Chauffeur Insurance

Chauffeur Insurance

Chauffeur Insurance is not just another type of private hire insurance thereís specific differences in the insurance which you should be aware of before you reach for your free quote.

Chauffer insurance brokers can connect you with the best deals, using a high-street insurer will only give you cover as a private hire vehicle and as a chauffeur your need coverage which accounts for the expense of your vehicle which may well be a luxury car.

Public Liability Insurance

There are also public liability insurance considerations as your clients may well be VIPís that will attract crowds and clamouring fans around your vehicle, your need to make sure your insurance provides cover for these circumstances, something that private hire vehicle insurance will not.

Chauffeur cover can include liability for your passenger who may well be a VIP wanting to sue you for late arrival at an event, even if this was due to traffic and not your fault, for that sort of coverage your need event insurance where should your VIP passenger make a claim against you, you can claim on your insurance.

Private Hire Insurance

Chauffer insurance polices are more than just private hire insurance as with private hire you wonít have event insurance coverage or luxury car coverage, you also want Ďlike for likeí insurance coverage, if your vehicle is a Mercedes or a Bentley, you want your vehicle replaced with a similar Mercedes or Bentley, in the event of repair work or other insurance claims.

Private Hire Or Mini Cab

Chauffeurs also may have more regular clients than a private hire or mini cab, so the insurance should also include loss of earnings through sickness, where your want to be able to provide a temporary driver for your vehicle so that you donít lose an important long term contract.

Black Cab Insurance

The quality cover you get from specialist chauffeur insurance companies is better than standard black cab insurance which insures your vehicle and damage to the third party but does not take into account the replacement of your vehicle with a similar vehicle or event insurance and personal injury insurance, if you are attending events as a chauffeur then should the crowd Ďturn nastyí against your client there is a good change that violence might come your way too, whilst youíre not a bodyguard your be expected to look after your client and you want insurance that will provide you with personal injury cover in the event of accident or injury to yourself.

Instant Quotes

Using a standard high street insurance site, you wonít be able to get instant quotes as high street insurers just donít offer chauffeur cover, you might find a high-street insurer that offers mini cab cover but itís just not the same insurance and your unlikely to get personal injury cover or a Ďlike for likeí car replacement or event insurance if your celebrity passenger arrives late at a venue and blames you.

High-street insurers will not be able to offer competitive prices because the insurer will try to offer you mini cab insurance, min cabs are often vandalised or working late at night on local journeys where they are more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident whereas chauffeur driven cars are used more often on longer journeys with less likelihood of a road traffic accident and less likely to be used in the rougher areas of a city, this makes chauffer insurance cheaper when compared to a minicab.

Whilst a chauffeur driven car is a form or private hire insurance, donít take out private hire insurance unless it specifically states that it is for the use of chauffeur driven cars, youíre be paying more for the insurance if your compared to a minicab and you wonít even get insurance or personal injury insurance as part of the policy like you will with chauffeur insurance.

Taxi Breakdown Insurance

Taxi breakdown insurance is commonly offered to private hire vehicles, but firstly a taxi is not the same as a private hire vehicle and is regulated differently, the insurance does not include event or personal injury and if you want protection against breaking down rather than accident or injury youíre be much better getting breakdown cover from the AA, RAC or Green Flag than you would inappropriate insurance.

Black cab insurance is for a taxi that is regulated as a taxi, i.e. a metered vehicle, a chauffeur driven car is rarely metered, the insurance whilst offered by a great many insurance companies because taxi insurance is far more common than chauffeur insurance is not actually appropriate, a chauffeur driven car or limousine is not a metered vehicle.

Chauffeur Driven

For cheap chauffeur insurance use a specialist chauffeur driven company, with these insurance companies your be able to enter the make and model of your luxury car and choose personal injury insurance, health insurance and event insurance as optional extras as part of the policy, itís much cheaper to buy these different insurance products together as part of a bundle than separately, you only have one policy to renew and your given a claim line telephone number to call in the event of claims or renewals.

Choose a UK based insurance company or at least an insurance company that has UK based call centres open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, if youíre working unsociable hours as a chauffeur and you do need to make a claim you want to make your claim immediately to a person familiar with UK law and vehicles.

Cheap quotes for chauffeur insurance will only be available from a specialist chauffeur insurance broker, they understand the business and wonít treat you as a minicab driver.

Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage should be fully comprehensive as third party fire and theft will only cover the cost of repair or replacement of the other car when your involved in a road traffic accident and itís the considerable cost of your luxury car that needs protecting with fully comprehensive insurance, additionally you want personal injury insurance and event insurance due to who your clients are and the style of places you be expected to drive your passengers too.

Remember driving to airports, social engagements, weddings, business meetings, concerts, plays and performances might mean that you arrive late due to traffic or your passenger not being ready on time, if they are late for an event such as a concert where they are performing the promotor of the concert will sue your passenger for loss of earnings, your passenger will likely sue you to recover these costs so make sure your insurance includes event insurance to guard against this.


Make sure that all limo types are covered by the policy if you own more than one limousine, with a fleet of limousines you want one policy that covers the fleet rather than having to buy separate insurance policies for all the vehicles separately as this proves more expensive than one fleet policy.

Stretch limos need additional insurance, these are modified cars and will not be easily insured by a high street insurance company, a luxury vehicle is unlikely to be an option in a high street insurance companies online form and then the modified vehicle status of a stretch limo will also not be an option, stretch limousines are obviously larger and pose a greater hazard on the road when turning or reversing for instance and this causes standard insurance companies to want to charge an additional premium where a chauffeur insurance specialist will not charge a premium for your vehicle being a stretch.

Private hire insurance is an insurance class of its own most often used for minicabs and taxis but can explicitly state limousines, only use this insurance type if chauffeur driven vehicles are specifically insured under the policy, chauffeur driven vehicles are not metered taxi cabs and you donít want an insurance policy that treats them as such, for example a minicab or a taxi cab will have a great many different passengers, the volume of passengers increases the risk that a passenger will damage the vehicle where a chauffeur driven car has a reduced number of clients and therefore a reduced risk of damage due to drunken behaviour, vomiting in the car etc., thatís not to say that this sort of behaviour does not go on in chauffeur driven cars but it is still less of a problem than in minicabs and taxis.

Chauffeur drivers will need public liability insurance if the vehicle they are driving is used at events, for example if a celebrity wants you to drive your limousine next to a concert stage then whether you want to be part of the performance or not your need public liability insurance in case your vehicle accidently injured a member of the public or the stage itself for example.

Executive Hire Insurance

Executive hire insurance is another word for chauffeur insurance, this type of insurance cover should include the coverage you need, public liability insurance or event insurance as well as private health insurance for the chauffeur and breakdown insurance for the vehicle, these different insurance policies bought together (because they are part of your business requirements) are generally cheaper than buying separate polices.

Get a free quote from an insurance specialist that has specific chauffeur insurance products, mini cabs, taxi cabs and other forms of private hire insurance are not specific enough to the work of a chauffeur to cover all eventualities so with the wrong insurance product your likely to have a claim denied, your clients are wealthy and able to sue you and your vehicle is an expensive luxury car so your need to have insurance cover.

Pay Monthly Options

With pay monthly options you donít need to pay the insurance up front for a year, you can have a direct debit from your bank account, so as you earn money you pay your insurance, for a business this is a better way of paying for your insurance.

From a speciality chauffeur insurance agent, you can get a quote in minutes as their systems will have details of all luxury vehicles and any modifications like a stretch limo, plus with the option to choose personal liability cover, health insurance and breakdown cover you can tailor the insurance to fit you needs and your save money too as combined insurance is cheaper than several different products and itís easier to make a claim too.

With multiple insurance products, often one insurance company will refuse a claim and you have to try to make a claim on the other insurance product you have, say car insurance and liability insurance, with one multi-insurance product you only make one claim without different insurance companies trying to hand off responsibility for the claim to another insurance company.

Competitive chauffer insurance quotes are only available from specialist insurers, a high-street insurer wonít be able to offer you chauffeur insurance but instead will try to sell you mini cab or generic private hire insurance that wonít take account of the actual job you do and who your clients are.

Independent Insurance

Independent insurance consultants have access to chauffeur insurance because they specialise and have increased knowledge of chauffeur work, private hire and taxi work is not the same and your pay more for taxi insurance than you will for chauffeur insurance due to the increased risk of damage to your vehicle from multiple taxi runs each day, with a chauffeur driven car your generally have better behaved clients and long term clients rather than a great many onetime only passengers.

Chauffeur insurance policies can be tailored to the type of car you have, that might be a limousine or a stretch vehicle from a Hummer to a Rolls Royce, the choice of chauffeur driven vehicles is huge and you want an insurance agent that knows about your vehicle and the risk to your vehicle of chauffeur work or the additional costs that come with a vehicle like a Hummer or a stretch limousine which has been imported from the USA.

Repairs, servicing and parts might be very hard to find and expensive for your choice of luxury vehicle, this will affect your insurance premium, but specific chauffeur insurance will be cheaper than generalised private hire insurance.