Coach Insurance

Coach Insurance

Coach Insurance for coach, bus and minibus use for commercial coach hire, private hire and personal use, choose from fleet insurance, bus and coach operator policies, public liability, football coach insurance, classic or old coach insurance and exhibition bus insurance.

If you hire out your buses and coaches for what the insurance companies call pay or reward (meaning you charge money to passengers) then you need not only coach or bus vehicle insurance to use the vehicle legally on the road but your also need liability insurance for the passengers that your carrying.

If youíre a passenger carrying bus or coach you probably have a PSV (Public Service Vehicle) drivers licence and your need to insure yourself against a passenger making a claim against you for injury or loss, the injury might be falling down the stairs on a double decker bus or losing a bag that the customer placed in the hold of the coach.

Should A Customer Make A Claim Against You

Should a customer make a claim against you and you donít have liability insurance you have to pay any compensation yourself, which for a small bus or coach operator or a large accident might put the operator out of business.

With liability insurance of up to five million pounds as standard, you can pay for more liability depending on who your passengers are, for example if youíre a football coach taking fans to an away day match you might want higher liability insurance as drunken or at least enthusiastic fans are likely to hurt themselves on your bus and cause damage to your bus or coach, if your passengers are VIP (Very Important People) like sports stars or members of parliament then you might want to increase the liability cover you have on your coach or bus as the standard cover might not be enough to cover this increased liability.

School Bus

Another example of the need for liability insurance on a bus or coach would be a school bus where the children in your care could hurt themselves on your bus, pushing each other and general Ďhorse playí that might make you liable, you get a discount on your school bus insurance if you have CCTV cameras fitted to your bus or coach so that liability can be more easily determined.

An Owner Operator With One Bus Or Coach

If youíre an owner operator with one bus or coach that you operate you wonít have to include employers liability insurance on your coach insurance quote, if you do employ drivers then your need employers liability cover so that if for example there is an accident and the driver was injured and it was found to be the bus operator at fault for example a badly maintained vehicle caused the accident then the liability would fall on the coach or bus operator to provide compensation.

You might think that your bus driver or indeed your customers might not take you to court for injury or loss of belongings, but itís not just your driver and your passengers that you need to think about, their insurance companies might take you to court to recover damages, for example if your customers bags or suitcases are insured with their own insurance scheme, that insurance company might want to recover the compensation from you, similarly for injury claims where the driver or customer has private health care and the health insurance wants to recover costs from the bus operator.

More Than Three Busses Or Coaches

If you have more than three busses or coaches then you can get fleet bus and coach insurance (Motor Fleet Insurance) which will be cheaper than individual bus or coach insurance, the fleet cover can include a mixture of busses and coaches, small bus and coach operators with a single fleet of all buses or all coaches can get insurance cheaper than a combined policy, although a large mixed fleet of busses and coaches will still have volume discounts.

Vintage Buses Or Old Buses

Vintage buses or old buses of twenty years old or more can have special vintage bus and coach insurance, this insurance is generally cheaper as itís assumed youíre not using the bus to transport football fans but more likely older people looking for vintage tours.

Minibus Operator

If youíre a minibus operator (Minibus Insurance) there are separate minibus polices for both commercial use and private minibus use rather than coach policies for larger vehicles, on the online form your be able to select the number of seats on your bus and itís the seat capacity that will determine the cost of the policy, your be able to pay monthly by direct debit as well as with an annual option, thereís usually a discount for payment by direct debit as the insurance company is assured of their money each month.

You can include breakdown and recovery insurance (Car Breakdown Insurance) as part of your coach insurance, with this insurance you have one number to call to arrange a breakdown truck to attend roadside and try to fix your coach, if the breakdown truck canít fix your coach it will be towed to your preferred choice or garage for your repair.

The breakdown and recovery insurance also generally offers a loan bus or coach so that you can continue your business without disruption whilst your own coach is being repaired, the loan coach can even be sent out to your broken down coach to take your passengers onwards to their destinations.

Live On Board Your Bus

You might want bus insurance for personal use where you are not carrying any passengers on your bus but instead have refitted your bus and live on board your bus, here you only need vehicle insurance to drive your bus legally on the road, you wonít need passenger liability insurance for any claims made against you by your passengers (because you have no passengers) but public liability insurance where your bus causes an accident, for example you park on the corner of a busy road causing another vehicle to have an accident, this example would be paid out by any public liability insurance you had, without the insurance you would have to foot the bill yourself.

Luggage and personal items like mobile phones and laptops are lost and damaged on buses and coaches every day, without liability insurance you may find that youíre having to pay out on claims for damage or risk small claims court prosecutions, with passenger insurance as part of your coach insurance you can insure yourself against these claims so the insurance company would pay out rather than the coach operator.

Health And Safety Requirements

The coach will have health and safety requirements like the need to carry fire extinguishers and first aid kits, if these are not in place because they have been stolen or damaged and you havenít noticed youíre be liable for any claims arising from the lack of a fire extinguisher or first aid kit, with liability insurance your insurance company may pay out.

If as part of your coach insurance you take out a coach warranty (Used Car Warranty) then your be able to insure yourself against the cost of mechanical breakdowns and repairs with the insurance company paying the garage directly for parts and labour so your never have to pay for garage bills, if the vehicle is older than ten years then you wonít be able to get a coach or bus warranty as the parts for the bus will be harder (and more expensive to obtain) and the risk of the bus breaking down (and therefore the cost to the insurance company) will have dramatically increased.

Mixed Fleet Of Busses And Coaches

With a mixed fleet of busses and coaches you can get cheaper fleet insurance because the size of your fleet will determine the discount your get, as you can mix buses and coaches and add and remove buses and coaches to the policy at any time, fleet insurance will save you money, if a bus is not needed as you have no customers because for example the summer events that you normally transport passengers too are not being held wintertime then you can hold the insurance on those buses or coaches that are not being used on the road, this will save you money, you can then restart the policy for those vehicles when you need it.

Fleet coach insurance is also much easier to manage as well as being cheaper as you have one policy to manage for all your buses and coaches rather than a separate policy for each vehicle.

Private Hire Insurance Where The Coach Has Been Hired By A Group

Private hire insurance where the coach has been hired by a group to transport the passengers to an event is available as well as public vehicle insurance, if your coach is used across Europe (Travel Insurance) then you can take out European insurance and European breakdown and roadside recovery insurance, if you only make one or two trips a year in your coach to Europe then donít take out a yearís worth of European insurance simply contact the insurance company near the time of your visit to Europe and extend the policy for just the duration of the trip, this will give you cheaper insurance.

With bus only policies and coach only policies you donít have a combined fleet insurance policy, you just insure for a fleet of either busses or coaches, this will make the insurance cheaper as the exact use of the coach will determine the cost of the insurance, for example on the online form you complete your be asked for bus use with options like school bus, event bus and a specific category of football bus, that is because some bus uses attract more vandalism than others, a school bus or a football coach is more likely to cause claims on your insurance than a vintage bus sedately taking older people to the seaside.

Exhibition Bus Insurance

Exhibition bus insurance is when the bus is being used to host exhibits like a mobile library or a mobile science experimentation or computer lab or health screening bus, the liability on these types of buses increases as you have the general public entering your bus (itís not cheaper like private hire buses and coaches), schoolchildren and those in need of medical testing can hurt themselves on the exhibits or the testing equipment and the bus or coach operator can find themselves liable for the injury even if itís a third party that has hired the bus from you.

As an example, a computer literacy charity might hire your bus and you kit the bus out with their computers, a passenger using the computer gets electrocuted and you as the bus or coach operator are held liable, with public liability insurance you would be able to claim on your insurance and provide compensation to the victim.

Large Operators Of Buses And Coaches

If youíre a larger operator of buses and coaches your be able to get a fleet policy for your mixed fleet, small operators like self-employed owner operators can still get discounted premiums by only checking the options on the online quote form that are relevant to the use of their bus, for example if your entire fleet is not school buses then donít take out school bus insurance for the entire fleet, just take out school bus insurance for the buses that actually are used as a school bus, this will make your insurance premiums cheaper but does of course require you to be vigilant with the use of your fleet.

With a single fleet of busses or coaches your probably be interested in Ďany vehicle and any driverí polices where your drivers can drive any vehicle in your fleet and they will be insured without having to inform the insurance company of who is driving what bus, it gives the operator much more freedom in how they deploy buses and drivers.