be driving without insurance the most common of which is that they accidentally let the insurance expire and continued to drive without renewing the insurance, this might be the fault of the insurance company for not sending a reminder or maybe a direct debit didnít clear and you later discovered you had no insurance.

Either way, the company that previously insured you are now very unlikely to insure you with a conviction for driving without insurance even if you believe your old insurance company to be at fault, specialist convicted driver insurance polices will still insure you with your convictions.

Driving Without A Licence

If you have been convicted of driving without a licence you can still get insurance but your need to have now sat the driving test and passed your driving licence and let any period of driving conviction lapse, for example you might have been ordered by the courts not to apply for a learners driving licence (provisional licence) for a number of years.

Totting up bans are very common way to lose your licence, several speeding tickets with a three point deduction from your licence and you are already at your limit and have lost your licence, if you are offered a day of driving theory in place of points on your licence then always take this option, you wonít get the points on your licence and your learn something about your own driving behaviour.

Totting Up Bans

Whilst totting up bans will lead to a criminal conviction, expert convicted insurance companies will be able to give you a policy so your be able to continue driving your car, van, motorcycle or truck (not HGV or PSV).

Criminal convictions for driving offences are most common, even if you need a PSV Public Service Vehicle insurance to drive a bus for example you can get it with previous convictions, but probably not from the same insurance company that your bus or coach company get their regular driver insurance, your have to ask your bus company to use specialist insurance or find and pay for your own PSV insurance and show your bus company your insurance details so that they can approve you to drive.

Heavy Goods Vehicle Drivers

HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) drivers will also find that the company insurance policy will no longer cover them if they have spent driving convictions, but thatís not to say that other specialist insurance companies cannot provide you with HGV insurance, your have to persuade your trucking company to use a specialist insurance company or pay for the insurance yourself and show the trucking company that you are insured.

The most common way to lose your licence through conviction is speeding, the second most common way is through drink driving conviction, specialist drink driving insurance companies will be able to give you a cheap quote and offer insurance for drink drivers.

Totting up insurance is another very common way to lose your license with several speeding tickets contributing to a ban, convicted driver insurance experts will be able to offer you a quote that wonít be as expensive as you would have thought, gone are the days when insurance companies would look to penalise convicted drivers because the number of convicted drivers have risen as the laws around speeding and drinking have tightened over the years.

Driving Without Insurance

If you have a no insurance conviction you might have just accidentally let your insurance lapse or purposefully driven without insurance, with third party only and third party fire and theft insurance its a lot cheaper, the monthly premium is a lot less than you might think and there is no reason not to have insurance at these low prices, for the best cover choose fully comprehensive insurance which insures your own car against damage not just the car of another person (the third party).

Over The Blood Alcohol Limit

If your a driver who has been convicted of driving with no insurance or convicted for driving whilst over the blood alcohol limit (drunk) or convicted of driving whilst speeding or some other driving based conviction then modern insurance polices from specialist insurance companies will insure you at a premium not much higher than drivers who have had no previous conviction.

Convicted driver cover can be third party only, third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive, obviously fully comprehensive costs more than third party only but the cover is much greater, insuring yourself and not just the third party, remember when you have been convicted of a driving offence once the insurance company will classify you as a higher risk of re-offending so your insurance premium will be higher.

Convicted insurance policies will still allow you to drive abroad in Europe on your holidays or worldwide, your still be able to rent a car at the same rates as people without driving convictions as the rental company will want to see that you have insurance that allows you to drive another car as well as your own.

Get a quote and your be surprised to see that its still the same easy online process that drivers without a driving conviction can use, general car insurance companies wonít insure you, your get despondent and think that no car insurance company will insure you as you try to fill out online quote forms and be rejected when they ask if you have driving convictions, but using specialist insurance for convicted drivers means that your be able to get insurance from experts who only deal with convicted drivers.

Comprehensive Polices

Comprehensive polices are the best as your own car is protected by insurance as well as the third party, so in the event of an accident your be able to claim for damage to your own car, whilst fully comprehensive insurance costs more that third party only and you might think that as a convicted driver you have to save money somewhere as the cost of convicted driver insurance will be much higher, but actually from a specialist firm the insurance will not be a great deal higher than standard insurance for someone who does not have a driving conviction.

Look for UK based call centres that can easily help you process a claim or renew your insurance every time you change car your need to contact the insurance company to have the insurance policy amended and itís good to be talking to UK employees who understand UK law and will know about driving licence points and banned drivers.

Most convictions are accepted when you use specialist insurance, certainly convictions for speed, drink driving and driving without insurance or accumulated points based bans are all accepted and all very common place, you might be feeling guilty or embarrassed that you have a criminal conviction and are trying to get insurance but you are not the first convicted driver to get insurance and you wonít be the last.

Van Drivers, Motorcycle Riders And Truck Driver Insurance

Itís not just car insurance for convicted drivers that you can get but van drivers, motorcycle riders and truck driver insurance that is all part of the work that convicted driver specialist insurance companies work with.

A previous driving ban is not the end of your driving career, if you are a delivery driver, chauffeur, van driver, motorcycle messenger or similar trade then you might be concerned that your never be able to work again in these jobs with a driving conviction, but as long as you choose the insurance from specialists that have many years of knowledge working with convicted drivers then your be able to get insurance easily, quickly (sometimes the same day) and cheaply.

Convicted Of A Driving Offence

Have you been convicted of a driving offence, itís not the end of your driving career and just means that you must change insurance companies to use an insurance company that specialises in convicted driver insurance, its easy to get an online quote and insurance, maintain your monthly premiums and the insurance will continue for as long as you need it.

Drunk driver insurance is not as costly as you might think, its commonplace to buy drink driver insurance and whilst you will need to change your insurance company there will be no restrictions on the type of insurance that you can have.

Driving disqualifications from drivers with DR10, IN10 and TT99 have all gone onto get car insurance once their driving convictions have lapsed, you wonít be able to use a high street insurance company but many specialist insurance companies exist to get convicted drivers their insurance.